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HarVey Ames, Inc0 EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 52d STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. WON! I Again Saturday the superiority of this service was demonstrated -when another "Harvey Transaction" won at good odds. Again we have proved why so many confine their operations strictly to "Harvey Transactions." No expense is spared: the outlay is never questioned. We give our followers only the best turf information obtainable. An Exceptional Opportunity Monday Subscription, 00, in advance, by telegraph or in person. Information was at hand at this office two weeks ago on Mondays horse, which has had a careful preparation and is now ready. Again we say past performances should be ignored. I The result Monday should never be in doubt after the rise of the barrier. .TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Circle 259 1, 2592. 2593, 5749. I434. 1 435 I Qdily Code Service OF THE Weekly Racing Guide Two Releases Daily of Highest Quality by Able Handicappero 1VjP Noted I l S Long Shot Specialist The Turks Release for Monday: LATONIA: Six-Feed-Field. Will take some beating. Buclfeitson " 1 rfM Information WjS Wizard From the West Watsons Release for Monday: LATONIA: Two-Stop-Whip. Is well suited here. FOIl CODE, HUY ISSUE OF JUNE 18 WEEKLY Racing Quide 25 Cents All Newsstands. Subscription rates, .25 per month! six months, .00; one year, 0.00. DAILY RACING CHART, Inc. Publishers 157-159 East Thirty-Second Street New York. 21. Y- NOTICE ! TRAVELLING HAN With established acquaintance among large business or professional men. Can form a connection well worth while to the right man. For the man who, is qualified and who will cooperate with business-like methods, surprising returns can be expected. Proposition is clear and no financial obligations required. Only men of the hlcbest type, with good references, need apply. ADDRESS P. 0. BOX NO. 90 CHILUCOTHE, OHIO YOU CAN BEAT THE RACES Write TODAY for n copy of "How to PkU the Horse That Carries the Cash" It Is FKEE. It tells you nil about the game and explains the New Superior Method of Handicapping, which will show you how to pick winners with surprising regit . larity. Write for It TODAT. SUPEUIOK PUBLISHING CO. 661 Munsey Bailding Washington, D. C. HAELASD8 FB.EE CODES: Litoni- King-22-3. VaxMngton Jack-17-5. HUH Weakly Book 35 cents at all nawutaads. Daily Specials . Occasionals ?2. TODAYS FKEE CODE: LATONIA Dayton-Xatont-Xagoon-Hedge-Fancy. Again We Won ! TESTEUDAYS .SPECIAL: Long Point, .80, Won HURRAH! YESTERDAYS OCCASIONAL: Eying Cloud, .60, Won TODAYS Occasional, 1st Race Latonia Has shown SPEED TO BURN and is READY to TOWKOlE this field. We got this EXCEPTIONALLY STRONG, so lets go. For this one ask your newsdealer for the Master Clocker Occasional AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. TODAYS Special, 3rd Race Latonia And the O. K. has been rereired that this bird is CHERRY RIPE for a WINNING RACE in this spot today. For this one ask your newsdealer for the Daily Master Clocker 1 AT ALL NEWSSTANDS. Single Copy 35c 10 Weeks 53 Mem FOB. SALE EVERYWHERE MiM New Issue Out FOLLOW SYSTEM HORSES Page 6 Supreme Flash LAST WEEKS SYSTEM HORSES WON 68 PREVIOUS TWO WEEKS SYSTEM HORSES Won 87.50 on a 0 flat play. Supreme System horses are the talk of the country. Clients are cleaning up from coast to coast. Are you one of them? If not, get the new issue immediately. Turn to page six 0 and follow these horses as per instructions and you will see your layer weekly, not as the payee, but as the one being compensated. 10-1 Shot Todays 00 3-Star Free Code LATONIA Jan 3-18-4-7. Connections advise bavin found an easy spot and this marc should win easily. For cipher code on this Ions shot get the new issue at you newsstand, andic JK.T copy. LAST ISSUE WINNERS: TYPECUTTEIt I.JO, Won TRUE PAL 7.60, Won TICK TOCK 5.20, Won COUNSELLOR COXXOLLY 5.20, Won SPELLBINDER 8.10. Won QUEEN TOWTON 3.00, Won And 25 other good priced winners. CLOCKERS SERVICE Two Horses Daily, Weekly This service comes direct from our men at the scene of uctlon. Wire $." for six days service. For further particulars see Supreme Flush to page CiRht S. STJPKEMS PUB. CO. 799 Broadway, Now York City. THE BELL ONE HORSE : 5 DAILY Yesterdays Bell Investment: WON making a continuous record of winnings since this service began on June 4. Today Monday, June 20 Our connections at Latonia have advised that todays horse is one of the most promising prospects of the meeting. Every effort is being made to protect the price. WARNING! Impostors throughout the country are attempting to capitalize the success of The Bell Investments by circulating wrong horses at bargain rates and misrepresenting them as genuine Bell Releases. The Bell has no agents or branch offices anywhere. The gen-nine Bell Investments can be obtained only from this office at the standard rate of 5 daily. Bo not allow yourself to be victimized by these impostors. Deal direct with this office and save Tain regrets. SUBSCRIPTIONS 5 By Wire or in Person. City subscribers who cannot call in person should telephone our office and we will arrange free messenger service. THE BELL 10 N. CLARK ST., SUITE 1102 CHICAGO, ILL. Phones: Randolph 5228-5229-5230 OFFICE HOURS 9 A. M. to 5 P. M. Daily. SETTLE WITH US EVERY TEN DAYS We will give you a two-horse parlay every ten days if you will play a ?3 win parlay each day and at the end of ten days telegraph us one-half the winning over 00. You keep the first 00 winnings for yourself and also half of the winnings over 00. You can safely play the information we send you as heavily as you like because it comes from very wise men at various tracks throughout the country who really know something. It costs us considerable money to get the information, but look- what it means to be in on the inside ! The following are the horses we released last week: SATURDAY - - - ROYAL OMAR. $ 7.00, Won BULLETIN 9 9.00, Won FBXDAY TINITA 6-1, Won LADY STONE 4.00, Won THTTESDAY- - - CLIFF $ 6.00, Woa DAMOSEL 517.00, Won WEDNESDAY - - CORINTH 8.78, Won FASCISTE $ 7.15 Woa TUESDAY - - - GRAF UND STIFT... 30-1, Won DEDANS $ 4.60, Won MONDAY- ... MIDINETTE ..7.25, Won HENRY SOMMERS...$ 4.S0, Won We are satisfied with one-half of the winnings over 00 by you playing just a win parlay each day, even though we know that all the clients we now have on our books play more, and some play 00 a day because we have an enormous clientele, besides what we play ourselves. In this way the play is well spread instead of letting it get back to the tracks and hurt the prices. SPECIAL. NOTICE We know that all layers throughout the country will pay 30 to 1 or better on limit parlays. We have been very lenient about this in the past, but from Monday on we want you to figure our share of the winnings on a 30 to 1 basis for limit parlays. Letters notifying those clients now on our books, who in the past have been sending us our share of the winnings on limit parlays figuring at less than 30 to 1, have been mailed last Thursday about the new rule. You must live up to the rule or we dont want your business. Telegraph us your name and address, with to pay your share of the expense, and It will prove to us that you just dont want to take advantage of our ten-day offer. Many a time, during the past few years, some new clients, after winning 00 or 00 in a week, would not send the money due us. Do what Is right with us and we will continue doing business with you. We will wire you a parlay every day at 8 a. m. for ten days, starting within ten minutes after we receive your wire. City folks, please call. COLUMBIAN NEWS CO. 1204 Broadway, Room 411 New York City lO-l PARLAY lO-l -M. BY WIRE Goes June 25th Dont Miss It On June 2Tth next Saturday, wc will have another special wire parlay which should be a TWO-HORSE "WIN" parlay which will be wired to all subscribers. Our price for this information is only and we believe that the parlay SHOULD WIN AND PAY AT LEAST 10-1 In fact, so sure are we that we will hare two winners at fair odds, that, if the parlay we wire you does not prove a winner and PAY 10 to 1 at least, we will mail you GALLOPS WEEKLY, with GALLOPS PARLAY PAGE and instructions, for six weeks, and wire you GALLOPS regular Saturday wire specials for Saturday, July 2nd. Act quickly to get your subscription to us in time. Dont miss this special parlay. You can send your subscription to us either by mail or wire but, in either case, SEND YOUlt ADDRESS. Just send and say: "For your Special 10-1 Parlay, by Wire." GALLOPS, 219 S. Dearborn St, Chicago, 111. Same name, same address for years. We do not issue daily sheets or "tips" of any kind for sale through newsdealer. We receive mail. THIS DONT HAPPEN EVERY DAY The boss is figuring on winning a race here at Latonia Monday, June 21, and if the track stays heavy or even slow there is not one horse of all the entries that has a better chance of winning than we have, and I know that the right people are going to plunge on it. We think that this horse will be about fifth choice on the program, which will get us a decent price 7-1 or maybe more and this horse should get out in front and win by two lengths. Do you want to make a good bet Monday on this horse and, after you win a big bet, will you wire me the winnings of a little bet, say only ?5 on this first winner, and, after you have made some money for yourself and see that I get good-priced winners, then bet a little more for me? ALRIGHT, then wire me right away and, if I get your telegram in time, I will send you a night letter explaining everything. Be sure to send your street address because on our next horse I want to send it in code to keep everyone from getting our winners. Wire mc tonight! Dont write telegraph your address. WM. C. RICHARDS, Clinton Apartments Covington, Ky. DONT GAMBLE ON THE RACES Learn to handicap; Its easy. Get your copy of "Pick Your Own AVinncrs" sent FREE; no string attached. It proves t lint the only way you can beat the races consistently is to use the Charles Method of Handicapping. The system complete costs only is worth ?10O. Write Today. E. J. BELL 10407 Clifton Blvd. Cleveland, Ohio rprr "The Secret of rrlLL Beating the Races" 10-page booklet of real inside Information by a retired turf speculator. No charge. Simply mail this nd and c postage to J. K. WILLIS 5122 rLA.AVE

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