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i "LUCKY" JOHNNY LYONS AMERICAS PREMIER TURF WIZARD. 5 COLUMBUS CIRCLE ROOM 217 NEW YORK CITY My Information Is on file -with Dally Racing Form boors In advance. Only one horse advised on any day I have Information to release. Below Is complete record of horses I released at the Saratoga meeting: YESTERDAY MTU DAY: MONDAY MORNING, 11-5, WON NINETEENTH DAY: TENTH. DAY- BRIGHT STEEI 5-1 WON BY HISSELF ......3-1 WON EIGHTEENTH DAY: NINTH: DAY: DANGEROUS 5-1 WON Nothing Released. SEVENTEENTH DAY: AlGHT DAY: Nothing Released. NotlyI??!g8ed- VULCAINQUEEN.-1 WON B0SS "s -5-1 W0N fifteenth day: EXTRA DRY 30-1 3rd Nothing Released. fifth day: soraiEEireH day: Nothing Released. SUN FLAG.. 8-1 WON foueth day: THIRTEENTH DAY: NELLIE KELLY ...15-1 WON PIRATE GOLD 4-1 WON THnu DAY:n ,, TWELFTH DAY: ZUKER 7uvi:o 10-1 WON pW 4-1 WON REMINDEr0NDDAY:..8-1-2nd ELEVENTH DAY: FXEST DAY-KING WAVE 15-1 3rd BACKBONE ..3-1 WON "Which shows a net profit of almost ,000 on a 0 straight bet. ANOTHER SENSATION PROMISED FOR MONDAY SHOULD PAY 10-1 NO TIME TO LOSE GET IN LINE WITH ME AND WIN. Terms: 0 In advance for Mondays horse. Wire money order RIGHT NOW or, If in town, call personally. i R. RETEY ONE BEST EACH DAY TEEMS SIX DAYS TEN DOLLARS B. BETEYS OCCACIONALS 2 or 3 a week TERMS TEN DOLLABS EACH COMBINATION OFFER Six days One Bests and three Occasional for twenty-fivo dollars. OWING TO TRACK CONDITIONS I SENT NOTHING OUT SATURDAY. ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS WILL BE GIVEN AN EXTRA DAY. FRIDAYS BEST BET SCRATCHED. Thursday I pave My Dream 12-5 Won Thursdays Occasional: Maddenstown 5-2 2nd Wednesday I gave Brilliant 2-1 Won Tuesday I gave Try Again 9-2 Won Monday X gave Dr. Hickman 4-5 Won Saturday I gave Huonec 5-1 Won Saturdays Occasional: Fraternity II. ...20-1 Won ALL THESE HORSES WERE FILED IN ADVANCE WITH RACTKG FORM. ICy next Occasional goes Tuesay, Aug- ust 26. I Expect Another 20-1 Shot Tomorrow, Monday, my One Best should "win at a good price. Almost every day my Best Bets come romping home at a sico price. My Occasionals are generally long-priced horses. EE CENT OCCASIONALS WEBE: JULY 28: Wilkes-Barre ...12-1 Won JULY 31: Flag of Truce4.60- 2nd AUGUST 5: Nellie Kelly ....15-1 Won AUGUST 7: Donges 15-1 Won AUGUST 11: Hoy ...........8-1 Won AUGUST 14: Skit 10-1 Won Dont Miss Tuesdays Occasional IMPORTANT NOTICE To avoid the delay and confusion of using code, I will wire subscribers three horses and the third horro mentioned in telegram will be my One Best. When I send a 0 Occasional the name of the horse will be spelled backwards. My One Best Tomorrow Seems Sure Telegraph subscriptions at once in accordance with the terms mentioned in this advertisement and get in touch with real information. GET RICH WITH EETEY R. RETEY 16 161st St. JAMAICA. N. Y. - I Pay From Your Prof its THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM of playing the races will be mailed you for one weeks trial. No charge unless it shows an average , profit of at least 10 a day on the scale play. For particulars mail this ad and a two-cent stamp to Iof J; K. WILLIS 225 Thirtieth St. Miami Beach. Fla. ADVERTISE IN RACING FOftM 1416 Broadway NEW YOEK, N. Y. Wm. K. HODGE STRICTLY ONE HORSE A DAY AT HAWTHORNE AND CANADA 0.00 for Six Days, or 0.00 Daily Yesterdays Double Header: TOPPANITE ....2.00-52 WON LOUIS RUBENSTEIN 8-1 WON Fridays Double Header: GOLDEN LYNN 7-2 WON NO Jl WESTER ... f7.90, ,30-?2 2NI Thursdays Double Header: EELitlAN 4.1 WON PRINCE HAMPTON ..4.95- WON Wednesdays Double Header: RADIANCY .60- WON BELLE AMIE 6-1 WON Tuesdays Double Header: DEPUTY S10.80- WON TRY AGAIN 9.2 WON Mondays Hawthorne One Horse: HOY 10.1 WON No racing in Canada Monday. LAST WEEKS BESULTS HAWTHORNE AND CANADA: MARK JrASTER 0-1 WON LADY HEART S17.05-S2 WON GOLDEN LYNN .....5-1 WON CAPT. CLOVER 9.20- WON DEVIL GIRL 6-1 2ND LADY ARGOS .90- 2ND ARCHIE ALEXANDER ....8-1 WON WHIRLWIND 2 25-?2 WON LADY FOX c-l 2ND CLEG 3.20-?2 WON H0Y 12-1 WON LADY ARGOS 3.70-WON ANOTHER DOUBLE HEADER MONDAY One horse at Hawthorne, one horse at Canada I advise a straight parlay on both horses. NOTICE: All 0.00 weekly subscribers must bo a winner on a flat play at the end of six days or the next six days one week FREE. Telegraph 0.00 for six days service at once and start winning. ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS AEE BIG WINNERS. WHY NOT YOU? JOHN J. JOYCE 0.00 Daily; 0.00 Weekly 1416 Broadway NEW YOEK CITY FEATURING HOESES AT HAWTHOENE, CANADA AND SAEATOGA Strictly one horse a day at a track. ANOTHER WINNING WEEK Saturdays Horses: Everglade ..10-1 Won Thistlewood ...0.20- Won Tho coming week will probably be one of the best of tho summer season, as I will have the bona fide O. K. on some real live getaway prospects at SARATOGA This service will be released to all weekly clients in conjunction with my regular daily service at Hawthorne and Canada. Rush your subscription of 0.00 for tho next six days and be in a position to get some real winning information. NOTE IN OEDFE TO AVOID UNNECESSARY CONFUSION AND DELAY PLEASE SEND COB-EECT STEEET ADDEESS. Daily Racing Guide Has the Winners HARVEY AMES EARLE BUILDING BROADWAY AT 52D STREET NEW YORK CITY YESTERDAYS "HARVEY TRANSACTION" WON wr.Je?6rdays "yarY?y Transaction," and the only horse advised W ralrandgd ddS 7hois,horse was third in raoe and in four races before was not 1, 2, 3 in other words not in the money. "HARVEY TRANSACTION" TOMORROW Mr. Ames, from Chicago, notified the New York office there is rKf ong-priced winner that may be expected tomorrow, Monday. Out of the fc last ten "Harvey Transactions" eight WON, and the reason this service is such a success is because it pays to know when to make an investment, as THERE ARE DAYS AND DAYS. Subscription: 00, by telegraph or in person. "Harvey Transaction" means one horse and ONE HORSE ONLY. TELEPHONES CIRCLE 2591, 2592. 2593 and 5749 r" Nicks Figures fiirf. meod of fcandicappinsr combined -with late information. These are the S nS arnTJ000 the orijrinatoTat New Meansast wiX ONE OR TWO PLAYS DAILY- -USUALLY 0NE-WEVER MORE THAN TWO FOB THE PEE SENT HAWTHOENE EACES ONLY ! miZES 5-1 W0H VJUOSHUfG BOY , 15.J WoN mnzmM ; 2lvrm TRY AGAIN TO DB. HICKMAN wm BIG THINGS EXPECTED FOB GETAWAY WEEK ?i. W M ?3-00 FOH TEE Six DAYS. ATOEESS BE. KICK - :- Eoom 1710, 1819 Broadway, Hew York City jl Gars Daily 50 CENTS AT ALL NEWSSTANDS DETROIT FOR SALE Triangle Newsstand, Griswold and Lafayette Blvd. Family Theatre Newsstand, Cadillac Square. Again We "Cleaned Up" YESTERDAYS ADVEETISED SPECIAL: DIRECTOR, .25-, WON EL JESMAR, .05-, 2ND FRIDAYS BIG CLEAN-UP: WILL LAND, .20-, WON POLYNESIA, .80-, WON Yes, sir, we sure are cleaning up every day. If you want the dough, get in line with GAE. TODAY 4th Race Windsor A "PIPPIN" I KNOW SOMETHING. Get this one. Tinder NO consideration whatever FAIL to take advantage of this BIG SPECIAL. Everything is EIGHT. Ensh right now to your newsealer and ASK for GARS DAILY 50 CENTS HAILED 2 WEEKS, 438 SOUTH DEARBORN STEEET, CHICAGO, ILL. LOOK ! LOOK ! Hero is YOUR CHANCE and to all that send in for 2 WEEKS SUBSCEIPTION we will send a 5.03 SPECIAL FEEE NEXT FEIDAY and believe me WE KNOW SOMETHING here. Dont fail to take advantage of this opportunity to CLEAN UP. Eemember, JUST MAIL for TWO WEEKS SUBSCEIPTION and THIS SPECIAL is YOUBS, FEEE. Will be WIEED TO YOU FEIDAY. EUSH YOUE OEDEE NOW. Wonderful Winning System A cool, conservative method, wherein success is assured. Can be played at or away from the track, with largo or small capital. It gives a few select plays each week. Won big money on a straight flat play. Stood the acid test with WONDEEFUL SUCCESS for seven years. My system gives many good-priced winners. Eadiancy 4.60- Bright Steel ..7-1 Idiosyncrasy 12-1 Pco Hampton 4.95- Wilderness 6-1 Vulcain Quean 20-1 Dustproof ... .8."75- Try Again ..... . 9-2 Deputy 10.80-?2 Hoy u.i Small payment down; balance as you win. Facts regarding systems that will open yottr eyes; FEEE. Write: WATSON CORNELL S41 West 45th St. Eoom 201 New York City ADVERTISE IN RACING FORM Supreme Flash "WIZABD OF TUEFDOM" Two Horses a Day 0.00 Weekly Fridays Flash: POLYNESIA.... ,..80- Won SPEEDY GIItL .Lost Wednesdays Flash: iADY MARIAN ?7.65- Won MY BIDDY .......... Lost Tuesdays Flash: DEPUTY ?10.80- Won EVA ACKLEY iost Mondays Flash: WELLFINDER 7-l Won iUGS .5-1 Won Saturdays Flash: S7.9S.S2 Won SANOLA 4.! Won Fridays Flash: HOPELESS 5.20- Won BODY GUABD ..7.2 Won Thursdays Flash: WEDDING PKINCE ..2.30-82 Won BEAB SHOT Won Wednesdays Flash: DOC GAIETY 8.40- Won CRUMPLE ....30-1, 10-1 2nd Tuesdays Flash: BALBOA 12.5 Won SWEET NOTE ..S10.95-S2 Won Mondays Flash: OY 8-1 Won PBDT 534.95-S2 Won Saturdays Flash: MARK MASTER ........... 4.1 Won CORDELIER .15- Won AH information comes direct from our connections at the principal tracks in the United f., f, afd Canada. Why not get the best info for the least expense? Our large successful weekly followers enable as to release this "Supreme Flash" at such, a nominal foe. If you were to pay ,000, you could not equal this kind of information. Only weekly subscribers will be accepted. Bush 0 at once, BY WISE, for one weeks service 6 days. Dont remit by mail. Wire your correct name and address to avoid delay. SUPREME PUBLISHING CO. 168 West 23rd St., Suite 15, New York City I THE WONDER METHOD The simplest mothod for locating horses that are ready to win. Can be playod on a straight flat bet. It is a wonder at the mutuel tracks. Can bo played anywhere. FEEE SEND FOE PARTICULARS FREE THE WONDER METHOD 277 Ocean. Parkway Brooklyn, N. Y. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form

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