Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-10

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J Alphabetical Index to Entries A Accusation — 1st C JD Acondale — 2d Pirn Adelphia— 8th GjS Aethelred — 9th Suf Afterwards — 5 th Pirn Air Patrol— 3d G.8 Airdrome — 2d Pim Alairne— 7th Bel Albulil— 5 th Spt All Business — 3d Spt All Is On— 7th CJD All Yen— 6th Spt Almenow — Gth CD Altuce — 7th Spt Amberley — 3d Spt Antagonism — 6th Bel Apachico— 7th Bel Appease Not — 7th Bel Aralak— 8 th Bel Arcangela — 3d Spt Assassinator — 4 th Suf Astrodome — 4th Pim At Ease — 2d Suf Atoka Lad — 9th Spt Atom Buster — 7th Bel Audley Square — 3d GJS Auf takt— 3d Bel Auntie — 5 th Suf Autumn Eve — 2d Spt B B. Double B.— 2d Bel Baby Pauly — 1st Bel Bachelor Boy— 8th Suf Balu Mike— 7th G.S Beans Jr. — 8th Suf Bearing Clear — 6th GJS Beau Gab — 4th CJD Beau Fortune — 6th Spt Bell Collector— 2d CD Berkeley — 3d CD Bert-Ram — 1st Spt Best Prospect — 5th CJD Best Punch — 2d Suf Better Light — 8th Pim Better Vain— 8th Bel Bidojo— 7th CD Big Casino — 2d Spt Big Girl-2d CD Big Ping— 5th CJD Big Reward — 5th Suf Big T. O.— 1st GJS Bird Brain — 7 th CD Bird in Hand — 3d Pim Black Venus — 5th GJS Blemish — 3d CD Bleu Mantle — 2d Bel Blue Badge — 5th CD Blue Falcon — 5 th Suf Blue Fawn — 5th Spt Bobs Birthday — 1st GJS Bogalusa — 7th CD Bold Jo— 6th GJS Bolo Tie — 1st Suf Boney Scot — 1st Pim Bonnyvale — 6th Spt Born to Win— 6th Spt Boston Hero — 4th Pim Bougent — 8th Pim Brain Sprain— 2d CD Break Thru — 5th Spt Brelle — 1st C JD Briar White— 6th Pirn Briars Baby — 1st CJD Brilliant Jr.— 1st Spt Brown Bourbon — 3d Spt Brush Mouth — 4th CJD Bullow — 3d GJS Burnt Pair — 2d Suf Burts Reward — 1st Bel Busanda — 6 th Bel Busy Pat — 5th Pim Butterweed — 2d Suf Buzf uz — 5th Bel Bye Bunny — 1st Pim C Cambridge Fair— 8th Suf Canina Sis — 2d CJD Cape Hatteras— 7th Pim Cascadian— 3d Spt Case History— 1st Pim Chala— 1st CJD Chance Bea — 2d Spt Chancescript — 4th Suf Chargrey — 8th Bel Checkmate — 1st Suf Cherokee V.— 8th Spt Chocoletta— 2d Suf Clear Day — 7th CJD Clevelander — 6th CD Cock Feather— 5th CJD Coinella — 1st Bel Cold Spy— 7th CJD College Queen — 2d G.S Colonel Read — 8th CJD Combatore — 3d G.S Co-Pennant — 8th Suf Coram Nobis — 4th Spt Corn King— 7th Suf Cotton Joe— 5th CD Count Chris — 8th Pim Courage Road — 3d Bel Covey Ridge— 2d CJD Coyote— 7th Bel Cravache — 1st G.S Cresson Miss — 3d Spt Crew-Cut— 3d G.S Crooning Wind— 3d Bel Cuore — 5th Bel Curtain Time — 6th GJS Cutty Steel— 1st Spt D Dada — 4th Suf Dagna— 2d Bel Daily Dip — 6th Pim Daiquari— 5th Bel Damson — 3d G.S Danger Ahead— 7th GJS Daring Maid— 2d Bel Daring Mate — 5th Suf Dandy Foot — 4th Pim TTnrk Tmace — 5th SDt Debonaire — 2d Pim Deerfield— 8th CJD Deficit— 1st pim Delove — 1st GJS Detective— 5 th Bel Devotedly — 1st Suf Directoire — 6th Suf Diving Devil— 7th Suf Dixie Dinah — 1st Suf Doctor L. E. — 4th CJD Dogs Up — 4th CJD Don Coventry— 6th Spt Donna Boorse — 3d G.S Donnie Lee — 3d CJD Double Barrel — 1st CJD Dr. Rush — 9th Spt Drifting Maid— «th Bel E Easy Dixie — 3d CJD Easy Spell — 8th Suf Elaine O.— 7th Spt Elkhorn— 3d Spt Ellen Deas — 4th Bel Elope — 5th Pim Empty Sea — 7th CJD Entranced— 9th Suf Entreat— 3d Pim Equisun — 7th Spt Eternal Day — 8th Bel Eternal Dream — 3d Spt Eternal Za — 6th Spt F F. B. Eye — 9th Suf Fair Appraisal — 4th GJS Fais Do Do— €th Bel Fall Guy— 3d Bel False Front — 6th Suf Fancy Flyer — 6th CJD Fancy Food— 4th CJD Fancy Fun — 8th CJD Farmington— 8th Bel Feffie— 5th Spt Fetch-It — 8th Pim First Flush— 4 th Bel Flagler— 2d CJD Flash Flood — 8th CJD Flighty— 6th G.S Flood Town— 3d GJS Flying Disc— 6th CJD Flying Guy— 9th Suf Flying Rules — 4th CJD Fourth Watch— 1st Spt Fox Ring— 1st Bel Frankie D. — 4th Spt Franktown — 1st Pim Fraternal — 1st Suf Freshman — 7th Pim Friendly Don— 8th Suf Full Cry— 1st Spt G G.I.Josie— 4 th CJD Galla Babe— 5 th Suf Gallalad— 3d GJS Gallant G. I.— 7th GJS Gallant Reigh— 1st GJS Gauntlet— 8 th GJS Gary Beauty — 2d Pim Gay Courier— 6th Suf Gay Duty— 4th Suf Gemco — 1st CJD GilKriegel— 2d G.S Gildas Girl— 1st Spt Gillie Young — 4th Pim Grand Barter— 7th GJS Granny D. — 2d CJD Gray Auntie — 8th Pim Great Issue — 1st Bel Grey Beard— 9th Suf Golden Bells— 2d Bel Golden Hygro — 2d Spt Gypsy Lea — 1st G.S H Hadhamaut — 8th CJD Halcyon Cross — 2d Spt Half Pint— 1st Spt Hamariasa — 3d Suf Hasty Victory— 2d Spt Hawthorn — 1st CJD Hearts Kin — 2d CJD Hi Danny — 3d CJD Hick Town GaT— 2d CJD High Peak— 8th GJS High Stepper — 3d CJD Hilda— 5th CJD His Jewel— 1st Bel Hitherto— 1st Bel Hiya-Sailor — 7th Bel Hold the Dice— 4th Spt Holt— 1st Spt Honeys Gal — 6th Bel Honor Pilate — 2d Pim Hot Time — 1st Suf Howdy U All— 3d CJD Hurinow — 1st Suf Hygros Wonder— 2d Suf Hy ting— 5 th Spt I I Forgot— 1st Suf I Will— 6th G.S Ilahae — 3d Pim Illustrate — 3d G.S Illustration— 4th CD Inaugural — 8th Spt Impact — 8th Bel lncllne--7th Bel Inscroll— 9th Spt Inseparable — 6th CJD Insider— 1st GJS Insultln— 3d Pim Irish Clown — 3d Bel Irish Easter — 3d Bel Iron Pigeon — 7th G.S Ispahan — 7th Bel J Jack the Great— 1st Pim Jackie Boy— 2d Spt Jackie W.-2d Bel Jacks Annie— 2d G.S Jacodema — 4th Bel Jacomo— 7th Suf Jacopoint — 1st GJS Jalopee— 1st Bel Jeb— 3d CJD Jeep Quest — 8th Pim Jim Boy-H — 6th Spt Joes Ace— 2d CJD Jordan — 8th GJS Joyce W. — 5th Spt Juana — 2d Suf Judys Runner — 7th Suf Juliets Bay— 2d Spt Junior Nurse— 3d GJS Juniors Hobby — 2d CJD K Kader— 8th Bel Kelora— 2d GJS Kentucky Red — 1st Suf Kerry Airs — 4th Pim Killeybegs— 8 th Bel King Chico— 7th GJS King Pomp — 8th Pim Kings Spur — 4th G.S Kistan— 9th Spt Kitty Kat— 3d Spt Knights Cross — 5th CJD Knights Knave— 4th Suf L La Cygne — 4 th Pim La Nappe — 6th Bel Lady Emillia— 2d Bel Lady Jacopo — 3d Pim Lady Jacsun — 2d Suf Lady Midas— 2d CJD Lady Request — 4th Bel Lagalla— 8th Suf Lalco— 5th Bel Lancaster — 4th CJD Last Bill— 4th Spt Lex — 6th Suf Liberate — 2d Spt Light Moon— 3d CJD Liquid Breeze — 1st Spt Little Bones — 8th Pim Little Hope — 1st Pim Little Stick— 9th Suf Lona Mae — 3d Spt Lone Fisherman — 3d Bel Long Gone — 3d Pim Lord Grillo— 7th Bel Lordship — 1st Pim Love Lock — 4th Pim Love You— 1st CJD Lucky Colonel— 9th Spt Lucky Dog— 7th CJD Lucky Lady — 4th Bel Lucky Ned — 6th Pim Lumpuckerow — 9th Spt Lycett — 1st Suf M Mac Fetchit— 7th Pim Macross— 3d Pim Maggie G. — 3d CJD Magine — 2d CJD Magnus — 6th Spt Make Hay— 4th Pim Malvern — 8th CJD Manavel — 7th Suf Many Gifts — 4th CJD Marine Light — 1st Bel Marksman — 8th Spt Marshy Dell— 4th Bel Martharine — 1st Spt Maiideaux — 8th GJS McLish— 1st Suf Mella Valenti— 7th Spt Menever — 1st Bel Merry Mary — 1st Spt Merry Quip — 1st G.S Mesl— 3d GJS Message Sent — 2d Spt Michigan HI. — 6th CJD Mickey Dazzler— 3d GJS Micky Q. — 9th Suf Midchannel — 3d G.S Military Day— 2d Bel Militant Lady — 4th Pim Milldale— 4th Suf Mirabeau — 7th Bel Miss B — 3d CD Miss Brent — 3d CJD Miss Crossbow — 4th Spt Miss Dow— 7th GJS Miss Elizabeth — 4th Bel Miss Gee-Du— 3d Pim Miss Micarida— 5th Spt Miss Omission — 2d CJD Miss Pidgeon — 7th Pim Miss Place — 1st CJD Miss Rebel— 1st G.S Miss Sway — 1st CJD Mister Chat— 9th Suf Molly Flag— 2d Bel Monfalon — 4th Spt Montes Ace — 5th Suf Moon Blue — 9th Spt Moon Boy — 1st Pim Moon Night— 2d Suf Mostly Broke — 2d CJD Mr. Happy— 8th G.S Mr.Micawber — 2d CJD Music— 6th Pim Musical Lady— 5th Suf My Nell— 4th Suf My Sister— 5th CJD Mr. Tuck— 5th CJD Mystic Song — 2d Bel N Narrator — 1st Pim Nautch Dancer — 2d Bel Navajo Trail — 2d Spt Never Die — 2d Spt Newsworthy — 4th Spt Next Move— 6th Bel Nick Bloom— 6th Suf Nickel— 3d Spt Night March— 8th Pim Night Tour — 1st Spt Nifty— 3d Suf 0 Oatburner — 1st CJD Obstinate Si— 5th CJD Oedipus — 3d Bel Old Iron— 8th CJD Omar.Boy— 7 th Suf Oa*4He4-3dPJfll Ofr—tthFbB On the Fly— 4th Bel Once Only— 3d Pim Onllrac— 4th GJ3 Oremurf— 1st GJS Orevada — 5th Spt Orphan Fibber— 8th Bel Oswego Dr. — 7th Spt Our Dandy — 4th Pim Our Pick— 7th Spt Overpower — 9th Suf P Pabllm— 1st CJD Paddys Hat— 5th GJ3 Painted Arrow— 2d Pim Panade — 2d G.8 Patsy Todd— 3d CJD Peaceful Genie — 2d Spt Pepper Lou — 8th GJS Pegasus n. — 7th GJS Pellicle— 7th Bel Penny Hill— 8th Pim Perris Jay— 1st GJS Persiflage— 8th Spt Peter Barton— 2d Suf Phaelater— 4th Spt Phaltup— 8th Spt Picture Card — 6th GJS Pied dAlouette— 2d CJD Pin Abbe— 8th Pim Pine Vision— 1st G.S Play Toy— 6th Pim Plowman— 4th Pim Poltroon — 4th CJD Ponder Pat — 3d CJD Pooch — 1st Pim Port Raider— 3d Bel Portentous — 1st Suf Potato Cake — 7th Pim Poule d"Eau — 4th Bel Pretty Trick— 1st CJD Proud Reward — 8th GJS Psychic Lad— 1st CJD Pueblo Pride— 3d Suf Q Quatre Blanc — 3d Spt Queens Taste — 2d G.S R Racao — 3d Suf Radec— 2d Pim Radiant— 6th Bel Raise You — 6th Pim Rampallion — 4th Bel Rare Perfume— 6th Bel Rat-Tat — 1st GJS Record Vote — 2d CJD Red Dawn— 6th GJS Red Poppy — 7th Pim Rednaxela — 8th Pim Regal— 7th Suf Reigh Jane — 6th Suf Reigh Miss— 7th Spt Related— 4th GJ3 Renew— 2d Bel Reno Uptart — 8th CJD Reposition — 7 th Spt Restless Waves — 4th GJS Reveille— 5th Bel Right Metal— 2d Pim Ring and Run— 9th Suf Risk A Whirl— «th Suf BeMas Mae— 3d CJD Roll Clean— 2d CJD Roman Grace— 3d Spt Roman Victory— 4th Spt -Rose Canyon— 1st Bel Route— 3d Spt Rouser — 1st Spt Royal Garden— 5th GJS Royal Helio— 7th GJS S Sagagal — 3d Pim Sailing Home — 4th Bel Saxon Door — 8th Spt Scapagal— 1st Spt Schneider — 8th CJD Schoharie — 8th Suf Scotch Sour— 2d G.S sea Fare— 1st suf sea Legs — 3d Bel Seabrtght— 2dG.S Search Me— 2d Bel Segment — 4th Bel Senator C— 3d suf senator Joe— 1st Pim Sent Back— 1st Pim Snaffle— 5th Spt Sheridan Sq.— 5 th GJ3 Shifty Dora— 3d CJD Shoppln Shoes — 3d CJD Shorty— 1st CJD Shotral— 2d Suf Siama — 6th Bel Signal Way— 8th Pim Silver Putter— 1st GJS Silver Reward — 1st Suf Simple Simon — 8th Suf Singing Doll — 6th Pim Sir Jacomar — 3d Pim Sky Ranger — 4th CJD Son Charlie— 6th Suf Spartan Valor — 5th GJ3 Speaker— 7th Pim Speedy Baby — 1st Suf Spiked — 1st CJD Spring Chimes — 5th CJD Squint — 2d CJD St. George — 8th Bel St. Stef ana — 4th Bel Star Pigeon — 4th CJD State Trooper — 1st GJS Staters — 8th GJS Stefanella— 4th GJS Stream Lady — 2d Bel Striking— 6 th Bel Strolling Moon — 2d Pim Stunts— 5th Bel Sujames — 1st CJD Summerlight — 4th Pim Sun Herod — 6th CJD Sun Tannery— 2d Spt Sun Umber — 8th CJD Sun Wave— 2d GJS Sunstorm— 9th Spt Superex — 8th Suf Sure Count — 8th GJ3 Surrender— 2d Pim Sweep the Sky— 2d Bel Swing Tune — 7th Pim Sylmady — 2d Pim T Tallyman — 3d Bel Tea Deb— 4th GJS "Tease Me Not— 2d GJ3 Technicolor— 6th Spt Tel OSullivan— «th Suf Telenews — 1st Pim Tetra Breeze— 4th Spt Tetra Rae— 5th Spt The Orphan— 2d Pim Third Spin— 2d Spt Thistle Jay— 1st CJD Tia— 1st CJD Tiara V— 7th Pim Tides End — 1st CJD Tim B.— 5 th Suf Time Roll— 3d Suf Tinsel— 3d Pim Titled Miss— 3d CJD Tolbiac— 3d Bel Top Spring— 5th GJS Topnard— 3d Spt Tordar— 7th CJD Toronto— 6th GJS Trans wrack— 4th Pim Trepid — 3d Bel Tredyffrin— 5th GJS Triple Hearts— 3d GJS Trivia— 4th Pim Trout Lake— 1st Pim Tucky Tiger— 8th Suf Turveytown— 3d CJD U Unaided— 2d Pim Uncle Shoot— 3d CJD Up Beat— 5th Bel Useless— 2d Pim V Valleys Pal— 8th Spt Vanguard — 4th Bel Verve — 2d Bel Vico— 6th Suf Victim — 2d Pim W Wary Mary— 1st Spt Waterflower— 2d Bel Waverly— 3d Suf We Hope— 1st Suf Welshman— 1st Spt Wentworth — 4th GJS Westtown — 1st Pim Whatta Knight— 3d Bel Whirl-A-Bit— 7th Pim Whirler— 3d G.S Whirling Dough— 6th CJD Why— 2d Bel Wide Wing— 6 th Suf Wild Tip — 5 th G.S Wiley Fox— 5th Pim Willegivit— 9th Suf Wily Willie— 7th Suf Winnebago— 3d Spt Wlsenheimer — 3d Suf Witch Way— 3d Pim Winning Hand — 4th Spt Wonder Sir— 7th C 13 Woodford Lass — 4th Suf Wow— 3d Spt Y Yarle— 4th G.S Yeilmantown— 4th CJD Z Zest — 2d Pim

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