Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-15

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS7 SELECTIONS SELECTIONSFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays VBest 7 points 2 points for 2d 1 point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman J J Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS P CONSENSUS Lord n Master Laura B W Gratis Brown Laura B W Gratis Brown rown Laura B W i Laura B W Gratis Brown Laura B W Gratis Brown The Verb Gratis Brown 1 1W The Verb Linda Pal Catch Fire Catch Fire Laura B W Lordn Master Pharanors Son RITAS REWARD REWARDWine Ritas Reward Ritas Reward Ritas Reward jward Ritas Reward Rewardass Wine Glass Wine Glass Wine Glass Strategist Wine Glass ass Wine Glass Hy Domingo Peter K Peter K Pharanors Son Peter K Pharanors Son Reclaim Reclaim Raffle Bones BonesSlinker HENRYS RWRD RWRDReclaim Reclaim Reclaim Raffle Bones Raffle Bones SlinkerReclaim Slinker Reclaim Henrys Reward Henrys Reward II Henrys Reward Henrys Reward Reclaim Raffle Bones Slinker Raffle Bones 10 Galcir Galcir Galcir Galcir Galcir Galcir Galciral Peeler Leo Leo Bright Sal Bright Sal al Bright Sal Lock and Bolt Bright Sal Bright Sal Mr Dynamic Peeler Leo Ansels Delight Ellen J Ellen J Ellen J Ellen J JAngels Ellen J Ellen J Grecian Miss Apoora v Romeer Angels Delight Angels Delight DelightRomeer Milly K Angels Delight Angels Delight Star Today Romeef Romeer 3 1 BOOSTER RCKT RCKTBeau Lebanon Lad Lebanon Lad Lebanon Lad Fast Cash h Lebanon Lad J JLad Beau Clerc Fast Cash Booster Rocket Beau Clerc Lebanon Lad Booster Rocket Rocketrc Capital Ace Redamber Glad Bulnes Fast Cash Beau Clerc rc Fast Cash 1 Singing Bush Knobview Kid KidNeglectful Knobview Kid KidNeglectful Knobview Kid KidBlanchard KNOBVIEW IEWKID KID KIDNeglectful Knobview Kid Kidul Rio Road Neglectful NeglectfulBlanchard Neglectful Blanchard Neglectful ul Neglectful Neglectfuli NeglectfulBlanchard BlanchardNeglectful Knobview Kid Blanchard Blanchard Neglectful Rip Road i Singing Bush Spy Melody Spy Melody SPY MELODY MELODYBuds Spy Melody Spy Melody Ddy SPY MELODY 2 2g King Hopeful Buds Big Red Buds Big Red Buds Big Red Buds Big g Red Buds Big Red Redpeful Buds Big Red Hail Navy King Hopeful N Plain Ben King Hopeful peful King Hopeful Ambiorun Ambiorun Ambiorun Ambiorun Ambiorun in Ambiorun King Redbird Monk Shoe Monk Shoe Monk Shoe Finical AmbiorunFinical Monk Shoe Monk Shoe Finigal Rich and Rare Finical Rich FinicalRich and I Rare Finical Trackman J N Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI CONSENSUS Hell an Maria Daddys Dove Daddys Dove Neil F FDaddys Little Sticky Daddy s Dove DoveNeil 1 Daddys Dove Future Hope Neil F Daddys Dove Leonard F Neil F i iHellan Neil F Hellan Maria JoL Hellan Maria Daddys Dove Hellan Maria k Pacy Mickey Pacy Mickey Regal Heir Regal Heir Pacy Mickey Pacy Mickey 1 1Regal Regal Heir Grains Reward Pacy Mickey Pacy Mickey Regal Heir Regal Heir 1 Grains Reward Atom Bomb Grains Reward Grains Reward Jamaica Grains Reward i Noble Warrior Noble Warrior THREE BOBS BOBSNoble NOBLE WARRIOR THREE BOBS NOBLE WARRR 21 21Three I Hannaway Three Bobs Noble Warrior Three Bobs Noble Warrior Three Bobs 18 18Hannaway Game Gal Hannaway Russet Orange Russet Orange Hannaway Hannaway i Real Rough Night Mission Night Mission Night Mission Riz Night Mission L Riz Lazy Bogan Real Rough Lazy Bogan RizNight Night Mission MissionDaddys Real Rough Night Mission Mark Klaine Lazy Boean Real Rough Daddys Dasher Riz Miss Temper Bobamar Miss Temper TemperBatalini Miss Temper TemperBobamar Dancing Doe DoeBobamar Miss Temper i Bobamar Miss Temper Batalini Bobamar Bobamar Robamar Dykhtau Mary Dike BataliniBobamar Bobamar Dykhtau BobamarDykhtau Batalini BobamarBatalini Dancing Dee Cuvier Boy CUVIER BOY BOYCounter Counter Spy Fusilade Counter Spy Cuvier Boy 13 13Counter Fusilade Counter Spy Little Skip Skeno Fusilade Counter Spy 12 12Fusilade Skeno Fusilade Skeno Cuvier Boy Skeno Fusilade 10 WORLD SERIES Music Maestro Jonter Music Maestro Jubitz Music Maestro 1 JonterMusic JubitzWorld Jubitz Jubitz Music Maestro Jubitz World Series Jubitz li liWorld Music Maestro World Series Harlyn Miss World Series Music Maestro World Series 11 Jim Rmgo Copper Doll Copper Doll Mary s Boy Mary s Boy Copper Doll 1 1Marys k Copper Doll Marys Boy Miss Sap Quick Donde Copper Doll Marys Boy 1 1Jim Con Gal Con Gal Marys Boy Copper Doll Miss Sap Jim Ringo o Trackman D S Fair BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HEP CONSENSUS Hello Goldie Hello Goldie Egghead Hello Goldie Ilea Hello Goldie GoldieEgghead I Telegrafo Naughty Nymph Scarlet Slipper Egghead IleaMagic Magic Number NumberTelegrafo Egghead Ccntessa Eva Magic Number Telegrafo Telegrafo Telegrafo EggheadTelegrafo Telegrafo Gray Score Gray Score Paradise Peak Paradise Peak Charmador Paradise Peak Charmador Charmador Charmador Gray Score Paradise Peak Gray Score Paradise Peak Paradise Peak Gray Score Charmador Ellen Faith Charmador Chalme Chalme Tagama Chalme Tagama Chalme Tagama Tagama Chalme Tagama Chalme Tagama Apple Spy Apple Spy Sleeve Job Punch Bowl Ceylon Pearl Apple Spy War Empress War Empress EmpressTondalayo Gray Jan Famen Fortune Tropicana War Empress Reindeer Tondalayo TondalayoTropicana Reindeer War Empress War Empress Tropicana Secret Recipe Tropicana War Empress Tropicana Tondalayo Famen Fortune Tarboots CapaPie CapaPieCarthage Narcissus II Dromond Narcissus n nDromond Narcissus II IITarboots Secant CarthageSecant Carthage Tarboots Tarboots Dromond Tarboots Narcissus II Secant Air School Carthage DromondTarboots Tarboots TarbootsDromond Dromond VICTORY MORN MORNI VICTORY MORN MORNPrank Prank PrankVictory Prank PrankVictory Victory Morn Victory Morn I Law Court Prank Victory Morn Victory Morn Law Court Prank Prank Law Court Philipeep Law Court Prank Law Court Paper Tiger Paper Tiger PAPER TIGER TIGERBeam PAPER TIGER TIGERBeam Paper Tiger PAPER TIGER TIGERBeam Beam Rider Duck Heaven Beam Rider Beam Rider Beam Rider Beam Rider Duck Heaven Beam Rider Duck Heaven Writer Duck Heaven Duck Heaven Bebbys Babe BabeI Bebbys Babe Bebby s Babe Bebby s Babe BEBBYS BABE BABESa Bebbys Babe I Lovely Irene IreneSa Lovely Irene BonRuMar BonRuMar Sa Soeur Lovely Irene Sa Soeur HidiAnn HidiAnn Lovely Irene Coolhawahee BonRuMar Trackman E P Heagerty PIMLICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Sea Time Blossom Maid Second Guess Raid RaidRaid Raid Raid i Raid RaidBlossom Starward Bound Raid BojOur Starward Boj RaidStarward Starward Bound BoundMany Blossom Maid Blossom Maid Raid Our MeMe Blossom Mai Many Chances Starward Bound i ClevelandPepper Cleveland King Tar Pepper C King Tar TarCleveland Pepper C Pepper C Pepper C Parti Quiz Cleveland Cleveland ClevelandAir Tintala King Tar Parti Quiz Cleveland Air Warrior Tintala King Tar Cleveland Sun Bolt Rest Stop Rest WatspMajor Stop Major Watsp Mousquetaire Mousquetaire j Mqusauetaire Mousauetaire Major Watson Mousquetairi MousquetairiMousquetaire Frank Again Rest Stop i Foilsman Fearless Hour Mousquetaire Frank Again Rest Stop Major Watson JOWETT S JOUETT S Bonus Jouett S SJouett JOUETT S SBonus JOUETT S U Bonus BonusJoyful Vincere Jouett S Bonus BonusHelen Bonus Bonus Joyful Memories Bonus Helen Sag Arabella Alle Joyful BonusJoyful Memories Vincere Clarksville Md Clarksville Md Clarksville Md Clarksville IV Clarksville Md Clarksville Md i Une Heure Nirvy Miss Pie Time Nirvy Miss Nirvy Miss Nirvy Miss Nirvy Miss Une Heure Spicy Tour Spicy Tour Une Heure Une Heure Rohan RohanI Rohan Rohan BOY DAMO Rohan Rohan I Boy d Amour Boy RohanBoy dAmour Combahee Roman Fan Boy RohanBoy dAmour dAmourCombahee Boy RohanBoy dAmour dAmourCombahee Roman Fan Combahee Boy dAmour s Combahee Combahee Combahee Rasper II Rasper II SMILEYTOWN Rasper II Smileytown Rasper II Quarter Deck Quarter Deck Rasper n Smileytown SmileytownSelinsgrove Rasper n Smileytown Smileytown Smileytown Selinsgrove Quarter Peel Quarter Deck Quarter Deck Sannie Fighting Cock Fighting Cock Mighty Oak OakAstrum Mighty Oak Mighty Oak J Mighty Oak Sannie Astrum North Irish IrishSannie North Irish Fighting Cock Laurchar North Irish Sannie Battle Flag Laurchar Sannie Trackman W C Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Ten Seconds Pomposity Tempo TempoSummer Keystone Pomposity Pomposity Pomposity Summer Jewel Summer Jewel Ten Seconds Summer Jewel Ten Seconds Summer Jewel Landseair Pomposity Summer Jewel Ten Seconds Summer Jewel Weep and Wail WailAmawalk Weep and Wail Keep and Wail WailBombdra Weep and Wail WailTelepost Weep and Wail Weep and Wail WailTelepost Amawalk Telepost Bombdra Telepost Telepost Telepost AmawalkTelepost BombdraTelepost TelepostAmawalk Telepost Turkish Gold Telepost Amawalk Turkish Gold TelepostAmawalk Amawalk Traders Luck Traders Luck Fresh Up Peratrice Peratrice r Peratrice Fresh Up Peratrice Peratrice Traders Luck Fresh Up Traders Luck High and Dry High and Dry Traders Luck High and Dry Flaming Susie Fresh Up Mepas Chipps Jill Trincomalee Trincomalee Trincomalee Trincomalee Trincomalee Big as Agoura Cellero Fin Teaser Cellero Chipps Jill Cellero Trincomalee Chipps Jill Mostest Hostess Chipps Jill Cellero Tanfran God Child TANFRAN Tanfran Jumping Brook Tanfran TANFRANJumping God Child NewValor Jumping Brook Incaseofire God Child God Child Fond Lover Mr Bowes God Child God Child Mr Bowes Jumping Brook Fairfield Fear No Evil EvilFairfield Page Seven Fairfield Fairfield Fairfield Ruffrullah Fairfield FairfieldMixforsome Ruffrullah Page Seven Page Seven Page Seven Page Seven Mixforsome Fairfield Fear No Evil Dordis Queen Fear No Evil EvilVENOMOUS VENOMOUS VENOMOUSI VENOMOUS Venomous Venomous VENOMOUS VENOMOUS VENOMOUSLightn I Offbeat Lightn Lovely I Offbeat I Offbeat I VENOMOUSI Offbeat I VENOMOUSI Offbeat Amoret I Offbeat Amoret Amoret Amoret Amoret Esca Lass Pollycrome Kays Cat ESCA LASS LASSDanceABit Esca Lass Esca Lass Kays Cat Kays Cat DanceABit DanceABit Kays Cat Kays Cat DanceABit DanceABit At Will Kays Cat At Will DanceABit

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