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When the Dead Come to life FIRST RACE SATURDAY "Getaway Day" On the last day of any race meeting if yon were at the track yon hare heard the following remark: "Well, this is *getaway day. Be careful how yon bet. This is the day the dead come to life." And, if yon search your memory closely, yon will probably recall several of these "good things" which got down in front at juicy odds and sent yon home sorrowful when they beat your choice. All of which leads up to what I belieTe to be absolutely the SUREST W1N.NKK of the entire Kentucky spring meeting. This "good thing" goes in the FIHST RACE "GETAWAY DAT," SATURDAY, MAY ST. While this horse has not won a race in Kentucky this spring "he" has demonstrated in trials that "he" only awaits the "day." "He" is a three-year-old and. as a yearling, sold for more money than many of the stars of today, and on SATURDAY, will ran in a claiming race at three-quarters of a mile, the result of which I belieTe to be a foregone conclusion. So man can guarantee anything where there is an element of chance and chance will exist as long as they fall down and get left at the post. However, if it were possible to guarantee a horse would win a certain race on a certain day, I positively would eay this horse should win the FIRST RACE, SATURDAY. That is how confident I am of the result. I have told yon all that I can tell yon abont this horse without telling the name, and I will do that, too, if you will give me your solemn promise to telegraph me the winnings of a ten dollar 8.00 bat after this "getaway good thing" has won and I do not call red-hot favorites, "good things". If yon are satisfied with my information, we can diseuss terms for future transactions. I do not have many "Specials." My last one was on the 30th, when MISS MISCHIEF won handily at 4 to 1, the first time she ever faced the barrier, although she is a three-year-old. Include your correct telegraphic address when you wire me your promise to wager for me on this horse. I will not send a telegram to anyone who fails to give an address. S. A. THURBER 410 NORTON BUILDING -:- -:- -:- -:- LOUISYLLLE, KY. vanv rvrnr n THE MAN "WHO CAN MAKE YOU WUt ] unun jl iandiuii BOLD ON NEWSSTANDS. and "SPECIAL" CAME CLOSE TO PUTTING ANOTHER "HOT" ONE OVEE Yesterdays Biff Special: Rinkey . .2.30— .80- 2nd Read the chart and you will see where RINKEY was the "REST" and should have won. This is what we call "BAD LUCK," hut that dont happen •very day. WV TODAY 0 FOR Thats the price MR. jim.T expects this to pay TODAY and stable thinks they CANNOT LOSE, as they have this "HOT" one FIT and READY and TODAY is the DAY. IW Todays Parlay Should Pay W 0 for MR. FIELD S advice is to "PARLAY" both and S5 "SPECIALS" TODAY. "WIN ONLY," and YOU should g-et 0 for every you bet on this "PARLAY" TODAY. 99" Make the Bookmakers Weep Jack Fields army of followers are making- the HANDBOOKS WEEP, as they are "CLEANING UP" playing out "PARLAY" every day. which consists of the 91 and "SPECIALS," playing BOTH "WIN ONLY." Last week our W PARLAY WOX 3 OUT OF 6 Week before last "PARLAY" WON 3 STRAIGHT BAYS. And your "PARLAY" has wan week after week. YOU should be "BIG WINNER" if you followed our "PARLAY" every day. 9 You Should Clean Up Today Rnsh to your newsdealer and be sure you get BOTH and "JACK FIELD SPECIALS TO-BAY and PARLAY" BOTH, "WIN ONLY." Notice — JACK FIELD sold everywhere ALSO MATT.FJ TO YOU, 5 weekly for BOTH and 15 "SPECIALS". W Chicago Readers, Notice! Come up to our office or PHONE us and we will ire you a 39" Long Shot Special Free Today This is the "11TH HOUR" Special that MR. FIELD "wires" to this office. We expect this WIRE by 10 a. m.. so be SUKE yon either come to see us or PHONE— HAKRI80N 0248 39 W. Adams St., ROOM 32, CHICAGO, ILL. Subscribe to Monthly Form Book and insure its receipt. fil PLYMOUTH COURT ■ CHICAGO, ILL. Turf Editors Weekly 60 CENTS AT ALL NEWSDEALERS TODAYS FREE CODES: Churchill Downs — Dick -Follow- After-On Tharnclif f e— Jo e - News-After- Of W My Big Special Free With the Turf Editors Daily At All Newsdealers, Only POSTPONED ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL. Two propositions of unusual merit this week. Wire name at once. joe Mccarty SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y. 00 * PER WEEK net profit easily made with small capital ky operating the STAR SYSTEM. Averages about two plays daily— every play is TO WIN ONLY on the nose. Small payment down; balance from winnings Write STAR SYSTEM 32 Union Square Room 602 New York City Gars Weekly 35 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY TODAYS FREE CODE: LOUIS TELLE— Vermont-Boy - Sun-Light And take it from us here is one that will be RED HOT today. Rash right now tj your newsdealer and ret GARS WEEKLY, only 35 cents. MONEY TALKS and I have used it liberally to make special arrangements for two horse* that will be sent to win on May 27 and May 29. Big prices expected. Will give full particulars on agreement to remit winnings of 0 straight play, to be wired day after race. Wire agreement to M H. CARTER Care Wostern Union Telegraph Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Am getting profitable information from successful horseman. He has sent 4 straight winners — all at good prices. Will share this information with few honest players. If interested, send name and correct street address. MRS. F. RAY Room 203A, 311 Fifth Ave. New York City HARVEY AMES EARLE BLDG. BROADWAY AT 52ND STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. I YESTERDAYS "Harvey Transaction" BILLY WARREN - - - - 10-1 WON The fitness of this horse has been known to this office and to our new connections for weeks and was the only horse advised yesterday and this in view of the fact that Laurano, the winner of the Metropolitan Handicap, was entered. BILLY WARREN in his previous race was left at the post, an accident which can befall any horse. In Preparation Several "Harvey Transactions" are now in preparation, awaiting favorable starting conditions. Subscription, flM, must be telegraphed early as all "Harvey Transactions* are limited strictly to territory. Mr. Ames, prior to his departure for Chicago, authorized plenty of funds to be placed . at the disposal of those who farther "Harvey Transactions." The success of future events should prove the value of our new additional connections. BILLY VaHII, yesterdays "Harvey Transaction," is the first result of their efforts. Telephones: Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 BURKE THE BOY WHO KNOWS AND AGAIN I DID IT Yesterdays One Horse: SWEEPSTAKES . .40- WON • MARINO MY SEVENTH STRAIGHT WINNER. . Remember. I say above that I only give one a day, and POSITIVELY NO MORE. One horse a day, not i t-jpo or three, and not a loasr given in the paat seven days. I AM BACK TO MAKE YOU WIN I Just as I have done for the past five years. Everyone has at some time or other heard of my remarkable winning- runs, and it looks as though ■ this one will top them all. BE WITH ME TODAY You positively cannot afford to let information , such as I hare contracted for at Canada get away from you. Experience has taught you that when I I a man with a. reputation such as I have established gets going right, as I am, you can WIN A FORTUNE - following me consistent ly. HERE ARE LAST WEEKS RESULTS: Saturdays One Horse: GREAT LUCK . . . 9.10- Won . Fridays One Horse: SEA MONARCH . .9.85- Won Thursdays Ose Horse: ! LEASIDE 3.75- Won i ! Wednesdays Oae Horse: NEW HAMPSHIRE..50- Won! Tuesdays One Horse: J LILT .40- Won Mondays One Horse: JIMSON 3.90- Won . Why go any further? Does cot this record tell 1 you plainly that I am the man to follow? Also my years of experience, backed by wise investments t and good judgment, has placed me in this position, where I can make you a BIG MONEY WINNER. A 0 bill to start, last week, properly invested 1 cich day, could return more than ,000. My Terms Are Very Reasonable .00 DAILY OR 0.00 WEEKLY. Only one horse a day. No late specials or free wires. Save further expense and worry. Send a ; 0 money order for a weeks ssrvice at once. Use ! Western Union or Postal. City clients can call at office. NOTE: — Dont miss today. Just received word from CANADA that a LONG SHOT is all prepared and the word will be sent to all before 11 a. m. today. E. J. BURKE Room 303, 23 Duane Street NEW YORK CITY ; SHIELDS Known to Tnrfmen for a Generation STRICTLY ONE HORSE DAILY 0 WEEKLY DAILY J 0- TODAY In Kentucky and it goes for my .00 track wire. This filly is primed and ready and connections say that she will head the field and show them the i way to the pay -off station. . Nuf sed. Get my big .00 track wire today or you will be a sorry player after the race is won. Terms: .00 and a winner for your money. W.OO FREE SPECIAL Goes Thursday. May 29. and it will be given free to all weekly subscribers to my daily track wire. My past record should convince you that I handle , nothing but winners. Terms: 0 week 6 racing days. MY LONG SHOT WINNERS: RKPEATER .70- WON BRUNSWICK 3..r 0- WON KKLI.IK MORSE «.20- WON SPOT ASH 12.2«- WON EXTREM I $ 9.8hB WON PAKMAfHENEE BELLE . .$ 8.8«- WON RAPID HAY .50-hB_» WON KIRKI.EV1NGTON 8.8«- WON EARL A BABY 4.3»- WON TROPICAL WATER .30- WON MARIONETTE 3.?0- WON ! AND MANY OTHERS MONEY HORSE— 0.00 OCCASIONAL TODAY | And it is sure going to be the safest investment at any track today. Commissions are down strong ! and no mistakes will be made. IT ITS A WINNER YOU WANT. THEN GET TUESDAYS BIG OCCASIONAL. Call at office or wire. Terms: 0.00 and a winner for your money; 0.00 for six winning 0.00 Occasional*. GEORGE SHIELDS 287 BROADWAY, ROOM £00, NEW YORK CITY ADVANCE PUB. CO., DISTRIBUTORS | Our weekly Parlay Page is worth while. Buy [ copy from your dealer or send for 4 weeks. GALLOPS, 219 S. Dearborn St., Chicago 1 I • . i I ■ , I I - . ! i ! J . 1 t 1 Advance Information TUESDAY: jSeths Treasure 3.50- Won WEDNESDAY: SamReh 4.40- Won THURSDAY: jParthema 2nd Primrose 2nd FRIDAY: Comme Ci .80- Won Rocky Mountain ..20- Won SATURDAY: Digit 9.25- Won Senalado 2nd Did the above information cost one hundred dollars a day ? It did net. It cost fifteen cents. The Far Ahead Winner forecaster in the San Francisco Homo Stretch, a weekly racing paper, advised you to play those horses. It leeks bow as if we have found the greatest system ever invented to beat the racing- game. Here are other winners you could have played Saturday were yon a Home Stretch reader: Modest 2.90- Won .Great Luck . . . .9.10- Won Off Spring 0.20- Won A thousand dollars an issue would be a cheap price to ask for the greatest weekly racing paper before the American public today, but it costs you only fifteen cents a copy. Most of the eastern aewsdeal- ers now sell the Home Stretch. If yours does not, send us two dollars for a three months trial subscription. Address HOME STRETCH PUB. CO. PHELAN BUILDING SAN FRANCISCO, CAHF. ; ! ; J i , ! | ] The Kentucky j Commissioner JOHN J. JOYCE 1340 Broadway NEW YORK CITY seco-d floor 0 WEEKLY— .00 DAILY BLAME YOURSELF if yeu miss the big commission horse at Churchill Downs today. This one comes from the smartest set in Kentucky. Subscribe Today and Be a Winner The commission is here in the East and I have the O. K. I Mondays Big Commission: Naughty Nisba..40- Won Saturdays Big Commission: Sway 1.80- Won Fridays Biy Commission: Bourbon Boy .6.20- Won Thursdays Kentucky Commission: Glyn 4.90- Won j Wednesdays Kentucky Commission: Moorfield 6.90- Won Tuesdays Kentucky Commission: Sands of Plee 6.60- 2nd Mondays Kentucky Commission: King Tut 6.70- Won Out of last seven wires six won and one I ran second. Wire 0 for one week si- j I days o» for one day. COMMISSION HORSES GET THE MONEY II ! | AT BELMONT PARK Real money horse information will be sent to persons of honest intentions. Full details, including name of horse, post position, jockey who rides, etc. Write at oace. enclosing only long-distance I telephone charges and a promise to send me by money order the winnings of a 0 play after the race. Dont write unless you can use this ten minutes before the race. Give carefully your lens- distance telephone home or business address. Act quickly. TONY BONERO, 99 Varet St., Brooklyn, N. Y. [ 1 I Subscribe for Daily Racing Form 441 PLYMOUTH COURT ;; CHICAGO. ILL,

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