Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1946-06-13

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS1 SELECTIONS Trackman, L. S. Meen Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Sweet Storv SWEET STORY Rose Exhibit Rose Exhibit Sone SDinner Sweet Storv 18 1 Rose Exhibit Rose Exhibit Sweet Storv Sweet Storv Sweet Storv Rose Exhibit 15 Painter Dr. Bones Dr. Bones Dr. Bones Rose Exhibit SonsrSoinner 5 Hills Palm Hills Palm Hills Palm Maihieh Hills Palm Hills Palm 21 2 Maihieh Unshakable Maihieh Brave Thru Maihieh Maihieh 12 Unshakable Maihieh Unshakable Hills Palm Inyerette Unshakable 4 Prince Sane CakeGraw PRINCE SANG CindaB. CakeGravv 15 3CakeGravv Ste. Frances CakeGravv Prince Sane TorMc CakeGravv Prince Sane 14 Topic Fair Sand Cinda B. CakeGravv Prince Sane Cinda B. 6 LITTLE BITS Hair Stvlist HAIR STYLIST Hair Stvlist LITTLE BITS Hair Stvlist 20 4 HairStvlist Siddons Siddons Little Bits One Blue Little Bits 18 One Blue Little Bits Little Bits One Blue Hair Stvlist OneBlue 1 MvStar My Star MvStar My Star MY STAR 22 5Nonchalanta MvStar Nonchalanta Brown Dame Nonchalanta Clov Nonchalanta 10 Brown Dame Clov Bean Pot Clov Nonchalanta Cloy 4 Stonette Devils Island Devils Island Devils Island Devils Island 19 6Tideover Devils Island Devils Island Likeable Likeable Tideover Tideover Stonette Tideover Tideover Letter V Likeable Stonette I Oueen Jodv Gieolburv Queen Jodv Gieolburv Gieolburv 17 7Gieolburv Miami Moon Gieolburv Miami Moon Miami Moon Coea Oueen Jodv 13 Queen Jodv Coea Queen Jodv Frankish Kine Queen Jodv Miami Moon 6 ColevBav GuvHottel ColevBav Task Force ColevBav 19 8ColevBav Loval Mr. Dannv Loval GuvHottel ColevBav Task Force Latent Task Force Task Force Bolo Fancv Van Or Loval 4 Trackman, H. J. McGuire Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Verse Snaonv Verse Snannv Verse Snanov Verse Snannv Verse Snaonv Verse 25 ISnannv Sea Tack Sea Tack Sea Tack Sea Tack Fannie Mac Sea Tack 9 Fannie Mac Fannie Mac Bona Pea Axelson Sea Tack Fannie Mac 4 Heliotrope Heliotrope Heliotrope Heliotrope Heliotrope Heliotrope 25 2 Flvine Jenny Reeularitv MyMareie FlvineJennv MvMareie FlvineJennv 5 Reeularitv Bull Doe Miss Flvine Jenny Reeularitv Bull Doe Miss My Mareie 4 Harry O. HarrvO. Charles Brvce Charles Brvce HARRY O. Harry O. 20 3 Charles Brvce Charles Bryce Harry O. Doc Yak Doc Yak Charles Brvce 15 Doc Yak Loma Mar Roeue Hairan Best Harry O. Charles Brvce Doc Yak 5 Crazv Whirl Riskaire Crazy Whirl Red Torch Riskaire 16 4Riskaire Red Torch Riskaire Red Torch Riskaire Riskaire Crazv Whirl 12 Hi Bert Red Torch Crazy Whirl Red Torch Crazy Whirl Red Torch 11 Anthem GavFranka Anthem GavFranka GavFranka 19 5GavFranka Anthem GavFranka Anthem GavFranka Marie J. Anthem 15 Happy Joan Old Iron Old Iron Marie J. Anthem Marie J. 3 BILL G. BILLG. BILL G. BILL G. Bill G. BILL G. 33 6 Our All Liehtfoot Ladv Cvclorama Sealane Sealane Sealane 5 Liehtfoot Ladv Cvclorama Sealane Cvclorama Cvclorama Cvclorama 5 Tomos Take Couraee Tomos See D. Tomos 17 7Tomos Take Couraee Victim See D. Take Couraee Tomos Take Couraee 10 SeeD. See P. Victim David B„ Jr. Take Couraee SeeD. 9 Plover Brand Bert G. Plover Brand Plover Brand Plover Brand Plover Brand 22 8 Walters Bov Plover Brand Walters Bov BertG. Walters Bov BertG. 8 Bert G. Dodos Girl Pharawell Walters Bov Pharawell Walters Bov 7 Trackman, C. J. Connors Aqueduct Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Ice Ladv Marseilles Ice Ladv Marseilles Jet Plane Marseilles 13 i Paper Knife Jet Plane Jet Plane Jet Plane Marseilles Ice Ladv 12 Jet Plane Ice Ladv Marseilles Paper Knife Ice Ladv Jet Plane 12 Transair COLORSET Colorset Colorset Colorset 24 2Colorset Sheldon DuCret Colorset Anecdote Anecdote Transair Transair 8 Fames Bid Anecdote Sheldon DuCret Transair Anecdote Anecdote 6 Allier Teton Teton Allier Allier 16 3Allier Ace Star Teton First Staee First Staee Teton Teton 14 Battle Cruiser First Staee Battle Cruiser Allier First Staee First Staee 6 Reckon Scribe Scribe Wise Friz Scribe Scribe 17 4 Ben Lewis G. Rav Reckon Scribe G. Rav Reckon 9 Port Raider Reckon. Ben Lewis Ben Lewis Reckon Wise Friz 5 PLUCKY MAID Pluckv Maid PluckvMaid PLUCKY MAID PLUCKY MAID PLUCKY MAID 31 5 Bohol Last Tower Last Tower Last Tower Bohol Last Tower 7 Thorobelle Bohol La Princesse La Princesse Last Tower Bohol 5 Inroc Perfect Bahram Inroc Inroc Inroc 22 6Inroc Phantasy Perfect Bahram Inroc Perfect Bahram Perfect Bahram Perfect Bahram 9 Perfect Bahram Aladear Aladear Larkmead Andv Aladear Aladear 3 Booster JACKAWAKE Jackawake Jackawake Jackawake Jackawake 22 7 Prop Girl Buffet Supper Darby dAbbie Buffet Supper Buffet Supper Booster 6 Marys Dell Darby Devon Prop Girl Booster Darby Devon Buffet Supper 6 Whipped Cream Precious Years Whipped Cream Whipped Cream Precious Years Whipped Cream 17 8 TopsvRose Panter Branch Jacian Herodotus Jacian Precious Years 10 Jacian Whipped Cream Herodotus Panter Branch Whipped Cream Jacian 5 Trackman, A. E. Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Model Ladv Model Ladv Model Ladv Freeboy Patrol Pilot Model Ladv 17 ! Pilates Dream Sun Talk Freeboy Sun Talk Model Ladv Freebov 8 Rockwood Daisy Patrol Pilot Pilates Dream Weapons Pride Freeboy Patrol Pilot 6 Misrepresent Nellie Mowlee Nellie Mowlee Nellie Mowlee Nellie Mowlee Nellie Mowlee 22 2 Nellie Mowlee Misrepresent Misrepresent Czech Lass Misrepresent Misrepresent 11 Czech Lass Roueh Shower J. J. Lynch Valdina Leaf Roueh Shower Czech Lass 3 Fast Tempo Fast Temoo Fast Tempo Fast Tempo Fast Tempo Fast Tempo 25 3 Bureoo Ladv Chance Sord Bureoo Ladv Chance Sord . Bureoo Ladv Bureoo Ladv 8 Chance Sord Bureoo Ladv Chance Sord Burgoo Lady Phanatam Chance Sord 8 Red Corona Janann W. Janann W. Gemet Janann W. 16 4Aehadee Janann W. Janann W. Red Corona Mac Fetchit Janann W. Red Corona 9 Red Corona Aehadee My Nancv Gemet Red Corona Aehadel 6 Flae Drill Flae Drill FLAG DRILL LABOULAYE FLAG DRILL FLAG DRILL 26 5 Chevalier Proenosis Proenosis Flae Drill Proenosis Laboulave 8 Proenosis Epinaza Little Benev Proenosis Laboulave Proenosis 8 VALDINA VICAR Valdina Vicar Airv Goer Cooperativa Ladvs Orphan Valdina Vicar 13 6 AirvGoer Airv Goer Cooperativa Towakee Airv Goer Airv Goer 12 Cooperativa Lone Sentrv Oxford Blue Airy Goer Valdina Vicar Cooperativa- 8 Skv Skipper DECISION Duskilv Skv Skipper Desert Battle Skv Skipper 13 7 Decision Skv Skipper Flourtown Desert Battle Decision Decision 11 Desert Battle Desert Battle Sky Skipper Duskily Misf lvine Desert Battle 9 Garden Pot Garden Pot Brown Flower Doodle Bue Garden Pot Garden Pot 161 8 Slappv Slappv Slappv Slappv Slappy Slappv 10 Brown Flower Doodle Bue Doodle Bue Garden Pot Brown Flower Brown Flower 7 1 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty Delaware Park Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS m Vacance Trapeze Vacance Forward March Repeater Vacance 10 1 BulletProof Gemsbok Gemsbok Traoezo Gemsbok Trapeze 8 Gemsbok Repeater Bullet Proof In Suspense Trapeze Gemsbok 7 " HEARTS ENTDINE Hearts Entwine Tennessee Maid Carteret Hearts Entwine Hearts Entwine 19 2 Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid Hearts Entwine Hv-Kerrv Tennessee Maid Tennessee Maid 11 Carteret Mend Johns Star Miss Kalola Johns Star Carteret 6 Tetrol. Tetrol Tetrol TETROL Tetrol 27 3Tetrol Bie Three Lieut. Well Lieut. Well LieuUWell Lieut. Weil Lieut. Weil 8 Our Arms Last Last Our Arms Last Last 3 Mischievous Mv Butterfly Rinethebell Mischievious Rinethebell Rinethebell 16 4 Rinethebell Rinethebell Mischievious Rinethebell Mischievous Mischievous 15 My Butterfly Mischievious Buzz Bomb BuzzBomb Buzz Bomb My Butterfly 6 Flvine Level Flvine Level FLYING LEVEL FLYING LEVEL Flyine Level FLYING LEVEL 31 5 Ararat Ararat Blue Aster Call Proof One Sun Blue Aster 4 Blue Aster Muak One Sun Holiday Girl Blue Aster One Sun 3 Red Riar Red Mv Malcha Dark Lad Cassis Riar Red 14 5Riar Dark Lad Brides Biscuit Dark Lad Riar Red Riar Red Dark Lad 10 Cassis Cassis Cassis Cassis Dark Lad Cassis 9 Limehouse MibillD. MibillD. Limehouse MibillD. 19 7MiBillD. V. Dav Mibill D. Simetrica Pendraeon Mibill D. Limehouse 14 XenJr. Nedlon Limehouse Limehouse Simetrica Simetrica 3 March Chick March Chick Cheesestraw Cheesestraw March Chick March Chick 17 8 Cheesestraw Cheesestraw March Chick Court Blenheim Cheesestraw Cheesestraw 16 Anamosa Court Blenheim Shove Off Shove Off Court Blenheim Court Blenheim 4

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