Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1952-06-23

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy ARLINGTON PARK Selections Made for Slow Track % RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS I ~~ ~~ Injector Obtain Obtain Obtain ObtairT Obtain 21 1 Rosy Greek Rosy Greek Injector Rosy Greek Rosy Greek Rosy Greek 9 Obtain Travelingrav Rosy Greek Travelingray Injector Injector 8 Flyaway Jack Anxious Hoopster Anxious Anxious Anxious 15 2 First Verse Saxon Charm Seasoned Saxon Charm Flyaway Jack Flyawav Jack 8 K. Avenue Mason County Flyaway Jack Mason County K. Avenue Hoopster 5 Smiling Nun Guv Hottentot Guv Sids Pride Guv 11 3 Hottentot Sids Pride High Rating Sids Pride Burma Girl Sids Pride 9 Mokatuck Burma Girl Smiling Nun Burma Girl Guy Hottentot 7 i Raintree Swanees Penny Brezno Underpressure Raintree 14 4Raintree Underpressure Brezno Pensive Lady Raintree Didapper Underpressure 7 Swanees Penny Pensive Lady Raintree Pensive Lady Raintree Brezno 7 Yea Bama Yea Bama Lead Pad Meditate Meditate Yea Bama 14 5 Red Speed Meditate Meditate Yea Bama Red Speed Meditate 14 Oil Gusher Aldenson Yea Bama Oil Gusher Yea Bama Lead Pal 5 Energetic Eagle Eye Tattenham Eagle Eye Unbridled Eagle Eye 12 6 Futuramatic Selector Selector Selector Eagle Eye Tattenham 8 Selector Tattenham Futuramatic Tattenham Tattenham Selector 7 Jet Ace OLD FIDDLE Stuyvesant Old Fiddle Stuyvesant Old Fiddle 18 7 Old Fiddle Jet Ace Old Fiddle Jet Ace Old Fiddle Stuyvesant 11 Brian Boru Stuyvesant Jet Ace Brian Boru Jet Ace Jet Ace 11 ABBE STING Abbe Sting ABBE STING ABBE STING ABBE STING ABBE STING 33 8 Can Locate Fair Appraisal Adams Off Ox _ Fair Appraisal Fair Appraisal Fair Appraisal 7 Fair Appraisal Jacoboy Can Locate Jacoboy Jacoboy Can Locate 3 f» a Mais Boy Big Question Mais Boy Big Question Fashioned Mais Boy 12 Sijh El Pair Me Just Eight El Pair Me El Pair Me Mais Boy Big Question 10 ****** just Eight Cathy Jo Fashioned Fashioned El Pair Me Fashioned 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair DETROIT Selections Made tor Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Captain Fin Captain Fin Connie-Jo Shakerag Captain Fin Captain Fin 18 1 Pixie Pat Pixie Pat Captain Fin Connie-Jo Connie-Jo Connie-Jo 10 Shakerag Connie -Jo Lady Camille Captain Fin Pixie Pat Shakerag 6 Phantom Heels ARPEGE Miss Place Miss Place Phantom Heels Miss Place 13 2 Miss Place Phantom Heels Dollys Image Dollys Image Dollys Image Phantom Heels 12 Paiara Paiara Gay Ten Third Division Miss Place Arpege 7 Sweet Reward Fondest Hope Fondest Hope Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe 15 3 Sgt. Abe Sgt. Abe Sweet Reward Sweet Reward Fondest Hone Fondest Hope 12 Sun Idol Boy Sweet Reward Sgt. Abe Sun Idol Boy Sweet Reward Sweet Reward 11 Miss Bellevue Barbeck Carrol Hart Barbeck Barbeck 15 4MissLawdy Barbeck Alie-Ed Miss Bellevue Barbeck Miss Bellevue Miss Bellevue 9 Triple Flight Barbeck Hera Lot Miss Lawdy Miss Lawdy MissLawdy 7 King Wilson King Wilson Satartia King Wilson King Wilson KING WILSON 22 5 Cub Winstay King Wilson Cub Winstay Satartia 7 Daleen Satartia Fourteen Grand Texas Rain Satartia Winstay 4 EVER BRIGHT Cullerton Cullerton EVER BRIGHT CULLERTON Cullerton 21 6 Cullerton Little Donor Night Again Cullerton Ever Bright Ever Bright 6 Little Donor Thistle War McGrathiana McGrathiana Night Again Night Again 3 Buss Up Andy Joe Hoos Abbe Andy Joe Hoos Abbe Andy Joe 15 7 Andy Joe LadyRowena Buss Up Buss Up Andy Joe Hoos Abbe 11 Lilac Hoos Abbe Andy Joe LadyRowena Buss Up Buss Up 10 Balmoral Well Met BALMORAL TramoreBay Balmoral Balmoral 21 8 Well Met Balmoral Well Met Balmoral Well Met Well Met 11 Tramore Bay Brown Brutus Dominion Brown Brutus Lock Out Tramore Bay 6 Trackman, J. R. Batty AQUEDUCT Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICA~P~ ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Yeoman Yeoman Yeoman Yeoman Yeoman 20 IBelldiver Prism Prism Subsidy Patrol Wagon Patrol Wagon Patrol Wagon 6 Bo-Cap Patrol Wagon Patrol Wagon Prism Belldiver Belldiver 6 let Stom at Sea Camouflet Storm at Sea Storm at Sea Storm at Sea 17 2Camouf Kingdiment Camouflet Storm at Sea Chipson Camouflet Camouflet 15 Chipson Pont Stop Chipson Camouflet Chipson Chipson 5 Royal Vale Courtney Sonatine Sonatine Sonatine Sonatine 17 3 Courtney Sonatine Courtney Royal Vale Royal Vale Courtney 11 Caste Battle Wave Royal Vale Courtney Courtney Royal Vale 10 Dreams Pheecikins Pheecikins Pheecikins Pheecikins Pheecikins 20 4 Hvpalong Hypalong Bright Pass Hypalong Hypalong Hypalong 8 Flying Jib Bright Pass Wise Market Flying Jib Bright Pass Dreams 5 En Fleur Gun Moll Comtesse GUN MOLL Gun Moll Gun Moll 20 5 Comtesse Head for Home Gun Moll En Fleur Mae West En Fleur 8 Gun Moll Mae West En Fleur Flynet Head for Home Comtesse 7 CLOSE PLAY KITCHEN MAID Kitchen Maid Close Play Close Plav Close Play 19 6 Kitchen Maid Cold Heart Close Play Kitchen Maid Kitchen Maid Kitchen Maid 18 Blue Idle Blue Idle Blue Idle Grecian Queen Blue Idle Blue Idle 4 Imperialist IMPERIALIST Imperialist IMPERIALIST IMPERIALIST 29 /Imperialist Ruth Hanson Ruth Hanson Ruth Hanson Practise Ruth Hanson Ruth Hanson 8 Brother Ghost Practice Censorship Censorship Censorship Censorship 3 New Entry Toauila New Entry New Entry Toauila New Entry 17 8 Toauila My Ambition Toauila Toauila New Entry Toauila 16 Whitsuntide Jaco Carys Hope Jaco Carys Hope Carys Hope 2 Trackman, W. C. Phillips MONMOUTH PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS ~ ~ Jacomo Mr. Tweety Airtroop Balan Jacomo 14 1JACOMO Infaith . Timein Jacomo Timein Timein Timein 7 Revenger Revenger Timein Infaith Airtroop Airtroop 6 Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley Bradley 25 2 Vigil The Posse* Jet Joy Jet Joy Vigil Jet Joy 6 Skipper Bill Jet Joy South Point Skipper Bill Jet Joy yjgji 4 Pearl Diver Pearl Diver Course North COURSE NORTH Course North Course North 19 3 Flamenco Course North Flamenco Pearl Diver Pearl Diver Pearl Diver 15 Deetzi Flamenco Pearl Diver Flamenco Flamenco Flamenco 7 Lamplight Sterling Maid Song of Italy La Fortuna La Fortuna La Fortuna 14 4 La Fortuna Streakme La Fortuna Lamplight Lamplight Lamplight 10 Song of Italy Song of Italy Lamplight Song of Italy Sterling Maid Song of Italy 8 War San PisgahRoad PisgahRoad Woodford Sir PisgahRoad Pisgah Road 15 5 Woodford Sir Woodford Sir Woodford Sir Fraternal Woodford Sir Woodford Sir 13 Stag Navy Flash Daylight Time Daylight Time Fighting Mad War San 5 Little Greg Decapolis Our Cookie Little Greg Turks Cap Little Greg 13 6 Turks Cap Our Cookie Jack Jr Jack Jr. Little Greg Turks Cap 8 Wise Idea Turks Cap Little Greg Wise Idea Decapolis Our Cookie 7 ~~ ~ Commandant Penocc Puppet Penocc PENOCC Penocc 19 7 Safety Safety Penocc Safety Father Link Puppet 7 King Mowlee Father Link Father Link Puppet Puppet Safety 6 HIYA-SAILOR HIYA-SAILOR Hiya-Sailor Hiva-Sailor HIYAS-SAILOR 29 8Hiya-Sailor Sand Run Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect 8 Refun Sand Run Sand Run Sand Run Refun Sand Run 4 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty DELAWARE PARK Selections Made for Sloppy Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Rough Me ROUGH ME Rough Me Alexis Rough Me Rough Me ~24 1 J Hs Dance Lets Dance Lets Dance Rough Me Alexis Alexis 9 Alexis Alexis Moon Boy Lets Dance Lets Dance Lets Dance 8 Bay Orders Isosceles Isosceles Isosceles Isosceles Isosceles 22 2 Isosceles Soundings Barauette Bay Orders Mr. Joe Puck Bay Orders 8 Barauette Nottin Soundings Mr. Joe Puck Bay Orders Soundings 3 Flaming Comet Night Patrol Flaming Comet Night Patrol Flaming Comet Flaming Comet 17 3 Gentle Star V. P. I. Clef V.P.I. Clef Flaming Comet Night Patrol Night Patrol 15 Astronomer Gentle Star Night Patrol Gentle Star Gentle Star Gentle Star 5 Gate woods Gal Lunar Park Lunar Park Jaconora Abracadabra Lunar Park 12 4 Scimitar Abracadabra Jaconora Abracadabra Lunar Park Abracadabra 10 Baker s Queen Jaconora Abracadabra Scimitar Jaconora Jaconora 9 Flower Queen Flower Queen Flower Queen Flower Queen Flower Queen FLWER QUEEN 25 5 Super Lunar Pashpie Fairy Sea Super Lunar Swatch Super Lunar 5 Game Bid Yashmak Super Lunar Fairy Sea Pashpie Fairy Sea 3 Rose Fern Warpath WARPATH Warpath Warpath Warpath 22 6 Chello FredR. Lively Gal Rail Creek Lively Gal Lively Gal 6 Rail Creek Lively Gal FredR. Lively Gal FredR. Rose Fern 5 Our World Feud Our World More Better Our World 14 7Blenwick Feud More Better Our World More Better Our World More Better 11 More Better Feud More Better Feud Blenwick Feud 8 SHREWD Shrewd Silver Flush SHREWD CARELESS JONES Shrewd 22 8 Careless Jones Careless Jones Shrewd Chance Symbol Silver Flush Careless Jones 13 Oottadance Noras Bonnet Careless Jones Careless Jones Shrewd Silver Flush 7

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