Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-10

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- DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS ILiauid Breeze Merry Mary Liquid Breeze Merry Mary Merrv Mary - Merry Mary 22 Scapaeal Liquid Breeze Merry Mary Liauid Breeze Liquid Breeze Liquid Breeze 16 Merry Mary Scapagal Holt Wary Mary Welsh Man Scapagal 3 Golden Hygro Big Casino Chance Bea Chance Bea Chance Bea Chance Bea 19 2 Chance Bea , Chance Bea Peaceful Genie Peaceful Genie Sun Tannery Peaceful Genie 7 Peaceful Genie Peaceful Genie Golden Hygro Autumn Eve Peaceful Genie Golden Hygro 6 Cresson Miss Eternal Dream Topnard Elkhorn Eternal Dream Eternal Dream 12 3 wow Elkhorn Wow Eternal Dream Cresson Miss Elkhorn 8 Elkhorn Topnard Lona Mae Cresson Miss Topnard Cresson Miss 8 4 Roman Victory Last Bill . Winning Hand Last Bill Last Bill Last Bill 16 Winning Hand Hold the Dice Tetra Breeze Winning Hand Roman Victory Winning Hand 9 Hold the Dice Monfalon Last Bill Tetra Breeze Monfalon Roman Victory 7 Joyce W. Joyce W. Joyce W. Hyting JOYCE W. Joyce W. 23 5 Hyting Feffie Hyting Feffie Hyting Hyting 12 Albuhl Hyting Feffie • Joyce W. Feffie Feffie 6 Don Coventry DON COVENTRY Don Coventry DON COVENTRY Don Coventry DN~ COVENTRY 27 6 Magnus Magnus Beau Fortune Beau Fortune Born to Win Born to Win 6 Born to Win Born to Win Born to Win Born to Win Magnus Magnus 5 ZH06,, , SfH1811", ALTUCE Eouisun Altuce Altuce 20 MellaValenti »• Elaine O. Equisun Altuce Equisun Equisun 14 Reigh Miss Altuce Our Pick Our Pick Our Pick Our Pick 3 MARKSMAN Marksman Inaugural Marksman Cherokee V. Marksman - 20 8 Phaltun Inaugural Cherokee V. Cherokee V. Marksman Cherokee V. 11 Cherokee V. Cherokee V. Marksman Saxon Door Inaugural Inaugural 8 Atoka Lad Dr. Rush Atoka Lad Dr. Rush Atoka Lad Dr. Rush 15 9 Dr. Rush Moon Blue . Moon Blue Inscroll Dr. Rush Atoka Lad 15 Kistan Lumpuckerow Dr. Rush Sunstorm Moon Blue Moon Blue 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Oatburner Accusation - Oatburner Gemco Oatburner Oatburner 18 1 Shorty Shorty Pretty Trick Oatburner Miss Place Gemco 6 Gemco Oatburner Tia Miss Place Shorty Accusation 5 Juniors Hobby Squint " Granny D. Juniors Hobby Juniors Hobbv Juniors Hobby 17 2 Granny D. Juniors Hobbv Record Vote Big Girl Granny D. Granny D. 10 LadyMidas Granny D. Big Girl Squint Squint Squint 7 Hi Danny Howdy TJ All Blemish High Stepper Blemish Blemish 10 3 Turveytown Hi Danny Turvevtown Turveytown Hi Danny Hi Danny - 10 Miss Brent Shifty Dora Miss Brent Hi Danny Miss Brent Turveytown 6 Yellmantown Yellmantown Brush Mouth Many Gifts Yellmantown Yellmantown 15 4 Brush Mouth Poltroon Fancy Food Brush Mouth Poltroon Brush Mouth 9 Sky Ranger Sky Ranger G. I. Joste Poltroon Illustration Many Gifts 5 Cock Feather SPRING CHIMES KNIGHTS CROSS KNIGHTS CROSS Knights Cross Knights Cross 19 5 Spring Chimes Cock Feather Big Ping Hilda Cock Feather Spring Chimes 9 Best Prospect Hilda Best Prospect . Cotton Joe Cotton Joe Cock Feather 9 SUN HEROD Sim Herod Sun Herod Sun Herod Inseparable SUN HEROD 22 6 Inseparable Almenow Almenow Inseparable Michigan TH. Inseparable .9 Clevelander Michigan m. Flying Disc Michigan HI. Almenow Almenow 5 Clear Day Bogalusa Empty Sea Bogalusa EMPTY SEA Empty Sea 16 7 Bogalusa Empty Sea Clear Day Empty Sea Bogalusa Bogalusa 14 Bidojo Cold Spy Cold Spy Clear Day Bidoio Clear Day 8 Old Iron Flash Flood Old Iron Deerfield Deerfield Old Iron 11 8 Colonel Read Old Iron Malvern Flash Flood Old Iron Deerfield 11 Malvern Deerfield Colonel Read Malvern Flash Flood Flash Flood 8 Trackman, J. J. Murphy BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Great Issue Burts Reward Menever Fox Ring Menever " Menever 14 1 Hitherto Menever Fox Ring Menever Fox Ring Fox Ring 10 Fox Ring Great Issue Great Issue Hitherto -Great Issue Great Issue 8 B. Double B. Renew Renew Renew Renew 15 2Waterflower B. Double B. Sweep the Sky Nautch Dancer B. Double B. Sweep the Skv B. Double B 9 Sweep the Sky Verve Verve Nautch Dancer Waterflower Waterflower 6 Sea Legs Lone Fisherman Fall Guy Lone Fisherman Lone Fisherman Lone Fisherman 17 3 Lone Fisherman Sea Legs Port Raider Tolbiac Sea Legs Sea Legs 9 Whatta Knight Irish Clown Tallyman Whatta Knight Oedipus Fall Guy 5 First Flush On the Fly PouledEau. On the Fly On the Fly OrTtheFly 18 4 Marshy Dell Marshy Dell On the Fly PouledEau Marshy Dell PouledEau 9 On the Fly Poule dEau . Marshy Dell Marshy DeU Poule dEau Marshy Dell 8 Reveille Suzf«z Reveille. Stunts Stunts Reveille 16 5 Laico Reveille Daiouari Reveille Reveille Stunts 11 Stunts Daiouari Buzfuz Buzf uz Buzfuz Buzfuz 8 NEXT MOVE Next Move NEXT MOVE NEXT MOVE NEXT MOVE NEXT MOVE 33 6 Drifting Maid Honeys Gal Honeys Gal Striking Honeys Gal Honeys Gal 8 Honey s Gal La Nappe Radiant Honeys Gal Striking Striking 3 _ Ispahan ISPAHAN Pellicle Pellicle Pellicle Pellicle • 16 / Cyoie J?,r,dPrmo - ??cline Lord Grille Hiya-Sailor Ispahan 13 Mirabeau Pellicle Coyote - Coyote Ispahan Lord Grillo 4 Impact St. George Orphan Fibber Eternal Day Impact Impact 11 8 Eternal Day Aralak Eternal Day St.Georee Eternal Day Eternal Day 11 Aralak Impact St. George Orphan Fibber Aralak St. George 8 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS T BpbsBirthday Cravache Cravache Jacopoint Jacopoint Cravache 14 | Pine Vision Bobs Birthday Delove . Cravache Cravache Jacopoint 11 Miss Rebel Jacopoint Pine Vision Bobs Birthday Bobs Birthday Bobs Birthday 9 Tease Me Not TEASE ME NOT Tease Me Not College Oueen Scotch Sour Tease Me Not 20 2 Scotch Sour Scotch Sour Gil Kriegel Scotch Sour Tease Me Not Scotch Sour 12 Gil Kriegel Sun Wave Scotch Sour Tease Me Not Gil Kriegel College Queen 5 Triple Hearts Triple Hearts Triple Hearts Air Patrol Air Patrol Triple Hearts 18 3 Crew-Cut u°v: , Air Patrol Triple Hearts • Mesl Air Patrol 13 Mesl Air Patrol Flood Town Mesl Triple Hearts Mesl J Tea Deb I6??*? Tea Deb RELATED TEA DEB TEA DEB 2 4 Related Related Restless Waves Yarle Related Related 14 Yarle Yarle Related Tea Deb Yarle Yarle _5 Top Spring Top Spring Sparton Valor Top Spring Spartan Valor Top Spring 19 5 SSSknYenus Spartan Valor Top Spring Paddys Hat Top Spring Spartan Valor 13 Wild Tip Paddys Hat • Paddys Hat Spartan Valor Paddys Hat Paddys Hat 5 1 Will. Picture Card CURTAIN TIME Red. Dawn Curtain Time Curtain Time 15 6 Curtain Time I Will Bold Jo I Will I Will I Will 1? Toronto Curtain Time I Will Bold Jo Red Dawn Red Dawn _6 Royal Helio Grand Barter Grand Barter Royal Helio Royal Helio Royal Hello 19 7 rvfndrw S!?11?? Royal Helio Gallant GJ. IronPiglon G?and Barter 12 Grand Barter Gallant GJ. Iron Pigeon Miss Dow Grand Barter Gallant G J. 3 8GAJ£NXLET " Maudeaux Adelphia Adelphia Adelphia Adelphia 18 wandvFS1?!, SH11 Maudeaux Sure Count Maudeaux Gauntlet 10 High Peak Adelphia Gauntlet , High Peak Sure Count Maudeaux J Trackman, E. F. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 £J.alES£, barrator Moon Boy Moon Boy Case History Moon Boy 17 I Franktown pef«at Trout Lure Deficit Deficit Deficit 8 Deficit Moon Boy Deficit Narrator Moon Boy Narrator 6 The Orphan XJ0""1 . Victim The Orphan The Orphan The Orphan 17 2 Zest The Orphan Surrender Sylmady Zest Victim 11 Surrender Sylmady Unaided Debonaire Victim Zest i Once Only ONCE ONLY LadyJacono LadyJacopo Once Only Once Only 17 3 rSif Entreat Ssel Long Gone LadyJacopo LadyJacopo 12 Omitted Long Gone Entreat Sir Jacomar Entreat Entreat 6 Militant Lady Make Hay Militant Lady Militant Ladv Militant Ladv 15 4 Our Dandy Summerlight Gillie Young Love Lock OurDandv Plowman 5 Summerlight Our Dandy Dandy Foot Summerlight Gillie Young Make Hay 5 On On Wiley Fox Busy Pat On On 18 5 SHfyp* SP* Busy Pat On Busy Pat Busy Pat 13 Wiley Fox Wiley Fox On Wiley Fox • Wiley Fox Wiley Fox _9 6RTA!f„EYOU • StaRinKDoll MUSIC Singing Doll Music" Music 16 Mu ?iCrv P,ais.eYou Play Toy Lucky Ned Play Toy Singing Doll 11 Dallv Dip Music Briar White Music Singing Doll Ratoe You 9 Red Poppy Red Poppy Red Poppy RED POPPY RED POPPY RED POPPY 29 7 PotatoCake leaker Speaker Speaker Speaker Speaker 8 Cape Hatteras Freshman Swing Tune Cape Hatteras Miss Pidgeon Potato Cake 2 Supplies,1 Jeep Quest Jeep Quest Jeep Quest Jeep Quest Jeep Quest 25 FfmTSL ?K?y1U fFiS" Fetch-It Little Bones Penny HU1 7 Little Bones Little Bones Signal Way Little Bones Penny Hill JJttle Bones 5

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