Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1949-06-13

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. R. Batty LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 ffiJ§?£ci£? isSfDeduc£v,? BailaFlieht Miss Deductive Miss Deductive Miss Deductive 22 ■ ?£s -Su.Ta?.n£ Tootsie McCabe Miss Deductive Mam Bet C-Rudv Tootsie McCabe 5 Tootsie McCabe C-Rudv Tootsie McCabe Tootsie McCabe Sassy Suzanne Balla Flight 5 2ijl2?¥fi ROSCOE GOOSE Roscoe Goose Roscoe Goose Roscoe Goose ROSCOE GOOSE 27 f?,io« Cakewalk Count Chant Infinity K. Count Chant Count Chant 5 Queen Jody Tnrt« Infinity K. Valdina Date Count Chant ValdinaDate Infinity K. 3 3™SaI„« Danseuse MINIM Minim Minim Minum 20 5£f£,Ann ¥inmi Virtue Unique Reward Devotional Anphar 6 Mmim Anphar Unique Reward Virtue Krish Ann Danseuse 5 4wand»£,Yalentl Like A. Breeze Insist Insist MellaValenti Insist 14 to iitr £ik£ A,?reeze Sister Bry Sister Bry MellaValenti 13 Insist Mella Valenti i Mella Valenti Mella Valenti Insisjfc Like A Breeze 7 Blenette Blenette . gala Lou Blenette Be Brief Blenette 17 5 Lerners Girl Quatre Blanc §,e Brief Wee Mistress SalaLou SalaLou 7 Big Wash Fifteenth Blenette Fifteenth Blenette Be Brief 7 Trijde Trixie Trixie 20 6TrriXiie™ Uncle Otho Uncle Otho Uncle Otho High Shine High Shine Uncle Otho 6 Hot and High Tobeshined High Shine Walkie Talkie Hot and High Pad Lock 5 ColeyBay Up Grade KENDOR COLEYBAY ColevBav 19 7COLEYBAY Sheltie Don Coventry Don Coventry Elkhorn Elkhorn Kendor 9 Kendo?! §-nertie Elkhorn Don Coventry Kendor Up Grade 5 Choppy Sea Elcan Elcan Apropriado Frisk Elcan 11 8 Frisk Five A. M. Five A.M. Five A.M. Oswego Dr. Frisk 7 Oswego Dr. Apropiado Floating Clown Oswego Dr. Elcan Apropiado 6 C..U Dark Heather Swell Chance Swell Chance His Grace Swell Chance Swell Chance 16 bUD.SryBelt 5,lgH°De SMaedic GiftMaedic GiftMaedic GiftMaedic 6 Wary Mary Wary Mary Bully Gusher Swell Chance Dark Heather Dark Heather 6 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lees Summit Lees Summit Lees Summit Lees Summit MANNEQUIN Lees Summit 99 1 Gerrys Bud Neat and Tidy Mannequin Mannequin Lees Summit Mnnequi? 11 Alrusha Doc Adams Gerrys Bud Easy Quero Neat and Tidy Neat and Tidy 3 2Bi-ai£ D*smay ercieve Blank Dismay Blank Dismay Mintlock Blank Dismay 18 Mintlock Swift Town Mintlock Yankee Raider Blank Dismay Mintlock 9 Yankee Raider Blank Dismay Percieve Richwood Boy Fighting Pete Percieve 6 Steady Beau Steady Beau Steady Beau Steady Beau Steady Beau STEADY rfati 9* 3 Monolith Easter Wings Monolith Easter Wings Monolith MoSolith 7 Devils Breath Tedson Joes Ace Monolith Tedson Easter Wings 4 Timmy Timmy Wow Timmy Sun Umber Timmv 17 4 Oxford Don Sun Umber Oxford Don Sun Umber BoisJoli Sun Umber 4 Wow Oxford Don Timmy Oxford Don Tjmmy_ Wow 6 Acme Play Again Play Again Play Again Acme Plav Aeain 1? 5 Arb Acme Ariel Ace Susan W. B. Susan W. B. Acme 1 i Susan W.B. Arb Acme Ariel Ace Reportable Susan W.B. 5 Bea Right BEA RIGHT Monterey Mad Moment Try Ike Bea Right 14 6 Monterey Monterey Bolaris Monterey Summond Monterev 11 Pancho Supreme Try Ike Bea Right Bea Right Mr. Jay TpTlke I CHOCK ABLOCK Joes Sun CHOCK ABLOCK MY EMPIRE Chock Ablock Chock Ablock 23 7 Wise Sun Chock Ablock My Empire Chock Ablock Market Out Mv Empire 10 Altuce Da Do Market Out Altuce My Empire JoesSun 5 Redgie 5?°? Pegasus . Pegasus Redgie „ Redgie ~15 8 MomqFlag RielFire Mason Dixon Mason Dixon Hi Neighbor Pegasus in Hi Neighbor Tiger Age RielFire Hi Neighbor Mason Dixon Mason Dixon 5 Trackman J. N. Lyon, Jr. AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS ~ Orient Orient Orient Orient ORIENT 5n Ilsochino Follansbee Holly Star Gunter True Pilgrim True Pilgrim isnsrhirm « Holly Star Gunter True Pilgrim Gunter Follansbee TruePHgrim 5 Win the Peace Contrasail Miss Nina S. Miss Nina S. Miss Nina S. Miss Nina S ir 2 Fraternal Miss Nina S. Win the Peace Contrasail Fraternal Win the PeaV*» n Miss Nina S. Inchcapella Fraternal Fraternal Inchcapella Contrasail 7 Monkey Wrench Charioteer Charioteer Gates Mills Charioteer Charioteer ifl 3 Tallyman Gates Mills Alamahd Charioteer Equanimous Gates Mills 7 Charioteer Tallyman Tallyman Bomint Bomint Monkey Wrench 5 Armelle Luring WISE BULL Luring Luring Luring 7£ 4 Wise Bull Armelle Armelle Wise Bull Armelle Armelle 19 Sob Story Carryall Carryall Armelle Carryall Wise Bull 11 Flower Bed JAZZ BABY Flower Bed Jazz Baby Flower Bed Flower "Rpri To 5 Black Chiffon Flower Bed Black Chiffon Flower Bed Black Chiffon JazzBabv 14 Jazz Baby Black Chiffon Retama Black Chiffon Jazz Bab:? Black Chiffon 8 Bug Juice Bug Juice Loser Weeper Loser Weeper Safe Arrival Loser Weener 1 6 Loser Weeper Make-UpMan Conniver Three Rings • Loser Weeper Bug Juice 11 Safe Arrival Loser Weeper Safe Arrival Safe Arrival Bug Juice Safe Arrival 8 Orbit Disconsolate Disconsolate Twilight Trail DISCONSOLATE Disconsolate 18 7 Lands End Orbit Sandy Alan Lands End Orbit Orbit 10 Disconsolate Twilight Trail Orbit Summer Sun Solid Trick Twilight Trail 6 ORPHAN FIBBER Stage Bond Profano PROFANO Prof ant Profano 19 8 Profano Coat of Arms Coat of Arms Mr. McGregor Stage Bond Orphan Fibber 7 Bold Mate Bold Mate Bold Mate Equinox Mr. McGregor Stage Bond 7 Trackman, A. E. Brown NARRAGANSETT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS | Innate Hill Flight Innate Innate Innate 19 IBaruna Innate Maximont Innate Maximont Maximont Maximont 7 Maximont Anako Anako Hill Flight Baruna Baruna 6 MissTess Carter Girl Carter Girl Carter Girl Carter Girl 17 2MissTess Shellmar Carter Girl I Forgot I Forgot I Forgot MissTess 11 IForgot I Forgot Wily Sunny Bones Miss Tess I Forgot 8 MISS MELISS Rostrum Rostrum Restrum Rostrum Rostrum ~~20 3 Little Captain MissMeliss Byronic Byronic Byronic MissMeliss 9 Byronic Little Captain Raton H. T. Perry H. T. Perry Byronic 7 Lena O. False Front Bobby E. GLOAM False Front False Front 12 4 Bekkers Cafe Singer Tiger Nip False Front Gloam Gloam 10 Tiger Nip Lena O. Gloam Equirose Tiger Nip Lena O. 6 Theodore THEODORE Theodore Theodore Theodore THEODORE 27 5 GayFranka Kilayr Big Reward Kilayr Kilavr Kilayr . 7 Big Reward Gay Franka Kilayr Big Reward Big Reward Big Reward 5 ield Plucky Prince Goldfield Goldfield GOLDFIELD Goldfield ~22 6Goldf Soleda The Eye • Marie Egret Five Days The Eye Plucky Prince 7 Plucky Prince Five Days Ellechor Ellehcor Plucky Prince The Eye 4 Mr. Dodo Golden Thorn MR. DODO Teddy Tarn Golden Thorn Mr~Dodo 16 7 High Hunch Mr. Dodo Tom Ferris Mr. Dodo Teddy Tarn Golden Thorn 11 Golden Thorn Olio Olio Olio Olio Teddy Tarn 7 Lady Cavite Lady Cavite Lady Cavite Sea Command Newsprint Lady Cavite 19 8 Sea Command Sea Command Sea Command Lady Cavite Ladv Cavite Sea Command 12 Hasher Old Union Hasher Another Bel Sea Command Newsprint 5 * "rackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS I Vim Vim VIM Bourbon Vim Vim 24 1* Bourbon Bo Way Bourbon Vim Bo Way Bourbon 10 Mary Ann Bourbon Mary Ann Mary Ann Mary Ann Bo Way 4 Goldjintown Goldjintown Plumelette Bay Leaves Goldjintown Goldjintown 17 2 Bay Leaves Plumelette Goldjintown Call You Plumelette Plumelette 10 Safety Catch Miss Boston Maxim Queen Plumelette My Nell Bay Leaves 7 WHAT What Rich Relic Irish Daughter What What ~~17 3 Leonidoff Irish Daughter Leonidoff Leonidoff Leonidoff Leonidoff 9 Singing Sword Leonidoff Climber Even Later Even Later Irish Daughter 7 Cochise COCHISE Cochise Cochise Cochise COCHISE 27 4 Magna Charta Vamanos Low and High Low and High Low and High Low and High 6 Hoosier Boy Magna Charta Hoosier Boy Vamanos Vamanos Vamanos 4 Blue Border Three Dots Three Dots Blue Border THREE DOTS Three Dots 20 5 Manyunk Blue Border Blue Border Three Dots Blue Border Blue Border 18 Three Dots Manyunk Black Goods Manyunk Manyunk Manyunk 5 Alexis Seaward Gasparilla Seaward Gasparilla Seaward 16 6 Seaward Gasparilla Seaward Gasparilla Seaward Gasparilla 14 Fritz Maisel Alexis Alexis Fritz Maisel Alexis Alexis 8 Discovert RexRomanus Silver Money Bucephalus Silver Money 11 7Zoriel Discovert Silver Money Silver Money Bucephalus Silver Money Discovert 9 Bronze Medal Zoriel Bucephalus Discovert Discovert Bucephalus 8 Westminster Westminster Westminster WESTMINSTER Westminster Westminster 27 8 Wary Flight V.P.I. Clef Grand Mars Grand Mars Pied Piper Pied Piper 4 Pied Piper Lictor Pied Piper Undercut Lictor Grand Mars 4

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