Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1946-05-23

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS, ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE; TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN BOLD FACE LETTERS Trackman, L. S. Meen Lincoln Fields at Hawthorne Selections Made for Fast Track ~ RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Judge Sales JUDGE SALES Judee Sales Judge Sales Intriguing Judge Sales 24 1 Kee-Ho Intriguing Kee-Ho Intriguing Judge Sales Intriguing 10 Sea Log Great Card Intriguing Great Card Great Card Kee-Ho 4 0manette Omanette Carlasue Carlasue Carlasue Carlasue 19 2 Carlasue Carlasue Roval Empress Roval Empress Roval Empress Omanette 11 Roval Empress Sgt. Rice Slovak Sgt. Rice Omanette Roval Empress 7 Fighting Lee Fighting Lee Fighting Lee Sweet Reward Fighting Lee Fighting Lee 22 3 Sweet Reward Sweet Reward Sweet Reward Fighting Lee Sweet Reward Sweet Reward 13 Gay Challa Fairy Foot Glazier Glazier Glazier Glazier 3 Some Bid Some Bid Some Bid Some Bid PlavGato Some Bid 22 4 Kamps Reward Kamps Reward Kamps Reward Kamps Reward Some Bid Kamps Reward 9 Valdina Bright Silver Mile PlayJato Gal Ann Kamps Reward Play Gato 6 Diderod Diderod Diderod Diderod Diderod 25 5Diderod Credentials Chestv Take Wing Private Joe Bosage Chestv 4 Chestv Take Wing Sand Storm Sand Storm Chesty Take Wing 3 Tiger Rebel Tiger Rebel TIGER REBEL TIGER REBEL TIGER REBEL TIGER REBEL 31 6 Legislator Legislator TawnvLadv Legislator Legislator Legislator 9 KDorko Chapel Bells Legislator Tawny Lady Tawny Ladv Tawny Ladv 4 MAXIEKIN Wallflower Cerberus Wallflower Whose Wallflower 14 7 Wallflower Whose Whose Maxiekin Wallflower Maxiekin 12 Whose Maxiekin Maxiekin Cerberus Maxiekin Whose 10 Replication Replication Replication Replication Replication Replication 25 8 Darbv Dismay Mordecai Tetradan Mordecai Mordecai Mordecai 7 I Tetradan Tetradan Mordecai Darbv Dismay Tetradan Tetradan 5 Trackman, C. J. Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Colorset COLORSET COLORSET Colorset Colorset Colorset 29 1 Picardv Belle Volatile Homogenize Shavey Lee Homogenize Homogenize 4 Volatile Shavev Lee Picardv Belle Rancor Shavev Lee Shavey Lee 4 Reach Bevond Reach Beyond Reach Beyond Reach Detection Beyond Reach 20 2Bevond School Tie School Tie Kilgobbin Admirals Aide School Tie School Tie 7 Salerno Kilgobbin Detection School Tie Kilgobbin Detection 6 Art School Art School Art School Art School Middle River Art School 22 3 H Hour Middle River Last Big Three Art School Middle River 9 Big Three Big Three Middle River Middle River Big Three Big Three 5 Pelure Annieonsauotch Pelure Spring Thaw Pelure 19 4Pelure Spring Thaw Annieonsauotch Pelure Annieopsauotch Pelure Annieonsauotch 11 Annieopsauotch Easy Living Imperil Spring Thaw Annieopsauotch Spring Thaw 8 MIST O GOLD MistoGold Mist o Gold MIST O GOLD MIST OGOLD MIST OGOLD 31 5 Be Courageous Be Courageous Larkmead Andv Be Courageous Be Courageous Be Courageous 8 Larkmead Andy Hippodrome Ringoes Ringoes Larkmead Andv Larkmead Andv 4 Lets Dance Coincidence Cencerro Lets Dance Coincidence Lets Dance 16 6 Coincidence Lets Dance Lets Dance_ Coincidence Lets Dance Coincidence 14 Alexis Sicily Larky Day Alexis Alexis Cencerro 5 Segula DorathvA. Segula Sirlette Segula 17 7Segula DorathvA Sirlette Sirlette Sirlette DorathvA. Sirlette 12 Sirlette Dorathv A. Segula Tigrell Segula Dorathy A. 10 Spheric Picket Line Picket Line Picket Line Picket Line Picket Line 20 8 Valdina Lord Sunstorm BigTeddv Big Teddy Gun Deck BigTeddv 6 Big Teddy Big Teddv Cheestraw Gun Deck Sunstorm Spheric 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty Havre de Grace Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN~ HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Pennv Reward Rampano Rampano Rampano Rampano 17 IElMomo Bourbon Rampano El Momo Penny Reward Penny Reward Pennv Reward 11 Penny Reward El Momo Penny Reward Trance Sleeper Bourbon El Momq 8 Intermission Tintarv Fernlet CarmelitaH. Tintary Tintarv 14 2 MariorieT. Fernlet Tintary Tintarv Fernlet Fernlet 10 Balanaul Mar.1 orie T. Marj orie T. Fernlet Marj orteT. Marj orie T. 5 Neddie Can Neddiecan Neddiecan Dixie Sweep Neddiecan Neddiecan 3 Ringthebell Admirals Call Dixie Sweep Neddiecan Admirals Call Dixie Sweep 9 Git Dixie Sweep Admirals Call Casset Dixie Sweep Admirals Call 5 Butler Bungalese Bungalese BTJNGALESE Bungalese 24 4Bungalese Butler Bungalese First Pal First Pal First Pal First Pal 8 First Pal First Pal Reason The Wing Rough Ordy Butler 7 Flange Flange Saxon Paul SAXON PAUL Ring Master Flange 14 5 Signal Corps Ring Master Flange Mae Case Flange Saxon Paul 12 Mae Case Signal Corps Signal Corps Pharaday Signal Corps Ring Master 7 CONRAD MANN CONRAD MANN CONRAD MANN Bellclapper Conrad Mann CONRAD MANN 28 6 Scurry Gal Bellclapper Chance Fair Conrad Mann Bellclapper Bellclapper 9 Chance Fair Chance Fair Rare Flares Chance Fan; Chance Fair Chance Fair 6 Genial Sam S. Genial Sam S. Aldridge Genial Sam S. Genial Sam S. 18 7Aldridge Genial Sam S. Aldridge Aldridge CashO. Bov Aldridge Aldridge 16 Marvknoll Cash O. Boy Rex-Avis Genial Sam S. Rex-Avis Cash JX Bov 3 Boot and Spur Boot and Spur Remolee Boot and Spur Remolee Boot and Spur 19 8 Bonridge Remolee Boot and Sour Our Bov Boot and Spur Remolee 12 Dizzy Heights Dizzy Heights Dizzy Heights Robert E. Lee Dizzy Heights Dizzy Heights 4 Trackman, A. E. Brown Narragansett Park Selections Made for Good Track ~~ RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS . Larry D. Larry D. Gerham Larry D. Wait for Me Larry D. 16 Gerham Gerham Wait for Me Wait for Me Gerham Gerham 11 Leventia Moslelo Larry D. Steeple Leventia Wait For Me 9 Falsely Falsely Cocogrande Falsely Falsely Falsely 22 2 Cocogrande Cocogrande Falsely Cocogrande Cocogrande Cocogrande 13 Speed Up Bulldinger Bulldinger Bulldinger Speed Up Bulldinger 3 Heyorta Heyorta Heyorta Hevorta Feyorta 22 3Creepin Heyorta Don Chance Ladys Orphan Don Chance Fast Tempo Creepin 6 Abrego Crecrops Creepin Ask Aunt Ada Ladys Orphan Don Chance 4 Druids Echo Jingle Jangle Mullingar Druids Echo Mullingar 15 4Mullingar Jingle Jangle Mullingar Druids Echo Jingle Jangle Mullingar Druids Echo 12 Willowmark Jingle Jangle Mullingar Cold Blast Jingle Jangle Jingle Jangle 11 Discouraged Discouraged REFRESH Discouraged Refresh Discouraged 19 5 Refresh Refresh Discouraged Magic Heels Discouraged Refresh 16 Jelwell Jelwell Ho Hum Jelwell Ho Hum Jelwell 3 Shiny Penny Shiny Penny Weatherite Sollure Sollure Shiny Penny 12 6 Magdala Weathersite Magdala Restless Shiny Penny Sollure 12 Hearth Broom Sollure Sollure Play Bob Magdala Weatherite 7 WISE TIMMIE Wise Timmie Wise Timmie Wise Timmie Wise Timmie Wise Timmie 27 7 Darby Duncan Saving Saving Gunnery Saving Saving 6 Chance Cross Darby Duncan Chance Cross Oxford Blue Darby Duncan Darby Duncan 4 Layout LAYOUT Layout LAYOUT LAYOUT LAYOUT 31 8 Bov Soldier Bov Soldier Boy Soldier Boy Soldier Boy Soldier Bov Soldier 10 Bills Doll Bills Doll Bills Doll Miss Balladier Bills Doll Bills Doll 4

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