Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1952-05-16

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Actual — 1st GJS Ada C.— 2d Bel Admiral Red — 2d CD Adruitha— 2d Bel After You— 8th GJS Air Arm — 5th CD Air Attack — 7th GJS Al Hash— 5 th CD Alas — 7th Suf Algie— 5th CD Als Choice — 7th CD Alter Klocker — 1st Bel Ampola — 6th Bel Ancestor — 7th Bel Ancient City — 5th Bel Ann Del — 2d G.S Another Nip — 8th Pirn Apache Lady — 3d"Suf Appeaser — 2d LP Approval— 6th GJS Arilou — 7th CD Armagh — 7th Bel Arthur Elrod — 1st LP Arthur Pilate — 7th G. S. Auntie Mutt— 1st Suf Babes Brother— 5th LP Babys Broke — 7th C JD Baker Brush— 3d GJS Bakers Raider — 4th GJS Bakers Wood — 6th GJS Ballast — 8th Pirn Ballawood — 8th Pirn Barbara L. — 4th LP Bases Loaded — 6th GJS Battle Hero — 6th CD Bay Hash — 8th Bel Be Lovely— 8th GJS Beaming Light — 5th Suf Bean Ball— 2d Bel Beret— 6th GJS Bernley — 1st Bel Bestover— 8th LP Bicarb — 3dPim Bickett — 8th Suf Big Brush Off— 1st Suf Big Heralder— 8th C JD Big Inch — 7th LP Bill Ross — 8th Suf Bill Twig — 1st LP Bingle— 1st Bel Bit o Glow— 7th Suf Black and Blue — 5th GJS Blandystohe — 3d Bel Blast CRoses— 4th LP Blooming Lire — 8th G.S Blue Bar— 2d LP Blue Danube — 6th Pim Blue Lantern — 5th GJS Blue Nona — 4th CD Blue Tail Fly — 7th Pim Bob T.— 3d LP Bold Rogue — 5th Pim BolpBoy— 3d CD Bon Lynn — 7th Pim Bonus Boy — 1st Pim Bowled Over— 5th CD Braganca — 8th LP Break Thru— 2d LP Brechin — 6th Bel Bridal Toast — 6th Suf Bright Omen — 1st GJS Bright Pass — 2d Bel Brilyn G. — 3d Pim Britainshire — 1st Suf Brookridge— 7th Bel Brother Ghost— 8th Bel Brown Ariel — 4th LP Brown Hazel — 2d Bel Brush Mouth — 7th Suf Bullish— 6th LP Busy April — 2d C JD Busy Fox — 6th CD Busy John — 1st CD Busy Lad — 3d CD Buzz A Bit — 8th GJS C Caboose — 1st CD Can Locate— 7th LP Capital V. — 4th CJD Carlton Miss — 3d GJS Casimar — 4th CD Cattaragus — 3d CD Caveswood — 4th Pim Cedar Lock— 8th GJS Celeriter — 1st CD Census — 1st Bel Cepheus — 4th Pim Certainly— 8th GJS Challarian— 7th GJS Challestar — 3d LP Champs Dream — 1st Bel Charing Rock— 5th Suf Charlight— 8th Pim Chat Noir H.— 7th G. S Chatalle— 3dLP Cheerf ulness— 1st Suf Chemin de Fer — 3d Pim Child Wonder— 2d Bel ChoChoSan — 1st Pim Chopper — 1st Pim Chow Chow— 8th LP Christmas Morn — 5th Pim Clares Pride — 4th GJS Clear Cash: — 1st Suf Cloudburst — 4th Pim Cole Slaw — 4th CD Colonel Pap — 8th LP Colony Date — 4th Bel Colorado Miss — 5th CD Comeallye — -7th Suf » Commandant — 7th GJS Common Cause — 5th Bel Conquerant— 5th CD Copa-Tip— 8th GJS Corinth— 1st GJS Correction— 1st Bel Correspondent— 3d Pim Corsican Lass — 2d GJS Count Discover— 7th Suf -Court Grand — 1st Suf Cousin Clara — 5th LJ , „ , Cross Wise — 5 th Suf Crosscut — 1st Bel Curly Jo© — 1st Bel Cyclist — 3d Suf D Dalai— 6th Bel Dame Mangoneo — 8th Bel Dandolo — 3d Pim Danger Ahead— 5th GJS Dans Chance — 3d Bel Daralet — 8th Pim Dark Destroyer — 3d Pim Dark Peer — 3d Suf Dash-O-Light— 4th GJS Dearies Round — 4th GJS Delove — 8th Pim Denver Dan — 2d Bel Deposit Slip — 2d Bel Desert Witch — 5th Suf Diamond Ned— 3d Pim Dick*s Hay Day — 5th. CD Didapper— 6th LP Didnslip — 5th Pim Dimmy G. — 1st Pim Dimit — 1st LP Direct Tint — 3d Pim Dixies Pal— 1st Suf Djymy— 5th C J Doc Wolfe— 3d CD , Dont Scold — 5th Pim DontStop — 2d Bel. Dorothys Miss— 2d Pim Double Echo— 8th GJS Drifting— Maid— 7th GJS Dustpan— 4th Pim ; " * Dusty Demon— 8th Suf E Earl, Jr. — 8th LP /, Ebenezer — 2d GJS Ed the Great— 8th Bel Eddie Sue— 4th Suf Elaine E. — 3d LP Elaine O. — 8th Pim Eland— 5th Suf Elchazo — 1st CD Eli Cookie — 1st CJD Ellen Neel— 3d CJD. Ellenwood — 1st CD Emergency Free — 4th CJD English Star— 3d LP Eolus — 4th Bel Epic Chance-— 8th Pim Escarp— 3d Bel Escondrijo-r-3d Bel Eternal Great— 1st GJS Evenesta— 1st Pim Evidence — 7th LP Excise Tax— 6th GJS Exodus — 4th GJS Export Trade — 2d Suf F Fair Porter — 1st LP Fair Strike — 2d LP Fancy Food. — 5th CJD Fancy Gent — 6th Pim Fast Jeep— 3d GJS Feather Stone— 2d Pim Fenelow — 5 th Suf Ferryman — 1st Bel Fidget— 6th Bel Fighting Marge — 1st LP Fighting Thru — 4th Suf Fighting Tony — 4th Suf -Final Bid— 4th G.S. Finchhaven — 2d Bel First Curtain— 3d Suf First Wing— 8th Bel Flag Ho— 3d Bel Flaming Lady — 8th Pim Flashy Manner — 3d LP Flatbush — 1st LP Fleck— 7th Bel Flimsy— 2d G.S Fly Out— 5th CD Fonda— 3d Bel Foxpoise — Sth CD Frahkie D.— 2d LP Fraternal — 6th GJS FredG. — 2d Suf Free and Equal — 6th LP Freedom Bell — 7th Bel Frontenac — 7th Bel Frosty Whirl — 3d Pim Full Fashion— 4th GJS Full Measure — 1st GJS G Gay Courier — 2d Suf Gezel Holly— 3d Pim Gin Champ — 4th LP „ Gin Girl— 5th CD Glass Bull — 4th GJS Go Between — 7th GJS Go Go Go — 4th Suf Golden Doll— 1st CD Golden Grip — 1st Bel Golden Meteor — 2d GJS Goldies Choice — 2d Pim Good Times — 1st CD Grand Evening— 8th Suf Grandoral — 1st GJS Gray Chief — 8th Suf Gray Desert — 2d CD Gray Fleet — 4th GJS GrorUp — 7 th Pim H Hadabelle— 2d GJS Hair Stylist— 2d Suf ., , Hal Prince — 5 th LP Happy at Last — 4th Pim Happy Lee5th CD Hard to Get — 2d Pim Harlem Maid— 6th Bel Hashalonia — 2d GJS Hasty Hester— 7th CD Hatter War— 1st Suf Havey B. — 8th Pim He Wolf —4th GJS Head East — 3d CD Helens Star — 7th Pim Hello Willie— 4 th Suf Hells Umbrella— 1st Pim High Dive— 4th Bel High Hatter— 3d GJ3 High Hunch— 2d Suf Homely Duke— 4th Bel Hoo IS It — 5th Suf Hoos Abbe— 4th CD Hot Time — 2d Suf Hunter F. — 8th LP Hunters Glory— 4th CD Hushaby Baby— 6th Bel I lama Duke — 2d LP Ida Win — 2d LP If and When— 7th CD Ulstay— 2d LP Im O.K.— 4th GJS Inaccessible— 2d LP Imahopin — 4th GJS Imperialist— 5 th Bel Indus— 2d Pim Infinity K.— 2d LP Inlet Miss— 6th Suf Irismark— 4th Pim Isle of Peace — 7th Pim Tsoceles — 1st GJS . Isograde— 6th Bel J Jack Carroll — 8th G.S Jack Jr.— 6th CD Jack Linder — 2d Bel Jack Stalk— 3d Pim James B.— 5th Pim Jeep Supply-r-7th Suf Jen-E-V— 5th Pim Jessica B. — 7th CD Jimmy Vincent— 2d LP Joes Star— 1st LP Joey Boy— 7th GJS John Bauer— 5th LP Joie de Vivre--7th Suf Jolly Star — 7th Pim Joyce W. — 1st LP Jump Tune— 5th LP Jungle Gypsy— 7th Pim K Kader— 4th Bel Kandilli— 5th Pim Keep Busy— 2d Pim Kelora — 1st GJS King Clover — 7th GJS King-Jolie — 7th Bel Kingf ish — 8 th Pim Kings Lane — 2d Pim Knaves Bid— 2d GJS Knights Reward— 6th Pim Kohima — 1st Pim L Lady Edwina — 3d Suf Lady Toy— 2d LP Lancaster Lady — 6th Bel Lancer — 6th GJS Lead All — 1st Pim Lease Hound — 7th CD Lees First— 2d Bel Lees Highpep— 8th GJS Lefty Clarke— 4th Pim Light Devil— 1st Bel Lillian Clarke — 2d Pim Linger— 2d Suf Lions Sharer— 2d Bel Little Bones— 1st GJS Little Bullet— 3d Pim Little Hope— 2d Suf Little Jeff— 8th LP Little Raider — 4th Pim Little Shrew — 5 th CD Little Snow— 2d GJS Little Zac — 5th CD Liveletlive — 5 th Suf Locadah — 6th CD Locarno — 1st Pim Lochy — 5 th Pim Lord Ivor — 5th Bel Lord Throttle — 1st Bel Loridale — 7th GJS * Lotof town — 1st GJS Lous Girl— 1st CD Loveable Lad — 3d CD M Maelstrom — :1st GJS Major Jean — 4th Pim Make Sway — 1st GJS Man CMusic — 2d Bel Manchac — -7th LP Many Gifts— 5th CD Marble Ann— 3d LP March Proudly — 7th LP Margaret A. — 2d Pim Marilyn H — 4th CD Marlee King — 1st Suf Mary Ann — 2d Pim Maryador — 3d Bel Mason Jennings — 3d CD Massanutten — 1st Bel Master-Showman — 1st GJS Melanie — 3d LP Mercedes — 4th CD Meringue — 8th Pim Merry Notes — 1st Suf r Mescara — 1st LP Methuselah — 2d Bel Mid Stream — 3d Pim Mighty Ruler — 2d Bel Miss C O. D.— 2d Pim Miss Carrier — 2d CD Miss Fort Knox — 2d CD Miss Nap— 8th CD Miss Siclette — 3d Suf Mistig— 8th GJS Mohduma— 6th Bel Molly Marie — 5 th LP Montenegrin — 3d Pim Monterey— 3d Bel Mother Morris — 7th CD Movie — 1st Bel Mr.L.R.— 7th CD Mr. Majority— 1st CD Mr. R.— 8th CD Mucho Manana-— 1st LP My Boy Jackie— 2d Bel My Celeste — 7th GJS MyFaith--lstC.D My Freedom — 5th Suf My Honeybee — 2d GJS N Natural Gas — 1st Pim Netherby— 2d Suf Next Stop— 8th Bel Nickies Boy — 4th LP Nickie C— 8th Pim Nifty— 1st LP Night Music— 5 th Pim Nipping«— 1st Pim No Sho— 7th Suf * No Tick— 5 th LP Noble Idea— 8th CD None For U— 8th GJS Note Carefully— 5th Pim O ! O. K. Doak— 7th CD Oddspring — 2d Suf Oh Dear— 5th LP Old Mason — 6th CD Old Reliable— 4th Suf On the Wire — 1st Pim Once in Love — 8th Bel Opening Day — 8th LP Our Equity — 5th CD OurHespera — 5 th Pim Out Point— 4th Bel P Pacific Ocean — 5th Bel Paddy Lane— 5th Suf Paddys Hat— 6th GJS Pajara — 2d LP Palanquin— 2d Pim Palatial Appetite — 7th G.S Palena — 1st Suf Panache— 2d CJD Pango Pango— 8th CD Park Pigeon — 5th CD Pay Dirt— 3d G.S Peach Bud — 4th Suf Petes Best8th LP Petes Vigil— 8th LP Petite Goutte — 4th Pim Phil G.— 1st Suf Pine Ville— 6th Suf Place Card— 6th Bel Play Eda— 7th LP Plentiful— 3d G.S Poes Poem — 2d GJS Poopcha — 6th Suf Pop-Bottle— 8th Suf-Poppy Day — 5th Pim Potpourri— 5 th Bel Practise— 5 th Bel Pretender — 3d Bel Prince Dare — 3d Pim Prince Tip — 1st Bel ProblemLad — 4th Pim Proud Jack — 7th CD Proudf oot— 4th CJD Push Broom— 8th GJS Pussy Cat — 3d CJD Q Queens Chant — 7th Suf Quick Solution — 6th Pim Quienette — 2d GJS Quirinus — 1st G.S Quiz Me — 8th Suf R Rail Creek— 5th Pim Rainbow Queen — 4th CJD Rawlins-7th CJD Ray K.— 5th Suf Real Brother— 1st Bel Real Treat-r-lst CJD Recess — 6th Bel Recluse — 7th Pim Recurring — 4th Pim Referee— 5 th Bel Register Now— 8th CJD Repetoire— 5 th GJS Requisition— 7th Bel Rewing — 1st Pim River-Bed — 1st Suf Rocking Chair— 4th GJS Roman Jean — 1st CJD Roman Road — 1st LP Rosemere Zoe — 3d GJS Rough Candy — 2d Pim Royal Bones — 2d LP Royal Crispie — 2d CJD Ruddy Belle-6th Bel Rumor Sir— 6th CJD. Running Stitch— 2d GJS Rush Prince — 7th Bel Rusticate — 2d Bel S S. McLaughlin— 7th LP Sahara — 5 th Pim Salient — 2d Pim Sandvar — 5 th Pim San-Jo — 5th Bel Scotch Wine — 7 th Pim Screen Star — 3d GJS Seabright— 8th Suf Seamans Pal — 2d LP Seer — 6th Pim Service — 8th Bel Shilly Shally— 2d Pim Shoppin Shoes— 5th CJD Siddons— 1st LP Sig— 5th Pim Sigh Queen — 2d GJS Sir Rustom — 6th CJD SixThirty — 1st CJD Skein— 2d Suf Skyraiding— 2d LP Sleek.Hand— 2d LP Sleepy Tiger— 3d G.S So Grand— 6th LP So Well— 6th Suf Socialite — 1st Bel Sodale — 6th Suf Solar Count — 3d Bel Some Town — 1st LP Son O Luck — 1st Bel Sonic— 7th GJS Sorority— 7th LP Southern Rose — 3d G.S Speedy Jet — 4th LP Spring Morn— 4th G.S Spudder— 5 th Suf Stay Well— 1st Pim Steel Shot-7th CJD Stoney s Tiger — 5th LP Stony Snark— 4th CJD Storm Trooper — 8th GJS Streamliner — 3d LP Sudura— 4th LP Summer School--3d G.S Sun Cross — 5th Bel Sun Halo — 3d Suf Sun Idol Boy — 1st LP Sun Roamer — 2d Bel Sunnybrbok Sue — 2d CJD — Surprise Girl— 2d Pim Swamp Guide— 5th CJD Sweep Bolt — 7th CJD . Swihgalick — 7 th Pim Swordet — 4th Pim T g Tangent— 8th LP £ Task Fleet— 2d CD Q Tea Patch— 4th Suf Teddys Pride— 8th Pim 5* Testator— 1st G.S f% Texas Reward — 6th GJS = Thank You Sir— 6th LP £j The Critter— 1st Suf The Traveller— 4th GJS J Theonetobeat — 1st LP ?o Throne — 1st Pim Tiger Jay— 4th G.S Tillerette— 2d Suf 7S Tinker — 4th Pim TioTito — 2d Bel Titanic— 1st Suf „- To Stay — 8th Pim Tonys Trouble — 4th CJD Top Attraction — 1st Bel Top Brass — 6th Suf _-Top Luck — 1st Pim o Tribal Fire— 3d Pim Trick Flier— 5th Suf vo Triple Flight-lst CD g Triple Time — 6th Suf Tripline — 3d CJD Trumpet King— 6th G.S Try Ike— 2d LP * Tuned Up — 7th Suf Twirling Girly-Sth LP Two Feathers — 5th Suf V U Asked Font— 6th GJS Underpressure — 6th LP Upsurge — 3d GJS - Usual— 3d Suf Utopia — 8th Bel V Valbee— 1st GJS Valenciano — 1st Bel Valpam— 5th GJS . Velvet Bound— 1st LP Verbena — 5th CJD Victoria Cross — 5th LP Vinita Toney — 7th CJD Violence — 8th Pim W War Bullet — 1st Bel War King— 5th G.S War Scotch — 3d Bel Wheresttief ire — 1st Suf Whirlahead— 4th Pim Whiskey John — 4th CJD White Boots — 8th CJD White Hackle — 4th Pim Wise Market— 8th Bel Wonderful You— 6th Bel X Xippi Pigeon — 3d Suf * « Y Ydear— 1st LP Young Romance — 3d GJS

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