As Might Have Been Expected, Daily Racing Form, 1945-06-01


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As Might Have Been Expected I By SALVATOR ] , i 1 I , J ! , 1 * I J * ] I i j « , : : I I J 1 ; , " i J j i J ; | ! j* ; i | i I i* ll j ] i ] t ; 1 1 1 1 j j ] p j ! J I ] j ! j , ; ] j ; ] Good morning! i It has been several months since the writer has come before the readers of Daily Racing Form — during which divers and sundry happenings of more or less importance — have alternately depressed and exhilarated them. Of these events, the history books will make due mention in time to come. And when they are looked back upon, with a due sense of perspective, the habitual result will doubtless ensue. That is to say, their lessons — if any — will go down the wind: any profit that they might instill will be as completely ignored as if nothing of the kind had ever been heard of; and things will go on in just as nearly the same way as before as can conveniently be managed. My purpose, however, is not, in these observations, to moralize upon these facts. , Far far from it. Though their moral may I be a hefty one, it can not be cashed at a grated window. Neither can it be at the I downtown offices after the meeting is over I by any negligent patron who did not care to stand in line previously and be trampled upon by sweating multitudes. No, it is something else which, this bright morning, wish to enquire about. Where Are the Visiting Buyers? The substance of the said enquiry being as follows : Has anybody seen bodies of foreign breeders flocking to the U. S. A. to re- plenish their decimated — sometimes almost wholly — stocks of breeding animals from our abundant supply? Are any of them now in our midst? Are there any premonitions that, if not already landed upon our shores, visits from them are among impending joys? My reason for making the above query is that back when the European hostilities were getting into full stride, reports of raped stud-farms from France, Belgium, Poland. Austria. Hungary, Russia, and other Continental countries came piling in. At that time optimistic American horse- men were not only indulging, but cherishing and publishing, the belief that when the war is over* these self -same denuded countries will come flocking to the dear old U. S. A. for stallions, broodmares, etc., etc., wherewith to replenish their devas- | tated haras. English breeders, we were informed, ! were having to curtail their operations so drastically that they would have no surplus animals when peace came. England Has Plenty of Stock In consequence, the argument proceeded. I the devastation would have to be made up | from American resources. Hence it would bC wise to get ready for a big export trade as soon as the guns were stilled. And now ? Also ??? Has anybody here seen, not the missing j Kelly but the long overdue delegations of I horsemen from across the Atlantic in quest j of consignments of our thoroughbreds? For breeding or any other purposes? Watchfully waiting for any such ap- j paritions and trying not to overlook any i reputable sources of information, nothing has rewarded my receptiveness. But What, oh what, has rewarded it, along similar but. alack, far distant lines? Why — nothing but this: Namely, ergo and to-wit — That months ago delegations of these impoverished horsemen, seeking to replenish their studs, were visiting England and buying exten- I •sively there! It transpired contrary to the naive American belief that England had plenty of stock for sale and was busily filling the demand. Which — it w ould appear — explains the • yawning vacancy in this fair land caused by the non-appearance here of the afore- s said seekers of breeding stock. And the sad disappointment therefrom ensuing. The opportunity seems now opportune. therefore, to recall to the memories of read- j ers of Daily Racing Form that at the time. | about five years ago when the predictions were being made of the foreign demand for American thoroughbreds, once the war in j Europe was over, the writer pronounced it mere wishful thinking" and visionary hopefulness: the indulgence of dreaming destined to be only that and nothing more. Jersey Act Britains Bulwark And why? Why. indeed! Why because of the Jersey Act. and the aggressive and successful warfare upon the American thoroughbred and settled determination to confine him to America alone and prevent his exportation to any foreign land; for breeding purposes in especial. This warfare the said Jersey Act set in motion and it has never since beei for a moment relaxed. But, argued the naive American horse-iman, "Its different now! By coming into the World War, America has saved Europe .from Nazi domination. But for. America there would not be today any British Empire or Soviet Republic! We have freed France and Italy and Belgium and Den- _ mark and Holland and Austria and Hungary and Poland and the Balkans and Greece and all the rest of the Continent, with North Africa thrown in, from the Nazi menace. But for our aid in the way of 10.000.000 or more soldiers and over 0,-000,000.000 in lend-lease money and supplies, the entire Continent would right now be nothing but a Nazi empire. Situation Has Not Changed Thats changed the whole set-up. Weve given over 1.000,000 of the flower of our manhood in casualties: weve gone into debt to the tune of at least 00,000,000,000, in order to save Europe. And we have asked nothing of this be paid back. Its been a gift. Beside which all Europe is right now looking to us to put it upon its feet economically and keep it from starving to death this coming winter. And so on and on. "So don t pretend to tell me that on top of all that. Europe is going to do anything so incredibly mean and ungrateful, so really unbelievable, as pull the Jersey Act on us and make an international outlaw of the American thoroughbred in this glad New World of peace and security and the Brotherhood of Man? — arent we all United Nations? Isnt Isolationism dead? Arent the tariff barriers all to be thrown down and universal free trade rule the globe? Thats what the promise is. Thats what weve been fighting for. And yet— the American Thoroughbreds is still to be an international outlaw and the Jersey Act that means of keeping him so? Why — !!!" Yes. dearly beloved — thats just it! As the writer remarked some years ago, thats the way its going to be. And those with telescopes upon the outer walls gazing hopefully over the Atlantic for the shiploads of European horsemen about to invade this republic for breeding stock, may just as well turn their glasses in other directions — and keep them there.

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