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n° *T r n- n- ,h re " TURF LIGHT ALL STANDS— 15 CENTS— ALL CITIES OUU TO! LINE HOUSES and SlEClALS contain n many winners eacli week. Occasional Cards, . Only 12 horses to follow. W ri te 185 W. 42nd St.— TURF LIGHT— New York City On sale Kainbow News. State and Quincy Streets, and oiber stands Use the first two and last two o letters of the horses name. Code: 1-21-2-14. m ss u- ;h ________ ————— — — — — — — — —— — — " ANDYS BREAKERS 50c DAILY— ALL STANDS TODAYS CODED BREAKERS: WAS H .— H oof-21 -1 1 -7, WAS H .—Cap 3-M-20. . 1 1 : - I ! : ; i | 1 ; I i i : ; j - i r l - ; I . e 1 ll f F.V I JB Tiri r_Y__ _l * J NEW WEEKLY OUT— 35 CENTS FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS BAINBRIDGE FREE CODE: Buffalo-Niche-Kersey-Honor-Pinch. 00 FREE CODE: WASHINGTON: Albany-Hasty-Human-Honor-Parch. Mighty fit trick, and the connections expect this one to Pay 0 in the mutuels. Also, once again we had ANOTHER SMASHING WEEKLY when the TOP HORSES advised in last weeks book came thundering down in front at healthy odds. LAST WEEKS TOP HORSES: HARPOON, 6.46, WON BRANCH, 2.25, WON BLACK BELT, 0.46, WON Each and every one of these was advised strongly. TODAY We call your special attention to the probable lO-l SHOT Top Horse — Page 3, Col. 1 PLAY ACROSS THE BOARD This trick is mighty fit, so, under no consideration, fail to get the NEW ISSUE of the WEEKLY MASTER CL0CKER 35 CENTS, AT ALL NEWSSTANDS NOTE: SPECIAL SUBSCRIPTION OFFER The Weekly Master Clocker will be sent right off the press, 10 weeks for . Remit to MASTER CLOCKER, 440 S. Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. "LOOK! FOUR WINNING OCCASIONALS so far this week, and todays will make the fifth," says Al. Gern. YESTERDAYS OCCASIONAL: At Sunrise, .48, Won WEDNESDAYS OCCASIONAL: Etcetera, .32, Won TUESDAYS OCCASIONAL: Portmanteau, .96, Won MONDAYS OCCASIONAL: Frank Fullen, .85, Won Yes, sir, four winning: days this week. TODAY We have received the O. K. on a horse that has not shown anything so far at the meeting. This one will be the Adv. Occasional SHOULD PAY 0 in the mutuels today. Under NO consideration miss this one. Ask your newsdealer for the Master dockers Occasional FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS Pf" Big Bargain ofter "98 Both Occasional and Sheet, sent one week, 0 o Remit to MASTER CLOCKER 440 S. DEARBORN STREET CHICAGO, ILL. ft e A - e e CLOCKER N. ROGERS TURF WEEKLY 35 CENTS, ALL STANDS Todays Free Code: WASHINGTON— Lookout-19-47. TODAYS STABLE SECRET: BLUE BONNETS— Lookout-75-69. - " n Price, 35 Cents — On Sale Everywhere — Price, 35 Cents TODAYS SATURDAYS FREE CODE: WASHGTON: December-Cincinnati-Milwaukee-Cleveland d To decipher the above code go to your newsdealer i •*nd purchase the weekly issue of June 13th— Price, 35c. o " . = PLAYERS, NOTICE! Chance ol a lifetime. If you play the races I will •I put you next to a little secret that will place you above want as long as you live. Write T. SECOR Box 70-A Aurora, Illinois » CLOCKERS REVIEW 35 Cents a Copy — Sold at All Newsstands — Established 1910 — 21 Years in Front of the Racing Public. THE PLAYERS FRIEND NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY AND GET YOURSELF A COPY OF CLOCKERS REVIEW before your newsdealer is sold out, 35 cents at all newsstands. Clockers Review is going like hot-cakes. The Clockers Specials at New York, Chicago, Cinada and Ohio are "TAKING" the country by storm. TUESDAYS FREE CODE: BETTY DERR .94, WON MONDAYS FREE CODE: FLIMSY $ 6.68, WON And. "PLAYERS," today we have a "PIPPIN" that should win easily at a price that will STARTLE all participants. HERE IT IS— GOES AS TODAYS * * * SPECIAL FREE CODE. WASHINGTON PARK— Orange-28-63. For cipher code on this "GOOD THING," see page 2. CLOCKERS REVIEW. YESTERDAYS COL. MATT BRADYS SPECIAL: RED SKY Ran Second THURSDAYS COL. MATT BRADY SPECIAL: MORDEN 8-5, WON MONDAYS COL. MATT BRADY SPECIAL: FAIRDALE .85, WON SATURDAYS COL. MATT BRADY SPECIAL: AYMOND $ 4.70, WON and TODAYS COL. MATT BRADY SPECIAL: WASHINGTON PARK— Corn-5-1. Comes from a source that seldom fails, and you can go the "EXTREME LIMIT" on it, "WIN ONLY," for a "BANNER DAY." For Col. Matt Bradys Special see page 11. CLOCKERS REVIEW. TODAY IS THE DAY FOR THAT CLOCKERS REVIEW BIG 00 FOR ADVERTISED PARLAY Both these "SPECIALS" go at Washington Park and, from the word we have from our connections, "TWO EASY WINS" are in order. Here is your opportunity to "UNLOAD" and hit your "BOOKMAKER" for a bankroll. DONT MISS IT. THIS IS OUR REGULAR PARLAY SPECIAL TERMS FOR TODAYS PARLAY— We are only making these SPECIALS TERMS to give all players throughout the country an opportunity to participate and. REMEMBER, this is our REGULAR PARLAY, and is yours for "TWO BUCKS." So go to your nearest telegraph office and wire FOR TODAYS PARLAY. City clients, call. For further details see page 6 and 7, Clockers Review. CLOCKERS REVIEW PUB. CO. 1674 BROADWAY Suite 914 NEW YORK CITY SUPREME FLASH TURF WEEKLY 35 Cents— Sold on All Newsstands— 10 Weeks, FOR BIG WINNINGS IN THE NEXT SIX DAYS FOLLOW SUPREME FLASH PARLAYS We contracted with the "SMARTEST TURFMEN" in the business for our NEXT SIX PARLAYS, and make no mistiikes about it when BQP__M— PAYS ,500 FOR SIX PARLAYS We are doing business with people who have produced for us in the past. Those same people four weeks ago cave out 9 STRAIGHT WIN PARLAYS and it would not surprise us in the least if they follow with THESE SIX STRAIGHT PARLAYS. GFJT ME? For SUPREME PARLAYS slip your newsdealer 35 cents for a copy of SUPREME PLASH and see page 8. YESTERDAYS SUPREME PARLAY: BAGGAGE MAID LOST LILLIAN T Scratched THURSDAYS SUPREME PARLAY: SPANISH PLAY .30, WON DELVEN .20, .16, 3RD WEDNESDAYS SUPREME PARLAY: SAM PASS .20, WON WEE DROP Scratched TODAYS SUPREME PARLAY: WASH.— Gun-13-14. BLUE BONNETS— Gun-14-36. Come one. come all. we invite you to WIN YOUR-SELE A LOAD OF DOUGH TODAY with this LIMIT WIN PARLAY. DONT BE A WISH-I-HAD, SBB PAGE 8, SUPREME FLASH, for this parlay. TODAYS FREE CODE: BLUE BONNETS— July-20-4-8-13. For cipher code see page 2, Supreme Flash. Supreme Publishing Company 799 Broadway. Suite 407 New York City SUCCESSFUL OCCASIONALS Call at office or write. NORTH AMERICAN. 123 W. Madison St., Suite 410, Chicago, III. Phone, Randolph 4780. KENTUCKY ACE TODAYS FREE CODE: DIAMONDS— 4-Rip-0il-Fly-Sly-Sly. DID YOU READ THAT BOOK? W. A. M. wrote: "Today your book 100 Examples led me to lit winners, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City; yesterday 18 winners — .17 in two days; ten tickets on each winner; net . 094. GO. Examples for selecting method for yesterday, enclosed — consensus and pro-odd page Racing Form plain proof— . 004. CO."— W. A. M. For examples and hook referred to send %" ; for Special Example List send . S. FRANKLIN WHITE. Box 382. Ontario. Calif. PLAYERS, NOTICE! If you play horse races I will send to you racing secrets tliart will place you in a position to never have to worry about panics or jobless days as long as racing exists. Send me today. Use my system 30 days and send me balance if satisfied. SANDY FERRELL 1530 W. Lexington St. Baltimore, Md. o - B To Prove THE NEW YORK PRESS 9 b the "Greatest Racing Weekly" and that it ■H guides you to WINNING LONG SHOTS, we B| will send FOUR WEEKS FREE. Sign blank here- HH with and mail immediately or you can buy m PRESS at nearest stand, 15c. ■__—___—— CUP AND MAIL— — — — — — — — ■ CkcultUM Dtp! NEW VOR K PRESS. «45 W-t 45i* St. New York H Pl««« wail four wtticf lr««. I Nmm , ,. _ , I A saV*ai „ _ d i = •I THE WINNER SYSTEM OF PLAYING HORSE RACES Why not be a winner? Send me your name and address with a two cent stamp and I will start you to travel the road I have traveled for the past twenty years. Do not hesitate, for you can be a winner, too. Picks winners readily at any track. THE WINNER SYSTEM CO. 525 Missouri Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio. » Advertise in Daily Racing Form

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