Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1951-06-07

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 Points for 1st Days Best 7 Points, 2 for 2d, 1 for 3d. Days Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. S. Grant LINCOLN FIELDS at Washington Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Delhannah Technicolor Technicolor Technicolor TECHNICOLOR TECHNICOLOR 23 1 Blue Agent Delhannah Blue Agent Infinity K. Delhannah Delhannah 11 Technicolor Rosily Delhannah Delhannah Blue Agent Blue Agent 5 Star Pigeon Sgt. Brown Sgt. Brown Miss Deductive Chicks Delight Sgt. Brown 13 2 Quick Cash Garrett C. Garrett C. Sgt. Brown Miss Deductive Miss Deductive 8 Lass Quest Miss Deductive Star Pigeon Garrett C. Sgt. Brown * Star Pigeon 6 Gee-Light Gee-Light Gee-Light Eperc Gee-Light Gee-Light 22 3 Misselect Scalped . Eperc Gee-Light Eperc Eperc 9 Em Princess Ann Princess Ann Princess Ann Princess Ann Princess Ann 4 Rocky Sir Trarab Arnie Mae Agnes First Tenet Rocky Sir 10 4 Trarab , Arnie Rocky Sir First Tenet Rocky-Sir Trarab 8 Mae Agnes Opening Day Opening Day Rocky Sir Trarab Arnie 7 The Blue Hen Missab Brilliance . Brilliance Missab 15 5Missab Bonrilla Bonrilla Tordar Missab Missab Brilliance ,10 The Blue Hen Missab Bonrilla Bonrilla Bonrilla Bonrilla 7 PENSIVE LADY Docility Pensive Lady Pensive Lady Nightmarish Pensive Xady * 21 6 Heavenly Hash Pensive Lady _ Nightmarish Inky Racer Pensive Lady Nightmarish 9 Nightmarish Nightmarish Humphrey Heavenly Hash Heavenly Hash Docility 5 Otter Brook WITCH SHfc WITCH SDR, Witch Sir Witch Sir 21 7Flatbush First Night Witch Sir Otter Brook Otter Brook First Night Otter Brook 9 Hook Up Flatbush Bold Knot Non Ferro Flatbush Flashbush 7 Fate SNATCHED Snatched , Elkhorn Snatched "Snatched 17 8 Elkhorn Elkhorn Royal Luck Als Bourbon . Als Bourbon Elkhorn 10 Potentate II. Cloy Als Bourbon Royal Luck Elkhorn Fate .5 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Ten Gallon Hat Lazieven Tabby Lazieven Ten Gallon Hat 12 Ilmbible Disical Disical Ten Gallon Hat Ten Gallon Hat Ten Gallon Hat Lazieven 11 Ten Gallon Hat Corky Paul Tabby Lazieven Tabby Tabby 7 Howdy U All • Howdy TJ All Howdy U All Prissy Mary Howdy U All Howdy U All 22 2 Brown Scout East Hill Prissy Mary Howdy U All Brown Scout Prissy Mary 7 Fleure Noir Brown Scout Miss Larkspur East Hill East Hill Brown Scout 5 Crack Reward Crack Reward CRACK REWARD Crack Reward Meyersdale Crack Reward 24 3 Rebate Rebate Dustlight Meyersdale Crack Reward Meyersdale 9 ,/Meyersdale Meyersdale Japhap Leaping Moose Kibbitz Rebate 4 Byronic Byronic Byronic BYRONIC Byronic 27 4Byronic Lucky Dog Pussywillow Try Ike Pussywillow Bright Steel Try Ike 5 Childeric Try Ike Lucky Micky Try Ike Try Ike Pussywillow 4 Bon Lynn Gay Liberty Myrmidon Gay Liberty * Triograph Gay Liberty 14 5 Gay Liberty Ringador, Bold Arrow Double Gift Gay Liberty Myrmidon 6 Pip Pip » Myrmidon Ringador Ringador Double Gift Boh Lynn 5 DIXVDLLE Dixville DIXVILLE Dixville DDCVTLLE 31 6DLXVDLLE Masterson First Heir Masterson Masterson First Heir Masterson 7 First Heir Masterson Flaneur Flaneur Shag Tails First Heir 5 Blue Badge Some Town Some Town Blue Badge Nitro Fire Blue Badge 16 7 Nonpareil Blue Badge Blue Badge Dorigen . Blue Badge Some Town ir MCork Nitro Fire Dorigen Nonpareil Some Town Nitro Fire 6 Freedom Train Freedom Train Freedom Train Freedom Train Freedom Train Freedom Train 25 8 Commitment Cleaned Cleaned Cleaned Cleaned Cleaned 8 Roytig Roytig Chalvaal Roytig Roytig -Roytig 4 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS y Stormy Ruth Milton Berle Kathy Mendel Reduce Reduce Reduce 11 Redingote G.I. Mail Redingote June Kay e Redingote Milton Berle 6 June Kaye , Reduce June Kaye Stormy Ruth Milton Berle Stormy Ruth ... 6 , Quillet Quillet Quillet Quillet Quillet 20 2Irvington Trumpet Call Bashaw Bashaw Bashaw Bashaw - Irvington » 8 Ramajo • Trumpet Call Irvington - Irvington Irvington Bashaw 8 BulletProof Evans Mountain Rose Beam Rose Beam Best Doings Rose Beam 10 3 Ode Bullet Proof Best Doings Ode Evans Mountain Evans Mountain 10 Evans Mountain Sugar Coated Evans Mountain Evans Mountain Bullet Proof Bullet Proof 8 Gun Moll Gun Moll Gun Moll As Ever Gun Moll Gun Moll 22 4 Miss Pensive Caucus Miss Pensive Gun Moll Miss Pensive Miss Pensive 8 Guilford Miss Pensive Fiercely Miss Pensive Fiery Trail As Ever 5 Lone Fisherman Oedipus Oedipus Oedipus Oedipus Oedipus 22 5 Oedipus Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge Elkridge 9 Elkridge Lone Fisherman Lone Fisherman Lone Fisherman , Lone Fisherman Lone Fisherman 9 Gift Jazz Baby JAZZ BABY Marta Marta " Jazz Baby 14 6Danada Jazz Baby Busanda Busanda Busanda Busanda . Marta 12 Busanda Marta Marta Lithe Dark Favorite Busanda 9 RECLINE RECLINE Dictionary RECLINE RECLINE RECLINE 30 7 Galhampden Eraser Recline „ Powwow Dictionary Dictionary 7 The Veep Galhampden , Apsley Eraser Eraser Eraser 4 Lifter Lifter Pic One Pic One Lifter Lifter 19 8 Salaza Impish Peter • Lifter Lifter Salaza Pic One 10 Al third Salaza Fish Fry Salaza Impish Peter Salaza 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty . DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Prince Ransom • Pebble Song Prince Ransom Pebble Song Broad Cross Pebble Song 12 1 Broad Cross Listen Tiger Pebble Song Broad Cross Prince Ransom Prince Ransom 12 Listen Tiger Broad Cross Broad Cross Listen Tiger First Salvo Broad Cross 11 Mia Froth Greens Folly Trick O Mine Froth Froth 12 2Chia • First Rhythm Saucy Play Dainty Star Froth First Rhythm ChiaMia 5 Dainty Star March Again March Again Dainty Star Dainty Star Trick O Mine 5 Gallalad Gallalad Ten Forty Heddy B. Desert Witch Gallalad 12 Ten Forty Cecil M. Once Only Desert Witch Gallalad Ten Forty 7 Free and Equal Free and Equal Cecil M. Brown Fox Free and Equal Desert Witch 7 NORTHERN STAR NORTHERN STAR Unification Northern Star Northern Star NORTHN STAR 26 Roman Fair Strike Northern Star AlaMowlee Roman Fair Unification 8 Unification Unification "Quiz Song Quiz Song Unification Roman Fair 4 Cornwall New Oxford Fighting Mad Abbottstown FATHER LINK Father Link 10 Father Link Music Abbottstown Agrarian-U Agrarian-U Abbottstown 7 Agrarian-U Agrarian-U Father Link Prince Cole Busy Pat Agrarian-U 6 Kensington Lad Kensington Lad CLIVE OF INDIA MY NELL Kensington Lad Kensington Lad 18 Midyear Evicted My Nell Kensington Lad My Nell My Nell 12 My Nell Besiege Kensington Lad Clive of India LuckeyPete Clive of India 8 Reward Bases Loaded Bases Loaded Bases Loaded Bases Loaded Bases Loaded » 22 7 Bases Loaded Black Pepper Haj Busy Dream Black Pepper Reward 6 Black Pepper Quarter Boots Busy Dream Black Pepper Reward Black Pepper 6 " Late Ship Late Ship Gnu Gnu Gnu Gnu 19 Gnu Gnu Eagle Speed Late Ship m Late Ship Late Ship 14 Eagle Sneed . Gamaun Sea-O-Dee Eagle Speed Ferial Eagle SDeed 4 Trackman, A. E. Brown" SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP . SWEEP CONSENSUS Gay Gift Gift Package Firebrake Hoo Is It Firebrake Hoo Is It IT Hoolslt Hoo Is It Hoo Is It Gift Package Gift Package Firebrake 10 Gift Package Tap the Till Gay Gift Outbird Gay Gift Gift Package 10 High Hunch Wolf Whistle Wolf Whistle WOLF WHISTLE Wolf Whistle Wolf Whistle 24 2 Wolf Whistle Fosters Pride Annies Choice Rampageous Annies Choice High Hunch 5 Sunshade Rampageous Fosters Pride Rab s Son Sunshade Annies Choice 4 Running Stitch Chacma Khumbaba SS1? • Khumbaba Khumbaba 13 3 Khumbaba Sirpop Sirpop . Night Again Sirpop Chacma n- Chacma Khumbaba Busy Carrier Charmeuse Charmeuse - Sirpop 6 Pharalus Pharalus Ocean Play Ocean Play Pharalus 19 4Pharalus Instanter Malsi Ocean Play SSSSJE. - Pharalus Ocean Play 14 Ocean Play Ocean Play Capt Gallagher Irish Mist Lusmores Instanter 2 College Queen Summer Cruise Sailing High Revokar Sailing High College Queen 13 5 Revokar College Queen College Queen College Queen College Queen Sailing High II Johns Choice Johns Choice Bleary Bob Sailing High Johns Choice Revokar 7 BOLD BOLO BOLDBOLO BOLDBOLO BoldBplo BOLDBOLO BOLD BOLO 33 6 Afterwards Judys Runner Judys Runner Long Gone Afterwards Judys Runner 7 Judys Runner Afterwards - Long Gone Judys Runner Judys Runner Afterwards 5 Miss Ellaneous Ugly Chile Ugly Chile Ugly Chile Ugly Chile Ugly Chile 21 7 War Stock War Stock Fortnight War-Stock Miss Ellaneous Miss Ellaneous 8 Ugly Chile Miss Ellaneous War Stock Mistflower War Stock War Stock 8 Orphan Fibber May First Micky Q. Micky Q. Micky Q. Micky Q. 17 8 Jhansi Micky Q. Hibernian Little-Rich Spiteful Sue Hibernian 6 Hibernian Hibernian Little-Rich Hibernian Hibernian May First 5

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