Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-04

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Alphabetical Index to Entries A Abbottstown — 6th Del Abbys Rhymer — 1st Suf Acefull— 5th Bel Adaro — 5 th Det Adopt — 5th Del Aim — 8th Det Air Attack — 5th Del Allah-Vhy— IstBel Almenow — 5 th Det Alsiral — 8th Det Amafox — 6th LP Amulika — 1st Bel Anns Step — 5th Suf Apache Lady— 4th Suf Arletod— 4th Bel Arrogant — 4th Suf Athlete — 1st Det Aurora Deb — 10th LP Avona — 4th Det B Babys Delight — 3d LP Bakersf ield— 5th Bel Balmoral— 8th Det Baltimore Jim — 5th Bel Bamboo — 1st Del Battle King— 2d Det Bay Hash— 2d Bel Beaming Light — 5th Suf Beautys Tiger — 3d Det Bee Arr — 1st Del Beep Beep — 7th Det Bessemer — 5th L.P Best Air — 5th Det Bewitching — 1st Bel Big Buster — 10th LP Big Flower — 3d Del Big Heralder — 1st Det Big If —7th Bel Big Perry — 1st Del Bill Burke— 5th LP Bimf ort— 6th Del Blazing Pomp — -8th Del Blended— 4th Bel Blenreigh — 4th Bel Blue Bar — 2d LP Blue Jack — 6th Del Blue Moon — 6th Bel Blue Nancy — 1st Del Blue Plate — 3d Bel Blue Thanks — 7th Suf Bockatay — 4th LP Boot All— 6th Bel Boss H. — 8th Suf Boston Gray — 7th Del Boy Genius — 4th Suf Bright Answer — -1st LP Bright Kitchen — 3d Suf Broken Lens — 7th Del Brolite— 8th Bel Buck n Gee — 3d Del Budlane — 4th Suf Bullet Cee— 6 th Det Burts Reward-— 7th Del Busanda — 6th Bel By Gone Days — 8th Suf Byja Copo — 7th Del • Byng— 3d Bel C Cacomo — 7th LP _ Caillou Rouge — 10th LP Captain Gabe— 4th Bel Cellini — 6th Suf Challcote— 7th LP Charley Foy — 2d Del Checkout — 8th LP Cheerfulness — 6th Suf Cherry Prince — 8th Bel Chief Fanelli — 4th Bel Chit— 1st Del Choc Soda — 1st Bel Chuckalong — 2dLP Classy Lassie — 2d Det Clear Cash — 4th Suf Closed Order— 6th Suf College — 8th LP College Hi— 1st Del Concert Piece— 1st Suf Coquinet — 9th LP Coralies Girl — 5 th LP Corsario H. — 5th Suf County Delight — 5th Del Country Errr — 9th LP Crossbow Girl — 3d LP Cuban Heels — 4th LP Curose — 4th Del Curruhuirica — 9th Suf D Daddy O.— 8th Suf fDarkPeer — 4th Suf Davids Chance — 2d Suf Descentive— 5th Suf Desef oiks — 2d Del Danas Pensive — 5th Suf Diamond Head — 7th Bel Dinghy— 2d Suf Djinn — 6th Del Do-Do — 5th Suf Dogs Up — 7th Suf Dooly— 6th Det Double Blush — 7th Det Dover Doll — 1st Bel Dr. Alex— 2d Det Duke E.— 10th LP Dustlight— 8th Det Dutch Penny— 3d Suf E Eagle Eye — 7th LP Ed-Ells Gal— IstBel Ed the Great— 2d Del . Eland— 5th Suf Emerald — 6th LP Empty Sea — 9th Suf Endear — 1st Suf Eonian — 3d LP Epic Chance — 8th Del ErraB.— 10th LP Esbirro — 2d Suf Estuary — 2d Del Eternal Sam — 4th LP Excelsis — 2d LP Expletive — 4th Bel F Face — 1st Bel Famous — 4th Bel Fancy Bonnet — 2d Bel Farrells Folly — 2d Det . Fast. Jeep — 3d Del Fastener — 2d Det Father Link — 6th Del , Feudinl _ In — 8th LP Fine Art— 5th Det Fire Up — 8th LP First Security— 10th LP First Whirl— 8th Bel Flaming Bush — 8th LP Flatbush — 2d LP Flitaround — 1st Del Fondest — 1st Bel Fortnight — 1st Suf Four to Go — 1st Del Fourteen Grand — 4th Det Fourth Jack — 9th Suf Foxpoise — 9th LP Frankie D. — 2d LP Freedom Train — 1st Det Fugitive — 7th Bel N Fun Quest — 2d LP* Futuresque — 7th Suf G Gallies Pride — 2d Bel Game Imp — 1st Bel Gay Hunter— 6th Det George Collins — 9th Suf Gerham — 2d Suf Gideon — 4th Bel Ginger Boots — 6th Del Gingerbread — 10th LP Ginnas War — 4th Det Give — 1st Del Glacier — 10th LP Gloryo — 2d Bel .Gold Boots— 2d LP Gold Necklace— 10th LP Gplden Clover— 8th Suf Goldton — 1st Suf Good Dancer — 1st LP Good -Shopper — 8th Det Good Times — 2d Det Gottadance — 4th Del Grand Juror — 4th LP Gray Raider — 2d Del Great Hope — 8th Del Green Saber — 7th Det Grey Mike — 8th LP Ground Fog — 8th Bel Grumpito — 7th Bel Great Morning — 2d Suf Great Shuffle — 9th Suf H Hab— 2d Del Happy At Last — 4th Del Happy Devil — 8th Bel Happy West— 10th LP Hard Held— 9th Suf Hard Hitter— 1st Suf Hasher — 2d Suf Hatter War— 4th Suf Head for Home — 2d Bel HeddyB.— 3d Det Her Chance — 3d Del Here He Is— 8th Bel Hexton — 1st Det Hi Sky— 3d LP Hilarious— 4th Bel History Maker — 1st Det Hooked— 8th LP Hoosier Relic — 5th Det Hot Footed — 8th Del Hurry Pass — 1st Suf Hy Ginnis — 1st Suf I I Trust — 6th Del If I— 1st Del Impulsive Sam — 8th LP In A Spin — 6th Det Insist — 10th LP Infinity K.— 2d LP Insomnia — 3d Suf , Insulation — 5th LP Irish Horn — 10th LP Irony — 2d Bel Irritate — 5 th Del Isocrates — 1st Det J Jack Fusano — 9th LP Jackadandy — 3d Del Jackie Van — 7th Det Jaconora — 3d Del Jamie K. — 4th Bel Janina — 6th Det . Jim Brier — 2d Det Jimmy Vincent — 2d LP Jims Town — 3d.LP Joe-Aussie — 4th Del Joe Ray? Jr. — 4th Del John Bauer — 1st LP John J. Jr. — 3d Suf Joy K.— IstBel Jubling — 6th Bel Junior — 5 th Suf Just A Bird — 1st Det K Keeping Posted — 6th Suf Kensington Ted — 2d Del Kinda Rough — 4th Bel King Chatter— 7th Del King Taos — 1st Suf Kissable — 2d LP L Lady Alexandra — 5th Suf Lady of Chance — 1st Bel Lark Sun — 3d LP Larry D.— 8th Del Last Stride— 4th Det Late Ship— 4th Det * Lauderdale — 1st LP 1 Left Winger— 9th Suf Lefty Clarke— 4th Del Liability — 8th LP Liberty Luck — 2d Bel Lifter — 8th Bel Like A Breeze-2d LP Limerick Boy — 1st Det ~ 4 t Linkythorn— 6th Del Little Burg — 1st Del Little Falls5thBel Little Peep— 3d Suf Little Rocket— 6th Del Local Corner — 5 th LP Lotus Eater — 4th Bel Lone Pilot — 5th Suf Long Hill— 8th Suf Lorna D. — 2d Det Lucky Dog— 8th Suf Lucky Guess7-2d Det Lucky Harp— 6th Del Lyceum — 6th Bel Lyles First — 8th Det M Maidens Prayer — 1st LP Mail From Home — 7th LP , Malahide — 3d Del Man Bar-6th Suf Mantle— 3d Bel N March Brown — 1st Bel March Proudly — 5th Det Marine Charger — 8th Suf Mariposa — 2d Bel Marta — 6th Bel Martin Whelan — 2d LP Merry Mount — 2d Del Mighty Dan — 1st Del Mighty Pretty — 4th LP Mighty Quest— 5th Bel Mighty Son — 8th Bel Miss Deductive — 10th LP Miss Foray— 1st LP Miss Heidi-2d Suf MissLawdy — 2d Det Miss Place — 3d Det Misselect— :1st LP Mistress Edith — 4th LP Modest Pete— 4th Bel Mona Lou— 3d Suf Money Wise — 1st Det Mon-Pharo — 7th LP Montes Ace— 1st Det Moon Mate — 1st Bel More Cheers — 1st LP Mr. A. B.— 5th Suf Mr. Keep — 4th Del Mr. Syracuse — 9th Suf Muscidae — 2d Bel Myrmidon— 1st Det * N Netcherette — 2d LP Next Move — 6th Bel New Stream— 5th LP Nice Tint — 3d Det Nickies Boy — 3d LP Nocallula — 7th Det Non Ferro — 10th LP O Oatka — 4th Det Obstinate Si — 10th LP Ocean Play — 1st Suf Ocean Sky— 2d Det Oozo — 7th Del Open Way— 3d Det Orbit— 2d Suf Our Request — 6th Det Our Susan — 1st Bel Our World— 2d Del Outlaw — 3d LP P Pacoy — 4th Bel Palaja — 3d Bel Palatial Appetite — 5th Del Pavold — 1st Del Penniless — 10th LP Pensava — 5 th Del Pensive Lady — 8th LP Perfect Bahram — 8th Suf " Pibroch — 7th Bel Pins n Needles — 2d Det Pleiades — 4th Bel Plucky Prince — 2d LP Pocket All— 4th LP Poltroon— 8th LP Poopcha — 6th Suf Prandium — 2d Det Precession — 8th LP Preposterous — 5th LP Prince Charlie — 4th Bel Prince Tip— 4th Bel Prince Ransom— 5th Suf Pro — 1st Det Prohibit — 1st Suf Pueblo Pride— 8th Suf Q Queens Taste — 5th Suf R Racker-Bill — 7th Det Rally— 4th Bel Rambling Mary — 2d Bel Rapid Mail — 1st LP Rapt— 2d Suf Ray Count Miss — 8th Det Rebut — 4th Del Recline — 7th LP Red Design— 2d Suf Reighsign — 6 th Del Renew — 6th Bel Reproduction — 7th Del Revel-On — 4th Del Rexissa — 1st Bel Rickshaw — 3d Det Rippling Hit — 10th LP Roberto— 8th Bel Roll Call n.— 3d Bel Rosamundall. — 9th LP -Rosily— 10th LP Round N Round — 7th Det Royal Date — IstBel Royal MocCasin— 7 th Bel Royal Queen — 2d Bel Royal Scot — 8th Suf Royal Tulip — 5th Det Rugged Boy— 2d Del Runyon Fund — 8th Suf Rush Street — 7th Det Ruth Murphy— 3d Det S Safe Bet — 1st Suf Safety — 5th Bel Safety Lock— 1st Det Sagittarius— 5th Bel Sails— 8th LP Saint Georges — 1st Suf Saint Nicholas — 7th Suf Sandlot— 4th Det Sapajou — 6th Det Scare Play— 3d Bel Screaming Mimi — 4thDel Screemin Jack — 7th LP Scimitar — 1st Del Scipio — 7th Suf Scotch Rocks— 4th Suf Sea Flash— 5th Bel Sea Term — 1st Del See My Way— 3d Del Seneca Squaw — 5 th LP Shadow Shot — 8th Del Sheriff rosch — 6th LP Short Reign — 1st Det Sir Joseph T. — 2d Suf Siwanoy — 1st Del Skiputation — 5th LP Slipper Satin — 5th Det Smart Cookie — 5th LP* Smarty-Arty — 1st Suf Smiling Eyes — 2d Suf Snatched — 9th LP Snorkel — 7th Suf Sneak— 2d Suf So There — 4th LP Spicy Dame — -1st LP "Stage Lover — 1st Bel Star Spot — 2d Suf Steamboat Bill— 8th Det Stevie Boy — 3d Suf Stop and Think — 2d Del Stop Gap — 7th LP Storm Ridden — 8th Det Stimboro — 1st Det Streaking — 5th Bel Striker Pilot— 8th Bel Strong Advance — 3d Suf Strutting High— 4th Bel Sun Bahram — 5th Del Sun Boundlst Det Swamp Guide — 9th LP Sweet Cream — 3d LP Syracuse Lad — 3d Bel T Tacaro — 7th Del Talltowrt— 8th LP Tangent — 2d LP Task — 8th Det Teddy Tarn— 8th Del Ten Gallon Hat — 8th Det Teh Stone — 2d Bel Thasian Hero — 6th Del The Dervish— 8th Bel - The Posse— 3d Del The Slip — 2d Del 4 Theatre Pass — 9th Suf Thelma Berger — 6th Bel Thirty Love— 7th Bel Tiger Matt — 5th Suf Tile Man — 7th Det. Tina Lazar — 2d Bel Tipsy n. — 1st Suf To the Front — 1st Bel Tomi Blu — 2d Det Torch of War — 4th Bel Toto— 6th Bel Tredyffrin— 2d Suf Trick Flier — 5th Suf Triograph — 2d LP Triple Time — 6th Suf Trout Lure— 6th Del TrUe Melody— 6th LP Tubby B.— 8th Suf w Twice Teddy — 4th Del "J U Ugoby— 6th LP Uncle Otho— 2d LP V Valadium — 6th Bel 0 Vamanos — 43thDel Verona Sands — 9th LP p Vessairess — 7th Det - Villager— 2d Del Vincent X. F.— 5th Bel Vinita Toney— 2d LP Q Vivians Best — 8th Suf Z W ° War Booty— 4th Det 3 War Ripple— 1st Suf pb War Teddy— 6th LP Wardril— 8th Suf „ * Wedding Band — 1st Bel Well Well— 9th Suf ™ Whirl Awhile— 8 th LP § White Rage — 8th Del m Wilks Loss— 2d Det g Wily Willie— 8th Del Witch Way— 8th Det K Wixted— 7th Suf Woe Is Me— 7th Det C World Empress — 2d Suf * Z m X XavierH.— 6th Del Y 3 Yutu— 4th LP fcn 10 Z Zeeland— 6th Del . Zuzie B. — 8th Del

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