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Pay Me Alter You Win! BEAT THE RACING GAME EVERY WEEK! My record as one of the money riders during the past ten years is too well known to the racin? public to need elaboration. At present, I am in a position to obtain real live last-minute information from sources right at the scene of action. Here is my proposition: I will wire you a two-horse parlay every day at 10 a. m. for ten days, provided you will telegraph me 0 I out of every 00 that you win at the end of ten days by playing a win parlay each day. In other words, you pay me only 10 per cent of your winnings at the end of ten days. SATURDAYS PARLAY: RACCOON, 2.50, WON CLOUD DOR 8.58, WON FRIDAYS PARLAY: MASKED GAL, .20, $ 3.20, 2ND QUEEN VIC, 3.20, LOST Various incidental expenses involved in giving you this information for ten days amount to a little over . To subscribe to this service, you must mail or telegraph with your name and address. This is to be deducted from my share of the winnings at the end of ten days. Those failing to remit my full share at the end of each ten-day period will be taken off my books. Address JOCKEY HAROLD REMMERT 156 West 44th Street New York City, N. Y. SUPREME FLASH 24-PAGE TURF WEEKLY— ALL STANDS, 35c NEW ISSUE STARTS MONDAY Winning Sensational Racing Information Get in at greatly reduced prices now. Unheard of in the turf history. 12 more days at Narragansett. One horse a day in code form. SATURDAYS NARRAGANSETT MEETING HORSE: EBONY LADY, .30, .10, 2ND MONDAY— 2 TO — MONDAY Is What Mondays Meeting Horse Should Pay Mondays Narra. Meeting Horse: Chevrolat-21-4-21-18. This live genuine stable information is being released in code form from this office for — 3*~S25 PAYS FOR CODE CARD, GOOD FOR-*! W ENTIRE NARRAGANSETT MEETING ""»■ Here is your chance to save 3. Rush your immediately and you will receive code card good for entire meeting. First days service telegraphed if so desired. Mondays *** Free Code: DEL— July-15-9-12-12. See page 3 for Cipher Code. SWMONDAYS NUMBER FREE CODE— 3 7 5~»S MONDAYS TRACKMENS PARLAY: NARRA.— Fox-22-14. WASH.— Bear-19-7. * MONDAYS GOLD SEAL NUMBER PLAYS: PLAY— 539 PLAY— 453 PLAY— 601 _BC-TRAINBLOWKER 6-TURF PUBUSHER — i f ff TURF lf NEWS XT ff B 6 SEMI-WEEKLY U B • 4 L | NEW ISSUE OUT EVERY SAT.*~I WED. On Sale at All Newsstands — Price, Free code info, every day. New issue out Saturday and Wednesday. Monday Free Code Info: WASH. — 8-26-6-Rock. For Detroit Players: 7-13-23-Sand. For Latonia Players: 1-13-14-Run. For Thistle Down Players: 6-9-9-Time. More late issue winners: TRANSPOSE, 4.70, Won; OTHERWISE, S9.40, Won; AMERICAN BELLE, S7.00, Won; BIG FISH, 7.90, Won. 1/1/1/ DIRECT STABLE INFORMATION Two Horses a Day — In Code Form PAYS FOR SIX DAYS SERVICE BILLY KELLYS RELEASES FOR MONDAY: LATONIA— N-10-14-1-21. WASHINGTON— E-20-11-1D-1. WILLIAM BURKE KELLY 731 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. ILL. I Mail us this ad and you will be re- I warded with a free copy of "THE I I SECRET OF BEATING THE EWl I RACES." MS gff J. K. WILLIS, Inc. BH 51 P- 0. Box 635 Cincinnati. Ohio fiSH DONT GAMBLE ON THE RACES Flay horses that figure to win. Accurate handicapping is simple when you know how. There is no excuse lot anyone not knowing how to handicap. Full particulars free — no strings attached. Secure your free copy of "Pick Youi Own Winners." learn to handicap and be a winner. No obligation. Write today. E. J. BELL, P. O. Box 6416. Cleveland, Ohio WIN 0 PER WEEK I FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE If you play the races we will put you next to a little inside secret that should place you above want as long as you live. No obligations. Just send your name and address to — SECOR PUB. CO. AURORA, ILL. WASHINGTON FREE CODE: Ted-Fog-Bab-Red-Sky. NARRAGANSETT FREE CODE: Tax-Gem-Dog-Pep-Ivy. OCCASIONAL CODE: LATONIA: The-End-Cul-End-Cat. I * 4 L 15— STRAIGHT WINNERS— 15 TRACK CRACKS "THE TRUTH IF IT BREAKS US" ON SALE AT ALL LEADING NEWSSTANDS— 15 CENTS PER COPY WE ORIGINATE— OTHERS IMITATE CALOJLATOg -System Three More Winners Monday Will Boost Profit Higher! W BIG NET PROFIT ON A 0 PER DAY FLAT PLAY SINCE M W MARCH, 1934 -«p CLEAN UP WITH SMART CONNECTIONS THIS INFORMATION NOW IN CODE FORM AND CAN BE DECIPHERED ONLY BY OUR STABLE NUMBER CODE CARD NO WIRES! NO DELAYS! NO EXTRA EXPENSE! NO WAITING! PAST FOUR DAYS CALCULATOR 2-3-5 SYSTEM HORSES: SATURDAY: PLAY: S3 PLAY: PLAY: CRYSTAL PRINCE HASH PETER CANT REMEMBER 9.00, WON .68, WON 2.20, WON FRIDAY: PLAY: PLAY: PLAY: ODERIC ROYAL BALLAD TRUMPS .60, WON 2.10, WON 6.56, WON THURSDAY: PLAY: PLAY: PLAY: PARADUN MY PETER CAYUGA 0.40, WON 3.80, WON « 8.40, WON WEDNESDAY: PLAY: S3 PLAY: PLAY: BAND WAGON CHALLEPHEN BEREIT .50, WON 3.60, WON 7.80, WON YOU WIN WITH CALCULATOR! An Endless Parade of Long Shot Winners for Over 15 Months MONDAYS THREE WINNERS— FRUITS INDICATE RACE NUMBERS: PLAY: S3 PLAY: S5 PLAY: AT LATONIA AT WASHINGTON AT NARRAGANSETT GRAPES FIGS PLUMS STABLE 212— HORSE 7 STABLE 79— HORSE 19 STABLE 14— HORSE 11 On the first of the above horses clients wager ; on the second horse, S3 is wagered, and on the third horse, is wagered. That explains where we get the 2-3-5 name for this service. FOLLOW THi OUTSTANDING WIRE TURF OPERATORS! Th:; First Hand "Info" Spots the Winners! 1 Become a Client at Once! Right Now! SIX DOLLARS PAYS FOR STABLE NUMBER CODE CARD GOOD FOR SIX DAYS. Go to your nearest telegraph office and wire right away. Your Stable Code Card will be mailed to you promptly. Make remittances payable to — TRACK CRACKS CALCULATOR SERVICE West 15th Street Suite 311, New York City ANNUAL REPORT— WEEK BY WEEK— OF CALCULATOR 2-3-5 SYSTEM— FREE ON REQUEST WT NOW ONLY 10 CENTS PS2 o KWAMUDI, .64, WON EEGRENS WASHINGTON STANDOUT GLITTER GLOW, .20, WON BASSETTS NARRAGANSETT SPECIAL UPTODATE, .60, WON REGRENS FRIDAY SPECIAL f. LOTTA AIRS, .32, WON REGRENS WASHINGTON PAY-OFF HORSE EVERGOLD, .08, WON REGRENS ONE BEST BET FOR FRD3AY TINTAGEL, .95, WON REGRENS AQUEDUCT PAY-OFF HORSE When winners are to be had you can feel certain that Regren, the peer of all handicappers, will have them. This crack selector came through in his usual brilliant style Friday, many of his Specials going over. His Special for Friday went over again, this release being UPTODATE, which had little trouble scoring at the Detroit oval. His One Best Bet, which thousands of horse players follow daily, clicked again, this time EVERGOLD doing the trick. Watch these two Specials of Regren daily, for they are the most logical plays that you can make. To summarize briefly, Regren was successful in naming four winners at Washington Park, including his Standout and Pay-Off Horse, which were KWAMUDI, .64, Won, and LOTTA AIRS, .32, Won, respectively. Then he proceeded with his winning ways at the other tracks, picking four winners at Narragansett and three at Latonia. Regrens record speaks for itself. The review that we have given you of his success Friday is not an occasional happening, but it is rather a daily occurrence. To further convince yourself, ask any of the thousands of Regrens followers. Theyll tell you that he is the best in the business. FOLLOWING ARE SOME MORE OF FRIDAYS "PINK SHEET" WINNERS: BUDDIE TREACY, Regren Latonia Tip, 3.00, WON NAVAL CADET, Regren Washington Tip, 12.34, WON LE KARONGA, Bassett Omaha Tip, 9.20, WON EXCLUSIVE, Regren Dayton Tip, 9.00, WON SUN LILY, Regren Dayton Tip, 8.00, WON INSCONA, Regren-Bassett Thistle Down Tip, 8.00, WON WILD TRANSIT, Regren Thistle Down Tip, 7.40, WON GOLDEN PIGEON, Regren-Bassett Latonia Tip, 7.20, WON HERMIE ROY, Bassett Aqueduct Tip, 6.10, WON AND OTHERS MONDAYS TWO FREE CODES: DETROIT— Black-58-47-51. WASHINGTON PARK— Orange-51-54-58. To Decipher Above Codes Buy a "Pink Sheet" CHICAGO DAILY TELEGRAPH 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 3.50 $ per Month bjr First Class Mail .00 per Month by Air Mail

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