Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1942-05-26

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE, TWO FOR SECOND, ONE FOR THIRD. BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman, W. A. Willig LINCOLN FIELDS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE Putitthere Putitthere Putitthere Putitthere Putitthere Putitthere Putitthere 30 T DonDevito DonDevito DonDevito DonDevito Harkim Harkim DonDevito 9 I Harkim Harkim Ariel Bird Harkim Ariel Bird Don Devito Harkim 7 - Timocracy Dark Advice Dark Advice Bolo Sis Timocracv Timocracv 16 T 2Timocracy BoloSis Bolo Sis ValdinaKate Bolo Sis HiMurt HiMurt Bolo Sis 11 L Lucille Dee HiMurt Galorita Timocracy Galorita Valdina Kate Dark Advice 10 m String Band STRING BAND String Band String Band String Band . String Band STRING BAND 32 3 3 My Crest Best Quality Best Quality Best Quality "Best Quality " Best Quality Best Quality 10 J The Object Nopalosa Red Fast Start The Object Fast Start Fast Start Fast Start 3, v Hoosier Hoosier HOOSIER Hoosier Wiseasyou Active Hoosier 25 A 4 Active Active Rewarded Active Rewarded Hoosier Active 11 T" Brown Mate Rewarded Playmate Wiseasyou Hoosier Wiseasyou Wiseasyou 7 Litchfield Vinum LITCHFIELD POLYMELIOR LITCHFIELD Litchfield 24 r 5Polymelior Shut Eye Cherry Trifle. Litchfield Polymelior Litchfield Polymelior Polymelior 18 J Litchfield Polymelior Polymelior Shut Eye Vinum Vinum Vinum 7 - 6 BULLDINGER Shortening Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Bulldinger Bulldinger 18 f Clearmont Bulldinger Bulldinger Shortening Shortening Shortening Kansas City 16 U Agricole Kansas City Clearmont Bulldinger Bulldinger Clearmont Shortening 11 HerminaB. HerminaB. William Palmer Panorascone HerminaB. Hermina B. 19 "7 7Panorascope Rose-Red Earliana William Palmer Rose-Red HerminaB. Panorascooe William Palmer 14 HerminaB . William Palmer Earliana Hermina B. William Palmer Earliana Panorascope 12 Auld Lang Syne Alumont Auld Lang Syne Mirrored ElecticFlag Bolute Auld Lang Syne 10 Q 8 Alumont Mirrored Mirrored Pompim Chic Prince Pompim Mirrored 10 " O Pompim Swift Sue Pompim Holly Magaloy Mirrored Alumont 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE Lake View Erin Torch Lake View Erin Torch Erin Torch Erin Torch 18 "i IAlfadildo "String Music Diego Red , Lake View Erin Torch Diego Red Lake View Lake View 15 I Sherlock Erin Torch Diego Red Sherlock Lake View String Music Diego Red 5 - Gold Bewi thus Wise Witch GoldBewithus Gala Grip Gala Grip Gala Grip 14 O 2Texalite Gala Grip Ken tv Miss Hutoka Hutoka Wise Witch Proper Gal Gold Bewithus 10 x L. Edasel Gala Grip Gala Grip Wise Witch Hutoka Hutoka Wise Witch 8 Fond Hopes Bygones Flourtown "Bygones Fond Hopes Valdina Niece Fond Hopes 14 3 3 JustRainey Valdina Niece Valdina Niece Fond Hopes Valdina Niece Flourtown Valdina Niece 12 D Judson Fond Hopes Bygones Valdina Niece Judson Fond Hopes Bygone 11 TOWER LASS GLENOCK Singing Sun SINGING SUN Glenock Singing Sun Singing Sun 18 A 4 Hasty Kay Eugene Glenock Glenock Air Beauty Convivial Glenock 17 T" Air Beauty Convivial Convivial Eugene Singing Sun Glenock Tower Lass 7 Sherron Ann Bill Farnsworth SHERRONANN Bill Farnsworth AARON BURR Bill Farnsworth Bill Farnsworth 17 r 5 Pagebov Fairly Fly Bill Farnsworth Fairly Fly BillG. SherronAnn Sherron Ann 15 v j Fairly Fly Sherron Ann Red Flannels Bill G. Pageboy Bill G. Bill G. 4 . Ship Biscuit Army Song Valdina Paul Ship Biscuit Bosley SHIP BISCUIT Ship Biscuit 19 f 6 - Bosley Ship Biscuit Army Song Army Song Bright Arc Bosley Bosley 9 O Exploded Sun Pharos Sun Pharos Sun Pharos Cant. Cal Bright Arc Army Song 9 Star Struck Star Struck Darby Deedee Star Struck Star Struck STAR STRUCK 21 -7 7DarbyDeedee Sparkling Heel Darby Deedee Imitra Imitra . Imitra Darby Deedee Darby Deedee 16 Imitra Imitra Darby Deedee Star Struck Darby Deedee Imitra Imitra 9 8Zorro Zorro Sun Risk Zorro Sun Risk Sun Risk Sun Risk 20 Q Sun Risk SamG. SamG. Sun Risk SamG. OkooleMaluna Zorro 17 O SamG. Sun Risk Zorro OkooleMaluna Beggs Zorro SamG. 7 Trackman, C. J. Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE 1 Water Pearl Water Pearl Water Pearl Water Pearl Water Pearl - Water Pearl Water Pearl 30 : 1 1 Toss Up Sure Footed Diamond Back Toss Up Toss Up Toss Up - Toss Up 9 x I Bachelor Boy Toss Up Sebenoa Sure Footed Sure.Footed Sure Footed Sure Footed 5 " 2Chabelle 5bbub Lady Flame Chabelle Chabelle Lady Flame Chabelle 18 T Argo Rouge Chabelle Portable Portable Portable JohnnvJr. - Lady Flame 11 L Refulgent Portable Argo Rouge Jane Hughes Lady Flame Chabelle Portable 7 3 PICKET Picket Picket PICKET Picket Picket PICKET 34 Sunday Puzzle Alpine Ace Senate Sunday Puzzle Carbonate Sunday Puzzle Sunday Puzzle 6 J . Senate Carbonate Carbonate Carbonate Alpine Ace Noonday Sun Carbonate 5 " 4 Birch Rod Cuantos BIRCH ROD Birch Rod Birch Rod BIRCH ROl5 Birch Rod 30 A Grey Wolf Doubt Not Doubt Not Vintage Port Doubt Not " Cuantos Cuantos 8 4 J Vintage Port Birch Rod Proud One Doubt Not Cuantos Proud One Doubt Not 7 . 5 Bath Cottesmore Cottesmore Cottesmore Bath Cottesmore Cottesmore 24 r-Cottesmore Sussex Sussex Sussex Cottesmore Bath Bath 13 J Redlands Redlands Redlands Bath Sussex Redlands Sussex 7 6 ShutOut Challedon Challedon Challedon CHALLEDON Shut Out Challedon 26 ? Challedon ShutOut ShutOut ShutOut ShutOut Challedon ShutOhe18 6 Reading II. Third Degree Third Degree Third Degree Third Degree Third Degree Third Degree 5 7CoochsBridge Flag Trumpeter War Melody Anticlimax Vain Prince Flag Trumpeter Flag Trumpeter 14 7 Liste War Melody Flag Trumpeter War Melody War Melody Anticlimax War Melodv 11 Flag Trumpeter Notes Vain Prince Vain Prince Flag Trumpeter Vain Prince Vain Prince 8 8 ShaunG. AT PLAY Strolling In Present Arms Strolling In Present Arms Strolling In 18 r Strolingln Strolling In Strolling In ShaunG. Strolling In At Play 12 8 At Play Connachta ShaunG. Connachta At Play At Play Present Arms 10 Trackman, R. N. Charlton " SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track " RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS RACE 1 Fad?J - 5?,tonite Bostonite , Bostonite Bostonite " Bostonite Bostonite 25 1 I MarcellaK. College Belle Agradel Agradel - Agradel Agradel Agradel 14 1 . Silver Acres Agradel Marcella K. Valdina Cloud College Belle Valdina Cloud MarV"ii tc m 2 Driving Power No Sir No Sir No Sir No Sir No Sir NnSir 25 Hada Star Windshield Windshield Windshield Windshield Windshield Windshield 10 2 Orcades Qrcades Orcades Orcades Orcades Hada Star Orcades 5 O Misf lying ANZAC Bar Copper Misf lying Bar Copper Misf lying Misflving 20 : : 5 J Valdina Valet Connie Jean Misf lying Bar Copper Misf lying Bar Copper Bar Copper 14 S . Connie Jean Misflying Anzac Liberty Cap Valdina Valet Valdina Valet Anzac 6 4 Valdina Flare Playfields Valdina Flare Valdina Flare Playfields Playfields Valdina Flare 19 1C Cherry Rascal Misty Lady Playfields Playfields Valdina Flare Valdina Flare Playfields 19 - Tiara Decade All Crystal Flying Indian Flying Indian Very Graceful Cherry Rascal 2 5 Miss Vogue Jerry Lee Evaporate Miss Vogue Miss Vogue Jerry Lee Jerry Lee 18 F Jerry Lee Blue Eva Jerry Lee Jerry Lee -Jerry Lee Miss Vogue Miss Vogue 18 - J Blue Eva Miss Vogue Neds Queen Blue Eva Mary Alice Evaporate Evaporate 6 6LAYAWAY Layaway LAYAWAY LAYAWAY SPIRAL PASS Lavawav LAYAWAY 31 Z Catcall Powder Puff Catcall Catcall Pompa Negri Catcall Spiral Pass 10 O Chop Sticks Catcall Spiral Pass Spiral Pass Silver Grail Spiral Pass Catcall 9 - 7BeauBrannon Lovely Dawn Don Moss Don Moss Don Moss DON MOSS Don Moss 31 -"7 Don Moss Don Moss BeauBrannon BeauBrannon Transmitter Prima Donna Beau Brannon-IO Prima Donna The Shaugraun Transmitter Transmitter TheShaugraun BeauBrannon Lovely Dawn 5 8 Middle Aisle La Scala Patrol Scout Patrol Scout MarLe " Patrol Scout ""Patrol Scout 17 O Bow Low Priority La Scala Hasty Wire Bow Low La Scala La Scala 10 O Patrol Scout High Martin Middle Aisle La Scala Patrol Scout Bow Low Middle Aisle 6

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