Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-03

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DAILY A C I N G F 0 R M E X P E R T S S E L E C T I 0 N S Figures In Consensus Shov Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points far 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d.. Todays Best in Black Ifpt.. Trackman, Jl J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS AT HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST „ HERMI5 SWEEP CONSENSUS Excelsis Shining Deed Excelsis Excelsis Excelsis 33 IExcelsii Chuckakmg ShingingDeed Excelsis Illstay Big Question Shining Deed 9 Lictor Big Question Illstay Shining Deed . Shining Deed _ Illstay 3 Anxious Anxious ANXIOUS Anxious Anxious Anxious 27 2 Sand Fly Katama Katama Sand-Fly SandTlv SandFlv 6 Honor Deck Miss Muf f et Honor Deck Katama Honor Deck Katama" 5 Gerry Frank Bienville Judy Rounders Possess. - Judy Rounders Judy Rounders 12 3 Possess Dear Pat High Hopes • Judy Rounders Bienville Bienville 9 Bienville Kayes Goods Possess Bienville Possess Possess 9 Fine Fettle Specific .Rusty Brown Fine Fettle Specific Fine Fettle 13 4 Mist o Dawn Legs Legs Rusty Brown Fine Fettle Specific 10 Rusty Brown Parkview Fine Fettle Belcon Rusty Brown Rusty Brown 9 Pines of Rome Pines of Rome Hi Decker Pines of Rome Pines of Rome Pines of Rome 22 5 Rock Garden Orcas Pines of Rome Rock Garden Orcas Hi Decker 6 Orcas Sweet Relish Rock Garden Hi Decker Rock Garden Rock Garden 6 OH LEO OH LEO Qh Leo OH LEO OH LEO OH LEO 33 6 Eljay Espinos Image Espinos Image ELiav Eliav Eliay 7 Eternal Moon Old Fiddle Eljay Eternal Moon Espinos Image Espinos Image. 5 Star Wish Go Girl First Verse First Verse Shane First Verse 13 7 Shane. First Verse Star Wish Shane Psycary Shane 9 Psycary Star Wish Psycary Psycary First Verse Star Wish 8 Thank You Sir KayDoody KayDoody Thank You Sir Var KavDoodv 11 8 Haberdashery Virtue Haberdashery Haberdashery Haberdashery Thank You Sir 10 Tiger Harris Haberdashery Harbil Tiger Harris Kay Doody Haberdashery 9 Mis Deductive Rosily FrankieD. Penniless Miss Deductive Miss Deductive 4 Si UD.5?sll£, Miss Deductive Rosily FrankieD. FrankieD. Rosily 10 Kissable Blue Bar Miss Deductive Miss Deductive Rosily Frankie D. 9 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN . HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI5 SWEEP CONSENSUS «. Tonys Trouble Tinys Trouble Navy Diver Tonys Trouble Tonys Trouble Tonys Trouble 22 I Herman Navy Diver Tonys Trouble Mister Mac Navy Diver Navy Diver 9 Mister Mac Pharapoise Mister Mac Herman Clara Patricia Mister Mac 4 PHANTOM HEELS Perfidy Perfidy . PHANTOM HEELS Perfidy Perfidy 17 2 Nicotine Gal Phantom Heels Tetragina Perfidy Nicotine Gal Phantom Heels 16 Cyd s Baby Nicotine Gal Nicotine Gal Rockton Tetragina Nicotine Gal 7 Queen Apache LadyRowena Lady;Rowena Queen Apache Queen Apache Queen Apache 18 3 LadyRowena HoosAbbe Queen Apache- LadyRowena LadvRowena LadyRowena 16 Andy Joe Queen Apache Hops Abbe Blue Sickle Blue Sickle Hops Abbe 3 Gracious Heart Grand Monde Grande Monde Gracious Heart Gracious Heart Gracious Heart 19 4 Blewso Gracious Heart Gracious Heart Blewso Cue Mac Grand Monde 10 Myrtle J. Milk War Milk War Boling Polly Milk War Blewso 4 Sir Fay Sir Fay Bangaway Sir Fay Controversity Sir Fay 19 5 Controversity Bangaway Sir Fay Golden Pelt SirFav Controversity 10 Pep-Mo Controversity Controversity Pep-Mo Bangaway • Bangaway 8 Head Fast HEAD EAST HEAD EAST Head East Head East HEAD EAST 31 6 HeraLpt Barbeck Battle Chief Barbeck Sleek Girl Barbeck 5 Barbeck Teacher K. Teacher K. Eli Cookie Teacher K. Teacher K. 3 Strolling Moon Strolling Moon Leading Man Flying Turkey LEADING MAN Leading Man 12 7 Flying Turkey Leading Man Flying Turkey Strolling Moon Granny D. Strolling Moon 12 Burgoo Play Flying Turkey Granny D. Di.vmy Burgoo Play Flying Turkey 10 Bombast Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate Lockout Bombast Bombast 16 8 Winstay Bombast Bombast Bombast Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate 14 Hot Chocolate Lockout Lockout Hot Chocolate Tulkinghorn Lockout 7 Trackman, JLR. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI5 SWEEP CONSENSUS . 1 Andys Glory Andys Glory Disconsolate Andys Glory ANDYS GLORY Andys Glory 24 I «edhnr- , Rope Trick Andys Glory Disconsolate Rope Trick Rope Trick 7 Rone Trick Ecuador Rope Trick Rope Trick Tedlin Disconsolate -7 Real Brother Real Brother Real Brother Khan Khan Real Brother 18 2 Khan Khan Khan Brookhaven Real Brother Khari 16 Brookhaven Turf Bull ~ Brookhaven Real Brother Turf Bull Brookhaven _4 Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot ~25 m 3 Elyacm Proceed Proceed American Way . Proceed Proceed 7 American Way American Way American Way Proceed American Way American Way 6 His Duchess His Duchess Course North His Duchess His Duchess His Duchess 22 4 Diane B. Diane B. His Duchess Diane B. Incarnation Diane B. 7 Course North Heiress Incarnation Alamance Diane B. Course North 6 Mohduma Mohduma Mohduma HADASSAH Mohduma Mohduma 22 5 Hadassah Hadassah Polyvixen Mohduma Hadassah Hadassah 14 Polyvixen Clever Reward Hadassah Lancaster Lady Polyvixen Polyvixen 4 Northern Star Arise Northern Star Uncle Miltie Arise Arise 13 6 To Market Northern Star To Market Arise To Market Northern Star 12 War .Kmg To Market Arise To Market Uncle Miltie To Market 8 AESTHETE UNREST AESTHETE Aesthete Aesthete AESTHETE 26 7 Unrest Aesthete Unrest Unrest Unrest Unrest 15 Paramount Pete Paramount Pete Paramount Pete Paramount Pete Paramount Pete Paramount Pete 5 Evans Mountain Evans Mountain Evans Mountain Evans Mountain Evans Mountain Evans Mountain 25 8 Quick Fire Galloping Gus Pennant Day Galloping Gus Galloping Gus Galloping Gus 7 Pennant Day Pennant Day Galloping Gus Pennant Day Pennant Day Pennant Day 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMI5 SWEEP CONSENSUS Scottish Air Emardee Emardee EMARDEE Emardee _ Emardee 24 1 Emardee Air Gold Wardonna Scottish Air • Wardonna Scottish Air 10 Late Model Scottish Air Scottish Air Ari Gold Scottish Air Wardonna 4 Shine On - Suppressor Handy Man Equibit Equibit 12 2Eauibit Handy Man Suppressor Equibit Shine On • Handy Man Handy Man 11 Shine On Handy Man Handy Man Gallalad Suppressor Shine" On 8 Prince Cole Ten Forty Ten Forty Prince Cole Prince Cole Prince Cole 19 3 Ten Forty Prince Cole Prince Cole Ten Forty Ten Forty Ten Forty 16 Chanter Seven League Seven League Four Chances Four Chances Four Chances 2 Ampola L Avion AMPOLA Amnola June Time Ampola 19 4 Hellespont Inca L Avion Hellespont L Avion LAvion 11 j LAvion Ampola Winning Stride LAvion Ampola June Time 5 Dance Routine SILVER LAMEE Silver Lamee Vital Vital Silver Lamee 14 5 Jungle Gypsy Jungle Gypsy TheGhizeh Silver Lamee Jungle Gypsy Vital 11 Bon Lynn Vital Dance Routine Jungle Gypsy Bon Lynn Jungle Gypsy 7 SENATOR JOE Senator Joe Jess Linthicum Senator Joe SENATOR JOE SENATOR JOE 25 6 Jess Linthicum Jess Linthicum Penocc Jess Linthicum Jess Linthicum Jess Linthicum 13 Penocc Penocc Senator Joe Penocc Penocc Penocc 6 Zunis Be Lovely Zunis Zunis Zunis 22 7Zunis Wac Be Lovely Zunis Be Lovely Be Lovely Be Lovely 12 Be Lovely Attention Mac Attention Mac Paddock Kitten Wac -•» Wac 3 -Denny • Marked Game Sir Lopez Beaus Dream Beaus Dream Beaus Dream 14 8 Beaus Dream Didnslip Beaus Dream Denny Valleys Luck Denny 9 Marked Game Denny Marked Game . Marked Game Denny Marked Game 8 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Good Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP „ ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Flying Hoop Flying Hoop Flying Hoop Flying Hoop Flying Hoop FLYING HOOP 25 1 Notts Forest HoopJude HoopJude HoopJude HoopJude HoopJude 9 Hoop Jude Notts Forest Great Neck " Notts Forest Great Neck -Notts Forest 4 Shirleys Pride Gee Whiz Annies Choice Annies Choice Annies Choice Annies Choice 18 2 Little Aud Annies Choice Gee Whiz Little Aud Gee Whiz Gee Whiz 10 Annies Choice Little Aud Little Aud Gee Whiz „ Little Aud Little Aud 7 My Freedom BEST DEGREE Top Foot My Freedom BEST DEGREE Best Degree 19 3 Best Degree Grand Evening My Freedom Best Degree Mv Freedom Mv Freedom 14 Grand Evening Scheming World Best Degree Gray Chief Scheming World Top Foot 5 Pride Aileens Pride Gifted Boots Aileens Pride Aileens Pride Aileens Pride 22 4Aileens Roses Ace Gifted Boots Aileens Pride Dads Degree Roses Ace Gifted Boots " 8 Herman L. Mr. F. Roses Ace Mr. F. Gifted Boots Roses Ace 5 Realtor Export Trade Export Trade Export Trade Export Trade 22 5SF?FJKADE Wrights Wrong Hyopolis Realtor Realtor Realtor Realtor 11 Hyopolis Daring Mate Daring Mate Daring Mate Daring Mate Daring Mate 4 Stock Exchange Stock Exchange Stock Exchange Stock Exchange Twintone Stock. Exchange 22 6 Jones Brook . Jones Brook Jones Brook .Jones Brook Stock Exchange Jones Brook 9 Coat of Blue Twintone Twintone Twintone Jones Brook Twintone 8 Banovina Banovina IDIO Idio Idio 20 7Idio Banovina Dominave Idio Bernie Moose Banovina Banovina 15 Bernie Moose Idio Bernie Moose Banovina Dominave Bernie Moose 4 Silver Skipper High Hunch COOKIE BABY Assassinator High Hunch High Hunch 13 8 Cookie Baby Annar Annar High Hunch Annar Cookie Baby 9 Hibernian Assassinator High Hunch Annar Farm Maid Ar nar 7 Saturday Saturday Suffazon Thunderjet Thunderjet Thunderjet 14 Thunderjet Suffazon Thunderjet Suffazon Suffazon Saturday 12 Red Execution Alairne Saturday Saturday Suffazon 11

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