Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1950-05-13

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Trackman, J. R. Batty SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fost Trock KACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 wJSSmSS. andckJaiBe B,lac£5a"le Black Battle Black Battle Black Battle 25 I fHjandS00* |l0,w Fla£h Mr. Twist Mr. Twist Boiling Time Mr. Twist 6 Mr. Twist Boiling Time Good Metal Slow Flash Mr. Twist Slow Flash 3 2F«Tc°UKh £?iiAreYou Nice Enough You Are You Nice Enough Nice Enough 19 vand££La NiceEnoueh Static Chaser NiceEnoueh Static Chaser You Are You 10 Ranahead Ess Kay Ess Kay Ess Kay Ess Kay Ess Kay 6 3i°SL„ " ?if?illirItT SgPJ1 Reeularity Mary Mary Regularity 19 Regularity Little Fawn Third Spin Wary Mary Regularity Wary Mary 9 Wary Mary Third Spin Wary Mary Third Spin Little Fawn Journal 5 4nt8IT?*o., Ke?nOl0„ Ke°l0 KeenOlo Trouble Sands KeenOlo 22 Sn«Maude 5SiSS?fTe £axB.ee», , Courts Maude KeenOlo Courts Maude 6 bax Bee Son s Style Courts Maude Autumn Eve Courts Maude Trouble Sands 5 SfnniS1!114 ihoenan-S- lailaF11£nt EttenanS. Altuce Ettenahs! 16 PharSr SEE™,™ EttenanS. Pharack EttenanS. Balla Flight 12 Pharack Balla Flight Altuce Balla Flight Pharack Altuce 6 6JtS,T BILL LAST BILL . LAST BILL LAST BILL LAST BILL LAST BILL 35 ggtyi? Hyting Hyting Hyting Hyting Hyting 10 . Shaffie Stammy S tammy Shaffle Snaffle Shattie " 3 tle Bobbles Little Bobbles S. McLaughlin Thank You Sir Little Bobbles Little Bobbles 19 7 wSfiTShH? andand££uSir yttleJ°Kles Little Bobbles Over Night Thank You Sir 8 — _ S-McLaughlin Over Night Over Night Over Night Magnus S. McLaughlin 6 8andard5Sf* SSwJvIP- Ma!Kohnny Hyblaze Waterclock Waterclock 11 ?1,„„ S,od»enPal Clyde M. On the River Narcissus Narcissus 6 Mali Johnny Waterclock Narcissus Narcissus BodensPal Mali Johnny 6 0 Chmlt Knteht randandM Ce JS?,?6.!? Maneen Maneen Maneen 21 ocicffS?8111 Deltoid Deltoid My Grace Deltoid My Grace 8 Oswego Dr. Maneen Rouser Deltoid My Grace Deltoid 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Muddy Track RACE TRACKMAN , HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 M?!!hiPiCk tewPick SWEET PICK Sweet Pick Sweet Pick Sweet Pick 27 fftwTioa,* Mesabi Hoosier Relic Trusting Heart Hoosier Relic Mesabi 7 Trusting Heart Hoosier Relic Mesabi Mesabi Mesabi Hoosier Relic 5 9 CaRork ChieI SSSmhi-* Chippewa Chief Chippewa Chief Chippewa Chief Chippewa Chief 22 *• 5?h„ffi Chippewa Chief Can Rock Cap Rock Cap Rock Cap Rock 9 Schneider Cap Rock Fly Out Leavenworth One Play OnePlav | 2 P?avFdiCkle £°m°ar.e., ParkPigeon Compare : Ariel Ace Compare "lo 5 Be1montBPa„tv tSw SayE£a SSf"011 Belmont Beauty ParkPigeon 8 eimont Beauty ParkPigeon Merry Zac — PlayEda Halcyn Air Torch Sickle 7 4Wiif S?r»SIN BOY ™SC, 2n,sinTBoy Wisconsin Boy . Wisconsin Boy WISCONSIN BOY WISCNSIN BOY 29 Diamond ™£ £iam,RndLane Diamond Lane Diamond Lane Diamond Lane 9 Lane n mamona Lane DJymy Mr. Pilate Second Avenue Kalimera Kalimera 3 5S?h° S t??£™ gl?0** Rayloper Rayloper Raylooer 22 Ctevelader ™3,l0«?,e£ WandS0 Jr,*51*?111!, Rodrigo Irish Sun 6 * ♦ neveianaer Irish Sun Irish Sun Clevelander Clevelander Prop 5 6Rnh?.Bf°y Malf Boy goV.ust , Robust Mais Boy Mais Boy 17 S2S„ Holly Sweet Holly Sweet Mais Boy Robust Robust 15 Dydamic Robust Kings Hope Dydamic Dydamic HouFSweet 4 7 wmS Excitable Mary Carryall CARRYALL . Carryall CarryaU 19 P?ettvBoyoh SSHNL -n SW?0* Bob Mr. Joe Puck Mr. Joe Puck MJoePuck 9 «eUyBoyBpb Pretty Boy Bob w Excitable Mary Brush Mouth Excitable Mary Excitable Mary 9 8£eJle "NE LAKE Pine Lake June Ayr June Ayr Pine Lake 21 Mrivta meLVm j,™aW June Ayr Pine Lake Pine Lake June Ayr 15 June Ayr Jonage Jonage Melvin Jonage A Trackman, J.J. Murphy BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track -iI TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS 1 Fortnight* IfEP2ace Rocket Air Rocket Air Rocket AIR ROCKET 22 1 TrinitvPi ir Rocket Trmity Place Trinity Place Fortnight Trinity Place 11 — , 2*yiUyPlace Fortnight Old Bluffer Fortnight Trinity Place Fortaught 6 7 Trne SKSf"* Tunic JoUrlb JouTab JoliFab 17 *• SLtm 2?Ur,ab Eternal Pam Tunic Librab Tunic 10 guckiesLad Tunic Librab Bird Ring Bird Ring BirdRing 7 3 Sts Dnce tAJS Haberdashery For Jon Mill Ring Mill Point 13 3 MaidoYol vnrt?"56 SuearproD fvorttp Lets Dance For Jon 10 ™al 01 uz Favorite Lets Dance . Mill Point Haberdashery , Lets Dance 7 4K? gestinp MysticSong Hyvania Destino Destino 18 5™an Hyvania ManCBattle Destino Hyvania Hyvania 11 Boner Swords Point Destino Hobcaw Barony Bone? MysticSong 5 OoclSe*" S,™ COCHISE Three Rings Three Rings Three Rings 18 3 Tl£eeRin« Klngs RSivSSlf Three RtaM Cochise Delegate Cochise 13 Cochise Delegate Delegate --ee Cochise Delegate 11 6iiSrirtE£.n Lrt Middleground YourHost Middleground Your Host Middleground 15 Middleground WVrwn Prince Hill Prince Middleground YourHost 12 *era- YourHost Middleground YourHost Hill Prince HiU Prince 12 7 wwSStF™ P",?.*. Dart By ONE HITTER DartBv One Hitter 19 StdIL Wynfordn. • WynfordLT. One Hitter Dirt By 1? DartBy Wynfordn. One Hitter Dart By WynfordLT. Wynfordn. 8 8M£ JaJST , Otter Brook Mr. Jay Flying Weather MR. JAY Mr .tandv 5n °"erBrook Flying Weather Brown Moat Mr?Jay • Otter Brook Otter Brook 1° Haycyara Mr. Jay Otter Brook Otter Brook • Brown Moat Flytog Weather 7 Trackman, W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Townhouse Good Look Townhouse Townhouse Townhouse 1 J IRteker Townhouse Red Pompon Townhouse Mad Pass ZuzieB. GcSdLook 6 Count Off EmpuJon Red Pompon Good Look Red Pompon Bicker I Free and Eaual Gerties Last Gerties . Last Free and Eaual Gerties Last Gerties Last 17 2 ISKieUS?som enaSdUal Social Side Gerties Last- Free and Eaual FYeendETual 14 Social Side No Reward Attrusa Social Side , Eternal Flight Social Side 4 Extortionist Bimfort Bold Challenge Gold Challenge Bold rhniipntro 3ShyBim Bold Challenge SaiUneHigh Sailing High Shy Bun Extortionist Eitortiratet o Extortionist Fighting Buddy Bold Challenge Extortionist Fightmg Buddy ShyBim 7 4Senoril A. Lady A. Lady . Senoril Pollvs Delay A~Tarfw i5 Illustrate Bullow Pollys Delay AJUdy Senoril SeMrU l Bullow Major Kay Bull Lead Bullow A?Lady PoUys Delay 7 MINT OMORN Mlnt OMom Mirthmaker Mirthmaker MintOMorn ~19 5 Mint 0"Morn Mirthmaker Mirthmaker MintOMorn Gambler Var Mirthmake? l? MuxnmaKer 15 Junior Nurse Gambler Fresh Breeze Var Mirthmaker Royal Blood Olymnia OLYMPIA * OLYMPIA OLYMPIA OLYMPIA 28 6 Olympia ThePincher ThePincher ThePincher ThePincher ThePinchPr § ThePincher Hash Night Hash Night Royal Blood Royal Blood RoyaBlood 7 My Ned . HELPHY Bee King Restless Waves Delohv Deiohv 7 i??1? , Bee King Restless Waves Yarle Bee KUig t£Ft£L* IB 2 Watch Union My Ned Delphy Delphy M?Ndg Relgwaves 7 8 ssssr sssr 1» E$%r — g Security Beach Boy Snake River Beach Boy Security SecurYfar " Trackman, E. P. Heagerty PIMLICO Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP - SWEEP CONSENSUS T The Orphan Brown Fox Unaided The Orphan Brown Fox Brown Fox 15 1 Honey Ethel JoeMandeU Brown Fox Brown Fox Unaided The Orphan 10 Brown ~~ Fox Unaided Ringoes JoeMandeU DoUyflmage Unaided 8 gu« Rough Ordv Seaward Bound Rough Ordy Rough Ordv Rough Ordy 17 2 Rough Ordy French Lure Turnabout Turnabout French Lure Duff I Turnabout Skydue French Lure Lands End Duff Seaward Bound 5 Spy Ring Bright Bones Spy Ring Spy Ring Spy Ring Spy Ring 2? 3 Appetite APpSHte Dorothys Miss Appetite Appetite Appetite 8 Penstone Sky Ring Gallant Doma Bright Bones Bright Bones Bright Bones - 7 Useless SseI?ssj Useless Useless USELESS USELESS 27 4 Joeplsan Bay Orders JoeOlsan Joe Olsan Bay Orders JoeOlsan 8 Lanlast JoeOlsan " Paintandoowder Bay Orders Joe Olsan -Bay Orders 5 Make Swing Mistambo Mistambo Ouija Mistambo 21 5MISTAMBO OuUa Mistambo Make Swing OuUa Mistambo Ouija io BaU" n Balkan Ouiia Eastern Flyway Make Swing Make Swing 8 Weener Loser Weeper CHICLE H. LOSER WEEPER Chicle U. LoserWeener 19 6Loser Royal Governor Chicle n. Loser Weeper Chicle H. Loser WeeDer Chicle H. 1? Chicle H. Royal Governor Royal Governor Curandero Royal Governor Royal Governor 5 Entreat LITTLE BONES Entreat Entreat Little Bones Wr treat on 7 Summerlight Entreat Little Bones Sttll Bones DVsert RSid Littll Bones 17 Little Bones Tipstaff Desert Raid Summerlight Entreat SuinmerUght 3 Sunnv South Marcsday Mr.Edd HaveyB. Dee GeeS Kavpv "R n 8 Wee Clootie Wee Clootie HaveyB. Ropley R6plev • MalcsoaV 7 Dee QeeS. Ropley Marcsday Marcsday Wee Clootie De?Oe?S. 6

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