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TEEMS 0.00 DAILY ONE HORSE A DAY JtEAD U3I AD WEEP, HOYS "BAXG" AXJ OXCE MORE tVE W-O-X YESTERDAYS SPECIAL WAS: Huey, 4-1, Won Were you with "WILLIAM BRADY" yesterday? If not then YOU can ses for yourself -what you "LOST" yesterday, for not being with "ME." AND THIS MAKES NINE "STRAIGHT WINNERS." Wednesday HUEY 4-1, Won Tuesday SEQUEL 5-1, Won Monday LONG POINT 15-1, Won Saturday ST. QUENTIN 8-1, Won Friday FRIGHTFUL 8-1, Won Thursday RICHELIEU 4-1, Won Wednesday RUBIEN 6-1, Won Tuesday ST. NICHOLAS .6-1, Won Monday TOD RENESOR 30-1, Won JACK. I BEAT YOU nCDln I WEIL. TOM, IF YOUtiL 0 BET ON MY fOROVLR ii.OOOL- VtiIl- lKltPTHrtOPISHWMIt PAY OH -f RILMO-WrtUAWI I OAX YOU will SMAIt . . . . ,. .- iWLLL, BfDvsiNoaMAoHy vVr - "SPECIALS LAST WEEK p iBll Won ,350 jJk Note: These winners were iiled HiPffliL ImBS jA hours in advance with this paper. IHliS . MY "PROMISE" TO YOU nHSHr IP 1 DONT MAKE YOU A ,500 SHli Hill "WINNER" AT THE END OP SIX illffiL DAYS, I WILL GIVE YOU AN- OTHER SEX DAYS "FREE." aSK This may surprise you but it dont surprise tlie tiil?- SSraHaHSp "clients" I have. If you were ons of those msPill i1 hSJ clients, you also, wouldnt be surprised, even if I HBliw 53,70 you wonJr straight winners. Nuff sed. We mffV Y0XJ wotrLD BE WILLING TO PAY ?100 A DAY jjub, yr-r". you ony knew whero this info comes from, that gg8giin? I give you for only 0 a day. I have now 985 "daily clients." I want 300 more clients, as I " r "WANT TO BE YOUR "SANTA CLAUS." Let the bookmakers pay for your Christmas gifts. I assure you ono week with me, "WILLIAM BEADY," will get you all the Christinas gifts you need. WHY LOSE YOUR MONEY WHEN I CAN MAKE YOU WIN? Urn making those 985 clients that I have now $. If you are not one of those 985, then you still have time to get yours? by starting today end being with "WILLIAM BRADY" right along. I WILL GIVE ,000 "GIFT" TO ANY CHARITY if I did not give the above winners. If you want to be satisfied that I gave these winners, write me and I will send you some letters of my clients showing and convincing you that I did give these winners. WHY NOT JOIN THE PROCESSION AND REAP THE 0 instead of reading my ads day after day, and see where I am putting em over at big odds. I am to ths race players what Duns and Bradstrcets is to the mercantile world. I HAVE ANOTHER "WINNER" TODAY SHOULD PAY 10 TO 1 OR BETTER. If you aTe wise. ; ou will rush to the nearest telegraph office and send your 0 for todays winner. If you only knew what I know of this one today, you would be willing to pay 100 times the price. Get yourself set to knock em off the stools today. Address WILLIAM BRADY Tlu ararkcen Hotel, Suite 215, Comer Main and TJtica Sts. Buffalo, 2f. T. Two Horses rJiL "The Man Who a Day StjfiBSVWBi Produced Most 0 Daily LsKKk. Winners NO WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTIONS ONCE AGAIN PHEN03I FOLLOWERS WALLOPED THE LAYING GENTRY PHENOM WIRED YESTERDAY: HUEY 4-1, Won LUCIFER 2-1, Won 1 TODAY TODAY TODAY The Phenoms release is backed by the shrewdest sharpshooters in the country. Good boys have been engaged to ride. Todays double is considered as good as in. City clients, call. Out-of-town clients wire early. THE PHENOM AT NEW ORLEANS I am on the grounds, personally, at Jefferson Park, supervising a few private specials for some of the "largest operators" in the country. All private specials will be included in my two horso daily service, which is released daily through my New York office. With the assistance of my exclusive connections, I will produce results at the New Orleans meetings that will startle "the turf world." They call me 1 The Phenom" on all principal race tracks for the phenomenal results I produced. Owing to my high standing on all principal Tace tracks it is impossible to give my identity to the rr.eing public, as my reputation would be jeopardized. My connections include information from owners, trainers and jockeys, who will always be my pals. PHENOM WIRED TUESDAY: SFOUEL Von TALE QUA 5-2, Won bJtjUJj PHENOM WIRED MONDAY: c1 Wo GORGET -uon uruivi, JIAUfcl i C -i-i " " PHENOM WIRED FRIDAY: - THE j ill, VINTNER -w 4-5, Won FREEZY SNEEZY 2-1, Third PHENOM WIRED THURSDAY: KPTfiS UUJ 3- Won BUTTRESS" .. .V. . ..Third bL PHENOM WIRED WEDNESDAY: CHANNEL JlA Won RUBIEN C-l, Won PHENOM WIRED TUESDAY: Bllll UTTTTRESS 9-10 Won PRINCE Iv 9-2, Won PHENOM WIRED MONDAY: GAYLY . Won CORINTH 3-1, Won Phenom Wirefl Saturday: Phenom Wired Thursday: Phenom Wired Tuesday: Fscolane 10-1, Won Kinsman 2-1, Won Dave Goldic C-l, Wor, JSca Court S-l, Won Boot Black Third Elsnss 13-5, Won Phenom Wired Friday: Phenom Wired Wednesday: Phenom Wired Monday: KniBhts Bridge ..20-1, Won Gayly 15-1, Won Good Will IS-, Won Waukulla 9-5, Won Brinkley 13-5, Won Pete the Scribe ..7-2, Won Remit 0, at once, for one days service and be convinced of profitable results. Wire remittance, giving correct address, to avoid delay. Address all communications. THE PHENOM 799 BROADWAY ROOM 223 NEW YORK CITX Two Horses Daily Terms: 0.00 Daily "Well" - "Well" Once More We Won WEDNESDAYS TWO HORSES: Dust Flower 9-2, Won Lucifer 2-1, Won And my advice was parlay them strong, to win only, and a 00 parlay won and paid ,800.00. - TUESDAYS TWO HORSES: LOVELINESS 4-1, Won AL LEVY ...7-2, Won And a 00 parlay won and paid ,750. MONDAYS TWO HORSES: MABEL C C-l, Won GOLDEN LOCKS 5-1, Won And a 00 parlay won and paid ,500.00. ,000 Reward ,000 Will be given to any person or persons, who can prove that the horses advertised above and below, were not filed with this paper and released to my clients five hours before post time. LOOK AT THESE WINNERS I HAVE GIVEN MY CLIENTS CANYON 5-1, Won DUSKY BELLE S3S.10, Won JUDGE PRYOR .....30, Won MISS WHISK .10, Won JOHNNY JEWELL 7-2, Won PETER PAUL 4.30, Won MISS VAAL 5.90, Won AUNTIE MILLIN 5.40, Won SLEIVEBLOOM 15-1, Won PANIC 2.20, Won JOELLA J .,..1.70, Won SATELLITE ... 2.90, Won CHANNEL 715-1, Won EAGER 0.60, Won ESCOLANE 10-1, Won SLATE 4.60, Won KNIGHTS BRIDGE 20-1, Won NOTE LOVE y9.00, Won . GRAEME .20, Won HANDEL 2.10, Won WARFARE 12-1, Won SENOR 3.20, A Von .TAUNEBAR 4-1, AVo.n ETHEREAL BLUE .40, AVon SWINGING AVon VILLAGER 6.70, AVon ELEMENTAL .70, AVon BALLOT BRUSH .50, AVon TINAMOU 2.80, AVori ENSLAVED .40, AVon LADDIE BUCK .8.00, AVon HOCK POCKET .70, AVon PENSIVE ..6.10, AVon MARY AGNES .30, .10, 2nd HOMING BIRD 4.00, AVon EDINBURGH 5.80, AVon FRENCH CANADIAN 1.50, AVon GOLD MOUNT 5.30, AVon VRANA .50, AVon LADY CLASSEN 0.80, AVon STIMULUS 0.80, AVon KING ONEILL II 59.80, AVon - I HAVE TAVO MORE AVINNERS TODAY "g "WOW" Boys, you have no idea what I have for you today. You see my position doss not permit mo to talk too much, but I can say this to you If you let these two winners get away from you today, then you have yourself to blame. Thats all I can say. Now, it is up to you. Dont hesitate, but rush your subscription at once, by wire, or call at our office. Address FRANK H. CCBURN EOOM 36 " 8 PARK ROW NEW YORK CITY Frank Odom HORSES ONLY WHEN POSITIVELY READY "I T0LDY0U SO" YESTERDAYS "MAIDEN" SPECIAL: President, 6-5, Won Was I right! I hope to say so. But the reason for this short price was simply because thousands of dollars went back to the- track on President. Otherwise, you can rest assured. You Would Get 10-1 "Or Better" but it goes to show you, "I had the goods," as this President was 50-1 last start and was not 1, 2, 3 in the last eight starts. And now, here I send him out and advise to plunge, win only. Does not this convince you that "I get the right stuff!" All clients must remit winnings, as agreed, in order to get todays horse. "LOOK" "LOOK" Another Winner TODAY TODAY I have something today that will make your hair stand up. Why, this one today comes from the samo source that put over yesterdays "maiden." But you can rest assured You Will Get "Smashing" Big Prices Today And I "warn" you for your benefit, try to hold out on your wager as Ion? as possible, because, if you do so, you can rest assured you will get a "big price" on this "hot" one I have today. MY RECORD OF WINNERS AND THE ONLY HORSES RELEASED: TUESDAYS WINNER: Sequel 5-1, Won Theo 8-1, Won SATURDAYS HORSE: Bradleys Toney 3-2, Won FRIDAYS HORSE: Kinsman Lost WEDNESDAYS HORSE: Channel 15-1, Won TUESDAYS HORSE: Sleivebloom 15-1, Won MONDAYS HORSE: Tod Renesor .30-1, Won Why. if you only knew what I know of the one I going TODAY you would be willing to pay ! ,000 to Get This One ! DONT HESITATE. If you let this opportunity get away from you today, you never will forgive yourself. Mr. Player, if you wish to participate in 1 this winner today, rush .00 by Western Union or 1 Postal Telegraph and agree to send mo the winnings of a five-dollar straight play and deduct the .00 1 you sand after you have collected the winnings. FRANK ODOM 5 COURT SQUARE SUITE 9 BROOKLYN, N. Y. AT ALL NEWSSTANDS GOING STRONG AGAIN, YES SIR, WHAT A Smashing Gean-Up Yesterday when our code, President, woo, and yesterdays adv. big Special Poppye, 2-1, Won I tell you we are mopping up again. Today Another Bear-Cat AT JEFFERSON 6-1 on this trick. I tell you I got this one in the strongest way to GO THE LIMIT AGAIN. FOR THIS TRICK RUSH RIGHT NOW TO YOUR NEWSDEALER AND ASK FOR THE Daily Master Clocker Mailed 2 weeks, ; 1 week, . Address 440 S. Dearborn St. Chicago. Pay From Your Profits THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average profit of at least 0 a day on the scale of play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to J. K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach, Fla. Monthly Form Book Is On Sale j containing charts of all races run on recognized tracks in North America during the month of. November. FltlCE .00 DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT :: CHICAGO. ILL. 157-159 EAST 32ND STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y". 320 EAST 3RD STREET. CINCINNATI. OHIO 50 RICHMOND STREET, EAST, TORONTO, OUT. DAILY RACING GUIDE HAS THE WINNERS BUY IT EVERY DAY FOLLOW DAILY RACING GUIDE FIRST WITH THE LATEST

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