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Harvey Ames, Inc. 1674 Broadway, Corner 52nd St., New York, N. Y. WON AGAIN Above was the result of yesterdays "Harvey Transaction" and, of course, the only 7 horse advised. ON 0 "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TODAY SUBSCRIPTION, 00, IN ADVANCE BY TELEGRAPH OR IN PERSON Heavy financial support to assure the success of this transaction. Further comment * not permitted at this time. ANTICIPATED ODDS— 8 TO 1 I TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Columbus 5-2428, 5-2422, 5-2415, 5-6760, 5-0995 ,c 5 _ Free! Free! Free! I f 1 One ot the greatest books on System Play ever written is yours for the asking. It has never sold for less than — yet you may have it now, while the remaining copies ea last, for absolutely nothing. The author— ELL WOOD TANSEY Recognized the World Over as Americas Leading Authority on Racing Systems, in Co-operation with the Turfs Smartest Magazine POST TIME MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO OWN THIS REMARKABLE TREATISE THERE ARE EXACTLY 750 COPIES OF ELLWOOD TANSEYS PREFERRED SYSTEM AND BETTING METHOD AVAILABLE All you need do to receive your free copy is to send in one years subscription to 2 POST TIME. The price, for twelve issues of POST TIME is .50. When the 750 copies of the book are exhausted, there will be none available at any price, so get yours today, iy while there is still time 8END A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR YOUR YEARS SUBSCRIPTION, AND PD MR. TANSEYS VALUABLE BOOK, HANDSOMELY BOUND, WULL BE MAILED PREPAID TO YOU IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME 421 PLYMOUTH COURT DEPARTMENT R-5 CHICAGO. ILL t h — m I I LmmmLhkmimmmI H 1 35 3 New Weekly Out— 35 Cents i TODAYS FREE CODE: n NARRAGANSETT PARK: Top-Gag-Pur-Hat-Sky. p 5 FREE CODE: * DETROIT: Ten-Off-Gag-Gem-Aft. OCCASIONAL CODE: WASHINGTON PARK: Tip-Cat-Oil-End-Cat. V Never better and today is the day. Code Cards Is J pow for sale at newsstands. PRICE, . Good for jr f •ni week. Won Again! AGAIN WE HAD ANOTHER SMASHING WEEK uAST WEEKS LONG SHOTS: SHALOT, 0.36, WON Nis I TRANSPOSE, 4.70, WON N WESTON, 8.60, WON]. NI MAREVE, 5.68, W0N| NS2 I MY PETER, 3.80, WON N And other WINNERS GALORE; so be sure and get I [ the New Issue of the j WEEKLY MASTER CL0CKER 35 CENTS, AT ALL NEWSSTANDS ™ THORP RACING WEEKLY On Sale at All Stands— 15c per Copy NEW ISSUE OUT TODAY Todays Free Code: NARRA.— Purpie-24-58. BEADY TO WIN TODAY AT GOOD ODDS Just rush to vour nearest newsdealer and get a copy of THORPS RACING WEEKLY and get this his winner. Just a few of this weeks winners in book: LITTLE MINNIE, 5.40, WON N BLACK MISS, 36.00, WON N COULEEDAM, 17.40, WON N SIMON, 17.00, WON N BD3GEVIEW, 10.20, WON N PRINCE TORCH, 10.06, WON N | PAY-RAISING PARLAY GOES TODAY r 20 FOR AND YOUR MONEY BACK Get this pair of winners today, and make your aur bookmaker pay you plenty — real smart information. on. Be sure to subscribe for this WIN PARLAY immediately. ne- TERMS— PAYS FOR THIS LIMIT PARLAY THORP RACING WEEKLY 63 Park Row Suite 804 New York City •;t , TURF LIGHT ALL STANDS— 15 CENTS— ALL CITIES USE ISSUE OF JUNE 29TH FOR CODE: Jan. — Aqueduct: Apron-Annual-Antique-Amuse. Bi-Monthly Card Code. Ask Dealer or Box 56, 66, General Post Office, New York City. 3rd Race— Aqueduct: 4-11-16-6. CLOCKERS REVIEW FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 35c PER COPY ,PY 26 Years of Successful Service NEW ISSUE OUT Todays Star Special Free Code: NARRA.— Races-26-26. ,26 TODAYS DURANTE PARLAY: DETROIT— Packard-34-20. DETROIT— Pontiac-29-3. 9.3. pays for 6 days Parlay. Two horses a day. Code :ode Card mailed day you subscribe. == I Free Phone Results Call Wab. 7000 - 0| 1 1 — 0 • m I I H 1 35 3 i n p * V Is J for jr f Nis I Ex-Trainer, Owner and Turf Publisher DAN MORGAN, Inc. Turf News Semi-Weekly tly New Issue Out Every Saturday and Wednesday r_ Court St., Buffalo, N. Y. Price, SI Each Issue Z Good for three days. Which stands you 330 a day. Free code info in Racing Form. New Issue Out Today. J* 4 / Dont fail to get this issue, for the simple reason many good things at long odds are in this issue on on pages 2, 3 and 4 at your favorite race track. I Todays Free Code Info: For Washington Park Play- av- -ers: 1-26-17-Sand. For Detroit Players: 18-5-17-Right. , For Thistle Down Players: 21-4-9-Right. I Winners! Winners! Winners! TRANSPOSE, 4.70, Won. VALEDICTORIAN, 7.40, Won. MISS WISE, » 0.20, Won. PAPER PROFITS, 5.30, Won. And I plenty of other winners in book issues. Space stops me from advertising them. LAST-MINUTE INFO: WEEKLY— DAILY. Wednesday, opening day at Narragansett, Morgans clients got all the money again . on KISSINBUG, 0.00, Won. Another Narragansett longshot goes for the money today. Out-of-town clients telegraph money. You must receive -six days Last-Minute Info for your . On days that my connections , not operating or wagering that day will not count I against your subscription. N NI NS2 I N get I [ j ™ SUPREME FLASH 24-PAGE TURF WEEKLY— ALL STANDS, 35c I W Winning Sensational Racing Information ""•■ PAYS FOR ENTIRE 13 DAYS AT NARRAGANSETT ONE HORSE A DAY IN COPE FORM— W TODAY— 5 TO — TODAY ""W Todays Narra. Meeting Horse: Chevrolet-18-6-24-9. This live, genuine information is being released from this oflice for WS25 PAYS FOR CODE CARD, GOOD FORW W ENTIRE NARRAGANSETT MEETING ~m Here is your chance to save 3. Rush your immediately and you will receive code card good for entire meeting. First days service telegraphed if so desired. ■T TODAYS NUMBER FREE CODE— 2 0 1 "W Todays 0 Super Occasional: DETROIT— Red-31 -5. TODAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: WASH.— Green-31-11. WASH.— Pink-33-5. TODAYS GOLD SEAL NUMBER PLAYS: PLAY— 619 PLAY— 568 PLAY— 612 I a this his N N N N N N | CAMERON and CO. PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE TODAYS WASHINGTON PARK CODE PARLAY: BEAR— 49-44-51-61. DOG— 48-44 1-61. TODAYS DETROIT CODE PARLAY: CORPORAL— 46-18-30-28. LIEUTENT— 26-18-42-24. CAMERON and CO. Suite 808—166 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, III. r your aur on. ne- City •;t , » LIVE WIRE TURF WEEKLY Sold on All Newsstands — Price, 15 Cents YESTERDAYS CODE PARLAY WON AGAIN TODAYS CODE PARLAY: LATONIA— Reo-66-58. WASH— Pierce-24-64. 7j~ pays for Parlay Code Card for six days. . Also .. Narragansett Clockers Code Card, one horse daily, "Wi for Narragansett meeting. Todavs Narra. Clockers Special: Extra-Pink-284-272. -272. ; ___ 7 ON 0 * I ,c 5 _ 1 I f ea to 2 iy PD t h — tly r_ Issue day. Z J* 4 / reason on on I av- WE CHALLENGE THE WORLD ! I TRACK CRAO "THE TRUTH IF IT BREAKS US" SALE AT ALL LEADING NEWSSTANDS-15 CENTS PER COPY WE ORIGINATE-OTHERS IMITAT! CAKULATOg ;tS SYSTEM TWELVE STRAIGHT WINNERS ! ! IV Just a Little of the Inside Info That Produced a Large Profit -« ■V On a 0 Per Day Flat Play Since March, 1934 -» PHENOMENAL SUCCESS BY SMART CONNECTIONS THIS INFORMATION NOW IN CODE FORM AND CAN BE DECIPHERED ONLY BY OUR STABLE NUMBER CODE CARD NO WIRES! NO DELAYS! NO EXTRA EXPENSE! NO WAITING! YESTERDAYS CALCULATOR 2 3-5 SYSTEM STABLE HORSES: PLAY: PLAY: PLAY: ODERIC ROYAL BALLAD TRUMPS .60, WON 2.10, WON 6.56, WON THURSDAYS CALCULATOR 2-3-5 SYSTEM STABLE HORSES: PLAY: S3 PLAY: PLAY: PARADUN MY PETER CAYUGA 0.40, WON 3.80, WON 8.40, WON WEDNESDAYS CALCULATOR 2-3-5 SYSTEM HORSES: PLAY: PLAY: PLAY: BAND WAGON CHALLEPHEN BEREIT .50, WON 3.60, WON 7.80, WON TUESDAYS 2-3-5 CALCULATOR SYSTEM HORSES: PLAY: PLAY: PLAY: IRISH WAKE JAKE BLIEDEN GIBBYS CHOICE 0.06, WON 1.20, WON 1.66, WON WINNING LONG SHOTS! FROM SMART STABLES! TODAYS THREE PROBABLE WINNERS— FRUITS INDICATE RACE NUMBERS: PLAY: S3 PLAY: PLAY: AT NARRAGANSET AT WASHINGTON AT DETROIT ORANGES PEARS APPLES STABLE 29— HORSE 3 STABLE 105— HORSE 11 STABLE 44— HORSE 1 On the first of the above horses clients wager ; on the second horse, is wagered, and on the third horse, is wagered. That explains where we get the 2-3-5 name for this service. WE EXPECT OUR* CLIENTS TO WIN ,000 THIS MONTH! BECOME A CLIENT AT ONCE— SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW ! SIX DOLLARS PAYS FOR STABLE NUMBER CODE CARD GOOD FOR SIX DAYS. Go to your nearest telegraph office and wire right away. Your Stable Code Card will be mailed to you promptly. Make remittances payable to — TRACK CRACKS CALCULATOR SERVICE West 15th Street Suite 311, New York City ANNUAL REPORT-WEEK BY WEEK-0F CALCULATOR 2-3-5 SYSTEM-FREE ON REQUEST , I » And I stops at again . clients , count I I ""•■ ""W from ~m for so "W -5. 612 I III. SEPTEMBER CHILD, 3.00, WON f IRISH WAKE, 0.06, WON MORRIS R., 6.20, WON i If you got the above three horses for , would you consider it a bargain, K something that showed a profit and returned your investment? f ANSWER THAT QUESTION I THEN GO FARTHER ALONG THE LINE AND SCAN THE FOLLOWING: C WHANGDOODLE, 4.80, WON | WINSLOW, 8.80, WON DNIEPER, 3.68, WON 1 GIBBYS CHOICE, 1.66, WON ISYSTOLOGYf JAKE BLIEDEN, 1.20, WON I TWIDGETS, 0.00, WON I And a List of Winners as Long as Your Arm, the Majority of Them Horses »3 You Know You Would Not Pick Yourself W ASK YOURSELF— "IS IT WORTH THE PRICE?" I LOOK AGAIN AT THE LIST ABOVE I SYSTOLOGY— f Good for the Remainder of Your Life— Eight Complete Systems I One System — The Law of Average — Picked the Above Winners 1 Dont Waste Any More Time — The Opportunity Is There — Buy Systology £» USE THIS COUPON f PLYMOUTH SUPPLY CO., DEPT. G. G. I 443 Plymouth Ct., Chicago, 111.: £ Please send me one copy of SYSTOLOGY. Enclosed find . » NAME I ADDRESS i CITY STATE 5 7j~ Also . .. daily, "Wi -272. ___ WIN 0 PER WEEK I FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE If you play the race* we will put you next to a little inside secret that should place you above want as long as you live. No obligations. Just send your name and address to — SECOR PUB. CO. AURORA, ILL. — $ ■— ■ — — ■— — — s— — ss— 1 | j T* ® DONT GAMBLE ON THE RACES Mich.; ten.; Play horses that figure to win. Accurate handicapping • is simple when you know how. There is no excuse Park, ark, for anyone not knowing how to handicap. Full particulars - free— no strings attached. Secure your free copy r of "Pick Your Own Winners." Learn to handicap and 1 nae- b, a winner. No obligation. Write today. E. J. BELL, P. O. Box 6416, Cleveland, Ohio June fun a ___ . Seattle, tttie, THE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM WE CAN PROVE isett ,T WQN AT oallaS— IT WON AT HAVRE IT WON AT WASHINGTON Park, ark* Complete Details— NOTHING ELSE TO BUY yr ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS ap~" P. 0. Box 347 Aurora, III. June June 9 29. 29. ADVERTISE IN DAILY RACING FORM 4 j • - r 1 . ""TV" Tv Tv"" DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day — In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR SATURDAY: WASHINGTON PARK— N-10-14-1-20. LATONIA— E-10-8-5-1. WILLIAM BURKE KELLY 731 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ -* yr 9 4 I Mail us this ad and you will be re- I warded with a -Iree copy of "THE I I SECRET OF BEATING THE I I RACES." M H J- K- WILLIS, Inc. ■ H P. 0. Box 635 Cincinnati, Ohio 1H-

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