Experts Selections Daily Racing Form, Daily Racing Form, 1952-05-26

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EXPERTS SELECT! ON SDAILY RACING FORM Figures In Consensus Show Comparative Eatings. Allowing 5 Points for 1st Todays Best 7 Poins, 2 for 2d. 1 for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type Trackman, J. J. Murphy LINCOLN FIELDS at Hawthorne Selections Made for Heavy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Park Pigeon Park Pigeon Park Pigeon PARK PIGEON PARK PIGEON PARK PIGEON 29 1 Punster Irish Horn Bill Twig Bill Twig Bill Twig Bill Twig 8 Bill Twig Bill Twig Irish Horn Punster Suzies Girl Irish Horn 3 Excelsis Excelsis Excelsis Excelsis Excelsis 25 2Excelsis Raffle House Blue Bar Arthur Elrod Arthur Elrod Arthur Elrod Arthur Elrod 7 Arthur Elrod Chuckalong Sayre Raffle House Raffle House Raffle House 4 Palace-Circles Crossbow Girl Blast ORoses Crossbow Girl Crossbow Girl 15 3MellaJack Crossbow Girl MelloJack NickiesBoy Crossbow Girl NickiesBoy Mello Jack 7 Possess Crossbow Girl Palace-Circles Nickies Boy Sudura , Palace-Circles 6 Kissable Midyette" Fashioned Kissable Kissable 19 4Kissable Fashioned Fashioned Kissable Kissable Fashioned Fashioned 11 Kilbelin Traffic No Reward Raider LaRue Shining Deed No Reward Midyette 5 Bullish AlmaB. Poltroon . AlmaB. Bamboozler AlmaB. 12 5 FireTJn Talltown Talltown Talltown AlmaB. Bullish 7 Poltroon Bamboozler Bullish Bullish Talltown Talltown 7 BEST DOINGS Best Doings Best Doings Best Doings Lucky Codine Best Doings 23 6 Happy East Little Bookie Happy East Lucky Codine Happy East Lucky Codine 9 Lucky Codine Can Locate Lucky Codine Happy East Best Doings Happy East 7 Many Gifts FLYING .BOLD MANY GIFTS. Flying Bold Flying Bold Flying Bold 20 7 Flying Bold Many Gifts S. McLaughlin Many Gifts Many Gifts Many Gifts 18 S. McLaughlin Country Editor Flying Bold Country Editor Petes Vigil S. McLaughlin 3. OGive , OGive Black Yankee - OGive Joggins OGive 19 8 Rosamundall. Rosamundall. OGive Rosamunda H. OGive Joggins 8 Jogigns Black Yankee Joggins Joggins Rosamunda II. Rosamunda H. 7 m Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Slow Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Liberty A. Nicotine Gal Mystery Man Mystery Man Mystery Man Mystery Man 17 1 Mystery Man Athlete Nicotine Gal Liberty A. Jean the Joker Nicotine Gal 10 Nicotine Gal Star Pigeon Liberty A. Nicotine Gal Nicotine Gal Liberty A. 8 Miss Omission Miss Omission Jofourth Eternal Road Miss Omission 12 2Jofourth Mary Like Arcourt Eternal Road Cock Crow Miss Omission Jofourth 10 Flag Drill Eternal Road Blabber Mouth Mary Like Cock Crow Eternal Road 8 Scott Russell Wise Hoop PETES COMET Scott Russell Petes Comet Petes Comet 13 3 Wise Hoop Connie-Jo Connie-Jo Wise Hoop Wise Hoop Scott Russell 12 Petes Comet Scott Russell Scott Russell Connie-Jo - Connie-Jo Wise Hoop 11 Tintina SUGAR BEET Madam Jeep ProTanto Madam Jeep Madam Jeep 10 4 ProTanto Boxie FentvO. Tintina Hasty Sun ProTanto- 3 Sugar Beet Hasty Sun Pro Tanto Robins BIue Pro Tanto Sugar Beet 8 HEAD EAST Cattaragus Head East - Head East Head East Head East 22 5 Ambroee Battle Chief Battle Chief Halrack Ambroee Ambroee 6 Halrack Miss Bellevue Ambroee Ambroee Battle Chief Cattaragus 5 Lonoke Flash Lonoke Flash Lonoke Flash LONOKE FLASH LONOKE FLASH LONOKE FLSH 29 6 First Heir Rush Street Best Air Best Air Best Air Best Air 7 Best Air Sinn Fein Sinn Fein First Heir First Heir First Heir 4 Hi Bob Count Steel Lockout Slammuring Lockout Lockout 11 7 Slammuring Hi Bob Kaslick Hi Bob Hi Bob Hi Bob 11 Late Ship Slammuring Count Steel Lock Out Kaslick Slammuring 8 Convicted Mister Perfect Rose Bed DukeBoswell Rose Bed Convicted 11 8 DukeBoswell Convicted Mister Perfect Convicted Duke"Boswell Rose Bed 11 Rose Bed In My Bones Convicted Ky. Hash Convicted Duke Boswell 9 Trackman, J. R. Batty BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN , HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Crosscut Spahi Spahi Spahi Spahi Spahi 22 1 Spahi Clear Path Power Plant Power Plant Power Plant Power Plant 7 Yeoman Power Plant Correction Yeoman Yeoman Crosscut 5 Bright Pass Brave Bim Quaker Meeting Brave Bim Quaker Meeting Quaker Meeting 13 2 Quaker Meeting My Boy Jackie My Boy Jackie Clabber Bright Pass Brave Bim 11 My Boy Jackie Quaker Meeting Brave Bim Bright Pass My Boy Jackie Bright Pass 8 Scare Play Coup-De-Vite Byng Quiet Byng 15 3Byng Salemaker Byng Byng Coup-de-Vite Coup-de-Vite Coup-de-Vite 9 Joseph Brant Salemaker Scare Play Joseph Brant Byng Scare Play 3 Flirtatious Flirtatious Flirtatious Judy Dunstan Flirtatious Flirtatious 22 4 Blue Idle Blue Idle Judy Dunstan Flirtatious Judy Dunstan Judy Dunstan 10 Judy Dunstan .Hailstone Blue Idle Hailstone Hailstone Blue Idle 5 Valadium Thelma Berger Renew Busanda Busanda Busanda 11 5 Toto Valadium Thelma Berger Renew Valadium Valadium 10 Busanda Renew Valadium Thelma Berger Thelma Berger Thelma Berger 9 Jet A Dandy Primate Primate PRIMATE Jet A Dandy Primate 20 6 Hitex Master Fiddle Hitex Master Fiddle Master Fiddle Jet A Dandy 11 Master Fiddle Whither Jet A Dandy Whither Primate Master Fiddle 7 NATHANIEL NATHANIEL - Brown Dalton Brown Dalton NATHANIEL NATHANIEL 25 7 Devotional Rampallion Nathaniel Nathaniel Rampallion Brown Dalton 11 Rampallion The Phoenix Rampallion Disconsolate Brown Dalton Rampallion 6 Sweet Naomi Gillie Young MuchoMas Highauillo Sweet Naomi Sweet Naomi 15 8 La Nappe Sweet Naomi Highauillo Sweet Naomi La Nappe Highquillo 8 Sister Louise Highauillo Sweet Naomi Gillie Young Sister Louise Gillie Young 6 Trackman, A. E. Brown SUFFOLK DOWMS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS - SAINT GEORGES Saint Georges Saint-Georges Saint Georges Saint Georges SAINT GEOES 27 I War Ripple Realtor Coincident Realtor Realtor Realtor 6 Tom Ferris Coincident Omitted Hesperus Coincident Coincident 4 Cookie Baby Sunshade Sunshade Sunshade Sunshade Sunshade 21 2 Lefty Jim Good Egg Good Egg Good Egg Good Egg Good Egg 8 Sunshade Sweeping Jo Sweeping Jo Lefty Jim Gerham Cookie Baby 5 Jimmys First Mr. F. Mr. F. Jimmys First Jimmys First 13 3MissColey Grand Nancy Elsas Pal Jimmys First Elsas Pal Elsas Pal Mr. F. 12 Elsas Pal Mr. F. Elsas Pal Jimmys First Mr. F. Elsas Pal 8 Perfect Bahrain Quick Deal Quick Deal Foxlets Perfect Bahrain Quick Deal 14 4 Foxlets Foxlets .Rosy Scene Quick Deal Foxlets - Foxlets 12 Quick Deal Rosy Scene Foxlets Rosy Scene Quick Deal Perfect Bahram 10 Man Bar Balsa Balsa Balsa BALSA - Balsa 24 5 Balsa Man Bar Wolf camp Man Bar Man Bar Man Bar 11 Challengo So Well So Well Ranch House So Well So Well 3 Empty Pockets Empty Pockets EMPTY POCKETS Empty Pockets Empty Pockets Empty Pockets 27 6 Idio Chancescript Dr. Moore Dr. Moore Dr. Moore Dr. Moore 7 Dr. Moore Dauntedid Dauntedid Chancescript Dauntedid Dauntedid 3 Fighting Back SIMMS Simms SIMMS Simms Simms 26 7 Simms Fighting Back Pontalba Tilenny Fighting Back Fighting Back 10 Tilenny War Token Fighting Back Brick Pontalba Tilenny 3 Rose King Enthused Bank Drive Enthused Enthused Enthused 18 8 Sneak Easy Sun Halo Enthused HattiesGift Sun Halo Rose King 6 Enthused Hatties Gift Rose King Sun Halo Bank Drive Bank Drive 6 Don Pascal Golden Clover Don Pascal No Sho No Sho No Sho 12 9 Pueblo Pride Jtfo Sho Hyopolis Golden Clover Pueblo Pride Don Pascal 11 Golden Clover - Canis Major Pueblo Pride Canis Major Don Pascal Golden Clover 8

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