Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-03

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Ace Captain — 7th LP Advance-Cross — 1st Det Aesthete— 7th Bel Aileens Pride — 4th Suf Alairhe — 9th Suf Alamance — 4th Bel Allocation — 7th Det American Way — 3d Bel Ampola — 4th Del Andy Joe — 3d Det Andys Glory — 1st Bel Anhar — 8th Suf Annies Choice— 2d Suf Answer Man — 8th Suf Ante Fee — 2d Del Anxious — -2d LP Ari Gold — 1st Del Arise — 6th "Bel Arkmo — 2d Suf Assassinator — 8th Suf Attention Mac— 7th Del August — 7th Det Aurora Deb — 9th LP Avella— 4th Bel B Ballyheather — 8th Det Bangaway — 5 th Det Banovina-— 7th Suf Barbeck— 6th Det Battle Chief— 6th Det Battle Royal— 1st Bel Be Lovely — 7th Del Beaus Dream— 8th Del Beknighted— 8th Del Belcon— 4thLP Bellanoch— 2d Det Bernie Moose — 7th Suf Berrirough — 2d LP Best Degree— 3d Suf Bienville — 3d. LP Big Question — 1st LJF BillHowk— 2d Suf Biltrite— 8th Suf Bimover — 8th Det Bit o Glow— 8th Suf Blabber Mouth— 2d Det Black Rover — 9th Suf Blendid Music — 1st Det Blewso — 4th Det Blind Mother-4th Del „ Blue par— 9th LP Blue Falcon — 2d Det Blue Opal — 1st Del Blue Sickle— 3d Det Bo Mowlee2d Del Bof aye — 7th Det Bold Bandit — 1st Det Boldger — 2d Det Boling Polly — 4th Det Bombast — 8th Det Bon Lynn — 5 th Del Bbots — 1st Del Brave Lass — 1st Suf Bridal Toast — 6th Suf Bright Guy — 4th Suf Broadsword— 1st Bel Bronze Wing — 7th Bel " Brookhaven — -2d Bel . Brownstown — 7th Det Burgoo Play — 7th Det C Caillou Rouge — 9 th L.F Cardinal Lady — 5th Del Capstone — 1st Suf Captain Bud — 2d L.F Cedric — 8th Det Chacma — 6th Suf Chance Design — 2d Del Chance Symbol — 8th Del Chanter — 3d Del Cheerfulness — 6th Suf Chinaware — 1st Suf Chuckalong — 1st LP Clara Patricia — 1st Det Clearance — 2d Det Clever Reward — 5th Bel Clover Miss — 4th Det Coat-of-Blue — 6th Suf ♦ Cole Slaw — 1st Det Coleridge — 7th Bel Compare — 1st LP Controversity — 5 th Det Converse — 1st Del Cookie Baby— 8th Suf Count Discover — 2d Suf Count Steel — 8th Det Course North — 4th Bel Crosslock— 8th Bel Cue Mac — 4th Det Cyds Baby— 2d Det D Dads Degree — 4th Suf Dance Routine — 5th Del Daring Mate — 5th Suf Dawn o Peace — 9th Suf Daydreamer — 6th Suf Dear Pat— 3d LJF Denny — 8th Del Diane G.— 4th Bel Didnslip — 8th Del Disconsolate — 1st Bel Djymy — 7th Det Doctor L. E. — 9th Suf Dominave — 7th Suf Dorothy G. — 2d Suf Dot H.— 8th Suf Double O. — 8th Det Dream Comfort— 4th Det Duchess Helen — 2d Det Dukes Boy — 2d Suf E Ecuador— 1st Bel Eff ie W.— 5th LJF Elected— 2d Del Eli Cookie — 6th Det ~ Eljay — 6th LJF Elyacin — 3d Bel Emardee — 1st Del Equibit— 2d Del Equihaze — 7th Suf Espinos Image— 6th LJF Eternal Moon — 6th LJF Eugenia — 4th Bel Evans Mountain— 8th Bel Excelsis — 1st LJF Execution — 9th Suf Experimental— 8th LJF Experimentum — 8th Suf Export Trade — 5th Suf Extra Inning — 1st Det Eyeful Star— 1st Bel F F. O. Bee— 3d LJF Fair Triad — 5th Del Fairy Sea — 1st Del Fancy Food— -4th LJF Farm Maid— 8th Suf Fern Gold — 5th Del Fetch It— 2d Del Fightin Clever — 2d Del Final Proof — 1st Suf Fine Fettle — 4th LJF First Return — 2d LJF First Security — 9th LJF First Verse--7th LJF Flaming Comet — 3d Bel Flash of Light — 8th Suf Flatbush— 9th LJF Fleetridge — 7th Det Fly Around — 7 th Suf Flying Hoop — 1st Suf Flying Tassle — 2d LJF Flying Turkey — 7th Det Fong-Shun-On — 1st Suf For Rent — 7th LJF Four Chances — 3d Del Fourteen Grand — 8th Det Fran Dorsett — 4th Bel Frankie D. — 9th LJF Fun Quest — 9th LJF Fussed About — 1st Det Futuresque — 7th Suf G Gaby H.— 2d Suf Gallalad— 2d Del Galloping Gus — 8th Bel Gee Whiz— 2d Suf Gene Epp — 6th Det Gerry Frank — 3d LJF Gerrymander— 3d Bel Gifted Boots— 4th Suf Glorys Chance — 2d Det Go Girl— 7th LJF Going Places — 9th LP Gold Boots — 1st LJF Golden Pelt-5th Det Gracious Heart— 4th Det Grand Egyptian — 8 th LJF Grand Evening — 3d Suf Grande Monde — 4th Det Granny D.— 7th Det Gray Chief — 3d Suf Great Neck — 1st Suf Great Sun— 1st Suf Grecian Star — 1st Det Guienette — 4thDel H Haberdashery — 8th LJF Hadassah — 5th Bel Handy Man — 2d Del Harbil— 8th LJF Hasty Freedoms — 1st LJF Head East— 6th Det Heiress— 4th Bel Helaneius — 1st Bel Hellespont— 4 th Del Henry D. M.— 1st Bel Hera Lot — 6th Det Herman — 1st Det Herman L. — 4th Suf Hi Bob— 8th Det Hi Decker — 5th LJF Hibernian — 8th Suf High Hopes — 3d LJF High Hunch— 8th Suf His Duchess — 4th Bel Honor Deck — 2d LJF Hoop Jude — 1st Suf Hoopson — 6th Det Hoos Abbe — 3d Det Hot — 3d Bel Hot Chocolate — 8th Det Hyopolis — 5 th Suf I Idio— 7th Suf Mstay— 1st LJF In My Bones — 8th Det Inaname — 2d Del Inca — 4th Del Incarnation — 4th Bel • Infinity K. — 1st LJF Irish Horn — 9th LJF Irish Prince — 2d Suf J Je Suis Pret — 7th Bel J ess Linthicum — 6th Del Jimmy Viriceni-lst LJF J ohns Baby — 1st Det Jones Brook — 6th Suf Joyce W. — 1st LJF J-Town Arab — 1st Suf Juana — 2d Suf Judge J. B. — 3d LJF Judy R. — 2d Suf Judy Rounders — 3d LJF June Time — 4 th Del Jungle Gypsy— 5th Del Junior Counsel — 1st Suf Just-Made-It — 2d Det K Katama — 2d LJF Kay Doody — 8th LJF Kayes Goods — 3d LP Keen Step — 3d Det Keeno — 1st Suf Khan— 2d Bel King Aumar — 1st Suf King Mowlee — 6th Del Kings Daisy — 8th Bel Kings Tip — 6th Suf Kissable— 9th LP Kitzbuhel— 6 th Suf — L Lady Pam — 2d Del Lady Rowena — 3d Det Ladslove — 4th Del Lancaster Lady — 5tlt Bel Late Model— 1st Del L Avion — 4th Del Leading Man — 7th Det Legate — 7th Bel Legs — 4th LP Lictor — IstLP Lightning Bug — 1st Bel Lilly M. — 4th Del Little Aud— 2d Suf Living Image-— 4th Del Lock Out— 8th Det Locust Point — 1th Bel Lotof town — 1st Bel Loyal Legion— 6th Del Lundi— 2d Del. Lustrino — 4tn Suf M Magic Moment — 1st Bel Mahat — 2d Bel Mahpon — 6th Del Manchac — 8th LP Marie Eileen— 7th LP Marked Game— 8th Del ! " Marphil— 6th Suf Martin Whelan-9th LP McGrathiana — 6th LP Melanesian— lst Del Mighty Mo— 7th Bel Milk War— 4th Det Milspal — 2d Bel Miss Baron — 1st Bel Miss Bellevue— 6th Det Miss Deductive — 9th LP Miss Ellaneous — 9th Suf Miss Muffet — 2d LP Miss Nap-lst LP Miss Sublime — 4th Bel Mist 6* Dawn— 4th LP Mister Mac— 1st Det Mohduma — 5th Bel Moon Deil — 3d Del Morning Line-7th Bel Mr. P.— 4th Suf Mucho4Manana — 1st LP Mucho White — 5th Det My Freedom — 3d Suf My Redemption — 3d Suf Myrtle J— 4th Det N Nassau — 2d Suf Navy Diver — 1st Det New Princess— 7th Del News Again — 3d LP Nicotine Girl — 2d Det Nirvana — 5th Suf NitroFire — 8th Det Nome — 6th Suf Nona Belle— 4th Del Northern Star— 6th Bel Nosun — 8th Bel Notts Forest — 1st Suf Nullify— 6th Bel Nutsnbolts-6th Det O Ocean Clipper — 7th Det Oh Leo— 6th LP Old Fiddle— 6th LP On the Wire— 2d LP Orcas — 5th LP Oriental — 5 th Del P Paddock Kitten— 7th Del Paramount Pete — 7th Bel Parkview— 4th LP Pebbles Hour— 3d Suf Pegasus n.— 9th Suf Pennant Day — 8th Bel Penniless — 9th LP Penocc — 6th Del Pep -Mo — 5th Det Perfity— 2d Det Petite Lassie — 1st Del Phantom Heels — 2d Det Pharapoise— 1st Det Pines of Rome— 5th LP Plucky Prince — 9th LP Polyvixen — 5th Bel Possess — 3d LP Pretty Trick— 2d Det Prince Cole-— 3d Del Princess Rose— 8th Bel Prism— 2d Bel. Proceed — 3d Bel Prompt Boy — 3d Suf Pry Pat— 7th LP Psycary — 7th LP Q Queen Apache— 3d Det Quick Fire— 8th Bel Quick Rate— 5th Det R Raider Larue — 1st LP Real Brother— 2d Bel Realtor — 5th Suf Red— 9th Suf Red River — 5th Det Reighsign— 3d Del Robert Kirby — 1st Suf Robin Red— 7th Det Rock Garden — 5th LP Rockton — 2d Det Rope Trick— 1st Bel Roses Ace-r-4th Suf Rosily— 9th LP Rusty Brown — 4th LP S Salliquelo — 8th Suf Sand Fly — 2d LP Sanguinaria — 6thDet Saturday — 9th Suf Saxon Charm — 7th LP Scheming World — 3d Suf Scottish Air — 1st Del Senator Joe— 6th Del Seven League — 3d Del Shane— 7th LP Sharbot — 1st Del Sharon E. — 3d Det Shine On — 2d Del Shining Deed — 1st LP Shirleys Pride — 2d Suf Shopping Spree — 2d Suf Shrewd — 2d Del Silver Lamee — 5 th Del Silver Skipper — 8th Suf Sir Anhut— 5th Det Sir Fay— 5th Det Sir Lopez — 8th Del Sky World— 2d Del Slam Ahead — 1st Det Sleek Girl — 6th Det Smart Eve — 7th Det So Fair — 1st LP Soma Arch — 8th Del Specific — 4th LP Spleen — 3d Bel Star Wish— 7th LP Stock Exchange— 6th Suf Stroll— 8th SUf Strolling Moon — 7th Det Suffazon— 9th Suf Sultans War — 3d Bel Suppressor — 2d Del Sweet Eponine — 6th Det Sweet Relish — 5th LP T" Tampero — 2d Del Tangent — 1st LP Tansy Norton — 1st Del Tartan Lass — 5th De"t Teacher K.— 6th Det Tedlin — 1st Bel Telenews— 6thJDel Ten Forty— 3d Del Tetragina — 2d Det Thank You Sir— 8th LP The Ghizeh — 5th Del The Maid— 4th Det Third Division — 7th Det Thorn — 2d Del fl Thunderjet— 9th Suf Tiger Harris — 8th LP Tinaja A.— 1st Det To Market — 6th Bel Tonys Trouble — 1st Det Top Foot — 3d Suf Top Spring— 8th Bel Trancer — 7th Det Tringle Rock — 3d Del Triograph — 9th LP Tulkinghorn — 8th Det Turf Bull— 2d Bel Turnip Tilly— 2d LP Tuxedo— 4th LP Twilight Song — 1st Del Twin tone — 6th Suf U U. S. Knight— 1st Bel Uncle Hal— 3d Suf Uncle Miltie— 6th Bel Uncle Otho — 9lh LP c Unrest — -7th Bel *« V Valdor— 8th Bel Valleys Luck — 8th Del Var— 8th LP Velark— 7th Del Ventolino — 4th LP J Vinita Toney— 9th LP i ■m Vinvic— 5th LP 1 Virtue— 8th LP Vital— 5th Del i w i Wac— 7th Del ; Wardonna — 1st Del Wee Fours — 8th Suf What A Peach— 4th Del Whiz-A-Bil-lstLP j Wild Heiress — 2d Det : Wilmar— 2d Suf Winning Stride — 4th Del Winstay— 8th Det Winter Land — 4th Del Woollards Pet— 5th Suf j Wright Angle — 3d Del * Wrights Wrong— 5th Suf « Z ■ Zippy Air — 1st Suf « Zunis — 7th Del

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