Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-05-11

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BLS1 CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman P G McCann SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS MISS LEXINGTON Hadatime Pops Rival Miss Lexington Miss Lexineton Pops Rival Miss Lexington 21 21POPS J 245 PM Hadatime Miss Lexington Connie Ann PODS Rival POPS Rival Miss Lexington POPS Rival 16 16Hadatime9 Pops Rival Pops Rival Liberty Flik Hadatime Liberty Flik Hadatime Hadatime9 31 Free Miss Heel Call CallFree Free Miss HEEL CALL Ebs First Heel Call Heel Gail 22 22Free 5 PM Heel Call Free Miss Heel Call CallGayJThorn Free Miss Old Union Free Miss Free Miss 16 GayJThorn Gay Thorn GayJThorn jGravThorn Heel Call Town Lace EbsFirst 5 Remarkable Spoilt Girl GirlRemarkable Remarkable Spoilt Girl Spoilt Girl Remarkable Remarkable 19 19Spoilt 345 PM Valnor Remarkable Rangle Remarkable Ranele Spoilt Girl Spoilt Girl 17 ValnorJDabiton JDabiton Rangle Rugged Rock Rugged Rock South Border Rangle Rangle 5 Our Willie BUSY JOSIE JOSIEOur Busy Josie Busy Josie Our Willie Busy Josie Busy Josie 25 25Our 415 PM Lactose Our Willie WillieVery Our Willie WillieTen Our Willie WillieVery Busy Josie Our Willie WillieLactose Our Willie 18 LactoseBusyJIosie BusyJIosie Very True Ten Blow Very True Veryjrrue Lactose Very True 3 Starweista Starweista Starweista Starweista STARWEISTA STARWEISTA STARWEISTA 34 34Tripaway 445 PM Tripaway Half Grand Shasta Man ManHalf Half Grand GrandJRngersJBov Trioaway Tripaway Tripaway 7 7Half TripawayTickyqtis Tickyqtis Tripaway Half Grand JRngersJBov Half Grand Flash Town Half Grand 6 Sun Pharos Johnny Jr Sun Pharos Johnny Jr Remote Control Remote Control Johnny Jr 15 15Remote 515 PM Gallant Play Bobs Dream Remote Control Bobs Dream DreamSun Johnny Jr Johnny Jr Remote Control 13 13Sun Bobs Dream Remote Control Johnny Jr Sun Pharos Sun Pharos Sun Pharos Sun Pharos 13 Dancing Light Squaw Jane b ANCINGLIGHT Dancing Light Dancing Light Dancing Light Dancing Light 29 29Squaw 545 PM Jack Vennie Dancing Light LightSyrian Woodsman ANCINGLIGHTWoodsman Syrian Bov Jack Vennie Syrian Boy Squaw Jane 6 6Jack Woodsman Syrian Boy Syrian Boy Sauaw Jane Woodsman Jack Vennie Jack Vennie ± 5 Bezique Bezique Venci Praetorian Bezique Praetorian Bezique 18 18Praetorian 615 PM BeziquePraetorian Praetorian BeziquePraetorian Praetorian VenciDiscussion Discussion Discussion BeziqueDiscussion Discussion DiscussionPraetorian BeziqueDiscussion Bezique PraetorianBezique Praetorian 16 16Discussion Venci PraetorianVenci Discussion DiscussionPraetorian Praetorian Bezique Praetorian Discussion Discussion 8 Trackman D S Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Surgeon Dick Flying Double Surgeon Dick DickFlying Flying Double DoubleSurgeon Surgeon Dick Air Beauty Surgeon Dick 18 200 P M Unquote Letter V Flying Double Surgeon Dick DickAir Unquote Unquote Flying Double 13 13JSrave Flymg JDquble Surgeon Dick Air Beauty Air Beauty BeautyLADY Gingall Flying Double JSrave Sir5 Arrowtraction LADY ROMERY Lady Romery RomeryMeetsum LADY ROMERY ROMERYMeetsum Bitter Ender Bitter Ender Lady Romery 24 230 P M Lady Romery RomeryOff Bitter Ender Meetsum Meetsum MeetsumBitter Meetsum Lady Romery Bitter Ender CL3 Off Key Meetsum Masculine Bitter Ender Lady Romery Meetsum Meetsum 8 Valdina Clown Valdina Clown ClownDarby Valdina MasculineValdina Clown ClownDarby Valdina Clown ClownDarby Jezrahel VALDINA CLOWN VALDINA CLWN 29 300 P M Darby Dimout Darby Dimout DimoutSway Darby Dimout DimoutPukka Darby Dimout Valdina Clown Darby Dimout Darby Dimout 11 11Jezrahel5 PukkajGrin Sway Pukka Gin JTransfran Darby Dimout Diavolaw Jezrahel5 Which Man Gay Youth YouthRich Which Man ManGourmet Gourmet Gay Youth Which Man Which Man 19 19Gourmet GourmetRich 330 P M Gourmet Rich Uncle Gourmet Rich Uncle Which Man Gourmet Gourmet 12 12Gay Gay Youth JWhichMan GayYouth Which Man Gourmet Rich Uncle Gay Youth 12 UBIQUITOUS Ubiquitous Shot Put PutUbiquitous Shot Put PutUbiquitous Shpt Put PutUbiquitous Ubiquitous Ubiquitous 23 400 P M Gold Teddy UbiquitousShot Shot Put Ubiquitous Ubiquitous Ubiquitous UbiquitousPontv Gold Teddy Shot Put 19 Shot Put Jjold Teddy iJBescar JPonty Pontv Shot Put Gold Teddy 5 Yar Last Gold LAST GOLD GOLDYar Three Percent PercentYar THREE PERCENT Last Gold Last Gold 19 430 P M YarLast Last Gold Yar Yar Yar Yar Three Percent Three Percent 15 Little Kiss YarThree Three Percent YarLittle Little Kiss YarLittle Little Kiss Little Kiss Yar Yar 14 500 P M Away Aldridge Away AwayAfghanistan Afghanistan Away AwayAldridge Aldridge Aldridge AldridgeBulrush Bulrush Aldridge Afghanistan Away Aldridge Away Aldridge 21 17 BulrushAway 31 AldridgeSwoosh Bulrush Swoosh Aldridge Swoosh Away Red Gin Bulrush Minnie Ha Cha Sal Old Pal Sal Old Pal Sal Old Pal PalMinnie Sal Old Pal Sal Old Pal Sal Old Pal 22 530 PM Red Native Minnie Ha Cha Minnie Ha Cha Minnie Ha Cha ChaOK Winnpearl OK Sugar Minnie Ha Cha 16 Winnpearl Winnpearl Homeward OK Sugar Minnie Ha Cha Minnie Ha Cha OK Sugar 3 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Assailant Dandv Jim Dandy Jim Dandy Jim Tennessee Maid Dandy Jim Dandy Jim 21 1230 PM Wood Stririt Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid Wood Spirit Resale Tennessee Maid 12 City Light Robert T Resale Wood Soirit Dandy Jim Tennessee Maid Assailant 5 Kay Diane Kay Diane Grand Party Kay Diane DianeElimar Jane Blenheim Kay Diane Kay Diane 20 1255 PM Elimar Elimar Designator Elimar Designator Jane Blenheim Jane Blenheim 8 Jane Blenheim Grand Party Early Delivery ElimarDeSienator DeSienator Sobriquet Elimar Elimar 7 Mandingham Elkridge Good Chance Good Chance Elkridge Mandingham Mandingham 15 120 PM MandinghamCottesmore Cottesmore Knights Quest Knights Quest Mandingham ElkridgeMandingham Mandingham MandinghamCottesmore Good Chance Good Chance 13 13Elkridge Invader CottesmoreInvader Good Chance Mandingham Cottesmore Cottesmore Elkridge Elkridge 11 Foe OWoe Happy Guess Happy Guess HappyGuess HappyGuess Happy Guess Happy Guess 25 145 PM Bottle Imp Magdala Cherry T Magdala Magdala Cherry T Magdala 8 Cherry T Foe OWoe Magdala Cherry T Kings Gambit Magdala Foe OWoe 6 21 0PM Neb TricksNeb Tricks Neb TriclisNeb Triclis Tricks Neb Neb TricksNeb Tricks Tricks TricksNeb Neb Neb TRICKS Neb TRICKS 15 29 NebGavkis NebMiss Miss Skylark NebMiss Miss Skylark Tac Room NebLovelv Lovelv One Gavkis Lovelv One Lovely One 3 WELCOME PASS HAILE Welcome Pass PassHaile HAILE Tragic Ending Haile Haile 22 235 PM Great Rush Don Bingo Haile Don Bingo Welcome Pass Don Bingo Welcome Pass 16 Haile Welcome Pass HaileDon Don Bingo Great Rush RushBull Eauinox Welcome Pass Don Bingo 7 Bull Reigh Bull Reigh Bull Reigh Bull Reigh 27 Don Juan TJ Bull Reigh BULL REIGH 300 PM Belle dAmour Belle dAmour Sir War Sedgemoor Sir War Plantag net Belle dAmour 7 7jpqn Sedgemoor Sir War Sedgemoor JJeJle cTAmour Belle dAmour Belle dAmour jpqn Juann 5 Brenner Pass Brenner Pass Fuego Sun Eager SUN EAGER Sun Eager Sun Eager 22 8 325 PM Sun Eager Sun Eager Curwen Brenner Pass Brenner Pass Brenner Pass Brenner Pass 16 Curwen Fuego Sun Eager Fuego Fuego Fuego Fuego 9 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLED ANAUSl PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Manipulate Chance Cross Chance Cross Santa Rosa Chance Cross Chance Cross Chance Cross 22 130 PM Santa Rosa RosaFlyWhisk Manipulate Santa Rosa Chance Cross Manipulate Manipulate Manipulate 13 13JSanta FlyWhisk ManipulateSanta Santa Rosa Manipulate Manioulate Still Pond Santa Rosa JSanta Rosa 11 BECOMLY Brave Sir Squadron Squadron Squadron Brave Sir Squadron 19 200 PM Brave Sir Squadron Off Shore Brave Sir Petes Pet Squadron Brave Sir 14 14Becomly Petes Bet Becomlv Petes Bet Becomlv Off Shore Becomly Becomly 10 Brilliant Fly Brilliant Fly Brilliant Fly Cooee Brilliant Fly FlyCboee Brilliant Fly FlyCooee Brilliant Fly 27 230 PM Cabanisi Charge Cooee CooeeBrilliant Brilliant Fly Cboee CboeeCabanisi Cooee CooeeCharge Cooee 12 Charge CabanisiCharge ChargeCpoee Cpoee Picture Flag Charge Cabanisi Charge Charge 5 Side Boy Side Boy Inver Fox Side Boy Eternity Side Boy Side Boy 23 300 P M Eternitv Eternity Valdina Craft Valdina Craft Side Boy Eternitv Eternit 11 Pipeliner Pipeliner Side Boy Dhuawav Pioeliner Pipeliner Inver Fox 5 Selmalad GRAUSTARK Selmalad Us Us UsTime Us 20 Us 330 PM UsSelmalad Selmalad SelmaladUs Us Us GRAUSTARKUs GraustarkUs SelmaladGraustark Graustark Time OWar Selmalad SelmaladSelmalad Selmalad 13 Flag Trumpeter UsGraustark Graustark UsTim Tim OWar Us Selmalad Time OWar Graustark 10 Samhar SAMHAR Samhar Samhar WOODFORD LAD Woodford Lad SAMHAR 29 400 PM Wobdford Lad Woodford Lad Woodford Lad Woodford Lad Samhar Samhar Woodford Lad 20 Arrow Rock Centredale Ceritredale Centredale Centredale Centredale Centredale 5 Ranchos Boy Rough News Happy Khayyam ROUGH NEWS Rough News RANCHOS BOY Rough News 21 430 PM Rough News Wee Scot Wee Scot Ranchos Boy Ranchos Boy Rough News Ranchos Boy Q8 Wee Scot Ranchos Boy Ranchos Boy Wee Scot Wee Scot Wee Scot Wee Scot 8 Jessie Gladys Panther Creek Grebe Grev Wolf GrebePanther Grebe Grey Wolf Grey Wolf 14 500 PM Grey Wolf Mr Secretary GrebePanther Panther Creek Panther Creek Panther Creek Mr Secretary Panther Creek 13 Panther Creek Grey Wolf Ask Me Jessie Gladys Grey Wolf Panther Creek Grebe 10

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