Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-22

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE ; TWO FOR SECOND. ONE FOR THIRD, BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, W. A. Willig Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN~~ HANDICAP ANALYST~~ PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS •- Miss Tullahoma Marie Olympia Air Borne Marie Olympia MARIE OLYMPIA Marie Olympia 19 I Marie Olympia Bud-On Lucky Ann Lucky Ann Lucky Ann Miss Tullahoma 6 West-Ho West-Ho Air Raider Air Raider Miss Tullahoma Lucky Ann 6 Campion Hall Campion Hall Foot to Foot Campion Hall Campion Hall Campion Hail 21 2 Just Dawn Valdina Fop Replication Just Dawn Just Dawn Just Dawn 6 Valdina Fop Replication Campion Hall Valdina Fop Valdina Fop Foot to Foot 5 Drna Belle Bean Pot Our Bunny Our Bunny Dina Belle A 3DinaBelle Bean Pot Bean Pot Our Bunny Dina Belle Dina Belle OurBunnv 12 Cant Sweep Sixtys Third Motivate Carlasue Bean Pot Bean Pot 1 0 CRACKS Cracks Cerberus CRACKS Cracks CRACKS 26 4 Topnard Fergies Ariel Cracks Sand Storm Topnard Cerberus 8 Sand Storm Cerberus Cherry Trifle Cerberus Cerberus Topnard 4 Winter Song Winter Song Winter Song Winter Song Winter Song Winter Song 25 5 Dav Conference Lytta-Jane Day Conference Conference 6 Conference Whyso Bright Bronze Conference Day Day 5 Choppy Sea Happy Pilot CHOPPY SEA Happy Pilot Happy Pilot Choppy Sea 18 6 Happy Pilot Choppy Sea Whose Choppy Sea Choppy Sea Happy Pilot 18 Whose Miami Springs Happy Pilot Miami Springs Whose Whose 4 HY-TRITE Hy-Trite Hy-Trite Hy-Trite Hy-Trite 25 7Hv-Trite Devils Frolic Scared Cards Patsy T. Devils Frolic Scared Cards Devils Frolic 4 Rogers Boy Rogers Boy Rogers Boy Bolo Fancy Bolo Fancy Scared Cards 4 Ace Ever Flying Rebbina Florizan Ace Florizan Ace Florizan Ace 1 6 8Florizan EverFlving Glennport Glennport Glennport Glennport Ever Flying 8 Cirio Florizan Ace Cirio Cirio Ever Flving Glennport 8 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track ~~ RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Stargazer Schoolman Georgie V. Georgie V. Georgie V. 13 IZacorn The Problem The Problem Georgie V. Zacorn Stargazer Stargazer 8 Black Nylon Georgie V. Kay Scout Stargazer Schoolman Zacorn 7 Col. Steve Cruiser Cruiser Col. Steve Col. Steve 14 2RovalWeista Blenco Cruiser Col. Steve Col. Steve Sea Convoy Cruiser 13 Ringaway Ringaway Ringaway Royal Weista Cruiser Royal Weista 6 Boswellian Ouonset Boswellian Neat Pleat Boswellian 17 3Boswellian Quonset Our Arms Boswellian Quonset Tanrackin Ouonset 11 Neat Pleat Quonset Our Arms Neat Pleat Quonset Neat Pleat 7 Terse Blue Serge Terse Terse Terse 18 4Jaauita Blue Serge Sun Flame Terse Jaquita Firewarden Jaauita 8 Terse Valdina Way Jaco Royal Fire Warden Jaauita Blue Serge 7 Pure Gold Pure Gold Bolide Pure Gold Incitelle Pure Gold 19 5 Bolide Incitelle Pure Gold Bolide Pure Gold Bolide 11 War Kilt Bolide Alma Mater Incitelle Bolide Incitelle 8 Oatmeal BLUE WHISTLER BLUE WHISTLER Blue Whistler Blue Whistler Blue Whistler 24 6 Wings Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Hazard Oatmeal 12 Magellan Futurama Futurama Futurama Oatmeal Futurama 3 ESTEEM Esteem Esteem ESTEEM ESTEEM ESTEEM 31 7 Hedron Pindus Pindus Pindus Hedron Pindus 6 Red Stick Red Stick Hedron Red Stick Red Stick Hedron 5 Gabe Paul Bell-the-Cat Bell-the-Cat Bell-the-Cat Bell-the-Cat 21 8Bell-the-Cat Gabe Paul Markobob Gabe Paul Gabe Paul Gabe Paul Gabe Paul 13 Miss Winks Bell-the-Cat Miss Winks Markobob Markobob Markobob 4 Trackman: E. P. Heagerty. Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Lost Mate Lost Mate Lost Mate Lost Mate Lost Mate LOST MATE 25 1 Curler Mary Novick Mary Novick MaryNovick Curler MaryNovick 7 Skean Magic Step Magic Step Curler Mary Novick Curler 5 Galactic Copper Beech Copper Beech Galactic Galactic Galactic 19 2 Copper Beech Galactic Galactic Copper Beech Copper Beech Copper Beech 16 Stunt Man Sander Fleettown Fleettown Sander Sander 2 Joblots Buz OSullivan Spartacus Spartacus Spartacus 12 3Gumdrop Spartacus Delmarva Joblots Gumdrop Joblots Joblots 10 Delmarva Gumdrop Gumdrop Jqblots Delmarva Gumdrop 9 RATION SCOTCH Laurentia LAURENTIA Ration Scotch Ration Scotch Ration Scotch 21 4 Which Ace Ration Scotch Ration Scotch Laurentia Prissy Miss Laurentia 15 Laurentia Prissy Miss Which Ace Prissy Miss Which Ace Prissy Miss 4 Milcave OPENING BID Red Cin Milcave Milcave Milcave 17 Opening Bid Milcave Mugs Game Opening Bid Opening Bid Opening Bid 13 Red Cin Mugs Game Question Miss Red Cm Mugs Game Red Cin 7 High Command Art Brown £lfi?.s Reztips Alfios 13 6Alfios Reztios Cushlamacree High Command Rezs Alfios Reztips 10 Cushlamacree Reztips Alfios Cushlamacree Cushlamacree High Command 7 Cherry Pop Belpast CHERRY POP CHERRY POP Cherry Pop 22 7Belpast Cherry Pop Zax Zax Belpast Zax Belpast 44 Our Boss Belpast Cherry Pop Zax Belpast Zax 7 Misrule Broiler Creakle Misrule Misrule Misrule 16 8 Dizzy Heights Some Where Some Where Some Where Broiler Broiler 7 Some Where Misrule Myrtle M. Good Odds Good Odds Some Where 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Flight Over Pilates Own Pilates Own Mighty Tough Flight Over Flight Over 15 1 Mightv Tough Flight Over Miss Time Flight Over Pilates Own Pilates Own 12 Rear Guard Anti Trust Flight Over Miss Time Mighty Tough Mighty Tough 8 Maroc Valdina Joe Maroc Maroc Maroc 21 2Maroc Friars Scout Friars Scout Jes Love Me Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Valdina Joe 1 1 Valdina Joe Valdina Joe Maroc Friars Scout Minnas Agent Friars Scout 5 Night Editor NIGHT EDITOR Sorgho Night Editor NIGHT EDITOR NIGHT EDITOR 24 3 Wheat Fly the Coop Wheat Sorgho Par Avion Sorgho 8 Sorgho Par Avion Par Avion Par Avion Wheat Wheat 5 Two Down Two Down Make Fast Ship Jr. Ship Jr. 18 4SHIPJR. Make Fast Ship Jr. Ship Jr. Ship Jr. Two Down Two Down 14 Two Down Make Fast Make Fast Two Down Make Fast Make Fast 10 Ramsey Jacks Girl Jacks Girl Valdina Alpha Valdina Alpha Jacks Girl 14 5 Jacks Girl Lost Gold Amazed Ramsey Jacks Girl Valdina Alpha 10 Amazed Change Here Ramsey Amazed Amazed Ramsey 8 Cream Best Reward SWIV Best Reward Swiv Swiv 18 6 Swiv Swiv Best Reward Swiv Best Reward Best Reward 15 Best Reward Float Me Zacatine Jo Agnes Cream Cream 6 Son OHal Speed Up Son O Hal KOPLA Kopla Kopla 13 7 Harpsichord Taking Ways Santa Elisa Harpsichord Free Double Son OHal 12 Santa Elisa Kopla Speed Up Son OHal Son OHal Speed Up 6 Peggy Silver Peggy Silver Peggy Silver Jelwell Jelwell Peggy Silver 19 8 LadvCabo Brown Flame Lady Cabo Peggy Silver Peggy Silver Jelwell 11 Brown Flame Jelwell Tiresome Neat Kee Brown Flame Lady Cabo 4

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