Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-26

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" ] • : | ; l . r „ DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FTVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE ; TWO FOR SECOND, ONE FOR THIRD, BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, W A. Willig Arlington at Washington Park Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Bean Pot Bean Pot Biz Biz Biz Biz 18 1 Bingo Bango Biz Bean Pot Bean Pot Bean Pot Bean Pot 16 B iz Bank Balance Cideams Bro. Bank Balance Instanter Bingo Bango 2 Anxietv Rogers Bov Scotch Please Anxietv Anxietv 19 2Anxietv Rogers Bov Spanish Duke Anxietv Anxietv Rogers Bov Rogers Bov 11 Just Hiram Rogers Bov Scotch Please Rogers Bov Just Hiram Scotch Please 6 Knights Gift Knights Gift Patricia B. Knights Gift Knights Gift Knights Gift 21 Gala Event Patricia B. Calmara Calmara Calmara Patricia B. 7 Dinner Guest Gala Event Knights Gift Contentment Dinner Guest Calmara 6 Needles Eve NEEDLES EYE Needles Eve Needles Eve Skv Wolf Needles Eve 23 PriscillaPrim Drum Fire Drum Fire Skv Wolf Drum Fire Skv Wolf 7 Portwfne BinroMama Port Wine Bingo Mama Needles Eve Drum Fire 6 Calvdon Calvdon Alarush Calvdon Alarush Calvdon 17 Afarush Alarush Calvdon Alarush Breath Taker Alarush 16 Affiant Breath Taker Kentucky Rose Walkin Jacalitos Breath Taker 3 —. SHEER LUCK No Blues NO BLUES NO BLUES NO BLUES NO BLUES 26 k Campanula Sheer Luck Whosvourgal Sheer Luck Sheer Luck Sheer Luck 13 U Tawnv Ladv Mighty Luckv Mighty Lucky Tawny Ladv Tawnv Ladv Tawnv Ladv 3 - Thankful Piolad Ibex Cerberus Cerberus fheJberus j Ibex Ibex Ibex 10 7 PiDlad Cerberus Cerberus , 1 Strembus Ibex Strombus Piplad Piolad Piplad 9 Paducah Hot Soark Passan Hot Spark Jacks Pride HotSoark 15 HotSoark Jacks Pride Paducah Earlvn Smart HotSoark Paducah Early n Smart Paducah Hot Soark Jack s Pride Early n Smart Jack s Pride 8_ Trackman: C. H. Johnson Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS F Sir Jimmv Red Meadow Talk Over Talk Over Talk Over 13 ICelesti Sir Jimmv Talk Over Sir Jimmv Sir Jimmv Red Meadow Sir Jimmv 12 Talk Over Detained Detained Detained Sir Jimmy Red Meadow 7 Jean Rockwood Jean Aviation Cadet Aviation Cadet Rockwood Jean Rockwood Jean 17 2Rockwood Old Iron Old Iron Rockwood Jean Kings Glory Aviation Cadet Aviation Cadet 13 Kings Glory Aviation Cadet Old Iron Old Iron Old Iron Old Iron 7 Blue Mate TRAVEL Travel Travel Travel TRAVEL 24 3 Travel Blue Mate Ansted Power Pack Power Pack Blue Mate 8 Good Bobbv Power Pack Dark Heather Vinita Harvest Blue Mate Power Pack 5 Walloon Hover Walloon Hover WALLOON Walloon 16 4 Hover Walloon Hover Walloon Raw Recruit Hover 14 Snappy Verse Mister Big Kathv Snappy Verse Darby Divot ■ Snappy Verse 2 Little Wizard Four Tens MIGHT STEP Little Wizard Four Tens Four Tens 12 5 Bold Lucv Always Flving Always Flying Always Flying Always Flying Little Wizard 10 Alfhangrier Might Step Four Tens Four Tens Bold Lucv Might Step 8 Milk Flip Milk Flip Mistuckv Brown Mate Brown Mate Milk Flip 14 6 Dav Dodger Trim Stepper Milk Flip Wse Chance Milk Flip Brown Mate 10 Shinemup Mistuckv Wise Chance Trim Stepper Door-Yock Mistuckv 6 GOLD BILL Ask Me Bradwin ASK ME Gold Bill Gold Bill 18 7 Bradwin Gold Bill Gold Bill Gold Bill Ask Me Ask Me 14 Okoole Maluna Heres Harvev Heres Harvey Bradwin Heres Harvev Bradwin 8 Saves Nine Stippler Maechance Dissension Sir Maechance Maechance 16 8 Maechance Maechance Stippler Maechance Sway Dissension Sir 6 SWay Swav Swav Swav Dissension Sir Stippler 6 Trackman, C. J. Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS First Stage Smart Stuff Francis Marion First Stage Smart Stuff First Stage 14 1 Abrego First Stage First Stage Dagger Dagger Smart Stuff 11 Fall Flight Dagger Errant Lass Smart Stuff First Stage Dagger 5 Johnstown Kid Congo Song Schoolman Johnstown Kid Congo Song Congo Sone 14 MuyTriste Butchie Sason Congo Song Muv Triste Johnstown Kid 10 Congo Song Muv Triste Congo Song Muv Triste Grand World Muv Triste 6 Stage Fire Stage Fire Stage Fire Stage Fire Stage Fire Stage Fire 25 Pacolet DarbvDunstan DarbvDunstan Darbv Dunstan Darby Dunstan Darby Dunstan 9 Darby Dunstan Wire Quest Wire Quest Pacolet Pacolet Pacolet 4 Salto First Fiddle Salto Salto Wait a Bit Salto 19 Wait a Bit Salto First Fiddle Wait a Bit Salto Wait a Bit 9 Brownie Brownie Brownie Brownie Breezing Home First Fiddle __7 WAR TROPHY WAR TROPHY War Trophy WAR TROPHY WAR TROPHY WAR TROPHY 33 Thor Thor Thor Thor Thor Thor 10 Belwvn Belwvn Belwvn Poco Mas Belwvn Belwvn 4 Still Blue Peace Dust SIRLETTE Peace Dust Peace Dust Peace Dust 19 6 Peace Dust Still Blue Peace Dust Sirlette Still Blue Still Blue 11 Sirlette Miss Winks Still Blue Still Blue Sirlette Sirlette 11 Rekrab Sugar Ration Grandpal Rekrab Grandoal 12 7Grandpal Luckv B Luckv B. Chaldon Heath Chaldon Heath Grandoal Rekrab 11 Sugar Ration Yukon Yukon Rekrab Luckv B. Sugar Ration 6 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS , Tedious Miss Tedious Miss British Warm SIXTEEN CENTS Sixteen Cents Tedious Miss 2 Victory Blue Morocco Sir Pilot Star Tedious Miss Victory Blue Sixteen Cents 1 Pilot Star Victory Blue Victory Blue Victory Blue Pilot Star Victory Blue 7 0ssabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw 25 2 Meeting House Rougemont Fieldfare Rougemont Rougemont Meeting House 7 On the Cuff Meeting House Rougemont Fieldfare Meeting House Rougemont 7 Winters Tale Winters Tale Love Mv Gal Red Shoes Why Not Me Winters Tale 14 3 WhvNotMe Why Not Me Airily Winters Tale Winters Tale Why Not Me 9 Teardrop Innishmore Pete s Best Love Mv Gal Teardrop Love My Gal 6 Terry May TerrvMav Gay Brigadier Terry May Hearts Entwine Terry May 19 4 Hearts Entwine Hearts Entwine Terry May Tennessee Maid TerrvMav Hearts Entwine 10 Gay Brigadier Tennessee Maid Amperage Hearts Entwine Little Bunny Tennessee Maid 3 Cold Shower Cellarette COLD SHOWER Cold Shower Cold Shower Cold Shower 24 5 Cellarette Cold Shower w?,HaiI Neat and Tidy East Cellarette 10 Kharessa Neat and Tidv Cellarette Cellarette Cellarette Neat and Tidv 3 Which Ace Don Lin II. Bottle Imp Don Linn. Don Lin II. Don Lin II. 18 6 Hippomenes Which Ace Don Linn. Which Ace Which Ace Which Ace 11 Don Lin n. Blue Pom Blue Pom Bottle Imp Blue Pom Bottle Imp 6 JUSTICE NAP JUSTICE NAP Satin Cap Justice NaP JUSTICE NAP JUSTICE NAP 26 7 Sungino Busy Man Sungino Satin Can BusvMan Satin Cap 8 Andrew Palmer Sungino Busy Man Busy Man Satin Cap Sungino 6 Miss Lovable Miss Lovable Air Power Miss Lovable Miss Lovable Miss Lovable 21 8 Star Back Conrad Mann Son of Heels Son of Heels Son of Heels Son of Heels 6 Cash O. Bov Star Back Miss Lovable Air Power Star Back Air Power 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS , AIR BRIGADE Air Brigade Super Foot Cake Gravv Cake Graw Air Brigade 16 Super Foot Super Foot Air Brigade Boom On Super Foot Super Foot 12 Milk Route Cake Gravv Wake Robin Super Foot Air Brigade Cake Gravv 11 Communicate Foxwise Foxwise Lazy Bones Communicate Lazy Bones 12 2 Lazv Bones Lazv Bones Light Count Foxwise Lazy Bones Communicate 1 1 Karen Q. Communicate Lazv Bones Light Count Foxwise Foxwise 8 0 Harrier Harrier Wild Advice Pav Me Harrier Harrier 18 Laboulave Pav Me Harrier Wild Advice Wild Advice Wild Advice 11 _ Wild Advice Wild Advice Pav Me Harrier Pay Me Pav Me 9 « Ramsev Magdala Magdala Ramsev Merrv Sunshine Ramsey 13 4 Merrv Sunshine Ramsev Ebro Diego Red Magdala Magdala 12 _ Ebro Chance Sord Ramsev Chance Sord Able Merrv Sunshine 7 Clansman Sir Alfred Clansman Chance Yen Clansman 15 5Scottsville Chance Yen Blenette Gothic Chance Yen Clansman Chance Yen 9 Clansman Blue Line Clansman Sir Alfred Blue Line Sir Alfred 6 Our Birthday ROCKET GAL WESTMINSTER YES OR NO YES OR NO YES OR NO 18 6 Rocket Gal Yes or No Chain Miss Westminster Westminster Westminster 12 Yes or No Westminster Yes or No Rocket Gal Rocket Gai Rocket Gal 11 Sting Lightly Chicona Chicona Texalite Chicona Chicona 17 7 Rose-Red Rose-Red Sting Lightly Broke Rose-Red Sting Lightly 8 Chicona Sting Lightly Rose-Red Chicona Texalite Rose-Red 7 Oakmont Brandon Point Queens Reward Queens Reward Queens Reward 11 8Flourtown Oakmont Flourtown Oakmont Roman Abbot Flourtown Flourtown 10 Brandon Point Queens Reward Flourtown Oakmont Oakmont Oakmont 10

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