Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1932-01-13

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;MEQgAMiR3t Best of the Da? 1 1 1 lt. BBSr- JEFFERSON PARK 7th.. VOLT METER TROPICAL PARK 1st NOAJOYCE 1J"VTlTVIL.Tfi "J 11 Kl iiTl jLCIJNS UDSp HAVANA 6th .POLAR SEA I AGUA CALIENTE 7th RUSSET JEFFERSON PARK Trackman: L. G. PLAUT. Outstanding selections appear in bold type Selections made for muddy track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS - Beggar Lady Piecemeal Beggar Lady Piecemeal Beggar Lady Piecemeal Beggar Lady 34 X Motive Beggar-Lady Piecemeal Beggar Lady Piecemeal Motive Piecemeal 34 Piecemeal Usurp Big Blue Motive Big Blue Beggar Lady Motive 10 Beauty Bride FortunaMia Beauty Bride Beauty Bride Beauty Bride FortunaMia Beauty Bride 34 t Newburger Bag o Gold Run On FortunaMia Marlene Run On FortunaMia 22 Marlene Beauty Bride FortunaMia Dr. Rogers Rivet Rivet Run On 8 Shonna , Blighter Matthew Sporting Blues Rave Rave Rave. 26 O Matthew Rave Blighter Rubberneck Matthew Intruder Matthew 16 Rave Shonna Rave Rave Shonna Blighter Shonna 14 . Old Bill Sign Off Sign Off Old Bill Old Bill LadyMarsch Old Bill 32 4 Sign Off LadyMarsch LadyMarsch Traumel Sign Off Old Bill Sign Off 26 Seths Ballot Stupendous Old Bill LadyMarsch Seths Ballot Sign Off LadyMarsch 18 Light Mint Estin Light Mint Bill Orange- Light Mint Light Mint Light Mint 40 5 Bill Orange Dorothy Hicks Bill Orange Light Mint Estin Bud Charlton Bill Orange 18 My Hobby Bill Orange My Hobby Overboard Overboard Overboard Estin 14 Surpass Generola Dixie Dan Hal Riley Dixie Dan Hal Riley Hal Riley 24 0 Hal Riley Austerlitz Bobby Powers EleanbraM. Hal Riley BerniceVan Dixie Dan 16 BerniceVan ErinGoBragh DickChevely Bearcry Bobby Powers Surpass Surpass 10 Volt Meter Volt Meter Volt Meter Volt Meter Volt Meter Volt Meter Volt Meter 52 Colonel K. Aurica Punkie Aurica Punkie Punkie Punkiel4 Aurica Punkie Jeff ONeil As Fair Aurica Jeff ONeil Aurica 12 TROPICAL PARK Trackman: T. K. LYNCH. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Noajoyce Noajoyce The Spaniard Noajoyce Noajoyce Gay Pal Noajoyce 44 Donna Vivian Gay Pal Noajoyce The Spaniard Gay Pal Noajoyce Gay Pal 22 Gay Pal The Spaniard Gay Pal Gay Pal The Spaniard The Spaniard The Spaniard 18 Big Spring Orkin Regal Knight Orkin Chiefs Camille Chiefs Camille Chiefs Camille 22 2 Pop Gaffney Talky Chief s Camille Regal Knight Regal Knight Regal Knight Orkin 20 Chiefs Camille Spanish Flirt Big Spring . Big Spring Orkin Orkin Regal Knight 20 Dunnellen Dunnellen Backwoodsman Sunny Susan Dunnellen MissAvondale Dunnellen30 3 Backwoodsman Deerfield Dunnellen Bounder Backwoodsman Sunny Susan Backwoodsmn 18 Sunny Susan Bounder Chattahoochee Backwoodsman Chattahoochee Dunnellen Sunny Susan 14 " Angry Plume Angry Plume Angry Plume Gibbys Choice Angry Plume Please Angry Plume 40 A Mike Carey Please Please Wandering Gold Please Angry Plume Please 26 Please LightNun LightNun Please Mike Carey Gibbys Choice Gibbys Choice 12 Captain Ed Captain Ed Captain Ed Brown Supinet Lady Blue Lady Blue Captain Ed34 5 Lady Blue On Leave Lady Blue Captain Ed Captain Ed Felaxe Lady Blue 26 Ever Faithful Brown Supinet Brown Supinet Lady Blue Felaxe Captain Ed Brown Supinet 12 Fair Albert Pretty Penny Sam Pass Frances St. L. Sam Pass Sam Pass Sam Pass 30 Q Frances St. L. Sam Pass Frances St. L. Pretty Penny Frances StL. Frances St. L. Frances St. L. 26 Sam Pass Frances St, L. Pretty Penny Laftar Pretty Penny Pretty Penny Pretty Penny 18 Brush Cabildo Brush Cabildo Brush Francock Brush 30 7 Cabildo Brush Cabildo Gold Star Cabildo Gold Star Cabildo 28 La Golondrina TopHattie Meek Top Hattie Top Hattie Brush Francock 8 HAVANA Trackman: C. J. CONNORS. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for fast track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS Dictate Mueller Dictate Dictate Dictate Mueller Dictate 36 1 Adair Louise Excavation Mueller Mueller Mueller Dictate Mueller 28 Keswick Adair Louise Adair Louise Adair Louise Excavation Adair Louise Adair Louise 12 Miss Mary Lou Miss Mary Lou Miss Mary Lou Miss Mary Lou Miss Mary Lou Miss Mary Lou Miss Mary Lou 48 9 Shabby Shoes Talomond WottaLife WottaLife WottaLife Friendly Ways WottaLife 14 McWiggle WottaLife Talomond Shabby Shoes Talomond Talomond Talomond 10 Merry Windsor Queen Towton Merry Windsor Merry Windsor Merry Windsor Merry Windsor Merry Windsor 42 3 Uncle Sam Broken Stone Queen Towton Queen Towton Queen Towton Broken Stone Queen Towton 24 Queen Towton Merry Windsor Broken Stone Broken Stone Broken Stone Queen Towton Broken Stone 14 . Jane Ellen Brooksie General Court Fair Jack Fair Jack Everytime Fair Jack 30 4 Fair Jack Fair Jack Fair. Jack Our Sis Everytime Quorum Brooksie 12 Our Sis Gun Man Brooksie Jane Ellen Brooksie Step Sis Everytime 12 " Athol Kadiak Athol Kadiak Athol Little Nap Athol40 5 Kadiak Port o Play Kadiak Athol Kadiak Athol Kadiak 32 Port o Play Athol Honey Grove Honey Grove Honey Grove Kadiak Little Nap 8 Polar Sea Polar Sea Polar Sea Polar Sea Polar Sea Polar Sea Polar Sea 50 0 Liberty Ace Flo ONeill Golden Sweep Flo ONeill Flo ONeill Sweep-Net Flo ONeill 18 Flo ONeill Liberty Ace Flo ONeill Liberty Ace CoLBob Flo ONeill Liberty Ace 8 Fair Glow Mozart Mozart Mozart Mozart Mozart Mozart 42 Phi Delta Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang Tang 20 I Mozart Phi Delta Phi Delta Fair Glow Phi Delta Dark Maid Fair Glow 10 AGUA CALIENTE Trackman: J. J. MURPHY. Outstanding selections appear in bold type. Selections made for good track. RACE TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES SWEEP ANALYST CONSENSUS i r3 El Paso Trek Grenade Mazie F. Bonhonest Happy Fanny Trek Grenade Trek Grenade 20 1 JoePatsie First Pip Happy Fanny Trek Grenade El Paso Bonhonest Mazie F. 14 LachensLady Mazie F. Bonhonest First Pip Mazie F. Mazie F. Bonhonest 14 Star Mistress Bafflorette Leano Leano Bafflorette Bafflorette Bafflorette 36 2 Bafflorette Leano Bafflorette Bafflorette Runshot Leano Leano 24 Wild Party Gee Whiz Thats It Thats It Thats It Runshot Star Mistress 8 0 Sailor Boy Brown Thistle Released Sailor Boy Front Man Little Pat Sailor Boy 22 O Ritter Sailor Boy Little Pat Brown Thistle Released Released Little Patl6 Front Man Front Man Ritter Little Pat Sailor Boy Tetra Glass Released 16 King Caress King.Caress Red Diamond B. Long entry Red Diamond Daily News King Caress 28 4 Facchina Boocap Victor Daily News Daily News Red Diamond Red Diamond 24 Ogygia Daily News Boocap Red Diamond Victor King Caress Daily News 18 Dunrock Alma Borland ClarabelA. Mild Dunrock Mild Mild 32 5 Mild Mild Mild Speedy Al Mild Dunrock Dunrock 22 Inheritor LaBelotte Miss Cheyenne LaBelotte Alma Borland ClarabelA. Alma Borland 10 Royal Doulton Madam Queen Madam Queen Madam Queen Royal Doulton Old Times Madam Queen 34 6 Madam Queen Neckpiece Brown Master Northern Water Brown Master Madam Queen Royal Doulton 22 Single Step Northern Water Royal Doulton Royal Doulton Single Step Royal Doulton Old Times 8 Russet Russet Russet Russet Russet Moneys Worth Russet 46 Shasta Uncle Our Joan Moneys Worth Moneys Worth Moneys Worth Russet Moneys Worth 20 TheOrleanian Trompe Our Joan Our Joan Our Joan TheOrleanian Our Joan 10 Nisia Baptiste Baptiste Baptiste Baptiste Shasta Rock Baptiste 32 O Athens Malover Nisia Shasta Rock Nisia Athens Nisia 18 Shasta Rock Shasta Rock Chuno Chuno Shasta Rock Nisia Shasta Rock 18

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