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1416 Broadway NEW YORK, II. Y. Wm. K. HODGE STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY AT HAWTHORNE AND CANADA 0.00 for Six Days, or 0.00 Daily Yesterdays Hawthorne One Horse: EELIATf 4-1 WON Yesterdays Canada One Horse: ritLXCE HAMPTON ..?24.95-2 WON Tuesdays Double Header: DEPUTY S10.S0-S2 WON TRY AGAIN , i-2 WON Mondays Hawthorne One Horse: HOY 10-1 WON No racing in Canada Monday. Continuing: my winning: information. Notice: All weekly subscribers must be winner on a flat bet at the end of six days or tho next six days free. LAST WEEK TWO HORSES A DAY one at Hawthorne and one at Canada: FRIDAYS DOUBLE HEADER One Horse at Hawthorns Was GOLDEN LYNN 5-1 WON One Horse at Canada Was CAPT- CLOVER S83.20-S2 WON TODAYS HORSE AT HAWTHORNE TODAYS ONE HORSE AT CANADA I advise a. straight parlay on both horses. Also a straight flat bet on each horce. Wire 0.00 for one week six days. You must be a winner at the end of six days or the next six days free. I mate others win, why not youl Double header parlays get the money fast. i Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will bo mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an averago profit of at least 0 -a day on the scale I of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to Z. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla. f HARVEY AMES EAItLE BUILDING BBOADWAY AT S8D STBEET ITEW YOBK CITT Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" WON Yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" had not been in the money in three previous races, not 1, 2, 3, and was 10 to 1, 8 to 1 and 12 to 1, respectively, in past performances. This again proves the value of this service, which tells on what days to make the investment. There Are Days and Days "Harvey Transaction" TODAY Mr. Ames, over the long distance, notified this office that another long-priced winner may be expected this afternoon, and, as in the case yesterday, past performances should be ignored. Subscription, 00, payable strictly in advance, by telegraph jr in person. TELEPHONES: Circle 2591, 2592, 2593 and 5749 IMPORTANT NOTICE TO S. 0. SERVICE SUBSCRIBERS f OUB NEXT 0 ONE-HORSE SPECIAL WILL GO TOMORROW, SATUBDAT. 4 i y Tbls horse must -win or onr next two specials free. "We will hare no horse today. "Wo i 0 sent only two this week. They wcrci o TESTEBDATS 0 ONE-HORSE SPECIAL: i: BLUE RIDGE ... 4-1 WON 5: and Tuesdays 0 Special, Diogenes, 12, 5, 2, finished third. Wo do not have them , 1 every day, hnt wait for right spots. All our horses arc filed in advance with Bally 4 Baclng Form. 1 15-1 WE EXPECT 15-1 T0M0RR0W-15-1 f i "Wc have gone to great expense to secure a prospective long shot winner for Sat- 4 y nrday. To secure this horse your subscription should he sent at once, as no wires will 4 he sent to anyone whose subscription fails to arrive. Bemcmbcr, if this horse docs not win wc will send you our next two 0 One-Ilorso Specials absolutely free. Our o i service appeals to the conservative business man who is satisfied to wait for the right o y time and place before making a wager. To the investor of this class wc offer the i o assurance that he will not be left in the lurch at such times as wc have a loser, but o will receive two more specials free. Tomorrows horse should prove an exceedingly remunerative Investment to even the most moderate speculator. Wire 0 by Western Union. K"o Postal here. o o S. O. SERVICE, Jamaica, N. Y. - TfOTE Tell Western Union to send your address. It prevents delay. ROY KINGSTON "THE TALK OF TUEFPOM" 5.00 Daily 00 Weekly YESTERDAYS ONLY INVESTMENT: THEO FAY 11-5 WON Tho morning edds on this one wero 10-1. bat, due to numerous withdrawals, the price was greatly ; reduced. Yes. Gentlemen, we have the goods, and my followers aro receiving: dividends on their turf investments daily. Wednesdays investment was withdrawn at the last minute on account of sudden j change in track condition. MONDAYS ONLY INVESTMENT: LADY HEART 7.05- WON FRIDAYS ONLY INVESTMENT: RALLIM 0.15- WON THURSDAYS ONLY INVESTMENT: OLAND 5.65- WON TUESDAYS ONLY INVESTMENT: HUON PINE 15-1 WON "WEDNESDAYS ONLY INVESTMENT: DOC GAIETY 8.40- WON MONDAYS ONLY INVESTMENT: HOY 8-1 WON A S100 FLAT FLAY ON" THE ABOVE HOUSES WOK ,700 Dear Reader No degree of cleverness in advertising can compensate for a loser. I employ no professional "ad" writer. A WINNER is my best advertisement. If you buy cheap information to save money, then you may as well stop your watch to save time. TODAYS LNYESTiSiEXT IS A HORSE THAT IS JUST CRYING TO RUN. Odds of 8-1 or batter are anticipated. An enormous amount of money and time have been spent to obtain todays biff winner. TERMS ?25.00, or six days service for 00.00. If you care to play only one horse a day, and that horse a winner, dont hesitate, but get in touch with mo immediately. NOTICE TO WEEKLY SUHSCRIBEItS My next ?5C0 Special goes Saturday, August 23, and it will be given FREE to all weakly subscribers. All those that cannot be reached by overnijht mail will receive same by wire. "WARNING My information is not sold on newsstands, race tracks or trains. Sold only through my New York office 287 Broadway, TfEAV YOBK CITY Chicago Players Attention TURF-DURA-GRAM ONE BEST ENTIRE CARD and BEST IN OUTSTANDING RACES each track, mailed tho night before. One week will convince you that Turf-Durx Selections are the fit and businccs-bcnt animals that "WIN. Limited clientele, so dont delay. Rush your subscription. Only for full weeks service. TURF-DURA-GRAM 1C31 NORTH HALSTED ST., CHICAGO, ILL. Superior Connections make it possible for me to send out the most reliable information that any bettor ever had the privilege of using. Always the "HOT" horse, never the one peacefully "SLEEPING." To be one of the favored few who use this lino is worth more than words can tell. Responsible people can join this clientele by agreeing to place 10.00 on each one for me and wire my returns next morning. T. LORD Room 301, 35 S. Dearborn St Chicago, III. MONTHLY RACING FORM for JULY VNOW ON SALE ffl. E. KUHNER PARLAYS PAY PLENTY CHICAG 0 -KENTUCKY CANADA TERMS: 0 FOR EACH PARLAY Now York Track Not Handled YES SIR! Again I Won! THURSDAYS PARLAY WAS: EELMAN 4-1 Won OAKWOOD .65- Won "WEDNESDAYS PARLAY "WAS: KERRY GIRL ,7-1 Won ATLANTIDA ...9.l0- Won TUESDAYS PARLY "WAS: GO F0IN 11-10 Won ALLEDEN 16-5 Won All filed, as usual, in advance with Racing Form. I had no parlay Monday. I only send on days that connections feel confident of winning with two horses. My record for the last two months has been published in recent editions of this paper and shows winnings of over ,000 on a 5 straight play. BOYS, I AM OFF ON ANOTHER BIO "WINNING- STREAK. Just to convince you I will sond you Fridays and Saturdays parlays for 0; the price of one palay. These two plays will corns from tho same source that sent me KERRY GIRL and ATLANTIDA on "Wednesday. So get busy. "Wire ?10 at once and hook up with and winning combination. M.E. KUHNER SUITE 416. 1454 BROADWAY. NEW YORK CITY Supreme Flash "WIZARD OF TURFDOM" Two Horses a Day flO.OO Weekly WEDNESDAYS FLASH: Lady Marian .65- Won My Biddy Lost TUESDAYS FLASH: Deputy 0.80- Won Eva Ackley Lost MONDAYS FLASH: Wellfinder 7-1 Won Lugs 5-1 Won SATURDAYS FLASH: Wraith .95- Won Sanola 4-1 Won FRIDAYS FLASH: Hopeless 5.20-32 Won Body Guard 7-2 Won THURSDAYS FLASH: Wedding Prince 2.30- Won Bear Shot 7-1 Won WEDNESDAYS FLASH: Doc Gaiety . . . .8.40- Won Crumple 30-1, 10-1 2nd TUESDAYS FLASH: Balboa 12-5 Won Sweet Note . . . .0.95- Won MONDAYS FLASH: Hoy 8-1 Won Prudy 4.95- Won SATURDAYS FLASH: Mark Master 4-1 Won Cordelier 4.15- Won All information comes direct from our connections at the principal tracks in the United States and Canada. Why not get the best "info" for the least expense? Our large successful weekly followers enable us to release this "Smpreme Flash" at such a nominal fee. If you were to pay 1,000, you could not equal this kind of information. Only weekly subscriptions will be accepted. Rush 0 at once, BY WIRE, fcr one weeks service 6 days. Dont remit by mail. Wiro your correct name and address to avoid delay. SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 168 West 23rd St.. Suite 15 Now York City Wm. GORMAN .00 DAILY; 0.00 WEEKLY Yesterdays ;00 Occasional: MY DREAM 12-5 Won WINNERS WINNERS WINNERS LEGATION 9-2 Won Recent long shot winners, all filed in advance-with Daily Racing Form: KERRY GIRL 7-1 Won HOY 10-1 Won HESSANNA 16-5 Won TRY AGAIN 9-2 Won DIRECTOR .00- Won Big Super Special Goes Today This one should surprise the layers, as it should: even pay better than KERRY GIRL, 7-1, WON, which won by six lengths. Thats the calibre of information that my followers are raceiving daily, SPECIAL OFFER You can obtain six Super-Specials and tho Daily Occasionals for 5.00 weekly. Dont hesitate, but get your, subscription in tow. WM. GORMAN 290 Broadway, Room 700 NEW YORK CITY

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