Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1958-05-12

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DAILY R A C I N G F 0 R M E X P E R T S S E L JE C T I 0 N S SFigures Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 points 2 points for 2d 1 point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type Trackman J J Murphy BALMORAL AT WASHINGTON Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Aldavenger Atomic Jet Arthur JayCee Arthur JayCee JayCeeAldayenger Aldavenger Aldavenger 1 1Arthur Exedra Aldayenger Atomic Jet Aldayenger Arthur JayCee Arthur JayCee 1 Play Chuck AldayengerGarrison Garrison Aldavehger AldayengerGarrison Garrison Atomic Jet Atomic Jet 8 Hermanita Second String Ali 0K Ali 0K Ali 0K Ali OK v Blanchard RomanLu Boul Mich Blanchard Royal Page Blanchard Dream Girl Rosemere Greer Blanchard Boul Mich Boul Mich Hermanita The Posse Air Out Andre Andre Equal Strife Andre Reclaim Reclaim Equal Strife The Posse Reclaim Equal Strife Herman L Spiel Air Outf Reclaim Sea Trial Reclaim 7 LITTLE PACHE PACHEEstacion Smoke Veil Betty Linn Melody Mine Melody Mine Melody Mine Estacion Estacion Smoke Veil Little Pache Woodlawn Little Pache Melody Mine EstacionWoodlawri Woodlawri Melody Mine Woodlawn Betty Limr Smoke Veil Mambo Man BitOSport Mt Olivet MamboMan MAMBO MAN Mambo Man 0 0Mt Free and Busy Mt Olivet Mambo Man BitOSport Free and Busy Mt Olivet OlivetFree Mt Olivet Free and Busy Free dnd Busy Free and Busy Tyus Free and Busy 7 Last and Only Raising Cain Choice Double Last and Only Some Front Last Only 1 1Some Golden Hue Some Front Some Front Gentleman Al Golden Hue Some Front Volition Last and Only Last and Only Golden Hue Gentleman Al Choice Double Dark Vintage DARK VINTAGE VINTAGEPattys DARK VINTAGE VINTAGEPattys Dark Vintage Dark Vintage DARK VINTAGE 29 29Pattys Marcy Belle Pattys Choice Pattys Choice Pattys Choice Pattys Choice Pattys Choice 9 Pattys Choice Little Kid Blue Madam Marcy Belle Blue Madam Marcy Belle 3 Leather Button Alarullah Alarullah ALARULLAH Dark Mahogany Alarullah 1 1Leather Circle Out Rockmoore Rockmoore Leather ALARULLAHLeather Button Leather Button Leather Button Alarullah Le Mieux Mr J T Noble Greer Le Mieux DarkMohogany i Too Too Fussy Sailor s Knot Sailors Knot Remand Remand Sailors Knot 11 Easy Traffic Wire Line Too Too Fussy Bozi Fun Lover Remand 10 10Too Billiards Fun Lover Bozi Sailors Knot Wire Line Too Too Fusy 7 Trackman J N Lyon CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI CONSENSUS Bemenesian Foxette Noble Warrior Mischief Miss Jamaica Mischief Miss i FoxetteBemenesian Easy Me Bemenesian Mischief Miss EasyMe Mischief Miss Noble Warrior BemenesianEasyMe Noble Warrior EasyMe Foxette Noble Warrior Doctor Hi Bemenesian Matrix Matrix Bimballet Miss Temper Matrix MatrixBimballet Matrix Bimballet Lord McCaw Miss Temper Quick Master Plumeria Bimballet ju juMiss Floonicht Mere Bimballet Quick Master Bimballet Bimballet Miss Temper Pee Wee WeeTwo Pee Wee PEE WEE WEERoyal Iked Two Six Charlie Pee Wee Two Six Charlie CharlieEl El Arab Royal Clove Pee Wee Pee Wee Two Six Charlie CharlieIked El Arab Beau Count Larch Royal Clove Larch Iked i J J Flamgan Moocher Ann Rutledge WithMusic With Music MusicMoocher With Music Carlyns Record Carolyns Record With Music Ann Rutledge Moocher MoocherDale Moocher MoocherAnn Moocher Dale Hollow Moocher Wise Fleet Dale Hollow Ann Rutledge LITTLE FITZ FITZRed LITTLE FITZ FITZCuvier Little Fitz LITTLE FITZ FITZMiss LITTLE FITZ FITZLady LITTLE FITZ FITZRed Red Baby Cuvier Boy Red Baby Miss Telephone Lady Grace Red Baby BabyLady Miss Telephone Red Baby Lady Grace Green Heels Cuvier Boy f Lady Grace 3 Mr Fantastic Mr Fantastic Mince Pie Mince Pie Mr Fantastic Mr Fantastic Mince Pie Cosmic Force Star Rover Mr Fantastic Star Rover Mince Pie Star Rover Star Rover Mr Fantastic Floridian Mince Pie Star Rover I Valley View Bush M Its a Gem Repress Valley View Valley View ViewBush Bush M Fitty Fleet Valley View Its a GenT Bush M Bush M MIts Its a Gem Valley View Bush M Valley View Foxy Battler Its a Gem Lynnzrook Road RoadIngress Lynnbrook Road Ingress Ingress Ingress Ingress 17 17lynnbrook IngressNagoya Ingress Nagoya IngressLynnbrf Lynnbrf ook Road Nagoya County Air lynnbrook Road 14 Nagoya County Air Nagpya Lynnbrook Road Lynnbrook Road Nagoya 6 Trackman D S Fair BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HEP P CONSENSUS South Point PointLaheim SOUTH POINT POINTLaheim The Hon SOUTH POINT POINTGreat The Hon South Point Laheim LaheimPrepat Laheim Nanette Great Caesar South Point The Hon Prepat The Hon Once a Year PrePat Laheim Laheim Title Page Village Idiot Rickover Prince of Paris Village Idiot Village Idiot Prince of Paris Prince of Paris Village Idiot Rickover Andrew Alan Prince of Paris Highland Brigade Title Page Highland Brigade AndrewAlan Title Page Rickover Maverick n Maverick n Maverick n Bronze Cloud Maverick n MAVERICK H HBronze Gallic Chief Darlington n Bronze Cloud Maverick n Bronze Cloud Bronze Cloud Dancing Jay Baroda Boy Baroda Boy Darlington IE Baroda Boy Darlington H Atlas Missile Manahplay Hasty Admiral Atlas Missile MissileRevolutionist Sherry Prince Atlas Missile Flint River Sherry Prince Flint River Revolutionist RevolutionistManahplay Middle Brother Sherry Prince Hasty Admiral Middle Brother Middle Brother Manahplay Flint River Manahplay POLAMBY POLAMBYTwo Polamby Two Cent Stamp Lopar TWO CENT STMP Two Cent Stamp Two Cent Stamp Any Mom Countess Marcy Polamby PolambyAny Countess Marcy Polamby Lopar Lopar Any Mom Two Cent Stamp Any Morn Lopar Bull Strength StrengthCohoes Portersville PortersvilleGelio BULL STRENGTH Cohoes King Hairan HairanCohoes Bull Strength StrengthCohoes Cohoes Gelio Cohoes Portersville Cohoes Cohoes CohoesPortersville GelioBull CohoesBull CohoesPortersville Portersville Bull Strength Portersville King Hairan Bull Strength Portersville Martins Rullah Misty Flight Martins Rullah Martins Rullah Liberty Ruler Martins Rullah Start Counting Clandestine Start Counting Start Counting Nasco NascoClandestine Start Counting Piano Jim Sir Robby Pundit Misty Flight Clandestine Misty Flight Early Branch Beau Sourire Dead Indian IndianBaleville Dead Indian IndianBaleville Simple Star Dead Indian Dead Indian Meticulous Baleville Baleville Dead Indian Baleville BalevilleMeticulous BalevilleMeticulous Baleville Dead Indian Meticulous Meticulous Single Stroke Early Branch Trackman E P Heagerty PIMEICO RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track I RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST CONSENSUS Fly way Flyer Trapeze Doll Trapeze Doll Trapeze Doll Trapeze Doll Trapeze Doll 2 I i City Wide WideSandras Rhy Tint His Proof City Wide City Wide Flyway Flyer 7 7City Sandras Choice Cosmic Bess Rhy Tint Flyway Flyer Flyway Flyer City Wide R Mr Jocko Solo Artist Solo Artist ArtistReverent Solo Artist Whataman Solo Artist 1 1Whataman Reverent Whataman Reverent Draw Near Draw Near Whataman ReverentFey WhatamanMr Pundonor Fey Fey Mr Jocko Fey Mr Jocko i Noble Foot Vincere Noble Foot Noble Foot Noble Foot Noble Foot 22 22Jumping Jumping Admiral Noble Foot Meadow Fox Jumping Admiral Jumping Admiral Jumping Admiral 7 Count Nero Meadow Fox Jumping Admiral Count Nero Vincere Vincere R i Bettyson HANWAR Bettyson Bettyson HANWAR Bettyson 1 1Hanwar HANWARBettyson HANWARBettyson L Lost Holiday Bettyson Hanwar Grand Opera Bettyson Hanwar 1 1Grand I Hanwar Grand Opera Grand Opera Hanwar Grand Oper Grand Opera TIEN SHAN SHANCopy Copy Book Tien Shan Tien Shan Tien Shan Tien Shan 24 24Copy Copy Book Tien Shan Copy Book Fortunate Copy Book Copy Book I1 I1Fortunate Fortunate Fortunate Arietta Arietta Fortunate Fortunate Rival Hunter Fair Question Bubble Fame Noble Court Bubble Fame Bubble Fame 1 Major Watson Bubble Fame Erlens Joy Bubble Fame Erlens Joy Rival Hunter Erlens Joy Major Watson Rival Hunter Rival Hunter Fair Question Fair Question 6 SPECIALGon Fishin Gone Fishm Lil Fella Lil Fella Lil Fella Lil Fella 19 19Gone 1 Lil Fella FellaStaysail Lil Fella Gone Fishin Staysail Gone Fishin Gone Fishin 15 Staysail Staysail Staysail Gone Fishiri Staysail Staysail i Amico Amicoi Amico AMICO AMICO Amico AMICO AMICOTee AMICOTee AmicoAdmiral AMICOTee i Little Wolf Tee Shirt Tee Shirt Tee Shirt Admiral John Tee Shirt Tee Shirt Admiral John Admiral John Admiral John Nayantara Admiral John Flint Rose Kitchawan Flint Rose Speed o Light Flint Rose Flint Rose 1 1Speed Speed o Light Flint Rose Hunters Dish Hunters Dish Speed o Light Speed o Light Hunters Dish Maes Birthday Medal Man Kitchawan Kitchawan Kitchawan 7 Trackman W C Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS CONSENSUS Hill Top Gem Next to Closing ClosingElevate Prince Andy AndyElevate Next to Closing Peticle Next to Closing i i Elevate ElevateDieddahFox Elevate ElevateNext Elevate Convil Faut Dugan Prince Andy I Prince Andy DieddahFox Next to Closing Hill TOP Gem Next to Closing Satans Mate Satans Mate SATANS MATE Satans Mate Satans Mate SATANS MATE 27 Moraine Our Emblem Three Cubs Three Cubs Our Emblem Three Cubs 5 5Docteur Three Cubs Docteur Docteur Docteur Docteur Docteur 4 Spooky Cadet Trojan Quest Trojan Quest Spooky Cadet Johnny Reb Trojan Quest i Troj an Quest Johnny Reb Johnny Reb Shellvick v Trojan Quest Spooky Cadet li Shellvick Cri de Guerre Shellvick Troian Quest Spooky Cadet Johnny Reb 9 Pebble Bold DARK FATE FATEGala Senor Moe Dark Fate Dark Fate Dark Fate Dark Fate Gala Bomb Dark Fate Gala Bomb Jennies Joy Pebble Bold I On the Alert Harvest Cutie Dark Look Dark Look Gala Bomb Senor Moe Princeton I Geegee I Geegee I Geegee GeegeePrinceton Jet Mark I Geegee GeegeePrinceton Halfway Princeton Jet Mark Princeton Maitre De Princeton PrincetonHalfway PrincetonJet Jet Mark Maitre De Zippy Halfway Halfway Jet Mark R Sun King Dandy Blitzen Dandy Blitzen Dandy Blitzen DEEP STUDY STUDYBalmacara Dandy Blitzen I Balmacara Deep Study Deep Study Deep Study Balmacara Deep Study i iSun Dandy Blitzen My Warrior My Warrior Royal Clipper Dandy Blitzen Sun King i IRATE IRATEI Pucker Up UpIrate Pucker Up UpItobe ITOBEIrate ITOBE Pucker Up UpIrate Pucker Up UpIrate I Pucker Up Irate Itobe Irate Irate Irate IrateItobe ItobeIrate IrateItobe IrateItobe Brandy B Itobe Irate Pucker UP Itobe Itobe 11 Chuck Thompson Guarico Voyante Galarch Voyante Voyante i iGalarch I Galarch Galarch Galarch Voyante Galarch Galarch 1 1Chuck i Voyante Chuck Thompson Cobber Chuck Thompson Cobber Chuck Thmpsn V

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