Experts Selections Daily Racing Form, Daily Racing Form, 1954-06-08

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IxPERTS SELECTIONSDAILY RACING FORM Figures ki Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Star Diver Star Diver Star Diver Star Diver Babbys Boy Star Diver 22 1 Hasty Hank Bonnie Inez Hasty Hank Hasty Hank Star Diver Hasty Hank 7 Spanish Jett Babbys Boy Babbys Boy Blue Rogue Hasty Hank Babbys Boy 7 Calorimeter Calorimeter Calorimeter Poltroon Calorimeter Calorimeter 22 2 Ballapool Poltroon Poltroon Calorimeter Mighty Nice Poltroon 10 Smart Cookie Mighty Nice Mighty Nice Mira Sador Poltroon Mighty Nice 4 Track General Track General MadHarham Track General Track General 19 3MadHarham Track General Touraine MadHarham Track General Touraine Mad Harham 13 Touraine Sonny Mars Touraine Sonny Mars Mad Harham Touraine 6 W m Fleet Missy Roman Heart Roman Heart Lady Alorter Roman Heart Roman Heart 18 L Lady Alorter Patill Fleet Missy Roman Heart Lady Alorter Lady Alorter 11 Roman Heart Lady Alorter Lady Alorter Fleet Missy Fleet Missy Fleet Missy 9 MAY LEE H. May Lee H. MAY LEE H. May Lee H. Eternal Shock May Lee H. 25 5 Gorgeous Miss Babys Pal Eternal Shock Babys Pal Babys Pal Eternal Shock 8 Coded Message Georgeous Miss Babys Pal Eternal Shock May Lee H. Babys Pal 7 Idle Platter Koritza Uncle Tom Idle Platter Idle Platter Idle Platter 18 6 Koritza Uncle Tom Idle Platter Uncle Tom Koritza Uncle Tom 9 Dads Degree Idle Platter Dads Degree Dads Degree Dads Degree Koritza 9 Fleet Factor BLACK CANASTA Busy Now Fleet Factor FLEET FACTOR Fleet Factor 19 7 Lady of Chance Fleet Factor Lady of Chance Lady of Chance Lady of Chance Lady of Chance 9 Merry Mount Lady of Chance Merry Mount Merry Mount Busy Now Busy Now 6 Penny Swanees Penny Swanees Penny SWANEES PENNY Swanees Penny SWANEES PNY 27 8Swanees The Phoenix Repartee The Phoenix Repartee Repartee Repartee 6 Brecon Beacons Oak River Baby Battler The Phoenix Shotral The Phoenix 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Hurricane Honey Jar Tims Moon Sir Walter R. Paiara Hurricane 8 1 Honey Jar BigHeralder Pajara Victory Moon Hurricane Honey Jar 7 Potterac Stand Off Hurricane Tims Moon Liebeskind Pajara 7 Janes Pride Janes Pride Be-Mi-Dear AIR MISSION Trip North Janes Pride 14 2 Diamond Mine Diamond Mine Trip North Janes Pride Be-Mi-Dear Trip North 8 Ceremony Trip North Janes Pride Ceremony Janes Pride Air Mission 7 Solid Rock SOLID ROCK Between Us Between Us Between Us Between Us 16 3 Diamond Laddie Diamond Laddie Riches Wolverine Little Errard Solid Rock 12 Between Us Riches Diamond Laddie Riches Diamond Laddie Diamond Laddie 6 Marshaweista Marshaweista BIG HEART Marshaweista Big Heart Marshaweista 18 4 Big Heart Runacross Flying Gypsy Runacross Marshaweista Big Heart 14 Runacross Young Fellow Marshaweista Flying Gypsy Flying Gypsy Runacross 5 PRINCESS TRACE Princess Trace Barshoe Bee Lee Tee Raintree Princess Trace 18 5 Barshoe Barshoe Princess Trace Princess Trace Princess Trace Barshoe 10 Bee Lee Tee Nickies Boy Raintree Mock Battle Barshoe Raintree 6 My Fault My Fault Princess Polly MY FAULT My Fault 21 6Polemos My Fault Uncle Bernie Gaylon My Fault Naraja Polemos 6 Narajo Fast Traffic Polemos Gaylon Gaylon Princess Polly 5 Kensington Ted Kensington Ted Kensington Ted Kensington Ted Taunting Beau KENSGTN TED 21 7 Depal First Star Winning Depal Starborough Taunting Beau 5 First Star Depal Starborough War Nimbus Kensington Ted Depal 5 Final Edition Final Edition SmartyJacopo Dare Devil Dare Devil Final Edition 12 8 All British Bimover Dare Devil Lone Pilot Lone Pilot Dare Devil 12 Lone Pilot Beryldon . Beryldon Final Edition Final Edition Lone Pilot 5 Trackman, R. A. Krancer THISTLEDOWN PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP " ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Sharp Mark Kangasu Sharp Mark Sharp Mark Sharp Mark SHARP MARK 21 1 Romandale Jodisu Vena Star Jodisu -Jodisu Jodisu 6 Brilliant Paul Sharp Mark Blue Reward Vena Star Blue Reward Kangasu 5 Chilly Chick Jauntstown Chilly Chic Epona Far Sail Chilly Chick 13 2 Coming Home Vincitore Millies Babe Chilly Chick Vincitore Jauntstown . 5 Fiddleflash Firey Adel Epona Speed Zone Chilly Chick Far Sail 5 Port Dancer Paulines Babe Capitalist Capitalist Capitalist 12 3Lilo Veronikas Lilo - Capitalist Paulines Babe Paulines Babe Paulines Babe 10 Queens Hope Paulines Babe Lilo Honest Talk Honest Talk . Lila . 8 First String Maripam NATOUSA Natousa Natousa 13 4Acauiesce Maripam Maripam Acquiesce Maripam Jett-Belle Maripam 11 First String Mrs. Love Natousa Rheastat Traffic Miss Acquiesce J Lacuna Irrawaddy Lacuna Lacuna Big Pop Lacuna 16 5 Dark Buckle Windy Sam Dark Buckle Count Twenty PeachtreeSt. Irrawaddy 5 Well Met Come on Ruby Well Met Dark Buckle Lacuna Dark Buckle 5 LEGATE LEGATE Brookhaven Mr. Jett Mr. Jett Legate 16 6 MorSnoozey MorSnoozey Mr. Jett Brookhaven Mr. T. A. Mr. Jett 12 Mr. T. A. Pis Pete Legatee Mor-Snoozey Legate Brookhaven 7 Correct TioTito TIO TITO Correct ROSEBOROUGH TioTito 13 7 LaissezFaire Roseborough As Ordered Roseborough LaissezFaire Roseborough 12 Roseborough Dear Pat Correct TioTito Correct. Laissez Faire 4 Cannoneer Half Bar Cannoneer Market Tip Cubist Cannoneer 11 8 Good Timer Strolling Ball Cubist Cubist Bucks Freedom Cubist 9 Bucks Freedom Bucks Freedom Strolling Ball Cannoneer Miss Claudia Market Tip 5 Trackman, J. S. Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Cedar Jungle Flying Tuck LaFortuna Cedar Jungle Larks War Cedar Jungle 16 1 La Fortuna Cedar Jungle Cedar Jungle Flying Tuck Cedar Jungle Flying Tuck 8 Larks War La Fortuna Larks War Cloudy Flying Tuck La Fortuna 8 Command Me Pay the Piper Pay the Piper COMMAND ME Pay the Piper Command Me 17 2 Medico Command Me OiseauBleu Pay the Piper Command Me Pay the Piper 17 Duckhunter Oiseau Bleu Command Me Oiseau Bleu Oiseau Bleu Oiseau Bleu 5 Coveted Antagonizer Antagonizer Coveted Antagonizer - Antagonizer 18 3 Oneida Coveted Coveted Antagonizer Coveted Coveted 16 Atagonizer Oneida Beau Sir Oneida Oneida Oneida 5 Finical PERFORMANCE Performance Performance Performance Performance 24 4 Performance Cardinal Song Finical Finical Finical Finical 12 Cardinal Song Finical Val Val Val Val 3 Cum Summa Cum Summa Cum Summa Cum Summa Cum Summa Cum 25 5Summa Uncharted Mazinga Interval Mazinga Mazinga Mazinga 7 Mazinga Kaz Kaz Kaz Interval Interval 3 QUICK LUNCH Quick Lunch Card Trick Quick Lunch CARD TRICK Quick Lunch 20 6 Bobby Brocato Brisuet Brisuet Peter Lane Quick Lunch Card Trick 13 Card Trick Bobby Brocato Quick Lunch By Jeepers Peter Lane Brisuet 4 High Button High Button - Kirriemuir Pinetum Pinetum Pinetum 16 7 Pinetum Pinetum Pinetum High Button High Button High Button 14 Cannonade Hill Rose - Man of Destiny Kirriemuir Kirriemuir Kirriemuir 7 Raffy RAFFY Raffy Raffy RAFFY 27 8Raffy Merman Battle Mount Merman Geoffrey G. Geoffrey G. Merman 6 Battle Mount Geoffrey G. Battle Mount Merman Merman Geoffrey G. 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Coreopsis Coreopsis Coreopsis Coreopsis Milady Mo wlee Coreopsis 20 1 Shore Line Holly Bough A.Wanda Legal Larceny No Case Milady Mowlee . 5 Priams Special No Case Priams Special March Deb Legal Larceny Legal Larceny 3 Excursion Seer Count Breeze SEER Count Breeze Seer 16 2 Rags to Riches Count Breeze Seer Count Breeze Seer .Count Breeze 14 Changeling Galloping Gus Rags to Riches Excursion Warmed Over Excursion 6 ASSIDUOUS King Mowlee Assiduous Assiduous ASSIDUOUS ASSLDUOUS 26 3 King Mowlee Assiduous Heirloom Heirloom Heirloom King Mowlee 10 Irene Staunton Heirloom King Mowlee King Mowlee King Mowlee Heirloom 7 Fall Creek Double Dine . Double Dine Double Dine Double Dine Double Dine 22 4 Double Dine Fall Creek Royal Punch Witted Witted Fall Creek 7 Witted Le Jour Le Jour Le Jour Implicitly Witted 5 Little Greg DONNA BOORSE Faraneasy Donna Boorse Donna Boorse Donna Boorse 21 5 Donna Boorse Faraneasy Donna Boorse Trout Fly Little Greg Little Greg 8 Trout Fly Trout Fly Trout Fly Little Greg Eli Cookie Faraneasy 7 Post Card CINDA Cinda Post Card Cinda 19 6Cinda Postcard Penocc Jack the Great Postcard Cinda Postcard 14 Subahdar Knotty Paul Penocc Penocc Songai Penocc 4 Chilog Yardmaster Toy Fox Toy Fox Toy Fox Toy Fox 18 7 Toy Fox Repudiate Yardmaster Quick Mission Chilog Chilog 8 Quick Mission Toy Fox Butler Chilog Yardmaster Yardmaster 8 Steady Ace Luxury Tax Quick Imperial Quick Imperial Steady Ace Steady Ace 12 8 Dynamite B Sizzle Thru Delove Steady Ace Quick Imperial Quick Imperial 12 Sizzle Thru Oneinamillion March Chick March Chick Sizzle Thru Luxury Tax 5

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