Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-17

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI3 SWEEP CONSENSUS Lumena Netcherette Slumberland Slumberland Penniless Slumberland 12 1 Netcherette Slumberland Netcherette Lumena Sister Cora Netcherette 11 Whiz-a-Bit Whiz-a-Bit Whiz-a-Bit Netcherette Netcherette Lumena 7 Coachie Pavtu Fast Buck FAST BUCK Invigorator Fast Buck 15 2 Pavtu Bienville Coachie Invigorator Fast Buck Coachie 9 Fast Buck Coachie Pick and Play Pavtu Coachie Paytu 8 Sandra Rae Palace -Circles PALACE-CIRCLES Possess Palace-Circles Palace-Circles 19 3 Ashes Ashes Outlaw Palace-Circles Possess Possess 8 Blast O Roses Possess Ashes Sandra Rae Ashes Ashes 6 Fine Fettle Jimmys Doll Roman Vulcan Fine Fettle FINE FETTLE Fine Fettle 19 4 Feudin Fightin Fine Fettle Rare Bid Jimmys Doll Jimmys Doll Jimmys Doll 9 Junior Rare Bid Feudin Fightin Roman Vulcan Rare Bid Roman Vulcan 6 Waeer BLUE SQUARE Blue Sauare Foxy Wager Foxy Wager Foxy Wager 19 5Foxv King Beast Foxy Wager Foxy Wager Blue Sauare Blue Sauare Blue Sauare 16 Night Phara Brian Boru King Beast Brian Boru King Beast King Beast 4 Joe Graves Sabaean Mon-Pharo Two Rainbows Valauest Joe Graves 9 6 Mon-Pharo Joe Graves Sabaean Joe Graves Mon-Pharo Mon-Pharo Steak Bone Dr. Ole Nelson Two Rainbows Sabaean Steak Bone Sabaean 8 Pry Pat Pry Pat Seasoned Pry Pat Pry Pat PRY PAT 21 7 CorinneT. NikohBaby Rumor Sir NikohBaby Hobad Seasoned 7 Seasoned Hobad Pry Pat Corinne T. Seasoned Nikoh Bab y 4 KAY DOODY KayDoody Harbil British Isles British Isles KayDoody 17 8 Born to Win British Isles KayDoody KayDoodv KayDoody British Isles 13 Harbil Lucky Codine British Isles Born to Win Harbil Harbil 9 gm ■ Troia Troia Yutu Troia Troia Troia 21 Slin Miss Foray Yutu Starborough Yutu Starborough Yutu 9 **wl/Foxy Doll Flashy Manner Troia Miss Foray Miss Foray Miss Foray 4 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made tor Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Landmark Gal Landmark Gal Depal Landmark Gal Firey One Landmark Gal 18 1 Depal Depal Firey One Lils Gadget Landmark Gal Depal 11 Lils Gadget Lils Gadget Landmark Gal Depal Depal Firey One 7 J. DebbyJ. Alphas Choice August August DebbvJ. 14 2Debby August Alphas Choice Leading Man DebbyJ. DebbyJ. August 12 Burgoo Play Jofourth Debby J. Alphas Choice Alphas Choice Alphas Choice 10 Battle Chief Bargain Miss Teacher K. Battle Chief Battle Chief 15 3Ambroee Battle Chief Miss Bellevue Battle Chief Ambroee Bargain Miss Ambroee 8 Teacher K. Gay Intrigue Carrol Hart Battle Chief Ambroee Bargain Miss 7 Mightv Mousse Andy Joe REIGH CANTER Lady Rowena Reigh Canter Reign Canter 12 4 LadyRowena Pennwoven Mighty Mousse Mighty Mousse Pennwoven Mighty Mousse 11 Pennwoven Mighty Mousse Pennwoven Buck Me Mighty Mousse _ Lady Rowena 7 Controversity Controversity Controversity CONTROVERSITY CONTRVRSITY 27 5Controversitv Golden Pelt Golden Pelt Winter Circuit Golden Pelt Golden Pelt Golden Pelt 9 Seriosolo Mibelaire Golden Pelt Seriosolo Winter Circuit Winter Circuit 3 Scherzo Dixville DIXVILLE Cullerton Dixville 23 6DIXVILLE Cullerton Dixville Cullerton Round n Round Dixville Cullerton 10 Red Romeo Round n Round Red Romeo Cullerton Red Romeo Round n Round 3 Dream Comfort Tetragina Madam Jeep Dream Comfort Holly Mac Dream Comfort 12 7 Boling Polly Holly Mac Holly Mac Nostalgic Madam Jeep Hollv Mac 9 Ridgie Dream Comfort Dream Comfort Boling Polly Ridgie Madam Jeep 7 Harbour ton SPECIFIC Harbour ton Lease Hound Harbour ton Harbourton 17 8 Fourteen Grand Lease Hound Specific Fourteen Grand Airdrome Specific 10 Lyles First Harbourton Fourteen Grand Harbourton Specific Lease Hound 7 Trackman, J. R. Batty AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Bookworm Prism Prism Prism Pacoy Prism 17 1 Belluno Palmer Method Pacoy Reinforce Bookworm Bookworm 9 Prism Bookworm Clear Path Bookworrtb. ;«p*. "*% Prism Pacoy 7 Inchcapella Inchcapella Our Gay Blue W. Inchcaoella 17 2Inchcapella Sign Here Blue W. Blue W. Blue W. Inchcapella Blue W. 12 Blue W. Sign Here Balan Balan Balan Our Gay 5 Fiddlers Choice El Arabi Fiddlers Choice Fiddlers Choice Fiddlers Choice Fiddlers Choice 22 3 Tourelay Fiddlers Choice El Arabi El Arabi Tourelay El Arabi 11 El Arabi Tourelay Tourelay Tourelay El Arabi Tourelay 7 Mr. Midnight Torch of War Torch of War Torch of War Game Chance Torch of War 19 4 Torch of War Last Word Game Chance Last Word Torch of War Game Chance 7 Belfoster Country Coz Mr. Midnight Marsh Tiger Last Word Mr. Midnight 6 Raes Reward ANCESTOR Ancestor Ancestor Ancestor 19 5GIORGETTI Raes Reward Ancestor Color Guard ■ Raes Reward Giorgetti Giorgetti 11 I Color Guard Giorgetti Raes Reward Giorgetti Raes Reward Raes Reward 11 Out Point Mostest Nullify OUT POINT OUT POINT Out Point 23 6 Guard of Honor Out Point Out Point Nullify Mostest Most°st 10 Mostest Nullify Mostest Mostest Guard of Honor Nullify 8 Taran Taran Pibroch Pibroch Taran 13 7TheSr»aniel Tar an Highauillo Pibroch Gillie Young Ellen Deas Pibroch 12 , Ellen Deas Novel Request Ellen Deas Taran The Spaniel The Spaniel 6 ~ Detective DETECTIVE * Detective Detective Rope Trick DETECTIVE 24 8 Cisaua Rope Trick Rooe Trick Whissendine Detective Rope Trick 9 Count Victor Big Time Halcyara Cisaua Count Victor Cisaua 3 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made tor Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Elfkin ELFKIN Quick Imperial Elfkin Elfkin 24 ! IElfkin Helicon Quick Imperial Quick Imperial Elfkin Quick Imperial Quick Imperial 11 Brown Warrior Fighting Harp Brown Warrior Helicon Fighting Harp Helicon 3 Curtain Time PisgahRoad Blue Fedora Curtain Time Curtain Time Curtain Time 19 2 Crew Cut Curtain Time Curtain Time Blue Fedora Sherry Blue Fedora 8 Sherry Sherry Locks Pisgah Road Blue Fedora Pisgah Road I I ISASMOOTHIE ISASMOOTHIE Isasmoothie ISASMOOTHIE Isasmoothie ISASMOOTHIE 31 3~ Dont Argue Dont Argue Game Gene Dont Argue . Dont Argue Dont Argue 8 I Game Gene Game Gene White Cliff Game Gene White Cliff Game Gene 5 Jerrys Best Inanabout Toreador Flying Weather Agrarian-U 9 4Agrarian-U Toreador Agrarian-U Rissas Son Agrarian-U Rissas Son Toreador 7 « Jerrys Best Inanabout Tidehead Flying Weather Tidehead Flying Weather 6 Ace Fighting Lark Neds Ace Four Jacks Four Jacks Four Jacks 15 5Neds Battle Ace Four Jacks Four Jacks Fighting Lark Fighting Lark Neds Ace 13 Four Jacks Neds Ace Miss Broadway Neds Ace Neds Ace Fighting Lark 9 ! Dash-O-Lisht Dash-O-Light Ed the Great Ed the Great Ed the Great Ed the Great 17 6 Quick Arrival Ed the Great Dash-O-Light Bombazine Dash-O-Light Dash-O-Light 15 Whirlaron Bombazine Bombazine Dash-O-Light Whirlaron Bombazine 4 Whisk-Off High Trend Vamanos Whisk-Off THASIAN HERO Thasian Hero 14 7 Vamanos Thasian Hero Thasian Hero Thasian Hero High Trend High Trend 9 ■ Thasian Hero Vamanos High Trend High Trend Vamanps Vamanos 9 3 King Midas Timein King Midas Timein Hindi King Midas 12 8 Thiercelin Sunnyman Timein Hindi Dorada Timein 12 1 Dutoit King Midas Hindi Thiercelin King Midas Hindi 8 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track e RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS • - Maabrook Ballyneety Buck n Gee Buck n Gee Tahiti Buck n Gee 12 I Tahiti Hellcat BurnhamWood BurnhamWood Maabrook Maabrook 8 Ballyneety Buck n Gee Maabrook Mid Stream Buck n Gee Tahiti 7 ] Romantype Romantype ROMANTYPE Romantype Romantype 27 ] 2Romantype Soundings Bay Orders Gallalad Gallalad Lets Dance Gallalad • 6 1 Gallalad Soundings Bay Orders Jolirab Gallalad Soundings 3 t Beaupre Beaupre Beaupre BEAUPRE BEAUPRE 27 3Beaupre Brimful V. P. I. Clef Astronomer Astronomer Astronomer Astronomer 8 f Astronomer Astronomer Brimful V. P. I. Clef Brimful Brimful 4 k Test Pattern Third Ace FIGHTING MAD Third Ace Third Ace Third Ace 19 t 4 Third Ace Test Pattern Third Ace Fighting Mad Orb Fighting Mad 10 Orb Fighting Mad Orb Orb Test Pattern Test Pattern 8 Hellespont Old.Pat Kaster Kaster Kaster Kaster 17 5 Kaster Hellespont Revel-On Hellespont Joe Ray Jr. Hellespont 10 Old Pat Revel-On Joe Ray Jr. Old Pat Hellespont Old Pat 7 REFEREE Screaming Mimi Screaming Mimi Referee Referee 20 I 6REFEPi;e Screaming Mimi Flaming Fool Referee Challa Rock Screaming Mimi Screaming Mimi 15 r Kensington Ted Screaming Mimi Challa Rock Referee Kensington Ted Challa Rock 3 i Prepared Prepared Rocky Reef Buzfuz Prepared Prepared 17 r 7 Vals Kid Hilda Buzfuz Prepared Buzfuz Buzfuz 9 j; Rocky Reef Rocky Reef Vals Kid Hilda Vals Kid Rocky Reef 7 E March Chick Bougent White Hawk Boston Gray White Hawk White Hawk 10 s 8 Boston Gray Turnpike Riopling Hero Turnpike Boston Gray Boston Gray 9 v Turn- March Chick March Chick Rippling Hero March Chick March Chick 81 :

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