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For Years a "Menace" to the "Bookies" Ask Any "Old Timer" Hell Tell You W CANT WIN EM ALL Thursdays Parlay: TETRARCHAL, $ 9.80, WON UNENCUMBERED, 0.50, LOST Wednesdays Parlay: DEEDIE, $ 6.50, WON BRAN. ROSE, .80, $ 4.60, 2ND Tuesdays Parlay: SUNVIR, $ 9.20, WON FLAMING MAMIE, $ 8.30, WON Mondays Parlay: W0RTHINGT0N, 4.30, WON THURSDAY, $ 5.20, WON Saturdays Parlay: RACCOON, 7.40, WON TAMBOUR, $ 6.70, WON Fridays Parlay: GRACE R., .20, WON VILLAGE VAMP, .60, WON Thursdays Parlay: LADY DEAN, 1.08, WON TOMMY TICKLE, 0.08,2ND BIT-WINNERS! JL1ST A HABIT- WHEN YOU FOLLOW -W BIT "FIELD!" Are You a Consistent Loser? Do You Pay Your Bookies Expenses? If you do, youre on the wrong side of the fence and its high time you get "wise" to yourself. Handicapping and guessing are meant for exceptionally LUCKY PEOPLE they could pick WINNERS with a HATPIN but why depend on "OLD DAME FORTUNE" when you can get the real "low down" for next to nothing WINNERS THATS WHAT I OFFER YOU AND NONE OF THEM ARE FAVORITES. TFRIDAY ANOTHER BAU-m NER DAYWIN 50 npfi BIT WITH DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRIBE NOW! TERMS DAILY TERMS CHICAGO CLIENTS, Call in Person or Phone Franklin 0596 -TPK for messenger service no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Service sent by fast telegram. JACK FIELD 35 South Dearborn, Room 708, Chicago, 111. Weekly Racing Guide DAILY CODE Worlds Greatest Racing Weekly Two Great Free Information Services One Horse a Day Selected by Americas Greatest Experts CARMACS RELEASE FOR FRIDAY: ; LAT0 N I A Seven -35-1 2. ASA POWELLS RELEASE FOR FRIDAY: PIMLICO Six-50-40. FOR CODE BUY ISSUE OF OCTOBER 29 ARE YOU A MEMBER? More Than 14,000 Turf Players Have Joined RACING GUIDE SECRET SOCIETY SECRET TURF INFORMATION FREE TO MEMBERS 6 Per Cent Have Won Over a Period of Four Years ANOTHER GOING SOON SEND FOR MEMBERSHIP CARD AT ONCE HO FEES NO DUES t Just send self-addressed, stamped envelope and request card containing key to code used in making releases. Address application to WEEKLY RACING GUIDE - 421 Plymouth Ct. Chicago, 111. X If IF l rv r DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR FRIDAY: PIMLICO L-26-1-24-24. LAT0 N I A L-1 0-14-5-6. WM. BURKE KELLY 423 PLYMOUTH COURT. CHICAGO. ILL MEW WONDER SYSTEM I llWINS ON FLAT BET Should average 0 per week net profit on flat bets. Will send this . new system to you abiolutcly free. No obligations, nostnnga attached to this offer. Get your copy today! Write SECOW PUBLISHIMQ CO., AURORA, ILL. For Free Phone Results Call Wabash 7000 Christians Code Card ESTABLISHED IN 1910 STILL IN THE SAME PREMISES WITH WHOM EVERY PROMISE IS PERFORMED I have signed new contracts with the shrewdest "TURFMEN" campaigning at Pimlico and Latonia. Starting today I will releasi in code form a two-horse OWNERS AND TRAINERS PARLAY. PAYS FOR OWNERS AND TRAINERS CODE CARD SIX DAYS SERVICE STARTS TODAY NO WAITING FOR SERVICE NO SPECIALS NO BET FOR ME NO EXPENSIVE WIRES NO PHONE CALLS YESTERDAYS OWNERS AND TRAINERS PARLAY: LOYAL LOUIE, - 5.10, WON BANDERLOG, 1.30, WON Codes advertised every day easily deciphered, very simple. I pay thousands of dollars to secure this remarkable information. This is one office where everybody receives the most for his money, plus an honest deal. Todays Owners and Trainers Parlay: LATONIA Paper-14-4-7. - PIMLICO WeIght-1-5-19. Todays Christian Code Parlay: PIMLICO Rail-5-9-20-20. PIMLICO Home-10-5-1-23. Western clients: Go to your nearest Western Union or Postal Telegraph office and remit for six Owners and Trainers Code Cards. If you wish, I will wire todays Owners and Trainers Parlay by prepaid telegram. Balance of service will follow by air mail. Address EDWARD V. CHRISTIAN 949 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. OFFICE OPEN DALLY FROM 8 A. M. TO 7 P. M. TOMPASS VhatWondetfulVurfWeekbj For Sale at Alt Stands, 35 Cents YESTERDAYS FREE CODE: LOYAL LOUIE -5.10, WON WEDNESDAYS FREE CODE: SPTACULAR, 2.42, Won TUESDAYS FREE CODE: CAMP PRINCE, .10, WON Here Is the .One for Today: TODAYS FREE CODE: GOLD Eddie-1 6-42-44-46. Code appears on page 2 in "COMPASS." IT IS ONLY 35 CENTS If your newsdealer does not carry COMPASS, wire or mail us for 7 weeks, and we will wire you 3 FREE SPECIALS REMIT BY WIRE OR P. O. MONEY ORDER. COMPASS PUB. CO. 104 West 42nd Street, New York City TODAYS CODE PARLAY: LAT0NIA July-74-34-64-68. PIMLICO Nov.-36-54-78-64. TODAYS CLOCKERS CODE: LAT0NIA Cadillac-23-47-49-57. 26 YEARS OF ACTUAL TURF EXPERIENCE "Darky" BOB WILLIAMS YESTERDAYS "DAILY DOUBLE:" WPOLAR BRUSH, 1.90, WONH WTJAZ AGE, $ 8.50, WONW WEDNESDAYS "DAILY DOUBLE:" BURNING FEET, 3.40, WON LORD DEAN, $ 8.08, WON TUESDAYS "DAILY DOUBLE:" SOEUR BLANCHE, 1.04, WON FLAMING MAMIE, $ 8.30, WON TODAYS "DAILY DOUBLE" CODE: LAT0 NIA February-5-1 9-3-14. PIMLICO May-1-12-11-9. W" Both Horses Should Win Easily Today ""! Bet both to win only and be sure you have a good sized wager DOWN. SLAUGHTER YOUR BOOKMAKER WITH-Q W BOTH DAILY CODE HORSES "TPS EHF For Your Revenge Today -W I am sure if you are in a hole this surely will get you out and in front by plenty, as these are W TWO 2 LONG SHOT WINNERS Terms for "DAILY DOUBLE," 50 cents, at your newsstand, or for six 6 days service, which will be sent to reach you the first mail in the morning. You may have this information wired you daily if you desire. Out-of-town clients, wife your subscription via Western Union or Postal Telegraph. Make all remittances payable to BOB WILLIAMS 123 W. MADISON ST. SUITE 600 CHICAGO, ILL. NfW WEEKLY OUT 35 CENTS TODAYS FREE CODES: LAT0NIA: Echo-Mode-Yank-Heat-Star. PIMLICO: Cape-Spot-East-Less-Star. SUPREME FLASH TURF WEEKLY For Sale at All Newsstands 35 Cents a Copy Todays Free Code: PIMLICO Sept.-2-18-17-8. TODAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: PIMLICO BattIe-33-1. PIMLICO Gun-31-11. - SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 799 Broadway Suite 407 New York City CLOCKERS REVIEW For Sale on All Newsstands, 35 Cents a Copy Todays Free Code: PIMLICO Green-19-62. Todays Brady Special: PIMLICO Hay-7-22. CLOCKERS REVLEW PUB. CO. 1674 Broadway Suite 914 New York City SlltfTPnilll MAN WH0 ROUTED THE 5 MYTILRI0U CHICAGO BOOKIES $ I wr m -ACCLAIMED Z BY EVERY NEWSPAPER IN THE COUNTRY FOR MY SUCCESS - ; aaa fc..t m. ! I fro. SULLIVAN 9 now ready main and bookies dont like it t m m WsTCH MY SMOKE YESTERDAYS PARLAY: I 1 ONE WON; ONE LOST -gandi " ?0 NOTICE: We cant mention yesterdays horses Mfo, sJFs4 names for "SPECIAL REASONS and protection of WVW W tt,, W m our followers. i TA" WffiP !f WEDNESDAYS PARLAY: Jf Z-vLw SLASH, .92, WON WA,SL Mlf BOBBY POWERS, .80, WON I HrJflg. Jy k Tuesday Parlay: War Glory, .10, Won Flaming Mamie, .30, Won Mondays Parlay: Move Faster Wpn Margaret Mc, Lost OUR "NEW CONNECTIONS" ARE SURE GIVING US "WINNERS," JUST AS WE TOLD YOU THEY WOULD. AH old and new "SULLIVAN" followers are advised NOT TO MISS A SINGLE DAYS PARLAY. "Two Long Shots" Today Parlay Should Pay Over 0- -Tpfi "IF" you knew what "SULLIVAN" knows of these TWO today, you would BET THE BANKROLL. W"FREE" TANFORAN SPECIAL TODAY WORTH S400 YOU GET IT "FREE"-! My last Tanforan Special won and paid plenty. TODAYS BETTER YET FREE TO YOU. W TERMS, S3 A DAY "TWO "HORSE PARLAY" No More No Less CHICAGO READERS: Call at the office. IF YOU CANT COME, PHONE RANDOLPH 9195-9196 and we will send you todays parlay in sealed envelope with messenger boy. No charge for messenger service. Out-of-town readers, telegraph your subscription. You get my parlay by fast wire as soon as I receive your subscription. NOW, LETS GO. "Mysterious" MR, SULLIVAN. 127 N. Dearborn St.. Room 1327. Chicago. 111. The "Pink Sheet" Price, 15 Cent OZITI, Regren Latonia Tip, 4.38, WON MAGYAR, Regren-McCarty Pimlico Tip, 32.70, WON BURNING FEET, McCarty Pimlico Tip, 13.40, WON KNEEHIGH, Regren Pimlico Standout, 10.00, WON PARNELL BOUND, Regren Latonia Pay-Off 6.04, WON W THE FOREGOING LIST OF LONG SHOT WINNERS, following up the long-priced winners of Tuesday, shows, thai Chicago Daily Telegraph was not offering false hopes when it advised in this advertising space that players of the Latonia and Pimlico races follow our selectors through the remaining days of those two meetings. THERE WILL .BE STILL MORE TO FOLLOW, some of them paying FROM FIVE-TO-ONE to FIFTEEN-TO-ONE. T: Play "Pink Sheet" Picks for Prices and Profits pgi FRIDAYS FREE CODE HORSES: LATONIA Erie-29-26-23. PIMLICO-Rich-24-38-26. . TO DECIPHER FREE CODES BUY A TELEGRAPH CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH r Ml PLYMOUTH COURT - CHICAGO, DLL; per Month by First Class Mail per Month by Air Mail PIMLICO SPECIAL I have been advised by my docker at Pimlico that one of the shrewdest groups In turf history are laying plans for one of the biggest "cleanups" of the year, Friday, November 4. This thoroughbred has started a number of times but has shown nothing thus far and a price of 6 or 8 to 1 is expected. " SPECIAL OFFER: To my thousands of clients, I am able to make a SPECIAL OFFER for this day only. Send immediately to cover incidental expenses only and I will send you horse by fast telegram collect no later than noon Friday. This is a SPECIAL OFFER for the one day only and you must agree to withhold alLbets until fifteen minutes before post time to avoid money getting back to the track and cutting the price. When wiring ask for PIMLICO SPECIAL. TWO WEEKS FOR ONE DOLLAR o MAIL OR WIRE ONE DOLLAR AND YOU WILL RECEIVE TWO CODE CARDS BY RETURN MAIL. A code enabling you to decipher each release will appear in this daily. Yon dont want to miss the many "GOOD THINGS" AT LATONIA DURING - THE CLOSING WEEK. Dont delay. Send in one dollar today. Many "GOOD THINGS" are slated for brackets and only those who live in the shadow of the track will know these horses. They will be released to all "PAXON FOLLOWERS." o- TODAYS TWO HORSES: LATONIA Kansas-23-9-6-19. LATONIA Oregon-23-24-22-18. o- RAY PAXON w 320 East Third Street Suite 401 Cincinnati, Ohio FREE! FREE! FREE! -, , - J-- PEACOCK BLUE THIRD RACE LATONIA Play this one to win only and fill your coal bin for the winter watch AD tomorrow. T. H., Chicago, III. L l

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