Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-05

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman P G McCann SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Sam Houst9n SHARPSHELL Paul Lee Sharpshell Sharpshell Big Bubble Sharpshell 21 I 245 PM Tuleyries Lin LinSharpshell Big Bubble Big Bubble BubbleSharpshell Big Bubble Big Bubble Sharpshell Big Bubble 13 Sharpshell Paul Lee Sharpshell Paul Lee Shasta Man Paul Lee Paul Lee 8 315 PM Kentown KentownAljack Drift Silver SilverBeamy Aljack Beamy Beamy Drift Silver SilverAljack Aljack 13 AljackDrift Aljack Beamy BeamyAljack Kentown KentownDrift Aljack BeamyKentown Kentown Aljack Drift Silver 12 Drift Silver Aljack Drift Silver Kentown Aljack KentownAljack AljackKentown Kentown Beamy 12 Extremus Extremus Doctor Reder Extremus Doctor Reder Extremus Extremus 24 345 PM Doctor Reder Doctor Reder Extremus Doctr Reder Extremus Doctor Reder Doctor Reder 18 Miss Lexington LexingtonHigh Knights Quest TJ JKnights Quest JJ Miss Lexington Miss Lexington Miss Lexington Miss Lexington 4 High Hat Midall MidallHigh FloBratten Midall Brown Mate MateMidall Midall Midall 20 415PM Midall High Hat HatHavaheart High Hat Flo Bratten BrattenMidall Midall High Hat High Hat 11 Havaheart Havaheart Midall Havaheart MidallFloBratten FloBratten Flo Bratten FloBratten 9 REMOTE CONTR LRemote Control ControlOnette REMOTE CONTRLRemote Control Remote Control REMTE CONTRL REMTE CONTL 36 445 PM OwasseOnette Owasse Onette Onette Onette OnetteKokomo Ebony Edge Ebony Edge Onette 9 Onette Kokqmo Kokomo Kokomo Onette Onette JSbony Edge 4 4Quizzle Real Sad SadQuizzle Bobs Dream DreamQuizzle Quizzle Quizzle SUN PHAROS Quizzle Quizzle 21 21Real 515 PM QuizzleBobs Quizzle Quizzle QuizzleReal Real Sad QuizzleMarion Marion Collins Quizzle Bobs Dream Real Sad 8 Bobs Dream Real Sad SunPharos Espino Gold Marion Collins MarionCollin Bobs Dream 8 Poet Laureate Poet Laureate Poet Laureate Poet Laureate Our Willie Poet Laureate Poet Laureate 25 25Our I 545 PM Our Willie Peacharino Meanwhile Peacharino Peacharino Peacharino Our Willie 8 8Peacharino Perplex Des Grieux JPerplex MeanwhileJPerplex Meanwhile PeacharinoMeanwhile Meanwhile PeacharinoMeanwhile Our Willie Peacharino 8 Henp Lion Heno Lion Heno Lion HENO LION Heno Lion Heno Lion Heno Lion 32 M 615 PM Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid Chocolate Maid 12 Three Sands Woodsman Woodsman Woodsman Woodsman Three Sands Woodsman 4 Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Mismark HyCop HyCop HyCop HyCop HyCop HyCop 25 I 200 PM Gay Youth Mismark TreemontierMismark Treemontier Mismark Mismark HyCopMismark Mismark Mismark 14 Mad Bunny BlackSkimmer Mismark BethB Treemontier JBlack Skimmer SkimmerCzech JTreemontier 3 Czech Lass Czech Lass Czech Lass Czech Lass Czech Lass Czech Lass LassSorbonne Czech Lass 30 230 P M Sammy Angott Sammy Angott AngottTinys Tinys Choice Sorbonne Tinys Choice ChoiceSammy Sorbonne Sammy Angott 7 JBabyAdvice Tinys Choice Sammy Angott AngottLucky Tinys Choice Sammy Angott SammyAngott Tinys Choice 6 Cyclorama Lucky Deal Lucky Deal Cyclorama Lucky Deal Cyclorama Cyclorama 21 300 PM All Together TogetherLucky Cyclorama Cyclorama Lucky Deal Cyclorama Lucky CycloramaLucky Deal Lucky Deal 20 Lucky Deal Short Shrift Short Shrift Short Shrift Short Shrift ShqrtShrift Short Shrift 5 330 PM CIVIL LIBERTY CIVIL LIBERTY Black Badge CIVIL LIBERTY CrUrn7LTJ3ERTY CIVIL LIBERTY CIVIL LIBERTY 35 Parico Black Badge Valdina Clown Black Badge Pukka Gin GinJDarbypimout Black Badge BadgeDarby Black Badge 11 Darby Dimout Darby Dimout Pukka Gin Darby Dimout JDarbypimout Darby Dimout Darby Dimout 5 400 P M Valdina Way Busyridge Valdina Way f Valdina Way Valdina Way Valdina Way WayBusyridge Valdina Way 27 Busyridge Valdina Way Sea Marriage Sea Marriage Sea Marriage Busyridge Busyridge 10 Dusty Dusty Dusty Busyridge Dusty BusyridgeDusty Dusty Sea Marriage 6 430 PM Onemore OnemoreOld Onemore OnemoreAway MyMyri My Myri s MyMyri Onemore Onemore 19 Old Main Road RoadCall Away AwayCall Onemore Old Main Road Onemore OnemoreAway Away MyMyri 16 Call to Colors Call to Colors Away OnemoreAway Shirley R Shirley R AwayMyMyri MyMyri Away 5 500 PM Troth Ava Delight AVA DELIGHT Ava Delight DelightAlbino Ava Delight DelightAlbino Ava Delight DelightAlbino Ava Delight 27 Albino Albino Forest Do Albino Albino Albino Albino 11 Forest Do Forest Do Albino Troth AlbinoTroth Troth AlbinoTroth Troth AlbinoTroth Troth 8 530 PM Jim Lipscbmb Knightfors Aircraft Escolar Song Spinner Knightfors KnightforsAircraft Aircraft 13 Aircraft Aircraft Votum Aircraft Sweet Cakes Aircraft Knightfprs 10 Song Spinner Votum Sweet Cakes Votum Votum Votum AircraftVotum Song Spinner 6 Trackman M W Casale JAMAICA Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Doggone Doggone Doggone High North High North High North 21 High North High North High North Doggone Doggone Doggone 21 Ocean Trip Ocean Trip Grace Tamm Ocean Trip Lady Janice Ocean Trip 3 Got There Sunnytown Got There Got There Got There Got There 24 24Saucy Saucy Song Got There Saucy Sone Saucy Song Saucy Song Saucy Song 14 Rock Mart Saucv Song Rock Mart Svcgall Rock Mart Jjynny town 5 Loftsman Loftsman Loftsman Loftsman Loftsman Loftsman 25 25Cairngorm Cairngorm Cairngorm Cairngorm Total Eclipse Cairngorm Cairngorm 9 Tell Me More Tell Me More Total Ecliose Tell Me More Tell Me More jrotal Eclipse 8 Vali ValiTrue Terse Terse Dove Shoot Terse Terse 18 18True True Blue Vali TerseTrue True Blue True Blue True Blue True Blue 14 14Vali Terse True Blue Quillon Quillon Pomoagle Vali 7 High Resolve ResolveRavenala HIGH RESOLVE RESOLVERavenala Ravenala High Resolve ResolveRavenala High Resolve ResolveRavenala HIGH RESOLVE 29 29Ravenala Ravenala RavenalaSurrogate Ravenala High Resolve Ravenala Ravenala Ravenala 15 RavenalaSurrogate RavenalaSurrogate RavenalaSurrogate Surrogate Surrogate Surrogate Surrogate Surrogate JSurrogate 6 Haile HaileFlaught Flaught FlaughtHaile HAILE PLANTAGENET Flaught Flaught 23 23Haile FlaughtPlantagenet Flaught Haile HaileTipToe Flaught PLANTAGENETFlaught Flaught Haile FlaughtHaile Haile 18 FlaughtTipToe HailePlantagenet Plantagenet TipToe Great Rush TipToe Plantagenet Jlantaeene t 9 STYLUS Black Thrush ThrushStylus Stylus Bayford STYLUS Stylus 25 25Bayford Black Thrush StylusBayford Stylus Bayford Stylus This Freedom Bayford 11 11This Bayford Bayford This Freedom Kings Gambit Bayford This Freedom 8 Trackman CJ Connors P I M L I C 0 Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS 1100 AM War Commander War Page Rough Honey Rough Honey War Page PageWar Rough Honey War Page 18 1 War Page Rough Honey War Page War Page War Commander CommanderRough War Page Rough Honey 18 18War Triple Sun Triple Sun Triple Sun Junior Easton Rough Honev Vee War Commander 7 1130 AM Silent Hero Silent Hero SILENT HERO Wood Spirit SILENT HERO Wood Spirit SILENT HERO 28 Wood Spirit Wood Spirit Wood Spirit Silent Hero Wood Spirit Sil ° nt Hero Wood Spirit 18 18JEdle Idle Fool Leave Alone Idle Fool Sticky Fussv Glorious Sec Idle Fool JEdle Fool 3 1200 M Equilibrium Replica n Replica n Replica H Equilibrium EquilibriumFiftyFifty Replica H Replica n 21 3 Bridlespur Bridlespur FiftvFiftv Bridlespur FiftyFifty FiftyFiftyBridlespur Bridlespur Equilibrium 10 10JBridlespur Replica n FiftyFiftv Bridlespur FiftyFiftv Bridlespur FiftyFiftv JBridlespur 10 I 1230 PM Change Here Gramps Image Gramps Image GRAMPS IMAGE IMAGECee Change Here Gramps Image Gramps Image 25 Gramps Image Cee Raf Cee Raf Cee Raf RafFancv Cee Raf Cee Raf Change Here 10 10Cee War Dressing Fancv Time Fancv Time Fancv Time Gramps Image Fancv Time Cee Raf 10 10Abbe 100 PM Firebroom ABBE PIERRE Ksar of Audlev Abbe Pierre Abbe Pierre PierreFirebroom ABBE PIERRE Abbe Pierre 27 27Firebroom Equinox Firebroom Abbe Pierre Firebroom Firebroom Firebroom Firebroom 13 Abbe Pierre Ksar of Audlev Equinox Equinox Enuinox FirebroomEnuinox Equinox JEquinox 6 130 P M Askmenow Good Morning Good Morning Pomrose Askmenow Askmenow Askmenow 17 17Good La Reigh La Reigh La Reigh Good Morning La Reigh La Reigh Good Morning 15 Good Morrflnsr Askmenow Askmenow La Reigh Good Morning Good Morning JLa Reigh 11 200 PM MARRON ToyQuay ToyQuayCalvert ToyQuay Calvert Marron Calvert ToyQuay 16 16Marron Miss Gosling CalvertMarron Calvert Marron ToyQuay ToyQuay ToyQuay Marron 15 15Calvert Calvert Marron Miss Gosling Scotch Abbot Miss Gosling Miss Gosling Calvert 13 230 PM Molasses Jo MistrellaAttache Mistrella Attache Mistrella Lost and Found Attache Mistrella 13 Sparker Attache AttacheLost Bills Anne Little HOOPS Mistrella Sparker tache 13 Bills Anne Lost and Found Mare Nostrum Attache Molasses Jo Mistrella Molasses Jo 6 Trackman R N Charlton NARRAGANSETT PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Little Suzanne Sir Kid Wise Decision DecisionOrenco Wise Decision Wise Decision Wise Decision Wise Decision 22 22Little 130 PM Sun Ivy Wise Decision Orenco Sir Kid Puro Oro Little Suzanne Little Suzanne 8 Town Hall Little Suzanne JSirKid Range Dust Hardship Town Hall JSirKidJ8 200 PM June Seventh June Seventh June Seventh SeventhRoseate June Seventh Manipulate June Seventh June Seventh 27 27Manipulate Night Pennant Manipulate Roseate Dreams DreamsSpare Spare Room June Seventh Roseate Drtjams Manipulate 7 RoseateDreams Roseate Dreams Spare Room Betty Leon Spare Room Spare Room Roseate Dreams 6 6Valdina 230 PM Valdina Rip Valdina Rip Momo Flag FlagValdina Valdina Rip ValdmaRip Valdina Rip Valdina Rip 27 Momo Flag FlagBurgooJPrince Risanda Valdina Rip RipRisanda Risanda Phamphlet Momo Flag Momo Flag 12 12Risanda BurgooJPrince Mpmo Flag FlagGay Risanda Momo Flag Momo Flag Pamphlet Risanda 5 300 PM Good Lawyer Gay Flight GayFlight GayFlightBelieve Gay Flight Fire Kabo Good Lawyer GayFlight 21 21Good Gay Flight Our Victory Believe BelieveLight Our Victory Gay Flight GayFlight Good Lawyer 11 Our Victory Good Lawyer Light Landing Light Landing Our Victory OurJVictory Our Victory 7 Blenweed BLENWEED BLENWEED BLENWEED Blenweed BLENWEED BLENWEED 38 38Galafly 330 PM BLENWEEDGalafly BLENWEEDGalafly BlenweedGalafly BLENWEEDGraustark Galafly GalaflyGraustark Galafly GalaflyGraustark Galafly Graustark GalaflyGraustark Galafly Graustark Galafly 10 Graustark Graustark Graustark Galafly Graustark Galafly Graustark 8 400 PM Argonne Woods Argonne Woods Bell Tower Argonne Woods WoodsNavy ARGONNE WOODSArgonne Woods Argonne Woods 29 29Bell Capt Caution CautionChallomine Bell Tower Argonne Woods Navy NavyBell Navy Navy Bell Tower 8 8Navy Challomine Navy Navy Bell Tower Incoming NavyCapt Capt Caution Navy 8 430 PM TEXALITE Mr Secretary Mr Secretary Texalite Mr Secretary Mr Secretary Mr Secretary 22 Grand Day Heathtown Supreme Ideal Mr Secretary Diavolo Cliff Heathtown Texalite 12 Firing Pin Ho Hung Heathtown Heathtown Heathtown Ho Hung Heathtown 7 500 PM Circus Wings Circus Wings Circus Wings Nopalosa Rojo Circus Wings Circus Wings Circus Wings 27 Hada Star Hada Star Hada Star Circus Wings Saxon Paul Hada Star Hada Star 10 Nopalosa Rojo Nopalosa Rojo Saxon Paul Hada Star Hada Star Saxon Paul Nopalosa ROJO 7

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Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800