Sea Sick Valuable Acquisition: American Blood Stock Breeding to be Greatly Benefited by Importation of Great French Horse to This Country, Daily Racing Form, 1921-02-26


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i ; i . ■ " . j i - i , • 1 ! i ■ , I ] ■ i , i . : • , a ; B , f r ! i 1 t t 1 " i i I I A l I SEA SICK VALUABLE ACQUISITION AMERICAN BLOOD STOCK BREEDING TO BE GREATLY BENEFITED BY IMPORTATION Of GREAT FRENCH HORSE TO THIS COUNTRY — In November last i wrote for Daily Bat-lag Form a hope in words that Aaterieaa bloodstock kreediag ii.iilii in- heaelted by the Impaitalliia of sack a horse as Hea siik to tiiis coaatry. la my wfath I wrote: •• kasMca tkat oatcrawsiag is the life aad s,,ni of barae breedlag, ami here three sips which are ilini-t oateraawa for cverythiag t.. be roaad in this coaatry aad all of these three aaasaally praUac of goad wiaaers abroad and their valae a« broad mare sin s laesUmabb , It a*oaM i»- a bteasbag if Aaaer- lea ioiiIiI get aaaae of the eaterees strains ..f Head which hare aacc led so admirably elsewhere, as v.ii- nrss the reeeat St. Leger aacceaa of The Tetrarchs son Calfajala, aad The Tetrareh a mrmhrr of Mala-tiiions I.,- aaaej lino, to Herod." The wish has caaae ta actaaUty. So.-i Siik. as was the best broad mate aire that erer lived, SaacaraaiL is of doable lifted pareatage. Herod blood is good brood mare hi I.. That spteadM broad mare aire Uleacoe, aaeeatar of Hfaaaoo aad Hanover, was deoeeaded la the maw line from Herod. tSladiator, sin- of Qaeea Mary aad Miss Q ladia for, Umdwtears dam; Pltx Ukadiatar, graadaire of thai extra good broad mare aire Morteaaer, Lexington. 1anii- ami Pbshenaaa in AastraHa, all of them members of the haaae of Herod. So.-i sirk a i I race horse bimitrlf waa the Preach Derby, Prix da Prealdeat de la Bepabliqae aad S36,0W fraacs as a three-year-old ami is ■ hay bob of Elf from Baf s.if. by lie aaacy. Elf, ante of Bea si-k. w.m in Praace. Prix liudbttear, Prix Balabow aad Paria Cap twice, ami an beuag smt ai loss tin- ehaaaei was irst I n- for the Ascot Gold ap. ITaaa «as aaother formkaahie aa - poaeal whea in traialag. for he won aach imisjrtaat races as the Preach Derby. Prix Hoeaaart, Irix .Imi-iiii- aad Prix Qhtottatear, aad was a son of the heat af all the Datchaaaaa the Goodwood Cap aad Damailrr Plate wbaaet Dollar. Of ■ truth. Bea Suk cornea of a liae celt hi a ted not only for the speed of its iininlM-i-s. lutt aNo for their i-nilurniK-i-. anil an infusion of this strain would do inui-li lo affect the priatiag teadeaey so aotkreahie in blsadatack as at present bred in this coaatry. Baf Baf, dam of Set siik. is by I.o Samy. which. I am given to nmh ulaad. aerer sired a loaer, and Le Samy. the aaeeatar of Bei Herade. The Tetrareh, Le Baauritaiae, etc, Bea siik oa his dami aide strains to Mmi Btoile, aaiealnaa of thaae great raciag Preach -bred mares Paeteaa aad Plahmaterie. I Hi- latter wlaaer of many races la her hoaae btad, oa heiag aeal to Baglaad wen both the Oaarewlteh and Cambridgeshire and afterward became the dam of the Cesarewitch wiaaer ami aaecesafal aire child- I wick. Kacontcur ami Topiary, dam af Maj. Bebnonts st. Leger winner Tracery. Now. tlien. what horse more lit toil, in every respect, than Sea Sick to confer great and lasting lieiie tits on tin- id Ntoc-k Interests af this eoaafry. and the valae of his daagbtera alone almost too ohrhsas to reaajre comment, and this, from the fact that la his pedigree are to 1m- found strains of aach good hrond mar. Mood «s Dollar, Advent itr. r.-» ho; ma ul.y. be Saucy. West Australian, liladiltor ami Stock well. Here is the ancestral table of Sea Sick: ijn,i-.D -;:;;r,,,rll,:,,,n.:::::::oii hay. IBaB„,i,i *"ane S3 i: ii,,s 1 ]., fBeceipt 1 ■ chestnut, iss:; g 2 i !2*i«eW ,| J " Z. y Basemarj ftDghtr. af Uardaam.. M t Vertunma » S.oekwe,. « B _ »j Bartaad lit 11 Z = Adveatarer ...12 Newmbtster ... 8 ;i.chstone UK — 7 J /Beeswing 8 M a f hay, ls.-.p ■=. Ijiinui I Emilias -js El Aaawgy . I ■ i l-raiices.-a 1:! II 1 I Kataplan : j The Baroa -24 V. 2 I. Maadragora .Poeahoataa :; II WS Itiideatch.-r 11 B Manganese « -" mmmem » .I.~,iilH-am 4 11 § is Allanlic I I Thorinanl.v .... 4 $ WlaxlhaBaal o II i •* S * I Alice Hawthorn 1 E m chestnut, ls"l 2 Harrieaae i Wild Dayretl i II 9 I f -- Baacy. . . i I :i 11 j gray, IBM i Btratheoaaa .11 I Kewaahxster s R| I ei | toni "1 t, ems t Souvenir 11 E I I.insel tia J Voting Melliourne 20 M ■■- I l*nly Hani horn I II l B-raa 31 i: siockueii l y- ,,,,.,,,. - I ■- tJleiei | | 1-ocaUonlas :!.ll - f hay, isv.i flrllma iOrtaada 19 i: j L. of the BTerkM Weil 7 I-: ■Xll"lli" •■•••"j , ureal AaatraUaa 7 Melbourne 1 M .Stella 1 I Moweiina 7 B *■ j |,,n KtoiU- Kltx Gladiator :;l II I llervine If II to family number - _ .

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