Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-30

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Folnts, 2 for 2d. 1 for 3d. Days Best in Black Type. Trackman, H. J. McGuire ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 r£2S£5Lm Appeaser Lands End Obstinate Si Obstinate Si Obstinate Si 14 • SS8™?™81 Percivale Obstinate Si Appeaser Lands End Appeaser 14 , Mr. Zippo Mr. Zippo Appeaser Chicks Delight Appeaser Lands End 7 2BellaFigura Wild Mink Bella Figura Bella Figura Bella Figura Bella Figura 20 Oil Countess Oil Countess Wild Mink Oil Countess Wild Mink WfldMink 10 l£?.si?a Honey Seasons Best Wild Mink Fabiola Oil Countess 6 Sister Cora Rare Bid Chippewa Chief Rare Bid Foxv Star Rare Bid 13 3 Mist o Dawn Otter Brook One Alone Chippewa Chief Rare Bid Chippewa Chief 9 Rare Bid Chippewa Chief Moola Mist o Dawn Chippewa Chief Sister Cora 5 Tiger Sir Papoose Red Curtice RED CURTICE Red Curtice Red Curtice 21 4 Red Curtice Red Curtice Tiger Sir Oh Leo Tiger Sir Tiger Sir 11 Papoose Tiger Sir Hierarch Tiger Hjlr Eds Pride Papoose 6 Jet Fleet Sunshine Nell Jet Fleet Jet Fleet Lyceum Jet Fleet 17 5 Sunshine Nell Jet Fleet Sunshine Nell Sunshine Nell Sunshine Nell Sunshine Nell 13 _ Adams Off Ox Adams Off Ox Tiger Harris Grey Arrow Adams Off Ox Lyceum 5 Princess Lygia A-Pacopep Princess Lygia Princess Lygia PRINCESS LYGIA PRNCSS LYGIA 22 6 Errards Guide Errard s Guide Errards Guide Errards Guide Errards Guide Errards Guide 10 Crownlet Robert Crownlet Crownlet Robert A-Pacopep 5 7£?the Sickles Image Heres Hoping Miss Highbrow ~ Sickles Image Sickles Image 13 Sickles Image Heres Hoping Ruth Lily Lithe Jennie Lee Lithe 8 Jgni?le. Lee Lithe Sickles Image Jennie Lee Miss Highbrow Heres Hoping 7 VOLCANIC Seaward Miche Miche Miche Miche 18 8 seaward Miche Seaward Volcanic Seaward Seaward 12 Miche Volcanic Dr. Ole Nelson Seaward Volcanic Volcanic 11 Whirltown REIGHS COMET WHIRLTOWN Lutz Girl Whirltown Whirltown 21 9 Reigns Comet Whirltown Reighs Comet Whirltown Lutz Girl Reighs Comet 12 Brecon Beacons Leo P. McL. Hedgewood Leo P. McL. Reighs Comet Lutz Girl 7 Trackman. D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Lils Gadget By Degrees Lils Gadget Lils Gadget Lils Gadget Lils Gadget 22 | By Degrees Lils Gadget Wave-a-lu By Degrees By Degrees By Degrees 11 Pennwoven Pennwoven Miss Hanky Pennwoven Re Arena Wave-a-lu 2 Jessica B GOLDEN COUNT Golden Count Golden Count Miss Bob Golden Count 17 2 Outbound Jr. Jessica B Boots Best Jessica B. Jessica B. Jessica B. 11 Moots Best Boots Best Equisun Equisun The Farmer Miss Bob 5 Time Eternal Time Eternal Time Eternal Time Eternal KhamsHour TIME ETERNAL 22 3 Corn Spice KhamsHour Promise Promise Time Eternal KhamsHour 8 pother Promise Khams Hour Keep Moving Promise Promise 5 Sickle Baby Prissy Mary Airtroop Raider LaRue RAIDER LA RUE Raider LaRue 12 4 Prissy Mary Bern Key Bern Key Airtroop Prissy Mary Prissy Mary 10 Hlkes Point Airtroop Corktown Prissy Mary Corktown Airtroop 8 Little Xs Air Patrol Air Patrol Air Patrol Nightlife Air Patrol 16 5 Henny Penny Nightlife Nightlife Actnice Actnice Nightlife 9 An Patrol Annie Oakley Dicks Hay Day Henny Penny Little Xs Little Xs 6 6CAJAC Money Lender Caiac Inky Racer Inky Racer Cajac 16 Inky Racer Skyraiding Inky Racer Caiac Cajac Inky Racer 14 Money Lender Cajac Money Lender Blue Point Blue Point Money Lender 6 Kings Hope Traveler Bee Lee Tee TRAVELER Kings Hope Kings Hope 13 7 Bully Boy Kings Hope Old Tom Bully Boy Old Tom Traveler 13 Traveler Bully Boy Bully Boy Kings Hope Bully Boy Bully Boy 7 Alphara ALPHARA DAccord Alphara Alphara 17 8£alnii Excitable Mary x, Byronic Byronic Tacony Taconv Galena ■ Whammo Aunt Dora Bouncing Boots Byronic Galena DAccord 5 Whatanurse °*tka Red Inquisitor Santa Claus Whatanurse Whatanurse 12 9 Western Front Whatanurse Just-Made-It Just-Made-It Red Inquisitor Red Inquisitor M 10 Red Inquisitor Red Inquisitor Zero Red Inquisitor Hensboy Oatka j- Trackman, J. R. Batty AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Stride Away Emerald Emerald Stride Away Emerald Emerald l 1 Son Fen Segregate Grey Fox Son Fen Gabez Stride Awav 10 Bright Pass Grey Fox Gabez Segregate Son Fen Son Fen 5 Concentrate Sugarbush Guylark Guylark Guvlark Guylark 18 2 Sugar Drop Guylark Concentrate Concentrate Concentrate Concentrate 11 Guylark Sugar Drop Fair Degree Sugar Drop Sugar Drop Sugarbush 5 Vertigo II. Vertigo II. Cat Bridge Vertigo IL Vertigo II. Vertigo II 22 3 Af ton Prince Cat Bridge Vertigo n. Cat Bridge Afton Prince Cat Bridge 10 Cat Bridge Afton Prince Afton Prince Afton Prince Lifter Afton Prince 7 Hull Down Timely Reward Timely Reward Timely Reward Timely Reward 18 4Addax Hull Down Timely Reward Fluid Gold Hull Down Hull Down Hull Down 11 Timely Reward Fluid Gold Addax Addax Addax Addax J Color Guard Mixture Mixture Color Guard Anchor Man Mixture 7 5 Mixture Potpurri S00"1 Potpourri Mixture Color Guard 12 Royal Oath Anchor Man Color Guard J Anchor Man Color Guard Anchor Man 7 BATTLEFIELD Battlefield BATTLEFIELD BATTLEFIELD BATTLEFIELD BATTLEFIELD 3 i 6 Alerted Alerted Loridale Loridale Big Stretch Aim-lid % Loridale Big Stretch Alerted Alerted Loridale Loridale 6 Free Strider Stone Age Free Strider Stone Age Stone Age Stone Aep Tft 7 High Bracket Free Strider Stone Age Free Strider Free Strider Free Strider ifi Stone Age Thwarted High Bracket Thwarted Mucho Mas High Bracket 3 BARRAGE Maijo Thermilles Navy Flash Thermilles in 8Thermilles Barrage Navy Flash Giggle Navy Flash Maijo Navv Flash in Maijo Detective Navy Flash Detective Detective Barrage 9 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Listen Tiger LISTEN TIGER Reborn Librab Illustration Listen Titrer il 1 Reborn Shadow Shot Illustration Reborn Reborn Reborn i? Surpass Reborn Violence Broad Cross Listen Tiger Illustration 7 Lancaster Lady Easterling Lancaster Lady Alamanda Alamanda Ti 2Alamanda Easterling Blue Thistle Alamanda Ho Eight Easterling Lancaster Lad v 11 Ninth Inning Alamanda Final Bid Ninth Inning Lancaster Lady Easterling 9 Ackeim March Chick March Chick MARCH CHICK Bir Ackeim March Chick 90 3Bir Saturday Saturday Bir Ackeim Saturday March Chick Bir Ackeim 14 March Chick Bir Ackeim Saturday Bir Ackeim Saturday Saturday 8 Ala Mowlee Shine On Ala Mowlee Ala Mowlee ALA MOWLEE Ala Mowlee 22 4 Shine On Hard to Get Countess Molly Bee A. H. Bee A. H Shine On in Touch Control Cock Feather Shine On Shine On ~ Shine On Bee A. H. 4 Kiss Me Kate Busanda Kiss Me Kate Renew Kiss Me Kate Kiss Me Kate ifi 5 Busanda How Busanda How How Busanda in How Kiss Me Kate How Busanda Renew How 8 Irritate Trout Lure Senator Joe Senator Joe Senator Joe Senator Joe q 6 Senator Joe Senator Joe Irritate Koritza Sylvan Rock Irritate 1 Koritza Irritate Sylvan Rock Trout Lure Irritate Trout Lure 6 Riverlane Merry Risk ATTNTION MRK Riverlane Riverlane Riverlanp Tr 7 Ode Attention Mark Ode King Mowlee Ode Attention Mai Mark K 10 10 Attention Mark Riverlane Solicitor Ode _ Merry Risk gwenuon CACTUS FOOT Cactus Foot Joe Mandell Cactus Foot Cactus Foot CACTUS FOOT 21 8 JoeMandell Joe Mandell Village Boy Flaming Lady Joe Mandell Joe Mandell 12 Bougent Village Boy Cactus Foot Joe Mandell Swyndor Village Boy 3 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST . PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Apache Trail gtarZ. Star Z. Star Z. Star Z. staTz " I Mannikm WlllL. ., Apache Trail Apache Trail Apache Trail Apache -Brail 12 „, Star Z. Apache Trail ■ Willi. Willi. Will I. Will I 5 Pals Dream Scrutiny Pals Dream Pals Dream Scrutiny Pals Dream 18 2 Dr Russell Rataplan Hermes Hermes Pals Dream Scrutiny 10 Testator Pals Dream Testator Rataplan Testator Herme" 4 Okamsel Okamsel Minneapolis Okamsel Okamsel Okamsel 22 3 Minneapolis Minneapolis Okamsel Alfadur Minneapolis Minneapolis 11 Alfadur Oozo Oozo Terrys Cane Oozo Alfadur 3 Poes Poem Poes Poem BIG KEIS Big Keis Big Keis Big Keis 20 4 Ladv Advocate Big Keis Lady Advocate Poes Poem Lady Advocate Poes Poem 13 Big_Keis Lady Advocate Dr. Himmy Dr. Himmy Poes Poem Lady Advocate 7 MR;USTER Mr-B"stP Eagle Eve Eagle Eye Mr.BuiteT Is 5££Cfe»,. Mr Buster Eagle Eye Eagle Ey Cacique Mr. Buster Eagle Eve 14 Irish Sun Cacique Cacique Tenure Cacique Cacique 10 Sheilas Reward Sheilas Reward Ferd SHEILAS REWRD SHEILAS REWRD Sheilas Reward 26 6 Perd £erd Sheilas Reward Post Card Ferd Ferd 11 Post Card Post Card Post Card Kinsman Post Card Post Card _6 7JS.EiMIKE Wise Mike Wise Mike Wise Mike Wise Mike WISE MIKE 27 SSKSSLa Scapulas Scapulas Barwar Scapulas Scapulas 9 Hot Footed Rising Temper Barwar Scapulas Rising Temper Barwar 3 SjJjSSC"* WMeMtoKfai Prince Consort Let Me Thru Prince Consort Prince Consort 18 !wM?tThru kand Me J11"1 . Wlde Margin Prince Consort Wide Margin Wide Margin 9 Z"Z1 ? B. Prince Consort Zuzie B. Hal ZuzieB. ItMeTnru 9

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