Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-05

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN • HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Big Casino Chance Bea CHANCE BEA Bis Casino Chance Bea Chance Bea 20 Chance Bea Dr. Rush Big Casino Dr. Rush Big Casino Big Casino 14 Dr. Rush Marklght Dr. Rush Chance Bea Dr. Rush Dr. Rush - 7 Tawny Tiger Well Wisher Cherry Ripple Well Wisher Richwall Well Wisher 13 2 CressonMiss Richwall Well Wisher Richwall Cherry Ripple Richwall 10 Richwall Cresson Miss Lou Jay S. Cherry Ripple Well Wisher Cherry Ripple 8 Rose O Gold GessyB. Barts Energy GessvB. Barts Energy GessyB. 13 3 SuziesGirl Suzies Girl GessyB. Barts Energy SuziesGirl Barts Energy 12 Barbie B. Kar-AI-Ott Aristotle Suzies Girl GessyB. SuziesGirl 7 4 YOUNG GEORDIE Young Geordie Young Geordie Golden Count YOUNG GEORDIE Young Geordie 25 Miss Flutter Golden Count Golden" Count Equisun Golden Count Golden Count 11 Lieut Ben K. Equisun Sunstorm Young Geordie Equisun Equisun 4 Cafe Singer Cafe Singer Cafe Singer Cafe Singer Cafe Singer Cafe Singer 25 5 Grand La Grand Baciagaloop Stage Play Peaceful Genie Baciagaloop Baciagaloop 5 Peaceful Genie Black Cat Peaceful Genie Baciagaloop Stage Play Peaceful Genie 4 Hilds Liberty Hilds Liberty Vesuvio HILDS LIBERTY Banovina Hilds Liberty 21 6 Banovina Banovina Hilds Liberty Banovina Hilds Liberty Banovina 12 Vesuvio Vesuvio Banovina Patmiboy Patmiboy Vesuvio 7 SIDDONS Siddons Siddons Siddons SIDDONS 27 7Siddons Top Hope Straeth WazaWana WazaWana Fighting Louie Ton Hope 4 Straeth Mali Johnny Fighting Louie Top Hope Top Hope Waza Wana 4 Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado Ganado 25 8 Four-Thirty Bimont Four-Thirty Balla Flight Balla Flight Balla Flight 6 Balla Flight Bar Pool Balla Flight Bimont Four-Thirty Four-Thirty 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made tor Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Punks Sweet Pick Punks Punks Punks Punks 22 1 Hi Danny Punks Sweet Pick Sweet Pick Sweet Pick Sweet Pick 11 Impeller Impeller Jeep Gypsy Impeller . Impeller Impeller 4 Irene Invercork INVERCORK Invercork Invercork 22 2Invercork Miss Prospect Time Eternal Jeanne Belle Ever Lucky Irene Irene 7 Bill G. . Catnip Hill Wild Heiress Catnip Hill Devils Elbow Miss Prospect 2 3l GaySenorita Desert Witch LillL. BusyMattie BusyMattie LillL. 12 LillL. High Cotton Desert Witch LillL. LillL. BusyMattie 10 Omaberry Lill L. High Cotton Desert Witch High Cotton Desert Witch 8 Belmont Beauty Ariel Ace Ariel Ace Ariel Ace Ariel Ace 17 4PlayEda Ariel Ace PlayEda Halcyon Air Belmont Beauty PlayEda PlayEda 9 Bold Lady . Appeaser Perfidy Appeaser Belmont Beauty Belmont Beauty 8 Sierra Well Met Opinionated Sierra Sierra Sierra 17 5 Opinionated Sierra Solicitude Courage Opinionated Opinionated 10 Starsnstripes Opinionated Courage Mother Morris Well Met Well Met 6 Bold Mate LICTOR Joes Laddie Lictor Lictor 23 6LICTOR Stefan Lictor Bold Mate Lictor Pine Lake Bold Mate 9 Don OSullivan Pine Lake Joes Laddie Bold Mate Bold Mate Joes Laddie 6 Wondring ArisMona ArisMona Wondring Wondring 18 7Wondring ArisMona Nettie Marie Princess Dare Wondring ArisMona AriesMona 15 Famous Shake Aris Mona Wondring Famous Shake Famous Shake Famous Shake 3 First Degree FIRST DEGREE First Degree First Degree FIRST DEGREE FIRST DEGREE 29 8 Trier Trier Busy Sis Trier Trier Trier 8 Limerick Boy Busy Sis Petrose Girl Petrose Girl Petrose Girl Busy Sis 3 » /% Frere Jacoues Sir Sprite Set. Abe Sir Sprite Sgt. Abe Sir Sprite 14 V Sir Sprite McCosh Sir Sprite Scotch Bim Scotch Bim Sgt. Abe 10 McCosh Scotch Bim Flatbush McCosh McCosh Frere Jacques 5 Trackman, J.J. Murphy JAMAICA Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Wise Friz Wise Friz Wise Friz Pittacus Wise Friz Wise Friz 20 1 Solid Trick Eternal Flirt Orphan Fibber For Jon Chaldia Pittacus 5 Chaldia Solid Trick Freezout Chaldia Maid of Oz Chaldia 4 Good Cry Front Seat Front Seat Front Seat Seldom Front Seat 16 2 Seldom Good Cry Seldom Good Cry Good Cry Good Cry 12 Bedazzle Seldom Good Cry Bedazzle Front Seat Seldom 10 Excel Birdie Lulley BillHowk Birdie Lullev BillHowk Birdie Lulley 15 3 Birdie Lulley Excel Landlord Happy Hoodlum Birdie Lulley BillHowk 11 Bill Howk Landlord Birdie Lullev, Landlord By Heart Excel 7 Admiral Drake Lykos Lykos Lykos Lykos 22 4L.vkos Admiral Drake Lykos ThasianHero Admiral Drake Admiral Drake Admiral Drake 12 Air Mail Thasian Hero Admiral Drake Thasian Hero Thasian Hero Thasian Hero 5 Bank Account Bank Account Bank Account Bank Account Bank Account Bank Account 25 5 Happy Devil Bugledrums Happy Devil Bugledrums Bugledrums Bugledrums 6 Iswas Iswas Iswas Happy Devil Happy Devil Happy Devil 6 BATTLEFIELD Battlefield BATTLEFIELD BATTLEFIELD BATTLEFIELD BATTLEFIELD 33 6 Count Turf Count Turf Liberty Rab Count Turf Count Turf Count Turf 8 Timely Reward Liberty Rab Lets Buz Liberty Rab Timely Reward Liberty Rab 4 CEARA Blazing Ceara Ceara Ceara 24 7Ceara Insolence Blazing Ceara Inquiring Inquiring Blazing 7 Inquiring Insolence Inquiring Peace Mission Insolence Inquiring 6 Beret Pay Window Beret Double O. Miss Detroit Beret 15 8 Bay Window Beret Pay Window Beret Pay Window Pay Window 12 Miss Detroit Miss Detroit Adornment Pay Window Beret Miss Detroit 7 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS - Effigy Queen of Silks Queen of Silks Queen of Silks QUEEN OF SILKS Queen of Silks 23 1 GilKriegel Effigy Bonjohn Kelora Bonjohn Effigy 7 1 Queen of Silks Kelora Kelora Christie C. Kelora Kelora 5 Cadet Dan Cadet Dan Count Did Maid of Kent Cadet Dan 13 2Vineland MintTuliD Mint Tulio MintTulen Mint Tulip Cadet Man Mint Tulip 8 Cadet Dan Maid of Kent Larry Dooley Larry Dooly Larry Dooley Maid of Kent 6 Trumpet Call JEANETTE Experimentum JEANETTE Jeanette Jeanette 22 3 No Parking Ednas Choice Jeanette No Parking Experimentum Experimentum 7 Jeanette No Parking Park Lane Guided Missile No Parking No Parking 6 Master Showman Master Showman Delve Around Master Showman Master Showman Master Showman 22 4 BeauJav Lake Trout Master Showman Ace Scholar Surf Girl Delve Around 8 Surf Girl Delve Around Foxy Cat Delve Around Delve Around Surf Girl 3 Strutawav STRUTAWAY Zarvas Strutaway STRUTAWAY 24 5Strutaway Lady Pam Bucephalus Bucephalus Strutaway Zarvas Zarvas 8 Bunchie Elmodore Zarvas Bucephalus Bucephalus Bucephalus 6 TEA DEB Conouerant Tea Deb Foreign Affair Foreign Affair Tea Deb 17 6 Conouerant Tea Deb Conouerant Conouerant Tea Deb Foreign Affair 12 Foreign Affair Foreign Affair My Ned Tea Deb Conouerant Conouerant 12 Late Ship Late Ship Compassion Late Ship Compassion Late Ship 17 Miss Rebel Compassion Cravache Cravache Mary Barr Compassion 13 Mary Barr Miss Rebel Late Ship Compassion Late Ship Cravache 4 Staters Staters TwoGs TwoGs TwoGs TwoGs 19 8 TwoGs TwoGs My Lucky Joe Proud Reward Bold Dan Staters 11 Newtown Bold Dan , Bold Dan Bold Dan Staters Bold Dan 5 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Chance Way King Watch American Ned Little Brent Nerve Chance Way 9 1 American Ned Charing Prince Chance Way Chance Way A Bomb American Ned 8 A Bomb American Ned Big Straight Gold Mode Big Straight King Watch 5 Do on Well FentyO. _ Trenton Trenton TRENTON Trenton 21 Trenton Trenton Skydue Killer Mac FentyO. FentyO. 10 Fenty O. Tumble Bov Fenty O. Fenty O. Killer Mac Doon Well 5 HARPIST Harpist Harpist Harpist Harpist HARPIST 27 3 I Suppose Donation Redisco MorHope Honor Pilate I Suppose 4 Donation I Suppose Sweep Em Honor Pilate I Suppose Honor Pilate 3 Astrodome Marian Ann Insultln Marian Ann Marian Ann Marian Ann 17 4 Marian Ann Summerlight Entreat Insultin Grenade Insultin 7 Grenade Gray Auntie Grenade Gray Auntie Summerlight Astrodome 5 Smarty-Arty Jeep Quest Jeep Quest Kerry Airs Jeep Quest Jeep Quest 19 Jepp Quest Smartv-Artv Omitted Jeep Quest Little Bones Smarty-Arty 7 Omitted Little Bones Kerry Airs Witch Way Neds Polly Kerry Airs 6 1 Abbottstown Oriole ORIOLE ORIOLE Oriole Oriole 24 Raise You Abbottstown Laran Laran Abbottstown Abbottstown 11 Laran Laran Abbottstown Abbottstown Laran Laran 7 Trout Lake TROUT LAKE False Rumor False Rumor Commodore K. Trout Lake 13 7 Battle Clamn False Rumor Commodore K. Brother Willie Brother Willie False Rumor 13 Commodore K. Commodore K. Trout Lake Battle Clamn False Rumor Commodore K. 9 Voltaire Harvest Reward Harvest Reward Brazil Harvest Reward Harvest Reward 15 8 ResoJet Sure Count Brazil Having Fun Brazil Brazil. 10 Sure Count Brazil Caribou Caribou Billy Bits Voltaire 5

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