Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1946-06-28

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE; TWO FOR SECOND, ONE FOR THIRD, BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, D. S. Fair Arlington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS , Black Tweetie Black Tweetie Blue Seal Blue Seal Blue Seal BlueSeal 19 1 BlueSeal BlueSeal Miniver JayForst Miniver Black Tweetie 12 SirLeknarf Jay Forst Black Tweetie Mister Easy Black Tweetie L. Miniver 4 News Report NewsReDort Little Geromo Jan-Rod News Report News Report 18 2 Arabs Fancv Jan-Rod China Princess News Report Eyeful Jan-Rod 9 Jan Rod Arabs Fancy News Report China Princess Jan-Rod Little Geromo 5 Porterfield Bosle Porterfield Porterfield Porterfield Porterfield 22 3 Kileobbin Porterfield Kilcobbin Kilcobbin Boandle ?9?le. 10, Boele Kiteobbin Bogle Bogle Kilgobbm Kilgobbin 8 Primero GradoPrimero GradoPrimero Leida Bronze Medal GradoPrimero 17 4Grado Sweet Comet Leida DickStickney Zestful GradoPrimero Leida 8 Great Card Over Seas Overseas Great Card Leida Bronze Medal 5 Brief Sigh Hail Victory Hail Victory Letmenow Lemenow 16 5Letmenow Sigma Kappv Letmenow Letmenow Letmenow Sigma Kappa Hail Victory 12 Hail Victory Hail Victory Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa Brief Sigh Brief Sigh 6 TROJAN FLEET Trojan Fleet TROJAN FLEET TROJAN FLEET TROJAN FLEET TROJAN FLEET 33 6 Legislator Navy Cross Alison Peters Navy Cross Alison Peters Navy Cross 7 Navy Cross Alison Peters Navy Cross Alison Peters Navy Cross Alison Peters 6 Late Thread LATE THREAD Late Thread Late Thread Late Thread Late Thread 27 7 Up Front Up Front Up Front Session Sassy Patricia Up Front 7 Rose Canyon Session Rose Canyon Up Front Rose Canyon Rose Canyon 3 Spoon Bread Hot Spark Hot Spark Spoon Bread ValdinaAide Spoon Bread 15 8 Hot Spark Spoon Bread Spoon Bread Hi Henry Nostalgia Hot Spark 13 Nostalgia Valdina Aide Nostalgia Hot Spark Spoon Bread Valdina Aide 6 Trackman, H. J. McGuire Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Foulard Foulard Foulard Foulard HarvAethel Foulard 21 1 Bar Grenade HarvAethel Bar Grenade HarvAethel Bar Grenade HarvAethel 10 Audrey M. Bar Grenade Harv Aethel . Bar Grenade Foulard Bar Grenade 7 Harry O. Harry O. Sonny Haynes Harry O. Harry O. Harry O. 22 2 Sonny Haynes Sonny Haynes Harry O. Geranium Astound Sonny Haynes 9 Astound Astound Memory Boss Memory Boss Memory Boss Astound 4 Chock Ablock Chock Ablock Chock Ablock Chock Ablock Diavolo Chief Chock Ablock 22 3 Diavolo Chief Diavolo Chief JoeValenti Diavolo Chief Chock Ablock Diavolo Chief 11 Joe Valenti Joe Valenti Jacopades Joe Valenti JoeValenti Joe Valenti 6 Bayonet Riskaire BAYONET Riskaire Riskaire 16 4Riskaire Wise Child Carry Mea Carry Mea Brogden Bayonet Bayonet 14 Miss Evidence Riskaire Wise Child Toleca Carry Mea Carry Mea 5 Snappy Verse LovanDay LovanDay On Board LovanDay LovanDay 17 5 LovanDay Ack-Ack Snappy Verse Snappy Verse Snappy Verse Snappy Verse 11 Axelson Snooks Winters Ack-Ack Ack-Ack On Board On Board 6 Bill G. WilmaVan BILLG. WilmaVan BILLG. BillG. 21 6 Take Courage BillG. Take Courage Take Courage Take Courage WilmaVan 11 Builder Pharawell Gay Franka Builder Wilma Van Take Courage 8 n BRIGHT STEEL BRIGHT STEEL Bright Steel Bright Steel Bright Steel BRIGHT STEEL 29 Easy Spell Easy Spell Alanay Easy Spell PetroseGirl Easy Spell 7 Petrose Gril Petrose Girl Easy Spell Bellevue Lady Bellevue Lady . Patrose Girl 4 Hopeful Reward Paducah Paducah Paducah Paducah Paducah 22 8 Paducah Paulas Star Bit Gay Hopeful Reward Paulas Star Hopeful Reward 9 Paulas Star Gold Tint Hopeful Reward Gold Tint Hopeful Reward Paulas Star 5 Trackman, C. J. Connors Empire City at Jamaica Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Chance Grey DARBY DINGBAT Darbv Dingbat Darby Dingbat DARBY DINGBAT DARBY DIGBT 24 I BuenaVentura Slight Edge Slight Edge Don Chance Stormy Slight Edge 7 Slight Edge Stormy Sea Convoy Dina Flag Slight Edge Chance Grey 5 Jo Stafford Dell Maid Jo Stafford Dell Maid Dell Maid Dell Maid 16 2 Lumpkin Jo Stafford BusvEvelvn Lumpkin Jo Stafford Jo Stafford 14 Jeanne Belle Lumpkin Dell Maid Jeanne Belle Lumpkin Lumpkin 6 Ensign Mary B. Ensign MarvB. Ensign Mary B. Stage Set Ensign Mary B. Ensign Mary B. 20 3 Irish Count Irish Count Steel Reigh Irish Count Steel Reigh Irish Reigh 7 Steel Reigh Hasty Blue Irish Count Steel Reigh Stage Set Stage Set 6 PAPER MILL Sunro Darby Delilah Supro Supro Supro 19 4 Supro Paper Mill Supro Darby Delilah Paper Mill Paper Mill 13 Comanche Peak Darby Delilah Paper Mill Paper Mill Darby Delilah - Darby Delilah 9 Jolly Soul Forfar JOLLY SOUL BUY AND SELL Midnight Oil Jolly Soul 17 5 Forfar Jolly Soul Forfar Jolly Soul Forfar Forfar 11 Midnight Oil Buy and Sell Midnight Oil The Problem Jolly Soul v Buy and Sell 9 Eve for Eye Eve for Eye Aliamo Bulrush Ahamo Ahamo 15 6 Flying Fort Ahamo Bulrush Ahamo Eve For Eye Eye for Eye 12 Ahamo Bulrush Yankee Raider Spartacus Flying Fort Bulrush 8 Valdina Lord RathRonan Nebraska RathRonan RathRonan RathRonan 19 7 RathRonan Nebraska RathRonan Nebraska Nebraska Nebraska 12 Nebraska Valdina Lord Valdina Lord Valdina Lord Valdina Lord Valdina Lord 9 Trackman, A. E. Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Ever Venture Ever Venture Ever Venture Ever Venture Ever Venture EVER VENTURE 25 1 Saratoga Polly Pilates Own Pilates Own Royal Die Pilates Own Pilates Own 6 Hagar PeaceJUght Resolution Resolution Peace Light Saratoga Polly 2 Singing Bid HY-GAY Hy-Gay Hy-Gay Hy-Gav Hy-Gay 24 2 IJy-Gay, Singing Bid Buckle Uo Buckle Up Buckle Up Singing Bid 7 Eric Knight Eric Knight Seven Hills Seven Hills Eric Knight Buckle Up 6 Miguelito Wake Robin Miguelito . WEMITE Miguelito 17 3Miguelito Czech Lass Wake Robin Wemite Wake Robin Miguelito Wemite 10 Night Editor Wemite Night Editor Night Editor Wake Robin Wake Robin 10 Miss Marietta Eternal Gold Eternal Gold Miss Marietta Roll Two Miss Marietta 12 4 Dreaming Miss Marietta Sun Doggie JanannW. Dreaming Eternal Gold 11 Roll Two Janann W. Cambridge Fair Dreaming Eternal Gold Roll Two 6 Can Double Valdina Craft BRIGHT SIGNAL Bright Signal Can Double Bright Signal 15 5 Valdina Craft Can Double Valdina Craft Valdina Craft Bright Signal Can Double 14 Carmel Town Bright Signal Can Double Can Double Hearth Broom Valdina Craft 11 War Glenn War Glenn WAR GLENN War Glenn War Glenn 22 6Creenin Brass Man Creepin Creepin Link Creenin Creepin 11 Valdina Vicar Link Link Oxford Blue Mai Link 4 QUEEN ISABELLA Tetrafettle HappvPat Jeems Tetrafettle Tetrafettle 14 7 Tetrafettle Jeems Tetrafettle Pure Silk Jeems Jeems 11 Jeems Queen Isabella Jeems Happy Pat Brazil Queen Isabella 8 ShaWhan Gun Bearer Rotamal ShaWhan ShaWhan 16 8ShaWhan Justinian TJ. GraySyngo GraySyngo Gun Bearer GraySyngo . Gun Bearer 9 Gun Bearer Cruiser Sha Whan Gray Syngo . Gun Bearer Gray Syngo 7 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Tract RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS rl Ecallaw Chance Bras Junior Four Ecallaw Ecallaw Ecallaw 19 I Junior Four Ecallaw Ecallaw Chance Bras Junior Four Junior Four 10 Hail Vic Junior Four Chance Bras Junior Four Chance Bras Chance Bras 9 Drintown Abidale Abidale Abidale Abidale 22 2Abidale Circus Abidale Drintown Fieldfare Fieldfare Drintown 9 Drintown Fieldfare Fieldfare Kennebunk Drintown Fieldfare 6 Teddy Tarn Teddy Tarn Lightf oot Lass Lightfoot Lass Adeste Teddy Tarn 15 3 Gilded Trump Lightfoot Lass Teddy Tarn Big Affair Teddy Tarn Lightf oot Lass 12 Miss Vagabond Gilded Trump Miss Vaganbond Miss Vagabond Big Affair Adeste 5 Ghazala Ghazala Ghazala Gauntlet Ghazala 21 4Ghazala Itawamba Casset Gauntlet Casset Slievemish Gauntlet 8 Slievemiss Slievemish Casset Gauntlet Ghazala Casset 5 LEAVETAKING Leavetaking Leavetaking Leavetaking LEAVETAKING 29 5LEAVETAKING Cambric Braggart Cambric Famine Cambric Cambric 7 Carolina King Famine Braggart Cambric Famine Famine 4 Stingprice Stingprice STINGPRICE STINGPRICE Stingprice 29 6Stringprice High Peak High Peak Geronimo Rare Flares High Peak High Peak 6 Geronimo Marquest Marauest Our Blen Marauest Geronimo 3 Ararat Hay-Jay Hay-Jay Ararat Hay-Jay 17 7Hayjay Ararat Acondale Acondale Ranger Mosby Hay-Jay Ararat 13 My Butterly My Butterfly Ararat Bonnie Flag Acondale Acondale 5 Entertainment Entertainment ENTERTAINMENT Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment 27 8 Shove Off Shove Off Our Boy Our Boy Our Boy Our Boy 7 Snow Apple Our Boy Shove Off Shove Off Snow Apple Shove Off .4 i

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