Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-01-15

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" Ssl i 1 JEFFERSON PARK 6th PLAY BIRD "FfcOSS HIALEAII 5th JUDGE SCHILLING SELEC T"fTlTjVVTf JL IONS C, II HAVANA 4th TRUXTON I AGUA CALIENTE 6th MORSHION JEFFERSON PARK Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for heavy track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Piecemeal Piecemeal Deceptive Piecemeal Deceptive Piecemeal Piecemeal 36 J. Dianamede Princess Nancy Big Blue Marcelet Piecemeal Dianamede Deceptive 18 High Blue Sun Bonny Dorothy Hicks Deceptive Dianamede Dorothy Hicks Dianamede 10 0 Evergold Bag o Roses Kay Frances Kay Frances Kay Frances Lady Oldham Kay Frances 28 t Kay Frances Lady Oldham Memphis Lass Lady Oldham Lady Oldham Cotton Time Lady Oldham 20 Cotton Time Fred Auerbach Newburger Memphis Lass Memphis Lass Bag o Roses Evergold 8 Chris. Paschen Harass Harass Chris. Paschen Harass Ninotte Harass 36 Harass Lothario Ninotte Harass Ninotte Harass Chris. Pschen 24 Ninotte Kulaman Chris. Paschen Bogan Chris. Paschen Chris. Paschen Ninotte 18 Boston Waters Tiverton Figuriste Boston Waters Boston Waters Figuriste Boston Waters 32 4 Figuriste Figuriste Boston Waters Regren Figuriste Tiverton Figuriste 30 Miss Delight Boston Waters Tiverton Figuriste Tiverton Boston Waters Tiverton 16 5Cockrill High Pockets Cockrill Vagabond Stop Gap Stop Gap Cockrill26 Vagabond Cockrill Stop Gap Cockrill High Pockets Vagabond Stop Gap 24 Stop Gap Vagabond Stupendous Stop Gap Vagabond Stupendous Vagabond 20 Play Bird Play Bird Play Bird Play Bird Play Bird Play Bird Play Bird 54 0 Drydock Troll Volt Meter Volt Meter Drydock Drydock Drydock 18 Volt Meter Drydock Drydock Drydock Volt Meter Troll Volt Meter 12 BerniceVan Super Toy DelcoDel DelcoDel DelcoDel Joan Pat DelcoDel30 DelcoDel Helen Dean BerniceVan Joan Pat BerniceVan BerniceVan - BerniceVan 22 Lucky Drift Bernice Van Joan Pat Lucky Drift Joan Pat Delco Del Joan Pat 16 HIALEAH PARK Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO . DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Double Heart Double Heart Sonnelli Sonnelli Sonnelli Sonnelli Sonnelli 40 1 Sonnelli Sonnelli Double Heart Double Heart War Saint Double Heart Double Heart 30 War Saint Patrick Callahan Jack Campbell Patrick Callahan Double Heart Jack Campbell War Saint 6 Bacciocco Bacciocco Bacciocco Bacciocco Knowlton Parn ell Bound Bacciocco 40 2 Tombereau Tombereau Tombereau Tombereau Bacciocco Bacciocco Tombereau20 Parnell Bound Parnell Bound Knowlton Parnell Bound Tombereau Tombereau Parnell Bound 16 Lullaby H. Ellice French Lass French Lass French Lass Lullaby U. French Lass 32 3 Ellice Lady Fingers Lady Fingers Raccoon Lullaby U. Royal Ruff in Lullaby n. 22 French Lass French Lass Lullaby H. Lady Fingers Ellice French Lass Ellice 14 Sansarica Broadway Lights Lucky Jack Broadway Lights Broadway Lights Blackmock Bdway Lights 32 A Broadway Lights Last Attempt Brodway Lights Last Attempt Blackmock Last Attempt Blackmock 16 Blackmock Jungle Boy Blackmock Iron Czar Iron Czar Jungle Boy Last Attempt 12 Judge Schilling Judge Schilling Judge Schilling Judge Schilling Judge Schilling Judge Schilling Jdge Schilling 56 5 Chatford Thais Thais Thais Peto Thais Thais 20 Thais Peto Peto Chatford Thais Street Singer Peto 8 ll , RegulaBaddun Fredrick Fredrick Fredrick Fredrick Fredrick Fredrick 44 Q Fredrick Thursday Miss Tulsa Thursday Evening Thursday Thursday 14 Tom Mar BayAngon Evening BayAngon Thursday BayAngon Regula Baddun 8 Gay Bird Gay Bird Montanaro Gay Bird Montanaro Montanaro Gay Bird 32 7 Montanaro Garlic Garlic Montanaro Skrip Gay Bird Montanaro 32 Skrip Skrip Gay Bird Skrip Gay Bird Skrip Skrip 12 HAVANA Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. - Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Melcher Melcher- Melcher Melcher - Melcher Melcher Melcher 48 1 Dorsays Benedict Benedict Louchheim entry Benedict Billy Bob Benedict 16 x Hopulikit Billy Bob WoolyWest Benedict Billy Bob Benedict Dorsays 8 " Queen Towton Princess Virginia FairAtina Queen Towton Germaine Chaut Germaine Cvelot Queen Towton 28 O Gertie Chauvelot Gmaine Chvelot Queen Towton St.. Agnes Queen Towton Queen Towton GmneChvelot 24. Shield St. Agnes Gerne Chauvelot Gerne Chauvelot Darkayress Thistle Billie FairAtina 8 Excellency Cfs Troubadour Chummy Excellency Chiefs Troubadr Chiefs Trbadour Chf s Tbadour 30 3 MegMerrilies MegMerrilies Cfs Troubadour MegMerrilies Excellency Swarm Excellency 20 Swarm Rough Rider Swarm Cfs Troubadour Chummy Chummy Chummy 12 Truxton Truxton Truxton -Truxton Truxton Truxton Truxton 5G A Ronald Grey Disapproved Golden Play Ronald Grey Golden Play Ronald Grey Ronald Grey 14 Sniper DonnezMoi Ronald Grey Disapproved Sniper Golden Play Golden Play 10 Little Turtle Rita Lee Bad Axe Bad Axe Band Time Rita Lee Rita Lee 28 5 Barston Bad Axe Band Time Little Turtle Rita Lee Bad Axe Bad Axe 24 Rita Lee Pictover Pictover Rita Lee Little Turtle Little Turtle Little Turtle 16 Flo ONeill Fair Avis Marsala Fair Avis Marsala Skibo Fair Avis 26 fi Skibo Skibo Czarist Flo ONeill Fair Avis Fair Avis Marsala 20 Czarist Marsala Fair Avis Czarist Flo ONeill Marsala Skibo 16 Amsterdam Union W. Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Chrysler Amsterdam 40 7 Spectre Amsterdam Spectre Spectre One Alone Amsterdam Spectre 16 Prince Mexican Prince Mexican Prince Mexican Prince Mexican Spectre Spectre Union W. 8 AGUA CALIENTE Trackman: J. J. MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Segunda Santonette Segunda Segunda Segunda Segunda Segunda40 J, Trek Grenade Ava Rizla Santonette Santonette Wishing Cap Santonette 20 Golden Effort Trek Grenade Santonette Yeah Yeah Santonette Trek Grenade 6 Friars Choice Friars Choice Johnny Agee Friars Choice Friars Choice Friars Choice Friars Choice 42 2 Apronette Purple Light Purple Light Pride of Texas Apronette Apronette Apronettel2 Pride of Texas Pride of Texas Friars Choice Purple Light Time Shot Anaconda Purple Light 10 Dapper Altavar Master Toney Shorty O. Gareth Shorty O. Gareth 28 3 Gareth Dapper Gareth Master Toney Shorty O. Tetra Glass Shorty 0. 22 Master Toney Macon Shorty O. Altavar Dapper Gareth Dapper 14 Devolta Bebita Gailmont Mullah Mullah Bebita Bebita22 4 Rain God Devolta Mullah Bebita Gee Bee Gee Bee Mullah 20 Gee Bee Gee Bee Gee Bee NuveAlta Bebita Black Lizzie Gee Bee 14 Bud Elder Cash Play Shift Cash Play Mardie Cash Play Cash Play 36 5 Cash Play Shift Mardie Shift Shift Shift Shift 24 Donald Alma Borland Cash Play Alma Borland Cash Play Donald Mardie 14 Morshion BethHogan Morshion Morshion Dacite Morshion Morshion44 Q BethHogan Morshion BethHogan BethHogan Morshion Dacite BethHogan 22 Choice Caller Dacite Dacite Dacite BethHogan Flying Ace Dacite 18 Red Nan Shasta Rock Chuno Shasta Rock Red Nan Kansas Hope Chuno 22 Chuno Billy Doran Kansas Hope Chuno Chuno Red Nan Red Nan 20 Raymond Dale Kansas Hope Shasta Rock Kansas Kansas Hope Chuno Shasta Rock 18 Sailor Boy Baptiste Chica Guinea Baptiste Baptiste Chica Guinea Baptiste 36 8 Baptiste Fuss Budget Baptiste Sailor Boy Cams Claras " Baptiste Chica Guinea 20 Northern Water Umbrian Prcess Sailor Boy Chica Guinea Chica Guinea Cams Clarus i Sailor Boy 14

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