Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1935-05-11

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Best of the Day DayAURORA AURORA 8th WILD TRANSI1 TRANSI1CHURCHILL CHURCHILL 6th COLDSTREAM COLDSTREAMPEVILICO PEVILICO 6th OMAHA OMAHAJAMAICA JAMAICA 3rd WHITE COCKADE AURORA AURORAOutstanding Trackman W G RODERICK Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast Nonpartisan Nonpartisan NonpartisanTechnocrat Technocrat Nonpartisan Technocrat Nonpartisan Nonpartisan 38 Ad Astra Technocrat TechnocratCathedral Viper Viper Nonpartisan NonpartisanTechnocrat Technocrat Technocrat 24 Refused Cathedral Donna McGce Ad Astra Donna McGee Viper TechnocratViper Viper 10 Whitharral Whitharral Celtic Prince Jimmie L Little Turtle Whitharral Whitharral 32 Stock Market Judge Urban Little Turtle Whitharral Whitharral Little Turtle Little Turtle 18 Dian Celtic Prince Stock Market Little Turtle Celtic Prince Dian Celtic Prince 12 Vonnie VonnieForceful Wigrose Forceful 34 Forceful Forceful Wigrose 24 ForcefulWigrose Wigrose Service Man Vonnie 14 Nisia Longus LongusLoyal Loyal Louie Loyal Louie LouieShirley Shirley May Loyal Louie Loyal Louie 34 King Pin Loyal Louie Shirley May Shirley May Loyal Louie Shirley May Shirley May 22 Shirley May Lord Dean Eveline F Longus Eveline F Nisia Nisia 12 Joe Flores Noahs Pride Noahs Pride Joe Flores Joe Flores BandWagott r Noahs Pride 30 Noahs Pride Band Wagon Easy Sailing Noahs Pride Easy Sailing Noahs Prid Joe Flores 24 Easy Sailing Woodlander Band Wagon Easy Sailing Noahs Pride Woodlandec Easy Sailing 12 tsromer Wilco Unkie Tom TomDauntless Dauntless Miss Dauntless Miss MissUnkie Brother Dauntls Miss 30 Unkie tsromerUnkie Tom Dauntless Miss Dauntless Miss Unkie Tom Unkie Tom Unkie Tom Unkie Tom 28 Ttnunflaoa f CHURCHILL DOWNS DOWNSOutstanding Trackman L G PLAUT Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS By r dine Mr Sponge Tripp Up Bartering Kate Bartering Kate Tripp Up Tripp Up 16 Bichloride Bichloride Manners Man Mr Sponge Brown Witch Mr Sponge Barterg Kate 16 Sun Boy Sun Boy Brown Witch Sun Boy Sun Boy Sun Boy Mr Sponge 16 Valerie Jean Valerie Jean First Class Valerie Jean 30 Bushmaster Bushmaster Peloria First Class 16 Whipowill Geo Gable Valerie Jean Bushmaster 16 Sis Agnes Haggerson Sis Agnes Sis Agnes 36 Yankee Waters Sis Agnes Haggerson Haggerson 26 Haggerson Marynell Lady Cotner Marynell 12 Double R Freeman Honor Her Honor Her 32 Honor Her Double R Shoeless Joe Double R 14 Little Brook Miss Vince Tabora Little Brook 10 EvergoldHnk Evergold EvergoldHnk Evergold Evergold EvergoldVitamin Evergold 50 Hnk MacTavish MacTavishVitamin Hnk MacTavish MacTavishVitamin Vitamin B Vitamin B 18 Vitamin B Vitamin B Hnk MacTavish HkMcTvishl6 Coldstream Coldstream Coldstream Coldstream 56 ColdstreamLemont Lemont Lemont Bright Light Bright Light 20 Bright Light Bright Light Lemont Lemont 12 Booms Pal Booms Pal Peedeeque Booms Pal 36 Peedeeque Salut D Amour Booms Pal Peedeeque 20 SalutDAmour Paul T Salut D Amour Slut DAmour 18 PIMLICO PIMLICOOutstanding Trackman T K LYNCH Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast Old Bachelor BachelorSwansea Zermatt Old Bachelor BachelorStarborn Old Bachelor BachelorStarborn Old Bachelor BachelorSwansea Old Bachelor Old Bachelor 40 40Starborn SwanseaStarborn Swansea Swansea Starborn StarbornSwansea Starborn StarbornZermatt Swansea Starborn Swansea 16 16Swansea Starborn Curtain Call Swansea Zermatt Zermatt SwanseaZermatt Swansea Starborn 14 Mintana Standout Mintana Mintana Standout Dunfern Mintana 30 Dunfern Huppy Dunfern Standout Dunfern Mintana Standout 26 Standout Post Brigade Standout Dunfern Mintana Standout Dunfern 22 Enthusiast Rollick RollickTristrap River Rose River Rose RoseTristrap River Rose Orthoprism River Rose 26 Orthoprism TristrapTwidgets Tristrap Orthoprism TristrapRepeal Tristrap Orthoprism Canimar Orthoprism 20 Twidgets Twidgets Tristrap Repeal Tristrap River Rose Tristrap 12 My Colin Deliberate Deliberate Deliberate My Colin ColinSpringlock Springlock Deliberate 28 Springlock Springlock Gilt Grand Girl SpringlockGilt Springlock Deliberate Springlock 22 Grand Girl Gilt Grand Girl Springlock Gilt Grand Girl My Colin 16 Omaha Omaha Omaha Omaha OmahaNellie Omaha Omaha Omaha 50 50Nellie Firethorn Nellie Flag Nellie Flag Nellie Flag Nellie Flag Boxthorn Nellie Flag 20 Nellie Flag Boxthorn Boxthorn Bloodroot Firethorn Nellie Flag Boxthorn 8 Marmion Manager Bill BillLonmeg Marmion Prince Abbot AbbotFlaming Marmion Marmion Marmion 36 My Boss Lonmeg LonmegMarmion Manager Bill Flaming Mamie Manager Bill Manager Bill Manager Bill 22 Prince Abbot Marmion Prince Abbot Manager Bill Prince Abbot Prince Abbot Prince Abbot 18 Brains Brains BrainsStall Brains Stall Man ManTriolet Brains Luculent Brains 36 Stall Man Stall Man Stall Man Triolet TrioletGloritone Triolet LuculentTriolet Triolet Stall Man 20 Gloritone Caloric Gloritone Gloritone Luculent Brains TrioletBrains Triolet 12 JAMAICA JAMAICAOutstanding Trackman C J CONNORS Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Pelerine Sunanair Fra Diavolo DiavoloPelerine Pelerine Pelerine Pelerine Pelerine 38 Sunanair Time Piece Pelerine PelerineSunanair Highdry Time Piece Fra Diavolo Sunanair 20 Fra Diavolo Pelerine Sunanair Sunanair Sunanair Sunanair Fra Diavolo 14 Polycletus Polycletus Polycletus Polycletus Polycletus Sandy Bill Polycletus 44 Sun Arena Sandy Bill Sandy Bill Night Sprite Sandy Bill Polycletus Sandy Bill 22 Chance Ray Sun Arena Night Sprite Sandy Bill Night Sprite Night Sprite Night Sprite 10 White Cockade CockadePullman White Cockade CockadeGalsac White Cockade CockadeGalsac White Cockade CockadeGalsac White Cockade CockadePullman White Cockade CockadeGalsac White Cckade 56 Pullman Galsac Galsac Galsac Pullman Galsac Galsac 18 GalsacMicrobe GalsacPullman GalsacPullman GalsacMicrobe Galsac Microbe Pullman Pullman Microbe Microbe Pullman 12 Vicar Vicar Vicar Vicar Vicar Vicar Vicar 50 VicarWatch VicarWatch VicarWatch VicarWatch VicarWatch VicarGood Watch Him Watch Him Watch Him Watch Him Watch Him Good Goods Watch Him 22 Good Goods Good Goods Good Goods Good Goods Good Goods Watch Him Good Goods 14 Count Tetrarch Gold Standard Jim John Jim John Old Story Jim John Jim John 36 Jim John Jim John Count Tetrarch Old Story Jim John Old Story Old Story 20 Gold Standard Old Story Old Story Count Tetrarch Gold Standard Gold Standard Count Tetrch 14 Spanish Way Thundertone Stone Martin SpamshWay Spanish Way Spanish Way WayHoops Spanish Way 42 Major General Spanish Way Spanish Way Stone Martin Major General Hoops Major General 14 Thundertone Major General Thundertpne Major General Big Show HoopsMajor Major General Stone Martin 12 Bamlerlog Rhodesia Banderlog Banderlog Prince Pompey Rhodesia Banderlog 30 1 Rhodesia Banderlog Rhodesia Prince Pompey TuffyG Royal Gold Rhodesia 24 Guiding Light Prince Pompey Guiding Light Desert Sands R yal Gold Banderlog Prince Pmpejr 14

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