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jBmWKr AMERICAS MOST FAMOUS COLORED CLOCKER » SATURDAYS frARLAY: LOSERS ADVERTISED SAME AS WINNERS FRCH KNIGHT, .00, .50, 2nd DR. FREELAND, .02, .78, 3rd u did THE "SAME CONNECTIONS" THAT "SENT" THESE TWO "SMASHING" PARLAYS: ui HOMER L., 4.70, WON DARK HOPE, 4.90, WON . CIVILIAN, 0.80, WON BAND WAGON, $ 9.50, WON Tell m« to IRCE ALL MY FOLLOWERS to b« prepared MONDAY for A REAL CLEANUP. 0 * odds anticipated, and THE "SKY IS THE LIMIT." DONT let a few dollar! itand in your way. A "SMART" wi PLAYER is ALWAYS WILLING to pay for "REAL WINNING INFORMATION." SUBSCRIBE AT ONCE n AND LEAVE THE REST TO ME. All "J TERMS, DAILY. OUT-OF-TOWNERS, REMIT BY WIRE AND RECEIVE PROMPT REPLY. City players, call at office or phone DEARBORN 3610-3629 and receive parlay in plain sealed envelope by FAST MESSENGER no charge for messenger service. SAM CLARK, 127 North Dearborn St., Suite 1435-37, Chicago, HI. and ■V WRITE FOR SAMPLE COPY OF MY WINNING BOOKLET "»■ I st 1, Americas Authority on Racing 3mL + file fl Rwj J U THE TURFS NEWEST AND BEST MONTHLY ■■"■fj Y LI j T AT ALL NEWSSTANDS T T 70 PER CENT WINNERS! CAN YOU BEAT THAT RECORD? 70 PER CENT POST TIME FREE CODE RELEASES : BETWEEN MAY 1 AND JUNE 10 ACHIEVED THIS AMAZING AND REMARKABLE RECORD— TRY AND MATCH IT, NO MATTER WHAT YOU PAY! 24 WINNERS; 4 SECONDS; 0 THIRDS; 7 LOSERS; 3 SCRATCHES BEAT THAT— IF YOU CAN! AND ITS FREE!— FREE!— FREE! 70 PER CENT WINNERS! I ; FRIDAYS CARMAC WINNERS: X CHATUGA, % 5.20 CARSONO, % 5.70 1 I s BUDDIE TREACY, 13.00 NESCONSET, 3 to 5 j EVERGOLD, 4.08 LADY HIGLOSS, 2 to 1 KWAMUDI, 6.64 TINTAGEL, 1 to 2 CROWNED HEAD, 6.40 SUN LILY, 8.00 j GLITTER GLOW, 5.20 MISS DOLLY, 7.00 J t SKY HAVEN, 6.40 PENABUD, 3.25 [ Where can you get winners like that EVERY DAY FOR ONE MONTH for only j 25 cents? Only in POST TIME, for Carmacs Ratings are an exclusive feature of j POST TIME, and can be obtained nowhere else. POST TIME gives you WINNERS j EVERY DAY FOR A MONTH, not only Carmac winners, but in the famous POST I TIME FREE CODE RELEASES, too. I For 25 cents you can buy POST TIME, the turfs smartest magazine, well worth j • I twice or three times the price. In POST TIME, you receive, free, the codes for the cur- ! rent month. Three red hot codes weekly are yours FOR NOTHING, codes that are ! j i advertised in all leading daily racing publications. j I BUY POST TIME TODAY AND RECEIVE POST TIME FREE CODES FOR ONE MONTH j i ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO ! » POST TIME J 421 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. j 4 | I ; SYSTOLOGY ] l SEPTEMBER CHILD, 3.00, WON V j IRISH WAKE, 0.06, WON i ■ MORRIS R., 6.20, WON 1 j * If you got the above three horses for , would you consider it a bargain, - , j J something that showed a profit and returned your investment? S I ANSWER THAT QUESTION ; « THEN CO FARTHER ALONG THE LINE AND SCAN THE FOLLOWING: C j f WHANGDOODLE, 4.80, WON WINSLOW, 8.80, WON [ L DNIEPER, 3.68, WON i 5 I GIBBYS CHOICE, 1.66, WON . JAKE BLIEDEN, 1.20, WON I TWIDGETS, 0.00, WON I , i And a List of Winners as Long as Your Arm, the Majority of Them Horses c j 4 * You Know You Would Not Pick Yourself f ■ ASK YOURSELF— "IS IT WORTH THE PRICE?" I LOOK AGAIN AT THE LIST ABOVE I i It j ; SYSTOLOGY— 5 ls Good for the Remainder of Your Life — Eight Complete Systems 1 j One System — The Law of Average — Picked the Above Winners I Dont Waste Any More Time— The Opportunity Is There— Buy Systology A J 9 USE THIS COUPON J PLYMOUTH SUPPLY CO., DEPT. G. G. | 1 443 Plymouth Ct., Chicago, I1L: £ 5 Please send me one copy of SYSTOLOGY. Enclosed find . j NAME I I ADDRESS Jl i CITY STATE 5 F of tTt-AJI ■ hoHimm mJL »*JI# " m*Jb* * m*fb* »s«J|fi »*Jb i — aIJih hsIWIm * LIVE WIRE TURF WEEKLY Sold on All Newsstands— Price, 15 Cents SATURDAYS CODE PARLAY WON AGAIN MONDAYS CODE PARLAY: NARRA.— Packard-33-71. DETROIT— Lincoln-39-29. payi for Parlay Code Card for six days. Also Narragansett Clockers Code Card, one horse daily, for Narragaasett meeting. Mondays Narrm. Clockers: Extra-B»U«-»4-z72. CLOCKERS REVIEW FOR SALE AT ALL NEWSSTANDS— 35c PER COPY 26 Years of Successful Service 14648The Monte Carlotf SSBankers System14648 HAS WON PLENTY ON CAPITAL * S«e pages 6 and 7, Clockers Review, for further m details, Mondays Durante Parlay: *~ NARRA.— Cadillac-41-27. NARRA.— Pontiac-33-14. |5 pays for six days* code parlays. » u did ui . * wi n All "J and ■■■MSVissssssHissiiss T" Saturdays Parlay: iTHEmcjNALffLjjmcJ CHINESE INDIAN, .00, WON NOT UP TO USUAL STANDARD LAST WEEK— We Offer No Alibis But vou must agree when horses have to run through a "PLOWED FIELD" as they at both DETROIT and WASHINGTON last week, the best laid plans can go wrong under these freak conditions. But you can rest assured— sWWeil Have the Enemy "Bookies* Begging for Mercy This Week-*» NEW SUBSCRIBERS to go the LIMIT on every of OLD and I urge every one my PARLAY we Telease this7 coming week. CONNECTIONS ARE STEPPING »J WINNERS" that win AMAZE YOUM! "UNDERCOVER with plenty of LONG SHOT mm* "MR. PLAYER"— CAN YOU USE 00 MONDAY ? ? ? tfl you need is a BET on my parfay Monday to WIN YOURSELF 00-Now, lets go. 1W DONT HESITATE! SUBSCRD3E NOW! TERMS, DADLY! -*■ City clients, call In person or phone— FRANKLIN 31S4— for messenger **» » Absolutely no charge. Out-of-town clients, wire via Postal Telegraph or Western Union. Service wired by fast telegram. No delay! JACK FIELD, 35 South Dearborn St. Room 708, Chicago, UI. file fl T Harvey Ames, Inc. 1674 Broadway, Corner 52nd St., New York, N. Y. WON AGAIN Above was the result of Saturdays "Harvey Transaction" and, of course, the only horse advised. ..,,.. ,_ This is the fourth "Harvey Transaction" to win this week. All these horses were » on through the Western Union with this and other racing publications. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" MONDAY SUBSCRIPTION, 00, IN ADVANCE BY TELEGRAPH OR IN PERSON Again wj state that nothing but disqualication can defeat us today. ____ TELEPHONE NUMBERS: Columbus 5-2428. 5-2422. 5-2415, 5-6760. 5-0995 : I ; X 1 I s j j J t [ j j j I I j • I ! ! j i j I j i ! » j J 4 | I ] V j j J S ; j L Weekly Form THE GREATEST WEEKLY TURF PERIODICAL EVER PUBLISHED BOOK NO. 4 NOW ON SALE BOOK NUMBER 1 FIFTY-SEVEN WINNERS AT THE FOLLOWING PRICES: 1.00 8.80 6.20 1.34 7.30 4.80 3.80 6.00 0.80 8.20 0.34 0.56 8.40 0.38 2.82 4.00 $ 9.50 $ 9.94 $ 7.00 8.20 AND THE OTHERS AT SLIGHTLY SHORTER PRICES WE PROMISE THAT BOOK NO. 4 WILL BE JUST AS PRODUCTIVE THINK OF IT— FIFTY-SEVEN GOOD WINNERS PLAYERS CAN USE SUCH INFORMATION, AND THEY CAN BUY IT FOR THE SMALL PRICE OF 35 CENTS GO TO YOUR NEWSDEALER NOW, GET YOUR COPY OF WEEKLY FORM DONT TAKE A CHANCE OF FINDING HIM SOLD OUT BOOK NO. 4, NOW ON SALE, HAS GIVEN: JACKFULL, $ 9.00, WON CALUMET DICK, 1.04, WON CHATUGA, $ 6.00, WON TRACKMANS BEST AT WASHINGTON PARK: FIVE SELECTIONS— TWO WINNERS THREE MORE TO GO, WHICH HAVE NOT STARTED We predict that the Washington Park Trackman will show 100 per cent winners In Book No. 4, now on sale. Detroit Trackman also has 100 per cent record thus [ far, giving: HILLTOWN, .00, WON NEW YORK TRACKMANS BEST BET: FLOPSIE, 4-1, WON GET YOUR COPY NOW, BEFORE THE OTHER TRACKMEN TIPS START Two Free Codes Daily — "Spot" Horses When They Appear MONDAYS FREE CODE HORSES: AQUEDUCT— Paving-1-13-13 NARRAGANSETT— Sand-1-9-19. WEEKLY FORM PUB. CO. 443 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. j 5 . j ■ i It ls F of * * m *~ Free! Free! Free! One of the greatest books on System Play ever written is yours for the asking. has never sold for less than 55 — yet you may have it now, while the remaining copies last, for absolutely nothing. The author— ELLWOOD TANSEY Recognized the World Over as Americas Leading Authority on Racing Systems, la Co-operation • with the Turfs Smartest Magazine POST TIME MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO OWN THIS REMARKABLE TREATISE THERE ARE EXACTLY 750 COPIES OF ELLWOOD TANSEYS PREFERRED SYSTEM AND BETTING METHOD AVAILABLE All you need do to receive your free copy is to send In one years subscription to POST TIME. The price, for twelve issues of POST TIME is .50. When the 750 copies the book are exhausted, there will be none available at any price, so get yours today, while there is still time. SEND A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR TOUR YEARS SUBSCRIPTION, AND MR. TANSEYS VALUABLE BOOK, HANDSOMELY BOUND, WELL BE MAILED PREPAID TO YOU IMMEDIATELY ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO POST TIME 411 PLYMOUTH COURT DEPARTMENT R-o CHICAGO, VLU -:- ADVERTISE IN DAILY RACING FORM -:-

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