Deauville Yearling Sales: Good Prices Realized-Oriental Prince Pays Top of 2,000 for Gorgos Filly, Daily Racing Form, 1921-09-01


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G and de m tl has ii! and w T i bi t to p E r L r J I C I I 1 .1 1 1 C i T . , . . . . j . ! 5 ! : - ! r -, j j 1 7 j 2 2 . a ? t s J o e i- - e d II - s . .t e y :r s :. n w j . . ,t a a " III !-v re be Je s- " e- 11 1 the ie s- "l 111 sr PS DEAUVILLE YEARLING SALES Good Prices Realized Oriental Prince Pays -Top of 2,000 for Gorgos Filly. REAUVILLK, France, August 10. The Deauville Sales started on August 12 with the Baron Maurice Rothschild band of yearlings. Only two were sold, the others being all retired as they did not reach their reserve prices. Everybody concluded that the following sales would be poor; but such not really been the case. Of course one must realize that the Nicolay, Corbiere, Jariel, Duret May consignments one probably enumerates the desirable breeders. They all looked well, and they wcie well raised. The sales are not up to the figures of last year. Then almost anything offered brought from,000 upward. The St. Alary sale August 21, and the Portales 6.1103 will also go well without a doubt; but in the latter case it may drop a bit as the AI- cantaras are not in the limelight at the races this year as they were last. He has no Flowershop represent him. Here are the results of the second days sales -held at Tattersalls. this afternoon: Property of Mme, Lemaire de Villers. Faridondaine, by San Antonio La Preten- taine; M. Goudtliaux $ 3,000 Bouvreuil, ch. c, by Montenegro Litorne; Camille Blanc 3,000 Poivrot, b. c, by Grey Plume ha Ripaille; M. Goudchaux 2.S20 Lauturlu, ch. c, by Grey Plume Turultaine; . M. F. Carter 2.800 Plume de Paon, gr. f, by Grey Plume Simons hove; Leslie Carter 2,700 Mirontaine, b. f, by Grey Plume Mirabilis; Prince Aga Khan 1.9S0 Plume, ch. f, by Grey Plume Mobilisation; AV. Flatmnn 1,100 Grey Belle, gr. f, by Grey Plume Simons Bell; Mat. Pantal 1,200 Bonne Chance, ch. f, by Good Luck Poper- ingue; W. Flatman 1,040 Ble dOr, ch. c, by Montenegro Cornflower; M. Goudchaux 9S0 Tambour Battant, b. c, by San Antonio La Bataille; Leslie Carter 880 Jopvenceau, b. or br. c, by Grey Plume Immaculce; M. Zermati 820 Trevisano, ch. c, by Montenegro Trevise; M. Zermati 820 Platina, b. f, by Regents Park lEilee; M. de Stolpc 810 Caesaromagnus, by Regents Park Highland Fling; M. Fermati 480 Panache, ch. c, by Grey Plume Tchcrnagore. Absent Property of M. de Xabhey. LHirondelle II., b. f, by Ramrod La Huppe; M. Bamberger $ 2,200 Property of II. Corbiere. Gnlega. ch. c, by Sans le Sou Guillolma; M. Balli 0,200 Phlox, eh. c, by Bachelors Double roots Star; J. Stern 9,200 Framboisier, ch. c, by Jacob: Fine Sight; M. Blum 9,200 Melilot, b. c, by Faucheur Marie Louise; J. Lienx S.200 Phalaris, b. c, by .Tacobi Mademoiselle de Lespinasse; M. Pellorin 7,000 Caprier, br. c, by Negofol Carlota; P. Pan- tall C,S00 Dracoena, by Isard II. La Douma; M. Pel- lerin 4,800 Ramie, b. f, by Predicateur La Ribaude; M. Balli 2,800 1 Centaurco, b. f, by Faucheur Chry.seis; M. Goudchaux 2,400 La Cai-.ch9, by Ramrod La Carpe: N. E. Abatielos 2,000 Doradille, by Blarney Dogmatic; M. Aagli- ano 1,900 Property of Marquis do Nicolay and Comte J. de Nicolay. Affectueux, b. c, by Rabelais Affiche; M. Ranucci 3,G00 Neige,- br. f, by Rabelais Nette; Mine. Edmond-Blanc 8,000 Lulli, ch. c, by Rabelais Light Opera; M. Hitchcock 0,800 Flasque, b. f, by Rabelais Fiche; M. Ra- nucci 0,000 Contredanse, b. f, by Rabelais Hors Con-i conrs; A. A. Fould 4, GOO Ophir, b. f, by Rabelais Oppression; F. Carter 4,000 Property of G. Antoinc-May. Sapience, b. or br. f, by Gorgos Sapientia; Prince Aga Khan 22,000 Hildebrand, b. or br. c, by Gorgos Hilda II.; M. Heliopulos 10,400 Kiss, by Gorgos Kouba; M. de Paula-Mach- ado 10,000 Souge Bleue, b. f, by Gorgos Sardonise; M. Wattinne 8,000 Polymcht, ch. f, by Sea Sick Plym; M. F. Carter . 5,000 La Drone, b. or br. f, by Gorgos La Drina; M. de Paula-Machado 3,100 Our Girl, b. f, by Gorgos Orphan Girl; M. Andraut 1,020. Sagettc, b. f, by Gorgos Sangha; Mile. Joanne Blauschild 900 Property of M. J. Jariel. Rochcbelle, b. f, by Sweeper II. Running Water; Lord Derby $ S.400 Impartial, b. c, by Saint Just Ingelburge; M. .1. Lieux 8,000 Caramih, ch. c, by Durbar Cyprine; M. G. Cunnington 5,000 Ma Camarade, ch. f, by Ramrod Miss Fleche; M. Goudchaux 5,300 Igor, b. c, by Blarney Idylle; M. J. Lieux.. 3,800 Little Palace, b. c, by Mon Petiot La Palona; M. Goudchaux 3,300 Property of Vicomte G. de Fontarce. Danseur de Madame, b. c, by Armant Dancing Doll; M. Goudchaux $ 4,000 Property of M. Marcel Boussac. Perfire, ch. f, by Sweeper Gunfire; M. W. - Flatman $ 1,850 Piperotte, ch. f, by Mazzara Mademoiselle Marguerite; M. Boittrin-Bertin 1,000 Le Hochereau, b. c, by Sans le Sou Marie Mancini; M. Manny 850 Petite Sylve, b. f, by Mon Petiot Sylviane; M. Ashman 820 Sourire dAvril, ch. f, by Badajoz Petite Solange; Math. Pantall 800 Nesonne, ch. f, by Negofol La Vaucresson- niere; M. Lebourgeois COO Mademoiselle Colette, b. f, by Fitz Herbert Double Six; M. Davison 450 Samorina, ch. f, by La Farina Samothrace; M. Pa tin 2S0 Ilerbefrance, b. f, by Fitz Herbert Vive la France; M. Patin 210 Property of V. Duret. Saint Illiers, b. c, by Faucheur La Pile; M. Ambatielos 1,200 Denicheur, b. c, by Faucheur Nid de Pie; M. Ambatielos 10.S00 Univers, ch. c, by Faucheaur Utility; Prince Aga Khan 8,000 Marasesti, ch. c, by Fauche le Vent Whiba; M. Negrofontes S.000 San Martin, ch. c, by Sans le Sou Mind the Paint; Prince Aga Khan S.000 Picoteur, ch. c, by Faucheur La Pie au Nid; M. Goudchaux 0,000 Aram, b. c, by The White Knight Court Beauty; M. Halsey 5,000 Forosienne, b. f, by Rire aux Larmes Foret Noire; M. Blum 4,400 Brie a Brae, 1. e, by Vivax Briar Rose; M. J. Lieux 3,800 A . t 5 5 r 5 5 r, f 1 s ! 1 1 I I 1 j 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 i0

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