Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-29

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Droop— 5th F.P Larkalong— 8th F.P ,.. . * __ Due Sport— 4th A.P Last Chick— 5th A.P Abdul— 6th F.P Durazna— 1st A.P Late Dawn— 4th A.P Ace of Spades-9th F.P Du First_9th A p Legal Code-2d A.P Agnara— 3d FR E Leos Girl— 2d Suf 6th PR K Agronomy— Lightfoot Lee-3d Suf Air ?aUUoiy-4tti Del EnSSlS L*e Nancy-6th °«* FP Akronlown-Stn Det Emerson-2d Suf SSiSSSTm- Alaflag-7th A.P Enthrall-6th Emp Sfe Fawn-5th PP A.P Equinox-6th Emp J™ . Aldridge-7th wasn— 6th F P AlfadUdo-2d Det Erin Torch 2d Det £ Sth" t All Fight— 1st Emp -Esta— 8th Suf Road— 8th F P Anita Chiquita-9th Det Eva Webre-9th F.P tookout Rascal-2d P P Ankylos— 1st Emp Ever Message— 4th F.P . . . «th A P Annanbob-4th F.P Everget-4th Emp LotS 1st PP Another Guess_3d PP Evil Spirit-4th A.P JSSoSiStt. Det Anti-Aircraft— 1st A.P Extremus— 2d Det Appy Way— 1st A.P F M Arabic — 7th F.P pair Fighter 1st Suf Mad Anthony — 1st Emp Armistice Day — 5th A.P pajr Tip 5th A.P Magdala — 2d Emp Azizi— 6th Det Famous Victory— 6th Emp Maisco— 5th F.P R Fancy Face— 1st F.P Mango— 6th Det Far East-7th F.P Manhunt— 6th F.P Rahv Onld Qth F P ls7EmD Feathery-9th A.P Manola-2d Emp Bahloi 1st Balilor— Emp Faveff— 4thFP Marcap— 3d Det BallaCOlaS— 5th Suf cViTtot. t, Fisherville— , •,, 6th F.P lUarv Mary Ann Ann W H.— 1 :r 1st *»P F.P Ran,,™ iri r Af BaronSnar Five A M "2d EmP Maiy Cardinal~8th FP 4th AP 1 Fiddle Fla Orland-lst Suf Masculine-4th A.P 7th Suf £SJ* dtn"AP Flamin High-lst Suf Masked Plane-7th F.P XI Ha~ven MPP FliSht Over_3d Suf Maw-2d A.P Cp Flintee-3d F.P Merry Saxon_2d F.P Be Kb A P 2 J 7pp Float Away-5th FP Midnight Ride— 8th Suf Bp«n77fnBov Florizan Sam-6th Det Midnight Sue-lst F.P 3d Det HZ fBlfnl7s3tdSuf ** "- Coop- 8th AR Mighty Blow -4th FR Flying Banshee— 3d FR Mike K.— 2d f.P RM,,«/r,if 4th rw SI" £ «2» 2M-6 « Z" 5h0SakV2d Emp S£ B,°rFT A p SS £££"# Sa-iL r" RnVn—SthFP Flying Reigh— 1st Det Miss Lexington— 2d A R Parage sf Fold Under-lst Suf Miss Nadi-7th F.P B a Det £te p1 Ktl P For Granted-5th A.P Miss Omega-lst FR RUkS. qTh FP Foreien Shot-lst A.P Miss Priority-3d FR Rn firhlit Foulard-2d D«t Miss Reward-lst AR , Emp Miss Tura-4th F.P Foxbrough- Hrnark -5th B 4th FP i as S5S* Frr9fh A, esmms. t: F1ir7d7tEmppp oa a r.-7u, EmP srsr AP Blue Moonlight— 5th Det Garden Pool— 7th F.P 5EE32 c£f Blue Orchid— 6th FR Gay Flight— 4th Suf „ ?X_iIt nil Bold Captain— 7th Det Gay Hour— 8th A.P ~"f? v*°~"1 „ , . . Mutinous — 2d F.P -, 0, -*. ATJ #»__*%__». ,j ,n 5th A.P A.P Bold Style— Gay Orphan— 3d Mvri— 9th Det Bolingbroke-6th Emp Gay Youth-2d AR Jg JKter-lst Det Bomb Shelter— 2d Det Gen 1 Manager — 7th AR MJ My „., Fp Boredom— 1st Suf George Wahlman— 3d F.P Boysan — 1st Emp Glorious Sec — 2d Suf N Brainstorm — 2d Emp Glory Call — 3d Det Nancys Baby — 8th A.P Braxton Bell — 5th F.P Glyndale — 1st Emp Narghileh— 2d F.P Bright Quest— 4th Suf Gold Tint— 2d Emp Naughty Sister— 7th FR Bright Willie— 5th Emp Gold Widow — 8th Det Neddies Hero — 9th AR Brown Ben — 8th FR Golden Fleece — 2d Emp New Glory — 6th FR Browsing — 3d Suf Good Doctor — 2d F.P Nice Enough — 6th Det Brush Brush — 7th FR Good Lawyer — 4th Suf Night Crawler — 5th Det Bud Grey — 5th Suf Gramps Image — 4th Det Nostradamus — 5th AR Bud-On — 4th A.P Grand Appeal — 1st F.P Now Mandy — 5th AR Bull Market— 8th FR Grey Squire— 7th Suf * Burnt Cork— 6th A.P Grey Wing— 6th Emp U Busyridge— 5th AR Grey Wolf— 1st Suf Oakmont— 4th AR Butcher Boy— 8th Suf Ground Play— 3d AR Off Key— 9th Det C Guaymas— 8th F.P Okoole Maluna— .9th Bet , Gummed Up— 9th A.P Old Book— 5th FR „ L . c Cabanisi— 4th Suf Gunflash— 1st AP old Silk— 3d Det Caduceus-3d Emp Gusher-5th Det One to Two-3d FR Calcutta — 8th Suf ,, Opera Queen — 7th FR Camille— 2d Emp n Our Risk — 4th FR Cape May— 4th Suf Haichow— 3d Emp Qur Sp0nsor_3d Det Captain Fury— 2d A.P Haile— 6th Emp Qver call — 9th Det Catcher Upper— 4th FR Halealoha— 9th Det Qwn ship— 7th Suf" Cavatorta— 5th Suf Half Time5th F.P. p Cecil— 5th Det Hard Biscuit— 7th F.P r - Cedar Janet-3d FR Hattie Belle-8th Suf Paducah-2d F.P Celaeno-6th Suf Helen I.-lst F.P an,therrT, Crf ek:J"*L |Uf Celosia-5th Det Highthorne-9th AR Parlor Trie k-t h FR Patch Party— 2d Suf Hi-Ty-4th Det Chance Cross-7th Suf Cherry Crush-4th Suf Hot Dare-8th FR Patrol Pilot-4th FR Hot 8th FR Peachanno— 7th FR Chic Shirley —4th Emp Spark— Pearl Alma-£th RP Chicona-lst A.P Hunch-3d FR Chief Knocker-3d Det Huri Horn Hari-2d AR Peep Show— 6th Suf Chocolate Maid-4th A.P Hutch-lst Emp ES?* "L EmP Hy-Cap— 3d A.P Phils Pet— Circus Wings-8th AR , Clipman-9th FR | Fl Phr2f - S,uf _ Cloudy Weather-2d AR Ida streng-2d A.P %££££ £? Commando Tom-4th Det identic-2d Emp PUv Arm Kt AP Constant Aim-7th AR lmpregnable-8th Suf 5£ Plv ftth F P Countess Play-2d Suf In tTle Night-5th Det P avf ieds 7th Emo Country— 7th A.P iniigm Inlieht— *w» 3d Det ™ , St! TTL . 1st Det Plucky Teddy— rmirt Piah 4th pp Court Flash— 4th FR Innate— 5th Det Pn1.v Qrh tw Cowlan-6th Det Iron Maiden-lst A.P lolTmeSe Laureate— 9th 9th AP A.P Crack Timber— 6th Suf ISar°ma Isaroma— 7th ?th A A? P £ „ Credentials-7th Suf , l011?™- L J Crest o War-8th Det , ■ . efer,Tr/anf!ltT5Kh.FoP T . Gift 8th AR Jack 1st Princely Cross Country 8th Suf Reaper — Emp — Jacodra — 1st Det Princess Olc — 9th Det Crucibenna 4th A P Cuban Bomb— 4th Det , Jacotot— 2d Det Prognostic— 1st FR Cuckoo-Man-2d Det Janaluska— M F.P Prospect Boy— 1st Det Janepola — 8th FR Purcellville — 7th AR j " Janes Patsy — 2d Emp 0 Danger— 1st AR Jay D. Kan— 6th Det oliakpr MAP Dans Choice— 8th A.P Jeweltone— 6th FP T, , ~„ Darby Damron-3d Det SS%tJ PP Queen T°Dke-2d FP Darby Delilah— 4th Det Jo Ann— 9th Det K Darby Diadem — 5th Det j0 Kapi 6th Det Rackatack — 7th Emp Darby Diavolo — 8th Det Joans Tip 7th Emp Rath Ronan — 6th Suf Darby Doc — 6th Det Jockarando 8th AR Raw Recruit — 4th Emp Darby Donhe— 7th Det john Thomas— 1st PR Ray Petty— 2d FR Darting Orphan — 3d Suf Jungle Moon 2d A.P Red Berry — 6th FR David B. Jr.— 9th AR Junior Easton — 8th Det Red Wonder— 4th Det Day and Night— 1st A.P just for Fun— 9th A.P Relious — 7th AR De Kalb— 5th Emp ■# Renraw — 2d Suf Devils Peak— 8th F.P . , _ Respire— 1st Emp Dick Manners— 3d A.P £enn, u c - Rest Awhile— 1st Det Discouraged-7th Emp Kxngfishe.-Sth Emp Rex-Avis-2d AR Dissension Sir-lst Det EVSLjH fT Reztips-9th AR Dit— 5th Emp fWnJ »i Richard W.— 2d Emp Don Juan II.— 3d Emp Knock *, , „*U « . Riposte— 4th AR Knock-9th Det Don Miller-4th FR Risanda-7th Suf Dont— 4th FR L River Port— 1st AR Dog Day— 5th Suf Lady Ballet— 7th PR Riverdan— 2d FR Donegal — 2d Emp Lady Constance — 7th FR Robert E. Lee — 1st Suf - Double Call— 1st F.P Lady Nikoh— 1st AR Robusti— 8th AR Dovie Lou — 4th A.P Lakeview Miss — 3d FR Rockaway Boy — 1st Suf Dre m Fox— 9th AR Lakeview T. — 3d FR Romney Rex — 3d Suf Rosevo— 8th F.P Stepwisely— 4th Emp V Rosey Future— 7th F.P Straw Basket— lst F.P • „ , ,. L. . Rough Man— lst Suf Styx— 4th Suf Xa Jna Blsh°P— OJ 2d „ Det ™dma Date-3d AP Royal Red-4th Det Sun Flame-2d Emp S luncathVp11 SUf vSK SSdS S5 Suncap— 6th AR Sabatis— 2d Emp Valnor— 9th A P Sal Old Pal— 8th AR SuPer Marines— lst Emp valtite— 5th FP Sales Talk— 6th A.P Supreme Ideal— 4tb A.P - Justice— 2d Det San Francisco-lst Det SSSSHX AP ▼2StaS£ PP Sara Deer-7th FR £SlSt.L / Victory Play-2d Emp Seal Rock— lst Emp Sweepnack— 5th Det Virginia Vlrgmia Van— Van 4th 4th r* FP Seebeebee-3d Det Sweepstaker-3d Emp • Seekonk— 2d AR Sweet Margy— 8th Det W Senate— 2d Emp J Wadedale— 4th Suf Shadows Pass — 6th Suf Tessie lst PR Waltham Cross — 2d Det Shasta Man — 2d AR Texas Sandman 4th PP War Counsellor — 5th Det She Rolls — 3d FR The Native 5th AR War Result — 6th Suf Sherlock — lst Det Thorn Reel 3d FP War Sny — 8tn Det Shining Sea— 9th F.P Thread o Gold— 4th Emp Wauchula— 9th F.P Shirley R.— 7th FR Three Bangs 2d A P Wayriel— 8th AR Sir Jimmy— 6th FR Ticky Otis— 2d AP Wee Captain— 3d F.P Sir Larkmead — 6th FR Tippity 9th F P What a Year — lst Emp Sky Pirate— 2d FR xit for Tat 4th Emp Which Ace — 5th Suf Sky Soldier — 2d Det Title Queen 7th F P White Ford — 7th Suf Smoky Snyder — lst Suf Toaca 4th PR Wild °ats — 8tn AP Snack — lst AR Toms Cannon 3d FR Windward Isle — 2d Emp Snarleyow — lst Suf Toolmaker 3d Det Winning Smile — 7th Suf Snow Apple— 4th AR Top Class 5th Det Wise Barrister— 4th AR Snow Flower— 2d FR Topsy Ann— lst A P Wise Colors— 3d Det Son OHal— 6th Suf Toss Up— 2d Emp Y Song Spinner— 4th AR Transtan— 2d Emp .Yam ,J , Qllf South Bound-8th F.P Truthful Bud-4th F.P xei?o7as Specie-lst FR Xenoias Fox-8th Fox 8th F FR P Try Flight-5th PR Spect s Gal-3d PP Ttennob-2d FR Y bpeed to Spare— 1st Suf Tufano— lst Emp Yankee Notions— 2d F.P Spy Snare— 7th Det Tuleyries Lin— 2d FR Youroff— 2d AR Star Lerner — 2d Det Stargoo — 2d Emp U Z Starweista — 2d A.P Uncle Bud — 2d Suf Zangerman — 2d FR Stepping Out — 2d FR Urge Me — 6th AR Zostera — lst Suf

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