Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1955-05-04

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A A Long Story — 1st CD Acria — 3d Suf Addie K.— 3d G.S Agnes Lynn — 6th CD Alacassula — IstLrl Alapocas-4th G.S Algasir — 7th G.S Alibhai Lashes— 7th Bel Alloyed— 8th Spt Alot oLake— 1st Spt Amafox — 5th Suf Amajidmihe — 3d CD Amulika— 9th Spt Amyn Bey — 7th Suf Anchor Man — 5th Bel Andrea L. — 4th Suf Andy Johnson — 6th Lrl* Anioram — 3d CD Another Hyacinth — 3d Bel Another Moon — 2d G.S Antebabe — 4th CD Apache Love — 1st G.S Apophasis — 2d G.S Apple Slam— 5th Lrl Appropriate— 2d Spt Ardan Romp — 2d G.S Ardansgal— 1st G.S Ardoch — 2d Suf Argufy— 1st Spt Argument — 6th Spt Armed Truce — 7th Spt Aroma — 2d CD Asteroide — 2d Suf Audrey Lee— 6th Bel B Babble Brook — 2d CD Bahia— 8th CD Bakers Hope — 3d Spt BaldysMike — 4th Lrl Ballawood — 1st Lrl Banson — 2d CD Beach Bull— 2d Suf Beanir — 7th CD Beckys Shirt— 6th Lrl Bel Esprit— 7th G.S Bellemonde — 3d CD - Be-Mi-Dear— 4th Spt Benton — 2d Lrl Benzel — 9th Suf 1 Best Auber — 5th Bel Bestow — 1st Spt Better Maid— 3d G.S Better Sweep — 3d Suf Betty C— 5th G.S Betty Lou— 1st Spt Beylerbey — 7th Spt Big Stick— 5th Suf Big Swiv— 2d Lrl Bills Chief— 8th Suf Bills Hygro— 5th Suf Billtown— 7th Spt Binscarth — 8th Bel Bishbash — 7 th Bel Bit o Sport— 4th Bel Black Coffee— 7th Lrl Black Emperor — 4th Bel Blue Eyes— 8th Bel Blow Gabriel — 2d G.S Blue Lyric— 5th G.S Blue Quail— 1st Suf Blue Rhymer— 6th G.S Blue Violin— 7th CD Bogie Miss — 3d Lrl Bold Imp — 1st G.S Bone China — 8th Bel Bone Dry— 8th Lrl Bookworm — 7th Spt Bradley — 5 th Bel Bramble Sun — 2d Spt Brave Bim — 4th Suf Briar Patch — 4th Lrl Bronze Warrior— 7th G.S Bubbley— 7th CD Busy Gal— 1st Spt Button Shoes — 8th Lrl Buxom — 3d CD C Cable Jack — 7th Suf Cajole— 7th G.S Calorimeter — 1st Spt Canaris — 2d Bel Carrier Girl— 4th Spt Cartier— 8th Lrl Cepheus — 1st Lrl Chanter— 1st G.S Chara — 7th Spt Charles — 9th Spt Charon — 2d CD Chic Devil— 6th Spt Chuckie Jr. — 6th CD Circus Gal — 1st Bel Claron — 2d CD Close Out — 7th Spt Clotted Cream — 5th G.S Cold Jack— 6th Suf Colonel Fru — 7th Lrl Colonel J. H.— 4th Bel Colorado Fox — 9th Spt Comesouteven — 4th G.S Cornish Game — 2d Suf Cosmos — 2d Bel Could Egret — 1st CD Country Lane — 4th CD Count Breeze — 5th Suf Countermand — 4th Bel Courtesy — 6th Bel Cover Of f— 8th G.S Cranberry Joe — 2d Suf Cyclotron — 5th Bel D Daddys Dog — 8th CD Dago Red — 1st Spt Dark Patrol— 6th Lrl Darling Son— 2d G.S De Be Tee— 5th CD Deep River n. — 3d Bel Deep Skin — 4th Lrl Demi-Heure — 2d Bel Demree5thSpt* * iand f b Deny Jeny — 6thlGa e0- O ■Deodend— 6th Spt Destino Son — 5th G.S Dilly Whilly— IstLrl Dive — 8th Lrl Dixie Lad — 5th Bel Dixie Prince — 8th Lrl Doreens Play— 7 th Lrl Dorie — 6 th Spt Dotty Noble— 3d CD Dream Pattern— 3d Spt Drongo — 2d CD Dudley Darbury— 7th Suf Dum Dum — 6th CD Dusty Blue — 6th Spt Dymond Lynn — 1st Suf E Earl Dinner — 2d Lrl East Bay — 1st G.S Easter Model— 3d G.S Eastern Glow — 8th G.S Easy Dough— 9th Spt Easy Mae— 5th G.S Easy Trail — 8th Suf Eiffel Blue— 4th Bel Eighth Venture — 5th CDv Eighty-Eight— 9th Spt Eland— IstLrl Equilla — 4th Suf Erupt — 2d CD Etheridge — 3d Spt Evas War— 1st G.S Even Gal — 2d CD Expectant — 5th Suf F Fair Strike— 9th Spt Fairy Sprite — 3d CD Famous Gift — 3d G.S Fanf ord— 6th Bel " Fast Cash— 6th G.S Fenemor — 1st Spt Ferro— 6th Lrl Fiery Torch— 3d Bel Fighting. Cock— 6th Lrl Fighting Low— 2d Suf Fireagain — 1st Lrl Fisherf oik— 4th Bel Flat Side— 6th Bel Fleet Argo— 6th G.S Fleet Dream— 4th Spt Flint Night— 5th Suf Floridian — 4th C J Folding Dough— 6th Spt Four_of Spades— 5th Bel Franks Maude— 1st Spt Frawley— 4th CD Free "Lunch — 2d Spt Free Too — 2d Spt French Admiral— 9th Suf Freschal — 3d Lrl G Gala In— 5th G.S Gale River— 4th G.S Gallant D. — 8th Spt Gallant Junior — 7th Lrl Gay Scot— 1st Bel Gayle Marie— 5th CD Gemelo— 7th Bel General Mack— 3d Lrl Gentle Knock — 2d Lrl Giddy Grayce — 1st G.S Gin Tonic — 9ih Spt Ginala — 2d Lrl Girl Meets Boy— 2d G.S Glade Valley — 4th Lrl Go Fox Go — 3d CD Goforward— 5th G.S -Going Easy — 3d CD Gold Quest— 2d Suf Good Showing — 2d G.S Gosh— 6th G.S Gottapassem — 4th G.S Grand Find— 8th Suf Grand Spice — 2d Spt Greek Drama — 4th Bel Greek Hope— 5th Bel Guard Duty— 1st CD Gusto— 2d Bel Gun Point— 4th Suf Gypsy Fiddle— 2d Spt H Halarab — 8th CD Halcygay — 4th G.S Half Shell— 5th Bel Ham Bone— 2d Bel Handicapper — 7th Lrl Handsome Fitz— 3d Lrl Happy New Year — 4th Bel • Happy Carrier— 8th G.S. Happy Rabbit— 1st G.S Harlem — 3d Bel Harem Girl— 1st CD Hasty Flyer— 8th Suf Hasty Girl— 2d Spt Hat Box— 7th Suf Hauteur — 2d Lrl Hearts Nymph— 5th CD Heed Me — 1st Bel Heirloom — 8th G.S Hen Party— 6th Bel Heroic Song— 6th Lrl Hi Sky— 4th Spt High Chalkette— 3d Lrl High Head— 5th Suf High Tor— 4th Bel High Voltage— 6th Bel Hildrix— 4th G.S Hill Street-9th Suf Hilt-4th Bel Hootsie — 8th G.S Hoplite— 7th Lrl Hot Walker— 2d Lrl Hotrock— 9th Suf Hunt Plate — 1st Spt Hurried— 2d Spt Hush Hall— 7th Bel Hypalong — 6th G.S JHyrcan — 3d Bel I I Cancan — 2d Lrl I Que— 7th G.S o /tDWishimay5th GJSi »e-o* » ada»Io6th[CJ5l Idle Tears — 1st Suf In Reserve — 6th Bel Indac — 3d CD Indian Guide — 1st Lrl Indictment — 4 th Lrl Irish Folly — 1st G.S Irish Pageant — 3d Bel Irritate — IstLrl Is Yours — 5th Spt Isasweetie — 1st CD Isayolboy— 2d G.S Isle of Bond— 7th Suf J J. R. Jones — 4th CD Janet Lynn— 3d G.S Java Belle — 6th Bel Jef Morsberger — 6th Spt Jeffs Echo— 3d CD Jenjay — 7th CD Jetair — 5th Suf Jetfast — 2d G.S Jo-Clare — 8th CD Jubilee — 3d G.S Judge J. B. — 6th Suf K Karen Arthene — 1st Spt Kenna Reward — 5th CD • V -.ngton Ted— 9th.Suf Khan— 1st Bel Kickerinos — 6th CD Kinder— 8th Lrl King Jim — 4th Lrl King Joe — 5 th CD King Somali — 4th Bel Kouli Khan— 1st Lrl L Lady Balladier— 6th Bel Lady Doris-2d Lrl Lady Eleanor— 2d G.S LadyElect-2d CD Lady Elliott— 5th Spt Lady of Chance — 8th Spt Lady Redbird— 2d G.S Lady Witch— eth Suf Lampo — 4th G.S Lanark— 4th Suf Landscaping — 3d Bel Lap Full— 7th CD Larry Ellis— 7th Suf Last Word— 5th Spt Laura C — 6th Spt Laura Donna — 3d CD Legal Limit--4th Lrl Legate — 6th Suf Lena Mac K. — 1st CD Light Lewis — 4 th Spt Little Beaver — 2d Lrl Little Chatter — 3d Spt Little Cynthia — 3d Suf Little Greg — 1st Lrl Little Judson — 4th Lrl Little Teacher— 3d G.S Local Blonde — 2d CD Lochy — 2d Spt Lofty Legion— 6th Suf Londpn — 3d Bel Lord Rusty— 4th G.S Lough Ree — 3d Bel Low Sky— 2d Suf Lucky Bit — 5th Suf Lunar Park— 6th Suf • M MadHarham — 5 th CD Mae Net Tease — 3d Suf Maharajah — 7th Bel Malzinia — 1st G.S Mambo — 1st Spt Many Faults— 1st CD March Chick — 1st Lrl Marian Belle — 3dG.S Marine Charger — 2d Suf Marso — 3d Bel Maryland Line — 8th G.S May Lee H.— 8th CD Me Perfect — 4th G.S Melpet — 1st Suf Menown — 3d CD Midas Touch— 9th Spt Mighty Ted— 2d CD Mighty Wise— 3d CD Migrator — 4 th Bel Mike the Crier — 2d CD Mildred W.— 4th G.S Mill Tract— 5th Lrl Mimi Mine — 7th CD Mindful— 5th Lrl Minnie Moocher— 6th Bel Mint-Branch — 2d Spt Mis-Guide — 6th Suf Miss Agoo — 1st CD Miss Carrier — 9th Spt Miss Drag Out — 4th Lrl Miss Em J. — 6th C J Miss Joliet — 9th Spt Miss Robbin — 2d CD Miss Tidwell— 5th CD Mock Battle— 7th Spt Modest John — 8th Lrl , Monsieur Tiger— 1st CX Montagnais — 7th Bel Moon Love — 1st Spt More Bounce — 8th Lrl Most Ardent— 3d G.S Mouseway — 1st Lrl Mowleesha — 5 th Lrl Mr. Al L.— 7th Bel Mr. Cumberland — 1st Suf Mr. F. — 9th Suf Mr. G.— 8th Lrl Mr. Psychic — 4th Lrl Mr. Rhythm — 1st Suf Mr. T. A.— 5th Suf Mrs. Sweenie — 3d Spt Mufti— 8th Bel N Nedra— 9 th Spt Next Please — 4th Bel New Stream — 5th Spt - Night Raid — IstGIS Nigreeny— 3d G.S i -i t*o Stdry-3-4thtO J3 J f t j * ** NobtePa* tnef3-5th * Noon Quest — 4th Lrl „ NbrmiandFksW-3d C*D Norquay— 1st Suf O O. G. Whiz — 4th G.S Oil Painting — 7th CD Okeechobee— 2d CD Olympic Runner — 1st Suf On My Own — 4th G.S Opense— 1st CD Oreo— 7th Lrl Oscuse EM— 1st CD OTroon— 6th Spt Our Only One — 5 th Lrl P Palm Tree— 5th Bel Pampas — 2d Lrl Panade — 7th Spt Pancake — 1st G.S Par Boy — 1st Spt Parlor Pink — 7th Lrl Partner Tim — 3d CD Pass — 1st G.S Passer — 3d Spt Pat Again — 5 th Lrl Patrolman Pete — 4th Bel Pattycake-Kid — 3d CD Peace Pilate — 8th Lrl Perfect Mister— 2d Spt Pert Chic— 6th CD Pester— -4th Bel Peter Lane — 7th G.S . Pickled Pine — 2d CD Piclc-Up Girl— 6th CD Pine Shot — 3d Bel Piquanette — 1st Bel Pit Away — 4tlvCD Plant Manager— 1st CD Play Top — 1st CD Plenary— 7th Lrl Polilme— 4th Suf Pollyaire — 4th Lrl Pot Hunter— 5th Bel Powder Blue— 4th CD Prabeau — 4th G.S " Pretty Cindy— 2d Spt Prince Regent — 3d Bel Printers Devil — 5th Spt Prism — 1st Bel Purple Haze — 3d G.S Purple Sky — 5th G.S Pussy Cat — 4th Spt Putney — 1st Bel , Q Quatre Pat— 4th Lrl Quick Imp — 5th Spt Quick Mission — 9 th Spt Quite Fancy — 5th G.S R R. B. Run— 5th CD Radiant Lady — 8th Bel Rambling Star — 1st CD Ravioli — 5th Suf Rayson Jett — 5 th Lrl Rebel Coat— 3d Bel Red Cap — 2d Suf Red Gold— 2d Lrl Red Red Robin — 7th Suf Red Rock — 8th Spt Red Wine XL— 1st G.S Remorseful — 8th Spt Renoir — 7th Spt Resigned— 8 th Spt Revenooer — 2d Lrl Revetment — 5th G.S Richelieu II.— 5 th Bel v - * ... .. . -.. Rico.Reto— 6th Bel .. Rico Romance — 4th G.S * Ricogee — 3d G.S Rippish--7th G:S" Risdon— 9th Suf Ritas Flyer — 4th Spt Roadrunner — IstLrl Robert— 4th Suf Roman Battle— 4th Bel Roman Fair— 7th G.S Roman Princess — 3d G.S Rose Bud Girl — 1st Spt Rose Capital — 3d Suf Rose Stocking-4th G JS Rosey Miss— 4th G.S Roy Linthicum — 2d G.S Royal Color — 1st CD Royal Viola— 6th G.S Runnin Jessie — 3d Spt Rushing Tide — 7th Sp"t Ruth Hanson — 8th Bel S Saddle Star— 3d Suf Safe Deposit — 3d Lrl Sallyboots— 3d Bel Savate — 1st CD Say Baby— 3d C J3 Say-Belle— 9th Spt Scotsmans Bond— 5th Bel Script Bar— 2d Spt Sea Play— 6th Lrl Sea Siren — 5 th Lrl Seconds Away — 3d Suf Serra— 6th C.D Sez I — 1st Lrl Shamrock Hill— 8th G.S Shes a Bird — 2d CD Shining On— 8th G.S Shiny Peter— 9th Suf ShoW Bridge — 4th B.el Sickles Sound — 7th Bel Side Saddle— 7th Lrl Silurian — 2d Bel Singing Lance — 2d G.S Sirs Pride — 3d CD Sister Bigger — 5th Spt Six Bills— 5th G.S Skipjack— 8th Spt Sky Capers — 2d CiD Smaragd — 3d Spt Smasher — 4th Spt Smugsy Wugsy — 6th Spt Snugger — 7th-G.S So Mild— 1st Lrl So-Quick— 2dXJ.D So Surprised — 5th Suf Sometime Thing— 6th Bel Sorceress — 6th Bel Soundproof — 4th Lrl Sour Note — 7th G.S South Carolina — 7th Bel Sparkle Rock— 2d Lrl Spinakeal — 1st Lrl Spiriam— 5th C.D Spoiled Brat — 9th Spt Spot Resistant— 5th Lrl Spring Chic — 8th Suf Star First — 1st Suf Star Flare— 4th Bel Stock Exchange — 8th Bel Stop Street — 4th Lrl Stout— 5th CD Stratonaut — 3d Spt Striking Hour— 6th G.S Strong Tie— 6th G.S Sun Fame — 4th Lrl Sun Lass— 3d CD Sun CLure— 3d Lrl Sun Ruler XI.— 3d Bel ui Superupper-2d Bel 1st Suf 1 Sure Quis — Suspenders — 2d G.S Sweet Wendy G.— 8th Bel Switch On— 7th Suf * Syrian Girl— 1st C.D a T Tall Iris— 7th Spt r- Taos Cross— 8th Spt Tasa— 1st CD * Tattenham — 1st Spt p Teaneck Flash — 1st Bel — Teddys Image— 6th CD j£j Tempt Papa— 3d Suf The Fixer — 7th G.S q Tiger Harris — 2d Spt Tiger Mel— 2d Suf 2 Tiny Harp — 8th CD Titans Match — 1st G.S To Cash— 7th G.S g Tobiki— 2d CD 2 Tomfoolery — 4th Bel rr Tommy Due — 9th Spt Toney Grier — 1st Suf Toni Choy — 2d Spt Top News — 4th Spt Top Spring — 6th Suf 5 Tout a lHeure — 6th Bel £ Trained — 2d Suf Tread Alone — 5th G.S Tribune — 2d Lrl - Tumbling After— 7th G.S o T- rf Pic— 6th Suf .u Turkish Gold — 8th Lrl Twenty-Five — 3d Spt Two David— 3d Lrl V Valor Lass — 9th Spt Vanda — 1st CD Velvet— 1st Bel Vigorous — 2d Bel Villa— 6th Bel w Wabash Reward— 8th Suf Wag Jag— 5 th CD Wanna Start — 2d G.S War Piper — 5th Bel WarmEnough— 2d G.S Watch It Now— 2d Suf . Wattle Blossom— 2d Bel ✓ Wee Ginny — 3d G.S Weed Seed — 3d Spt Willies Folly— 2d Lrl Windsor Knot — 8th CD Winged Devil — 1st CD Wise Doge — 6th G.S Wise Penny — 3d CD , Wondrous Hour — 7th G.S World Series— 8th G.S Y Yama— 6th G.S Yang-Ke— 4th Suf YesR. — 6th Spt Yock Tom — 7th Suf Yon— 5th G.S Your Health— 1st G.S"" , Yucca Flat — 4th Bel / " Z . Zahra — 1st Bel Zealot— 5th G.S Zinggy— 2d CD

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