Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-13

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A A. Lady— 4th GJS Abbe Boy — 2d GJS Abim — 8th Suf Able Marc — 2d Suf Ackley — 1st Suf .Air Rocket — 1st Bel Airdrome — 4th Pirn Alton Prince — 3d Bel All in Fun — 8th Bel Altuce — 5th Spt Amberley — 6th Spt Anagazandra — 3d Pirn Anns Fox — 6th CD Another Enora — 6th Spt Ante Maker — 8th Pim Appetite — 3d Pim Ardent Miss — 1st Pim Ariel Ace — 3d CD Artesian — 2d Bel Att. General — 6th Suf Attrusa— 2d GJS Audley Square— 4 th GJS Aunt Jayne Z. — 4th CD Autumn Eve — 4th Spt Aura Lee — 4th Pim AutumnjSneeze — 4th Bel Avoca Message — 9th Spt B Bachelor Belles — 1st Pim Balanced — 4th GJ3 Balcurate — 2d Pim Balkan — 5th Pim Balla Flight— 5th Spt Bargain Buyer — 1st Suf Bari — 8th GJS Bay Orders — 4th Pim Bayeux — 6th Pim Be Proud — 1st Suf Beach Boy — 8th GJS Beans Jr. — 8th Suf Bee King— 7th GJS Beirut — 7th CD Bellbrook— 2d CD Belmont Beauty — 3d C J3 Bernie Moose — 5th Suf Bicker— 1st GJS Big Boss — 8th CD Big Dance — 2d Spt Big Muddy— 5th Spt Big Score--lst Spt Big T. O.— 8th G.S Bimfort— 3d GJS Bird Ring— 2d Bel Black Battle— 1st Spt Blue Roxy — 6th Suf Bob Brown — 1st Bel Bodens Pal — 8th Spt Bold Arrow — 6th CD Bold Challenge— 3d GJS Bold Dan — 8th GJS Bold Warrior — 8th Bel Bolo Mack — 6th G.S Bona Girl — 1st Suf Boner — 4 th Bel Bows and Knots— 7th GJS Brazil — 8th GJS Bright Bones — 3d Pim Brogden — 8th C JJ Brown Bear — 1st Spt Brown Fox — 1st Pim Brown Moat — 8th Bel Brown Smoke — 6th CD Brush Mouth— 7th CD Boiling Time — 1st Spt Buckies Lad — 2d Bel Bug Juice — 5th Bel Bull Lead— 4th GJS Bull Tar— 1st GJS Bullow — 4th GJS Bullrocket — 1st CD C Caesar B. — 8th Pim Cambett— 8th GJS Cap Rock — 2d C J Caribou — 8th Pim Carryall — 7th CD Cash Money — 1st CD Cateyes — 1st Suf Celestia — 2d Suf Chaldson— 8th Suf Charlight — 8th Pim Cherry Ripple — 4th Spt Chicle n.— 6th Pim Chillee Knight— 9th Spt Chippewa Chief — 2d CD Chips Down — 8th G.S Chocoletta— 2d Suf Cisqua — 4 th Bel Clevelander — 5 th CD Clyde M.— 8th Spt Cochise — 5 th Bel Cockle-Shell — 3d Pim Cockpit — 2d Bel Cockofthewalk — 4th GJS Col. Marcus — 1st Bel Compare — 3d CD Corvalles Song — 2d Bel Count Discover — 8th Suf Count Gold — 8th CD Count Off — 1st GJS Courts Maude — 4 th Spt Covert Side — 4th Suf Crack Time — 9th Spt Creel — 2d Pim Criss Cross — 6th Spt Curandero — 6th Pim Curtain Time — 6th G.S D Danherst — 6th GJS Darby Doodit — 5th Spt Daring Mate — 3d Suf Dart By— 7th Bel Dee Gee S — 8th Pim Delegate — 5th Bel Delove— 8th GJS Delphy— 7th G.S Deltoid— 9th Spt Desert Raid — 7th Pim Destino — 4th Bel Diamond Lane — 4th CD Dimps — 7th Pim Diregente — 7th CD Djymy — 4th C X Dockstader — 4th Suf Dominave — 5th Suf Dollys Image — 1st Pim Donna L. — 5th Spt Donor — 5th Bel Dorada — 1st GJS Dora-N-Tops — 1st Pim Dorienne — 3d Pim Dorothys Miss — 3d Pim Double Brandy — 6 th Pim Double. Gift — 2d Suf Dr. Sicomo-6th Suf Dry— 8th Suf Duff — 2d Pim Duke Aumar — 4 th GJS Dukes Gal — 4th Suf Dydamic — 6th CD E Eastern Flyway — 5th Pim Edward T. — 1st Bel Ekard— 5th CD Emergency Hour — 4th Bel Empress Elmo — 2d Bel Empujon — 1st GJS Enliven — 1st Bel Entranced — 9th Suf Entreat — 7th Pim Equihaze — 5th Suf Erosion — 6th Bel Erra B. — 3d Pim Ess Kay— 2d Spt Eternal Flight — 2d GJS Eternal Pam — 2d Bel Eternal Road — 5th Suf Ettenan S. — 5th Spt Evas Toy — 3d Bel Excitable Mary— 7th CD Extortionist— 3d GJS F Fair Game — 6th Suf Faralay — 4th GJS Faraway — 6th GJS Faughaballa— 8th CD Favorito — 3d Bel Febridge — 3d Bel Ferd— 6th Bel Fern Gold— 6th Suf Fighting Back — 6th CD Fighting Buddy— 3d GJS Fighting Fool— 4th Suf Final Trick — 2d GJS Flare Sirt — 9th Suf Flares Durbar — 8th Suf Fly Out-2d CD Flying Alice — 5th CD Flying Weather— 8th Bel FogA.Bolia — 6th Suf For Jon — 3d Bel Foreign Agent — 2d CD Fortnight — 1st Bel Fourth Floor — 1st Spt Fourth Watch— 3d Spt Frangine — 7th Bel Fraternal — 9th Suf Fred Burrell — 1st Spt Free Verse — 2d Bel Free and Equal — 2d GJS French Lure — 2d Pim Frenchtown — 3d Bel Fresh Air— 3d Pim Fresh Breeze — 5th GJS Friendly Don— 8th Suf Full Reward— 7th Suf G G. I. Josie — 7th CD Gambler — 5th GJS Gallant Doma — 3d Pim Gay Beauty — 2d Pim Gay Date — 3d Suf Gay Hunter — 6th CD Gerties Last — 2d GJS Ginger Boots — 6th Suf Ginnas War — 3d Suf Going Away— 6th Pim Gold Eagle— 4th Suf Golden Clover — 9th Suf Goldton — 8th GJS Good Look— 1st GJS Good Metal — 1st Spt Grand Entry — 7th Suf Gray Auntie — 7th Pim Graymar Royal — 1st GJ3 Greek Song — 6th Bel Greelac — 2d GJS Grey Scout — 3d CD Growing Up — 5th Suf H Hal Seth— 2d CD Halbarail— 9th Suf Haberdashery — 3d Bel Halcyara — 8th Bel Halcyon Air — 3d CD Halcyon Blue — 8th CD Hamanasa — 3d Suf Handle— 2d GJS Happy Bound — 6th Suf Harbourton — 7th Suf Harry D.— 7th CX K Hash Night— 6th GJS Hat Check Girl— 4th GJS Havey B. — 8th Pim Hefty— 2d Pim Henry Payne — 1st Suf Herbo — 8th Suf Heres Hube — 5th Suf High Peak— 8th GJS Hill Prince— 6th Bel Hobcaw Barony — 4th Bel Holly Sweet— 6th CD Home Brew — 2d GJS Honey Ethel — 1st Pim Honor Pilate — 1st Pim Hoosier Relic — -1st CD" Howdy Rowdy — 1st Suf Hyblaze— 8th Spt Hyting— 6th Spt Hyvania — 4 th Bel I I Am — 4th GJS I Trust — 6th Suf Ida A.— 2d Spt Ida C— 7th GJS Illustrate— 4th GJS Indian Gold— 4th CD ■ Inspiring— 1st Suf Irish Sun — 5th CD J Jacopoint — 8th GJS Jacks Banner — 2d Suf Jacks Town — 5 th Bel Jaialai — 8th Bel Jay — 8th CD Jim Branch — 7th Spt Jimpin — 5th CD Joe Mandell — 1st Pim Joe Olsan — 4th Pim Jolirab— 2d Bel Jonage — 8th CD Journal — 3d Spt June Ayr— 8th CJJv Jumper Fool — 2d G.S Junior Nurse — 5th GJS K Kalimera — 4th CD Karen Lynn — 3d Pim Kay Gibson: — 8th Bel Keen Olo — 4th Spt Keep Happy — 4th Spt Khabula— 9th Suf King Clover — 6th Suf Kings Hope — 6th CD Kings Lady— 2d CD King Wilson— 6th Suf Kitty Kat— 2d Spt Knotty Pine — 2d Spt Kodiak— 6th Suf L La Cygne — 7th Pim Lady Forest— 2d Spt Lady Greenwood — 5th CD Lady Lureen — 3d CD Ladys Queen — 1st Pim Lake Thread — 7th Spt Lands End — 2d Pim Lanlast — 4 th Pim Larran — 3d Spt Last Bill— 6th Spt Liberty Pat — 2d Pim Librab— 2d Bel License — 8th Suf Lights Up— 6 th Bel Little Bobbles— 7th Spt Little Bones— 7th Pim Little Fawn — 3d Spt Little Shrew — 1st Pim Lea Mary — 5th GJS Leavenworth-— 2d CD Leonidoff— 2d GJS Lets Dance— 3d Bel Lex— 7th Suf Liberate — 4th Spt Lock Control — 8tIrPim Lord Putnam— 3d GJS Loser Weeper — 6th Pim" Loyal Legion — 7th Bel Lucky Codine — 7th Spt Lucky Colonel — 5th Spt Lucky Dog — 7th CJ Lucky Linda-ilst Pim Lumpuckerow — 5 th Spt Lusmores— 9th Suf Lycett — 1st Suf M Mad Pass — 1st GJS Magna Charta — 6th Pim Magnus — 7th Spt Maid of Oz— 3d Bel-Mail Plane — 3d Pim Mali Johnny— 8th Spt Make Swing — 5th Pim Major Kay— 4th GJS Mais Boy — 6th CD Maneen — 9th Spt Man o Battle— 4th Bel Marcsday — 8th Pim Margaret E.— 2d Pim Markight— 4 th Spt Maroon Lady— 1st Spt Maryland Day — 6th Bel Maxim Miss — 1st Pim Maxmar — 4th Suf Melvin — 8th CD Merry Zac — 3d CD Mesabi — 1st CD Mesmerized — 3d Suf Mestiza — 6th Suf Mickey Dazzler — 4th GJS Middleground — 6th Bel Mill Point— 3d Bel Mint CMorn— 5th G.S Mirthmaker — 5th G.S Miss Bob — 6th Spt Miss Gadfly — 1st Suf Miss Winifred— 9th Spt Mistambo — 5 th Pim" Mon Torch — 9th Suf Mr. Cupcakes — 3d GJS Mr.Edd— 8th Pim Mr. Jay— 8th Bel Mr. Joe Puck — 7th CD Mr. Pilate — 4th CD Mr. Syracuse — 3d Suf Mr. Twist— 1st Spt My Freedom — 2d Suf My Grace — 9th Spt My Ned— 7th G.S Myrmidon — 5th G.S Mystic Song — 4th Bel Mystry Mark — 1st Suf N Narcissus— 8th Spt Neals Comet — 7th G.S * Nedford— 2d Spt Newtown — 8th GJS . Nice Enough — 2d Spt Night Count — 2d Pim Night March— 7th Pim No Leddie— 2d CJ5 No Reward — 2d GJS Nostoc — 9th Suf O Ocean Front — 7th Bel Officious — 1st Bel Olecranon — 4th Pim Old Bluffer— 1st Bel Olympia— 6th GJS One Hitter— 7th Bel One Play— 2d CD. *■ On the River— 8th Spt Orbit— 4th.Suf Oriole — 6 th Pim Oswego Dr. — 9th Spt Otter Brook— 8th Bel Ouij£i — 5th Pim Over Night— 7th Spt P Pablim— 1st CD Paintandpowder — 4th Pim Pam Light— 8th GJS Park Pigeon — 3d CD Pas de Calais— 1st Bel Penson — 6th G.S Penstone — 3d Pim Percieve — 2d Spt Perfidy— 3d CD Pet Face — 2d Spt Petition— 1st G.S Pharack — 5th Spt Pharawatch — 7th Pim Pine Lake — 8th CD Plaquemine — 3d Spt Play Eda— 3d C JJ Politics— 4th Spt Pollys Boy— SthBel Pollys Delay— 4th GJ3 Port Beaumont — 1st CD Pretty Boy Bob — 7th CD Pretty Is — 2d Spt Prince Jim — 3d CD Prince Ransom — 2d GJS Probation — 2d Pim Prop— 9th CD Prophets Thumb — 5 th Bel " Pur Sang — 6th CD Puritan — 8th Pim Puritan Tulip— 2d Bel Pussy Willow — 3d CD Q Queen Karling — 2d Spt Quibble— 5th G.S R Radio Joe — 4th~Spt Ranahead — 2d Spt Rappel — 3d Suf Raw Cord — RayK.— Oth Suf Rayloper — ti*u Razzmatazz— 8 th Bel Red Design— 5th Suf Red Pompon — 1st GJS Red Swing— 5th Pim Red Tag — 9th Suf Regularity — 3d Spt Renounce — 4 th Bel Restless Waves — 7th GJS Riel Fire— 8th CD Ring" Kay — 1st Suf Ringoes — 1st Pim Robust — 6th CD Rodrigo — 5th CD Romance Hill— 2d CD Ropley — 8th Pim Rose OGold— 1st Spt Rough Ordy— 2d Pim Rouser— 9th Spt Roy-4th Suf Roy O. — 8th Pim Royal Blood — 6th GJS Royal Governor— 6th Pim Royal Mustang— 1st Bel Ruhe — 6th CD Running Finn— 2d Suf Runng Story — 2d G.S S S. McLaughlin — 7th Spt Sailing High— 3d GJS Sams List — 2d Bel Sassy Chick — 8th Suf Sauve Qui Peut— 4th Bel Sax Bee — 4th Spt Scoop — 2d Suf Seaward Bound— 2d Pim Schneider — 2d CD Second Avenue4th C J5 Security — 8th G.S Seely— 4th Suf Selector — 6th Bel Senoril — 4 th GJ3 September — 4th Suf Sextant — 1st GJS Shaffie— 6th Spt Sherry — 3d GJS Shy Bim— 3d GJS Sir Joseph T. — 4th Bel Sir Monte — 4th Spt Slam Bang — 6th Pim Slammuring — 4th Pim Slow Flash — 1st Spt Sky Blonde — 3d Suf . Skydue— 2d Pim Snake River — 8th G.S Snowstorm — 8th Pim Social Side — 2d GJS Sons Style— 4th Spt-South Wind— 8th CD Spitfire— 7th CD Spot— 1st Spt Spy Ring — 3d Pim Stag— 3d GJS _S tammy — 6th Spt Static Chaser — 2d Spt Sugar Drop — 3d Bel Suleiman — 6th Bel. Suttimerllght— 7th Pim Sun Call— 4th Suf Sun Tanneryr5th Spt Sunaway — 8th CD Sunny South — 8th Pim Suptela — 3d Pim Sure Count — 8th GJS Swanee Boy— 4th Spt Sweet Comet — 2d Spt Sweet Pick— 1st C S3 Swift Swiv— 6th Suf Swords Point — 4th Bel T Tarport Kid — 1st GJS Tel-Aviv— 2d Suf Tellabit— 3d Pim ThanfcYou Sir— 7th Spt The Orphan — 1st Pim - The Peer— 7th GJS The Pincher— 6th GJ3 Ten Forty— 3d CD Third Spin— 3d Spt Three Rings — 5th Bel Thrifty Miss— 1st Spt Thrifty Wash— 5th Spt Thwarted — 7th Suf Tiara V— 1st Pim Ticker Tape — 2d GJS Tilenny— 4th Suf Tiny Admiral— 7th G S Tipstaff— 7th Pim Tom Ferris— 8th Suf Torch Sickle — 3d CJ3 Town Hall — 3d Spt Townhouse— 1st GJS Trancer — 4th Bel Tree Tot— 2d CD Trinity Place — 1st Bel Trouble Sands — 4th Spt Trucha — 6th Suf Trusting Heart— 1st CD Tunic — 2d Bel Turnabout — 2d Pim U Unaided — 1st Pim Unapprochable — 9th Suf Uncle Doc — 8th Suf Up Grade— 2d CJ5 Useless — 4th Pim V Vanflag— 3d Spt Var— 5th GJS Varodi— 9th Suf Virginia Gent — 1st Bel W Wardril— 2d Suf Warmonger — 6th G.S Wary Mary — 3d Spt Watch Union— 7th G.S . Waterclock — 8th Spt Weather OJC.— 8th Pim Wee Clootie— 8th Pim Welsh Man— 4th Spt Wentworth— 7th GJS Wheelerin-4th Spt Wide Wing— 7th Suf Wily Willie— 7th Suf Wisconsin Boy — 4th CD Wise Prophecy — 1st CD Winship— 3d Pim Wolf Whistle— 5th Suf Wynford n.— 7th Bel Y Yankee Hill— 6th GJS Yarle— 7th G.S You Are You — 2d Spt Your Host— 6th Bel Z Zarvas — 4th GJS Zuzie B. — 1st GJS

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