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STAKE DATES FOR 1924 Sanford Stakes, Saratoga Springs, N. T., August 13. Charr.plain Handicap, Saratoga Springs, N. T., August 14. Seneca Claiming Stakes, Saratoga Springs, N. Y"., August 15. 1 : M. E. KUHNERS PARLAYS PAY PLENTY CHICAGO KENTUCKY CANADA New York tracks not handled TEEMS, 0 .FOE EACH PARLAY Yesterdays Result Unknown Mondays Parlay -was NIGHT SHADE .1.50- Won And a Loser. Tough Luck! ! Bead the complete list of my parlays for the last two months published in last Sundays Racing Form. My parlays are filed with this paper. As my connections are not sufficiently confident I will send nothing out today. I only send parlays on those days when we all feel sure of winning:. On Thursday, August 14 wo have made arrangements for a parlay that should startle the turf world. So sure do my people feel that Thursdays parlay will win that I am authorized to send Fridays and Saturdays parlays FREE if either of the horses sent on Thursday loses. "Wire 0 at once for Thursdays parlay with the understanding: if either horse loses, Friday and Saturdays parlays will he sent free. M. E. KUHNER Suite 41G, 1454 Broadway New York City Supreme Flash ""WIZARD OF TURFDOM" Two Horses a Day 0.00 "Weekly Once again my followers cleaned up YESTERDAYS FLASH: BALBOA 12-5 Won SWEET NOTE .0.95- Won MONDAYS FLASH: HOY 8-1 Won Prudy 4.95- Won SATURDAYS FLASH: MARK MASTER ......4-1 Won CORDELIER ...4.15- Won FRIDAYS FLASH: KINDRED 5-1 Won BOSS JOHN 5-1 Won All information comes direct from our connections at the principal tracks in the United States and Canada. "Why not get the test "info" for the least expense! Our large successful weekly followers enable us to release this "Supreme Flash," at such a nominal fee. If you were to pay ,000 you could not equal this kind of information. 3- Only "Weekly Subscriptions Will Be Accepted"! RUSH 0 AT ONCE for one weeks service 6 days and you will he a big winner. Send your correct name and address to avoid delay. Address all communications: SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 168 "West 23rd St, Suite 15 New York City BALBOA . 3-1 "WON "Was Yesterdays Best THE ARCHER 3i-l "WON Was Mondays Best 5 "WINNERS OUT OF LAST 7 No bunk just the real Roods from experts, and all -it costs is 59c daily at all newsstands, EOa Hailed the night before, 1 week, .00; 2 weeks, .00. 411, 22 W. QUINCY ST. CHICAGO, ILL. FREE SPECIAL! SPIC AND SPAN has been shipped to Canada and goes THURSDAY. Old clients send winnings 0; new clients wire 0 for my long shot Spscial at Saratoga Saturday. E. FLETCHER JAMAICA, N. Y. Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will ho mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. "WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla. THE RUNT, 6-5, "WON, and a loser were last Saturdays .00 XX Specials. 3 "WINNERS out of last 6. Dont miss next Saturdays TWO LIVE ONES. NE"W BOOK out today, 35c at all newsstands. Todays Code Special: No. 3, Middle Page, Book No. S00. STANDARD TURF GUIDE 403, 22 "W. Quincy St. CHICAGO, ILL. VOLUME I. OF Annual Racing Form for 1924 NOW ON SALE DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO, ILL. 157-1E9 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. 320 EAST 3RD STREET, CINCINNATI. OHIO . 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, ONT. HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 52D STREET KEW TOEK CITY WON AGAIN ! At 1:30 yesterday afternoon Mr. Ames communicated with this office over the long distance that a specially prepared matter which was to start later in the week, would start yesterday afternoon, as track conditions were made to order for same. In consequence this horse and only this horse was advised as a "Harvey Transaction," and WON EASILY at very good odds, and 15 to 1 were the odds obtainable in the morning line. Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" had not been in the money in five previous starts, not 1, 2, 3, and again proves the value of this service, following Mondays winning "Harvey Transaction," Saturdays winning "Harvey Transaction" and Fridays winning "Harvey Transaction." Never more than one horse advised. Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" was not mentioned by any selector. "Harvey Transaction TODAY The "Harvey Transaction" for TODAY has been skilfully prepared for this particular race by a man considered by us as the most adroit racing tactician in the country. He hails from the West and knows his business. This "Harvey Transaction," like the last four, which showed nothing in past performances, has not von a race in months and Mr. Ames, over the long distance phone spoke more enthusiastically over the "Harvey Transaction" for today than any transaction which preceded same this season. Subscription, 00, must be telegraphed early or positively no service. Mr. Ames said horse should lead from start to finish and has obligated himself very heavily to make this a success. It is strictly understood that name of horse is not to appear in the advertisement and that the followers TODAY, in order to protect the price, are urged in their own interests to make their investments as late as possible. Deal directly with this office and avoid unnecessary regrets. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591. 2592, 2593 and 5749 I N. O. BULLETIN NEVER MORE THAN ONE nORSE A DAY AND NOT EVERY DAY AT THAT Terms: ONE WINNER, 5. Your subscription is good until I send you a winner. Terms: FIVE WINNERS, 00. Your subscription is good until I send you fire winners. MY LAST HORSE WENT SATURDAY AND AS USUAL WON AT A GOOD PRICE Recent winners were: FELIX, 25-1; KLONDYKE, 4-1; RORKES DRIFT, 10-1, any many others at hig prices. All my horses filed in adrance with Racing Form. Owing to uncertainty of conditions, I haTC sent nothing out since my last winner on Saturday. I have made arrangements for transactions of unusual magnitude on Friday and Saturday. Clients should remit at once, to insure rapid service from this end. Telegraph now. N. O. BULLETIN ROOM 416, 145 WEST 45TH STREET NEW YORK CITY V J HARRY DALTON DAILY RACING WISE 853 Blake Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1 A DAY ONLY 0 WEEKLY TODAY A BIG MONEY DAY TODAY SPECIAL "PADDOCK" WIRE This is something extraordinary, an event that comes only once in a lifetime. . A LONG SHOT AT FORT ERIE A speed horse that was sent to Canada just to "WIN this Tare today. A large commission will he placed hy myself and I wish to give weekly subscribers a chance to make some side money as welL TERMS IN ADVANCE And yen get the name of this horse at Fort Erie and all details. I assure you that this is an opportunity and you will appreciate my efforts hy continuing as my client for a long period. Rush "Western Union or call. I expect at least 6 for . And any small player can well afford for a horse of this kind. BIG REGULAR SARATOGA LONG SHOT goes today. You can parlay my information today and should get over a 50-1 shot. Special transactions at Fort Erie wil not conflict with daily information. ARAGON :8-5, "7-10 2ND was yesterdays Special. PEDAGOGUE 2-1 "WON was Hondays Special. SANDHURST 15-1 "WON was Saturdays Special. TRAYERS 5-1 "WON was Fridays Special. DONGES 15-1 "WON was Thursdays Special. BOTHER 4-1 WON was "Wednesdays Special. McAULIFFE 8-1 "WON was Tuesdays Special. BIG DOUBLE-HEADER TODAY Subscribe. Send 0 for 6 days of excellent information at Saratoga. One horse a day. Also include an extra and get that Fort Erie Special "Paddock" "Wire, Nino winning weeks out of 11, and I put over plonty of Long Shots. Today should be the biggest day of all. TANGERINE 5-1 "WON 0 Tho Runt, 6-5, won. Saturday, Aug. f jirandK 9- Specials; The Roll Call, 2-1, won, ft53B The Archer, 4-1, 2nd, Aug. 2. HADE FfEjBSfl GOOD 95 OUT PAST 155. Mail your now for next Saturdays two. 2L 7S Today, all newsstands, latest Reporter, 35c. Special: E-12-8-10-14 THE TURF REPORTER 22 W. Quincy St. Establ 1904 Chicago, HI. AGAIN WE MADE THE BOOKMAKERS WEEP! "SSesterdays Special: FEHRAH .85- Won Mondays Special: BIGHEART .65-.Won And "WM. BRADY said "PLUNGE, "WIN ONLY" on above two "WINNERS, as ha KNEW they were as GOOD as "IN." And once again army of Brady followers "CLEANED UP." LAST 4 "STRAIGHT WEEKS" WE ARE BIG WINNER How can you lose with such "INFO."? Do you know that IF YOU ONLY KNEW the REAL VALUE of this "INFO." you would be willing to pay 100 times the price? TODAY A LONG SHOT 0 FOR is what I expect my ONE HORSE SPECIAL to pay. "Here is your opportunity to "CLEAN UP." so RUSH to your newsdealer and get "WM. BRADYS" Special. "SPECIAL OFFER" TODAY ONLY Rush 0 for 2 weeks subscription to my Daily "ONE HORSE SPECIAL" and I will give you "FREE" MY 0 SPECIAL FOR SIX 6 DAYS I am doing this BECAUSE I want to SHOW YOU" how I PUT OVER day after day these 0 Specials. So rush your 0 at once to WM. BRADY Suite 609, 22 W. Quincy St. CHICAGO, ILL. NOTICE CHICAGO PLAYERS Call at our office every day and, get our "FREE1 HAWTHORNE SPECIAL. EVERYBODY WELCOME "FREE."

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