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THEATRE By Whitney Bolton NEW YORK May 14 I was going to make the rounds of the legitimate theatres Saturday night a selfimposed task which about every four weeks j becomes not a chore but a joy but I ran into a small herd of Broadway taxpayers at a watering hole called Absinthe House and the boys were fit to be tied They were raising some pressur ¬ ized indignation be ¬ cause the son of the head of the Dominican Republic seemed to be trying his best to load onto some fancy dolls about 1000000 of the 1300000 Uncle Sam loaned to Rafael Trujillo Tru ¬ jillo Jr they said was throwing 17000 fur coats and 9000 imported cars at such as Zsa Zsa Gabor Kim Novak and similar ornaments of the native scene sceneAmong Among the things not to fool with on todays American scene are buzz saws bees rattlesnakes mountain lions and taxpay ¬ ers All have builtin sensitivities and among the most irritable of the lot is the American taxpayer who doesnt mind hav ¬ ing to pay but yells like a Comanche when he sees it wasted The boys all of whom have just emerged from the April 15 tax ordeal were far from amused at Miss Gabor Miss Novak and like creatures Nor was Mama Gabors quote So what do you expect for him to send flowers to a girl like Zsa Zsa a poultice to their rage rageA A A A AI I bring all this up because in the last few days I have heard that Trujillo Jr was toying with the idea of further spend ¬ ing in the theatre Not on the theatres dolls who are not noteworthy flames but only talented but on production The rumor was that he was going to angel a show here and there And my best and con ¬ sidered advice to him is dontrThe Ameri ¬ can citizen from coast to coast is sore enough at his Hollywood spending spendingIts Its a great pity that Harry Conn isnt alive because if I ever knew him I knew him well enough to know that he would have had Kim Novak in on the carpet and would have read her a riot act ending with Give that automobile back today Now Not tomorrow And let it be known that you gave it back backA A A A AI I am certainly not in a position to state that the monies being thrown around for imported cars fur coats and happy parties by young Trujillo are coming from the millionthree Uncle Sam gave to Trujillo Sr It may be that Trujillo Sr had that kind of money on his own and decided that Junior was entitled to a furlined spree But you would have a long weary search for any American taxpayer who is not convinced that his Joe Citizens coin is what the boy is distributing in ex ¬ pensive gifts giftsIn In recent times the Dominican Republic has seen fit to take large expensive ads to state that it has nothing to do with the Galindez vanishment and secondly to invite all us Northern cousins down to the fair they were holding on the island Now if the old fellow in charge in Dominica will listen to an utter stranger hed better take some more ads to quejl the rising revolt Hed Setter explain that it was per ¬ sonal and not Uncle Sam money young Trujillo was spending on Hollywood babes babesA A A A AThis This is a funny country Well put up with a lot of things in a lot of ways but if we ever become even slightly suspicious that we are being hornswoggled we coil like asps and let them have it biting deep and true trueThe The feats and adventures of the Gar boren remain mildly amusing or semi boring so long as Joe Citizen doesnt think his wallet is being pierced by the cost of their fur coats cars and catered parties Once that happens I have news for the Gaborenr run fast kids the woods are on fire fireA A A A ANovak Novak is down on the Trujillo gift list for an 8400 motor car and you go out on any street corner at hand and ask the first taxpayer in sight if he thinks that 8400 bucks came partially from his tax payments Try it Youll get an answer fast and clear clearNow Now young Trujillo has said I am one of the wealthiest young men in the world and have the right to spend my money as I choose Something like that He cer ¬ tainly has as long as it is definitely and plainly his or his fathers If one tencent piece of it is from the 1300000 we gave to Dominica hed better backtrack fast fastAnd And thats why I didnt go to the shows Saturday night

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