Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1954-06-19

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS TfiiresiB CsRseMM Show Comparative Ratings, ANowbif 5 points for 1st ToAyVBest 7 Points, 2 PoinU for M, t Point for 34 Today?* B*t in Black Type. trackman, J. J. Murphy IJNCOLN FIELDS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS ~ Ridsewell Tordar Lady RidRewell Watch Toy Tordar Tordar 12 ILady Busy Gal Watch Toy Watch Toy Tordar Watch Toy Lady Ridsewell 11 Insulation Busy Gal Insulation Lady Ridgewell Busy Gal Watch Toy 11 Munchausen Munchausen Intelligent Munchausen Intelligent Munchausen 19 2 Corpick Prince Eric Munchausen Intelligent Munchausen Intelligent 12 Speed Rouser Jovial Sweet Josie Fumando Corpick Corpick 3 3 ErrardBeau Fleet Ace : Elevenpoint Fleet Ace Fleet Ace Fleet Ace 17 Bill Boy Rusty Lyn Fleet Ace ErrardBeau ErrardBeau ErrardBeau 11 Rusty Lyn Errard Beau Errard Beau Rusty Lyn Rusty Lyn Elevenpoint 5 Queen Apache Queen Apache MYSTIC CHIEF Mystic Chief Mystic Chief Mystic Chief 21 4 Mystic Chief Mystic Chief Fine Fettle Fine Fettle Fine Fettle Queen Apache 12 Fine Fettle Fine Fettle Soocru Queen Apache Queen Apache Fine Fettle 8 Gorgeous Miss Pielettaway Power Drive Dania Power Drive Power Drive 15 5 Lot-A-Filly Power Drive NealElyse Power Drive Eternal Shock Gorgeous Miss 7 Power Drive Gorgeous Miss Eternal Shock Lot-A-Filly Gorgeous Miss Dania 5 Oh Leo * GALA FETE Good Call Oh Leo Gala Fete Gala Fete 17 6 Gala Fete Oh Leo Oh Leo * Gala Fete OhLeo Oh Leo 16 Good Call Futuramatic Gala Fete Good Call Good Call Good Call 8 Sir Mango Hasseyampa Sir Mango Sir Mango SIR MANGO Sir Mango 24 7 Arab Actress Sir Mango Ruhe Arab Actress Arab Actress Arab Actress 7 Hasseyampa Arab Actress Seo O Erin Hasseyampa Sea O Erin Hasseyampa 7 DEAR DOCTOR Dear Doctor Dear Doctor DEAR DOCTOR Page of Roses DEAR DOCTOR 26 8 Resplendent Page of Roses Page of Roses Page of Roses Dear Doctor Page of Roses 11 Heredity Little Jonesy Resplendent Resplendent Resplendent Resplendent 5 Muscles Platitude Muscles Muscles Platitude Muscles 17 9 Platitude Master Red Master Red Platitude Muscles Platitude 14 Master Red Texas Oil Texas Oil Master Red Master Red Master Red 7 Trackman. D. s. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Wisenheimer Little Doc Stag Stag Stag 19 IStag Wisenheimer Stag Stag Masterwind Little Doc Little Doc 9 Little Doc ? Little Doc San-Jo Son Al Weisenheimer Wisenheimer 8 Lets Think Lets Think Ex-Gloria Aleif Aleif Aleif 13 2 Ex-Gloria Aleif v Lets Think Covey So Fair LUets Think 12 Wait Up Wait Up Aleif Wait Up Ex-Gloria Ex-Gloria 8 Rays Pride 1 Rays Pride Fine Fiddle Potterac Rays Pride Rays Pride 17 3 Pry Pat Gold Flash Rays Pride Pry Pat Pry Pat Fine Fiddle 7 Current News Fine Fiddle Current News Current News - Fine Fiddle Pry Pat 6 Two-Ducks Miss Oxford Two-Ducks • Just a Foot Two-Ducks Two-Ducks 17 4 Sir Tint Two-Ducks Sir Tint Big Pop Miss Oxford Miss Oxford 8 Miss Oxford Royal Bones Forever Hi Royal Bones Royal Bones Just a Foot 5 Cols Daughter Gaylon DARK THEATRE Mr. Anchor Dark Theatre Dark Theatre 16 5 Mr. Anchor Dark Theatre ~ Mr. Anchor Nonnie Jo Gaylon Mr. Anchor 9 Dark Theatre Cols Daughter Cols Daughter Dark Theatre Cols Daughter Cols Daughter 8 Daiauari Daiquari Teddys Heir Daiauari Daiauari 17 6Hardhack Mock Battle Mock Battle Hardhack Daiauari Mock Battle Hardhack 7 Teddys Heir Mr. Dink Mock Battle Mr. Dink Mr. Dink Mock Battle 7 SICKLES IMAGE SICKLES IMAGE Sickles Image Beanir SICKLES IMAGE SICLES IMAGE 26 7 Sharbot -Sharbot Slippy Eternal Frolic Slippy Beanir 6 Nocallula Nocallula Sharbot Nocallula Beanir Sharbot 5 Jimminetty Eyes Image DARREL BEAU Be-Mi-Dear Jimminettv 12 8Jimminetty Eyes Image Uncle Bernie Be-Mi-Dear Jimminetty DarrolBeau DarrolBeau 10 Uncle Bernie Be-Mi-Dear Darrol Beau Be-Mi-Dear Eyes Image Be-Mi-Dear 9 Work Done Work Done Foxpoise Foxpoise Taunting Foxpoise 12 9 Kensington Ted Paralyte Taunting . Kensington Ted Foxpoise Work Done 10 Paralyte Intention Kensington Ted Intention Kensington Ted Taunting 7 Trackman, R. A. Krancer THISTLEDOWN PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Bob-Ed Niembro Cue I BOB STEWART Niembro Cue Six Thirty Niembro Cue 12 Moro EmergencyHour Niembro Cue Bob Stewart Zayna Bob Stewart 12 Bob Stewart Bob Stewart Zayna Bob-Ed Bob Stewart Bob-Ed 6 Sweet Orphan Hyattsville Sweet Orphan Sweet Orphan Dazzling Miss SWEET ORPHN 17 2 Hyattsville LeeMor Dazzling Miss Triple Flight LeeMor Hyattsville 7 LeeMor Sweet Orphan Triple Flight Lee Mor Sweet Orphan Dazzling Miss 7 Count Twenty Juniors Hobby Gay Spree Gay Spree Mighty Quest Gay Spree 13 3 Gay Spree WoodchuckJoe Mighty Quest Count Twenty Count Twenty Count Twenty 10 Juniors Hobby Mighty Quest Count Twenty Mighty Quest Gay Spree Mighty Quest 9 - LOVE LOCK Golden Tempest Natousa Consus Love Lock Love Lock 16 £L Natousa Love Lock Love Lock Natousa Lundi * Natousa 11 Bogan Natousa Consus Golden Tempest Natousa Consus _6 Repeat Mandate Repeat Mandate Remlap FULTON MARKET REPT MANDATE Repeat Mandate 17 5 Remlap Avella Palaces-Circles Plumelette " Plumelette Remlap 9 Bellevue Joe Fulton Market Fulton Market Remlap Remlap Fulton Market 9 Gold Chest Fixed Charge Hasty Girl Hasty Girl • Hasty Girl " Hasty Girl 16 6 Coastal Gold Broom Sedge Fixed Charge Fixed Charge Fixed Charge Fixed Charge 12 Fixed Charge Hasty Girl Gold Quest Daddys Dog Coastal Gold Gold Chest 6 Beta Ray Top Fair Top Fair Gambetta Top Fair 13 7Gambetta Royal Indian Top Fair Our Only One Amity Hall Fussy Lady Gambetta 10 Top Fair Queens Hope Amity Hall Our Only One Set Cable Beta Ray 5 Pick and Play - Mr. Skip Pick and Play Little Imp Little Imp Little Imp 13 8 Shamrock Shamrock Little Imp Blue Shore Blue Shore Pick and Play 12 " Raintree Little Imp Blue Shore Pick and Play Pick and Play Blue Shore 5 Summer Duck BUNKER Nerve Nerve Nerve Nerve 17 9 Tel-Aviv Nerve KingChico Summer Duck Summer Duck Summer Duck 10 Peraldahyde King Chico Summer Duck Tel-Aviv Bunker Bunker 8 Trackman. J. S. Grant AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track Bill Cane I Wilchic Wilchic Wilchic Milanza Wilchic 15 Benzel Benzel Milanza Singing Girl Eternal Mike Milanza 7 Singing Girl Singing Girl . Benzel Gascony , Singing Girl Singing Girl 5 Performance Performance Performance Performance Performance Performance 25 2 Big Clown Dark Pride Yes Now Jet Dusty Drive Chechessee Chechessee 5 Chechessee Dusty Drive Chechessee Chechessee Dusty Drive Dusty Drive 4 Bone China Blacktype Letdown Blacktype Letdown Letdown 13 3 Letdown Always Home Thoris Halcyon Bird Bone China Blacktype 11 Halcyon Bird Bone China Halcyon Bird .. Letdown Blacktype Bone China 8 Down Home Down Home Royal Coinage Djeddahs Star Down Home Down Home 16 4 Drogheda Productive Filter Friendly Ace Drogheda Royal Coinage 6 Royal Coinage Drogheda Gay Request Down Home Productive Drogheda 5 Martyr Summa Cum Hail Fellow Martyr Martyr 18 SMartvr Royal Haste Summa Cum Martyr Divine Actress Hail Fellow Summa Cum 9 Summa Cum Hail Fellow Heed Me Martyr Summa Cum Hail Fellow 8 EVENING OUT EVENING OUT EVENING OUT EVENING OUT EVENING OUT EVENING OUT 35 6 On Your Own On Your Own Happy Mood Happy Mood On Your Own On Your Own 7 Tessa Happy Mood Fascinator On Your Own • Happy Mood Happy Mood 6 Game Chance Informer Informer Informer Sun Warrior Informer 18 7 Sun Warrior Haviland Haviland Game Chance Informer Sun Warrior 9 Informer Sun Warrior Biddy Bid Sun Warrior Game Chance Game Chance 8 * Dover Doll Chum Cascanuez Cascanuez Cascanuez 15 8Cascanuez Yang-Ke Im in Trouble Im in Trouble Dover Doll Son Fen Dover Doll 8 Dover Doll Yang-Ke Son Fen Son Fen Chum Chum - 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track Quick Imperial Recluse Bold Warrior Bold Warrior Dehra Dun Bold Warrior 12 Sir Stake Delove Sir Stake Delove Bold Warrior Dehra Dun 6 Dehra Dun Sir Stake Noras Watch Noras Watch Delove Quick Imperial . 6 Mighty Roan Mighty Roan Promptness MIGHTY ROAN Mighty Roan Mighty Roan 23 2 Peleliu Air Rocket Peleliu Star Prince Star Prince Peleliii 5 Star Prince Trenton Sand Mighty ROah Peleliu Air Rocket Star Prince 5 Count Breeze Count Breeze ChallaRock Puppet Count Breeze Count Breeze 17 3 ChallaRock Peconic Count Breeze ChallaRock ChallaRock ChallaRock 12 Puppet Challa Rock Puppet Mr. Mighty Puppet Puppet 8 SINGING BEAUTY Tahiti Tahiti Mohammedan Tahiti 12 4Tamale Tahiti Tamale Tamale Mohammedan Singing Beauty Tamale 11 Mohammedan Mohammedan Mohammedan Tamale Tamale , Mohammedan 10 WRECK MASTER Wreck Master WRECK MASTER Wreck Master WRECK MASTER WRECK MASTR 31 5 Momus Model Ace Momus Kinda Smart Early Warning Momus fi Early Warning Cup Man Model Ace Momus Momus Early Warning 3 Marked Game Bottle of Ink Roman Rocket Marked Game Roman Rocket Roman Rocket 15 6 Roman Rocket Go a Bit Marked Game Roman Rocket Roaring Bull Marked Game 12 TBottle of Ink Roman Rocket Bottle of Ink Bottle of Ink Bottle of Ink Bottle of Ink 9 Zahra Model Busher Model Busher Model Busher Romaneen Model Busher -16 7 f?yi« EeZ?a„ Romaneen Romaneen Eeyea Romaneen 9 Model Busher i- Little Bear Zahra Zahra Zahra Zahra 8 In the Market In the Market Viva Bones In the Market Viva Bones In the Market 19 8 Viva Bones Truxton In the Market Truxton In the Market Viva Bones 13 Luxury Tax Barbara Belle Truxton Viva Bones Eland Truxton 5

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