Interesting Features in the Ancestry of Thunderer, This Years Futurity Winner, Daily Racing Form, 1915-10-13


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* — + j INTERESTING FEATURES IN THE ANCESTRY OF THUNDERER, THIS YEARS FUTURITY WINNER By De. M. M. LEACH + 4. Lightning, I lielieve. is popularly supposed never to strike twice in the same place. However, the special brand of Jersey Lightning to which Thunderer belongs has hit the mark two years in succession. Last year Regret. Thunderers sister, won all the three races in which she took part, as has Thunderer this year, "and hy winning the Futurity, worth this time the goodly sum of 0,ol0, has placed his sire, Droom-slck. for tlie third successive year at the head of the winning stallion list, and also puts Hamburg, sire of his dam. Jersey Lightning, in a corresponding position as the champion broodmare sire of the year. Seventeen of Hamburgs daughters have so far produced twenty-two winners of forty-seven races worth $.jl.tiut, ipiite a raayactahh total as times go. and It is to lie expected that Hamburgs total will reach §tif.0iK before the close of the year, ftir there are nigh on to four mouths of racing yet to be brought off. Mamburg. ico. is certain to find a place among the first twenty winning stallions and the only other stallion which halah the double distinction of having a place in both lists is John Maddens seventeen-year-old stallion. Star Shoot, son of Isinglass and Astrology, by Hermit. Hamburg himself was foaled so long ago as LSSI5 and when lie died Friday was therefore twenty yeais of age. I had not «een the horse since he was purchased for !f70.tXH by his present owner at the , Whitney dispersal sale held at Madison Square Garden in October of 1!MI4. 1 then predicted the success of Hamburgs iaagall"T m broodmares, and why. Because of the fact of his Herod descent in tail male and that his dam. Lady Reel, is by the Maleheni horse. Fellowcraft. son of imported Australian. From what source Hamburg derived his robust conformation is hard to tell. Nothing like his sire, the famous Hanover, aud not in the least resembling his dam, Lady Reel, which was fashioned on the saddle horse type. The Hamburg of New Jersey was not the Hamburg of Kentucky. Hamburgs success as a stallion of recent years has never approached the success that was his whtn he stood for service out at the La Belle farm on the old Frankfort pike ami we now face a most serious situation and stand in Imminent danger of lo--iug the QhatW line in tail male altogether. Burgomaster has practically done nothing to keep tilings •_oing. I see and hear little or nothing nowadays of Handsome. Handsel. David Gailleh A Co.. and it will ~.e nothing short of a national calamity if this splendid, ami at one time all conquering line of Cleucoc, is I i rmitted to die out. Extraordinary as it may seem, I am constantly being told that breeding race horses is a mere matter of chance. It is" not. but for some reason American breeders do not appear to take the inerest or apply themselves to the study of blood lines as they should. Ko o:ie can with any certainty breed a race horse", but I am thoroughly convinced that by following coriain set rules the average in favor ot the breeder who recognizes the value of balancing up the blood lines will be far and away better than that of tie man who eaves everything to chance. How comes it that these stallions of Hand descent turn into such splendid bro«Klmare "siresV It is the same old rtory. Hamburg in the lead this year, followed by his sire, the tiKitehless Hanover, which died so long ago as 1891, so that the youngest of his daughters cannot be less thaa fifteen vears of age. and when, as I wrote you last winter, daughters of Hanover were in their prime. Hanover stoinl out in a data by himself as a broodmare sire and was moreover followed by his own sire. Hindoo, which still takes high rank as a sire of good broodmares. Exile, too, another Herod, stands this • ear well up in the list. Taking all this into consideration, would it not be well to make some sort of concerted effort to save the Glencoe line from extinction ! The house of Hanover is the only Hue in the world today which traces , direct to Oleneoe. but it is apparently doomed if something is not done, and done quickly, to save it from the fate of the lines of Diomcd. Lexington. Leamington. Billet and Rayon dOr. When dissecting the pedigrees last spring, of the prominent candidates for the Kentuckv Derhv. I of course gave tie tabulated pedigree of Regret, which, by the way. on account of her beautifullv balanced mdigree as much as anvthing else. I selected as the winner, and Regret is sister to the most recent win-ner at tie Fuleri!. The pedigree, however, will stand repetition, for a study of the different strains of biood herein embraced should do much towards convincing sud masters and breeders generally that good come from a proper balancing of the three great lines of Herod, Matchem and Eclipse. » _ Bonnie Scotland.10 i lago 1 n r r Bramble ....... 9 J | yueen Mary H r. D Tii-nsl. VW ** " Ivv Leaf j Australian ....11 M f bSTuST ■ 1 Bayflower H Leamington ...14 E Reform 14 Ker"rm "-stolen II LRoseville J Kisses ....M Bay 1888 . j ul i Alarm 15 E f Bay MM ■ j Elastic II . ! fialonin tjalonm 1 i v«"«tfc 19 E aj f Galliard V.J 3 Flying Duchess ...H Bay 1SS0 | at 2 LK,f "avis j Macaroni 14 11 S l dies, isti:: J, I Marietta E u - I __-_- _ Bond Or . . 1 S IKmcaster 5 ■ q f I L Sylvahelle ....... J l Rouge Rose H Ches. lSb, | and"*1 Kingley Vale . . S H E — Lady Alice E H I f Hanover 13 J "in°°° 2M Emmice . . . . . * 5 1 f m?2Tm* Clws ""4 Bourbon Beiie ••• i ss srH I Australian ... .11 M iLadv Reel Fellowcraft 1 *~Ck2tS£f~ "j Ba 1SW Mannie Gray .... j fgg~ —;;« j ritiley .......M.W.J I ■■■ •"•2C jn";.:::.4.!! I Daisy F ** 1SS Geneva i War IalKe •••■ ■ Ches. I««i5 I la Gitaua ■ Modesty I War i,;lnee 2.1 j J-exinstou 12 H L Ches. 1SS1 J "j Reel II J Ballet Ch. 1S71 ] Planet 2o E _ C Balloon E E— „ Eclipse. II— nerod. M— Matchem. If Per chance the house of Glencoe is doomed, the house of Bonnie Scotland, on the contrary, is just "?w ~oing strongly, indeed, not only through the activities of the offspring of Broomstick, but alsn by way of Delhi, whose son. IXiniinant, is a hig advertisement for the Bonnie Scotland line. Beautiful little Broomstick. I well remember driving out to the Kentucky Association course, in company with the late Major -ilngerthid. to have a look at Broomstick, shortly "after his retirement from the turf, aud we both eou- bided that he was about the most perfect piece of horseflesh we had ever looked upon. Afterwards Broom-•ick was pur up for auction at Horsemans Headquarters — now unhappily no more — and knocked off to •dr. H. P. Whitney. Charles W. Moore, proprietor of the Mere Hill Stud, being the contending bidder, but oi course the Whitney millions could not successfully be combated and the horse was taken to Red Bank. I would have preferred to see the son of Ben Brush remain in Kentucky, where he got his English classic dinner. Sweeper II.. the hero of the Two Thousand of 1112. and the worst, ami yet the best, swuy-baekod horse I have ever seen run. Broomstick, when standing at the Senorita Stud. got. besides Sweeper II.. the Kentucky Derby winner Meridian, that good little horse Buckhorn, Winning Witch. Whisk Broom, etc.. ■ut hes still at the top of the heap, and the mosquitos and other annoyances of New Jersey apparently i -ave no terrors for him. and he is turning out nod winners with the same precision that marked his Ken-liicky efforts. Almost all the best strains in the book. Bonnie Scotland. Leamington. Galopiu, Macaroni. 1-lying Dutchman. Bend Or. Alarm and Stockwell. appear in Broomsticks pedigree, and the Glencoe strain Is w l| supplied to Thunderer and Regret by their dam. Jersey Lightning. This year Jersey Lightning has - M three Bead winners -in Regret, two starts, two wins, ?i2..iM; Thunderer, three starts, three wins. li..:.Vi. and Barncgat, two wins worth ,200. and Barncgat only recently rau second for the Earl Grev Cup at Montreal— quite a line record for any mare in one racing seasno. Thin. defer, like his famous sister, is a chestnut. In fact, most of Broomsticks most famous contributions, bar Buckhorn and Meridian, have been chestnuts. Sweeper II.. Begrel. Whisk Broom and now Thun-d rcr wear the chestnut coat, and in Thunderers case this is not hard to understand. Broomsticks dam. Lf. was a chestnut, as was her dam, Sylvaliolle. by the flaxen-tailed Bend Or. Jersey Lightning, herself a e.i-stiiut. is a grand daughter of the chestnut Hanover, and Daisy F.. Modesty and Ballet all were chestnuts. Bn sticks sire, Ben Brush, however, never so far as I can ascertain, sired a chestnut, and I take il that Ben Brush is a pur. dominant as regards color. I have questioned many and in every instance have received the same answer: "No, I never saw a chestnut Ben Brush." This ability, however, to con-t.d color has not been transmitted to Broomstick. Loaktag to tlie future, is history to repeat itself and next Kentucky Derby day witness a second Whitney triumph v just to think of any stable sheltering two such cracks as Thunderer and Dominant with iionio to fall back on. All this reminds one of the days when the white, blue-spotted jacket was carrying al| before it. Moreover. Bmoinstick is really Castleton-bn-fl. as are Dominant and the western champion. Dulse, which is Kentuckys main dependence for next years Kentucky Derby. 1 trust these top-notch. rs may next spring come successfully through the ordeal of early training and that the eastern contingent encouraged by their success of this year, may be once more with us and. as matters now stand, tlie easterners appear to have the key to the situation.

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