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DAILY RACING FORMEWt f Fi9«res m Consensus Show Comparative Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type. Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS - Scairt Rabbit Roaming Oscar Thistle War Burstin Bubble Roaming Oscar Roaming Oscar 15 I Roaming Oscar Ultimatum Roaming Oscar Ultimatum Cupola Cast Scairt Rabbit 6 1 Thistle War Argufy Cupola Cast Roaming Oscar Scairt Rabbit Burstm Bubble 5 FiddlinMac FloD. FiddlinMac FiddlinMac FLO D. EL_P,;P-. 16 2 Blackamoor HastvHank FloD. Dello King-Ak FiddlinMac 16 Flo D. Gefion Blackamoor Flo D.A Fiddlin Mac Blackamor 3 * Fullopep Seven Sevens Angels Doll Sixty Two Seven Sevens 12 3NoPeeky Seven Sevens Seven Sevens Sixty Two Seven"Sevens NoPeeky Fullopep 7 Fullopep Hit Me Fullopep Feb Seven Sevens Sixty two 7 RICKEY RAY Portage Boy Deodend Deodend Deodend . 15 4Deodend Pauls Pal Skippys First Andrew J. . . Andrew J. Andrew J. Andrew J. 8 Andrew J. Andrew J. Skippys Furst , Portage Boy Portage Boy Rickey Ray 7 Flving Brv Watch It Grow Watch It Grow Knowable Watch It Grow 12 5Knowable Lons Choice Direct Tint Knowable Flying Bry Lons Choice Knowable 12 Watch It Grow Rebounder Lons Choice Rebounder Watch It Grow Flying Bry 6 EQUIMORE Vain Vixen Red Wagon Light Brick Cullerton Equimore 13 6 Vain Vixen Practical Equimore Eouimore Equimore Cullerton 8 Cullerton Cullerton Cullerton No Tricks Dixie Spy Vain Vixen 7 Russell TS Buster Jim UDO REINACH RUSSELL TS Cocoa Al Russell TS 12 7 Tabs Cross Eternal Moon Cocoa Al Fan Flight Buster Jim UdoRemach 10 Udo Reinach Udo Reinach Taos Cross Taos Cross Udo Reinach Bustem Jim 7 SloMoe Janes Gal Party King Party King SloMoe Party King 13 8 Third Lady Vezlark Vezlark Janes Gal Party King SloMoe 10 Wisenheimer t Party King Wisenheimer Vezlark Vezlark Janes Gal 7 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS - Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS | King Mustang Carolyn L. Babcha Babcha Babcha Babcha 19 I Babcha Babcha ~ Carolyn L. Carolyn L. Carolyn L. Carolyn L. 11 Lovely Gem King Mustang King Mustang King Mustang Ressa Bob King Mustang 8 Sidara FOREVER MORE Shaitani Sidara Sidara 14 2Shaitani Forever More Forever More Sidara Sidara Shaitani Shaitani 13 Carlo C. Tipoquill Shaitani „ Tipoquill Tipoquill Forever More 11 Tiger Wander Tiger Wander Summer Blues Tiger Wander Summer Blues Tiger Wander 17 3 Colonels Lady Summer Blues Vaults Ration Colonels Lady Colonels Lady Summer Blues 12 Vaults Ration Vaults Ration Tiger Wander Beadah Tiger Wander Colonels Lady 6 Warehouseman Good Times Good Times The Prince Good Times Good Times 17 4 Just Barbara The Prince The Prince Warehouseman Warehouseman Warehouseman 11 Good Times Warehouseman Warehouseman Good Times The Prince The Prince 10 .Far Sail Curtain Raiser Curtain Raiser Eternal Shock Curtain Raiser Curtain Raiser 16 5 Mink Gal Mink Gal Pearl Diver Kentucky Kid Eternal Shock Eternal Shock 7 Cebette Gray Desert Gray Desert Curtain Raiser Mink Gal Mink Gal 5 Weep and Wail Bee Lee Tee . Bee Lee Tee Bee Lee Tee Bee Lee Tee BEE LEE TEE 20 6 You Say Farcuerette Airpe Weep and Wail Weep and Wail Weep and Wail 11 ■ Airpe Weep and Wail Weep and Wail Airpe Red Sultan Airpe 4 MICHAEL T. W. BAR SHOE Dark Embassy Barshoe Scarlet Jr. Barshoe 15 7 Barshoe Air Pine Sids Pride Michael T.W. Michael T.W. Michael T. W. 12 Dark Embassy Jet Fleet Michael T.W. Dark Embassy Barshoe Dark Embassy 7 Bunker Faces East SUN DIVER FACES EAST Faces East 16 8Bogan Dog.Goya Faces East Bunker Faces East Bunker • Bunker 9 Xaatter Dog Goya . Sun Diver Bogan Sun Diver Sun Diver 9 Trackman, J. S. Grant. BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Vierra Vierra Vierra Last Fling OurFrancine Vierra 19 1 Shannon Sound " Last Fling * Long Lick Vierra Vierra Last Fling 8 Rocky Ridge Long Lick Thrust • Great Arturo Last Fling Long Lick 3 Interval INTERVAL Interval Interval Interval * Interval 27 2 Sanfoin Sanfoin Dandy Dan Sanfoin Sanfoin Sanfoin 9 Dandy Dan Dandy Dan Sanfoin SteviesPal Stevies Pal Dandy Dan 4 Neji Neji NEJL -Neji, Neji 27 3Ne.ii Permian Errolford Errolford Errolford Errolford .Errolford 8 Secant Phalene Secant Secant Permian Permian 3 MR. HERB A. Mr. Herb A. Mr. Herb A. • Mr. Herb A. MR. HERB A. . MR. HERB A. 29 4 Tarcill Tarcill PepitoM. Tarcill Codomo * Tarcill 7 Tactical Scotland Codomo Pepito M. Tarcill PepitoM. 3 Rare Treat Rare Treat Rare Treat Rare Treat Rare Treat 20 5Mims Betsann Betsann Grey Slipper Tarouilla Silent One Betsahn 6 Ardennes Tarquilla Betsann Mims Betsann Mims 6 Bold Man Bold Man BOLD MAN Bold Man Bold Man Bald Man 27 6 Acefull Cold Command Dream of Glory Cold Command First Aid Cold Command 4 Affrighted Affrighted First Aid First Aid Acefull First Aid 4 Sweet Nell Sweet Nell Sweet Nell Sweet Nell Sweet Nell Sweet Nell 25 7 Garb Intencion Equableu Equableu .Talora Equableu 5 Make a Play Equableu Make a Play Make a Play Make a Play Make a Play 4 Sonny Mars Sonny Mars Sonny Mars Miss Stifle Sonny Mars Sonnv Mars" 20 8 Pryness Tenzing Miss Stifle Flying Pole Pryness Miss Stifle 7 Tenzing Worry Manana Pryness Pryness Flving Pole Pryness 6 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty LAUREL RACE COURSE «, Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP , CONSENSUS the Market In the Market In the Market In the Market Eland In the Market 21 Iln Bakers Raider Im in Rompers Joanns Boots Sailor Lad Sailor Lad Sailor Lad 6 Imp in Rompers Sailor Lad Sailor Lad Imp in Rompers In the Market Eland 5 Suppressor Suppressor Suppressor Suppressor Sakr-El-Bahr Suppressor 22 Sakr-El-Bahr Jazerant Loyal Sir Here Me Suppressor Sakr-El-Bahr 8 Here Me Loyal Sir Jazerant Sakr-El-Bahr Here Me Here Me 4 Pennsy Flier PENNSY FLIER Pennsy Flier PENNSY FLIER Pennnsv Flier Pennsy Flier ~29 Darcy Darcy Darcy Darcy Darcv Darcy 10 Ridge Echo December King December King December King .December King December King 4 Big Force Indictment s Schmetna Indictment Indictment Indictment 16 4 Evelyn Miss Schmetna Evelyn Miss Schmetna Evelyn Miss Schmetna 10 Armored Jet Pip Loch Indictment Big Force • Schmetna . Big Force 6 Giorgetti Giorgetti Sans Egal Giorgetti Sans Egal Giorgetti 18 Eternal Quest Sans Egal Devils Verse Sans Egal Giorgetti Sans Egal 14 , Dark Destroyer- Advice Giorgetti Devils Verse Eternal Quest Eternal Quest 3 "7 Reddy Ro Witchery WITCHERY Reddy Ro Roval Indian Witchery 18 ft Witchery Small Coffee Fierce Witchery Witchery ReddvRo 13 Royal Indian Reddy Ro Reddy Ro Fierce Reddy Ro Royal Indian 6 B ONE THROW One Throw One Throw One Throw ONE THROW ONF. THROW 29 w I Ma lie Lamp Gallito Gallito Buck n Gee Gallito Gallito 7 Gallito Buck n Gee Air Colonel Air Colonel Buck n Gee Buck n Gee 4 Bete Noil* BeteNoir Patois BeteNoir BeteNoir BeteNoir * 22 8 Patois Weber J. BeteNoir Patois Patois Patois 11 Blue Jack Blue Jack Blue Jack Weber J. Weber Jr. Weber Jr. 4 Top-La tion Top-Lation Top-Lation Top-Lation Top-Lation Top-La tibn 251 Rough Night Hot Penny Loringail Puppet Rough Night Rough Night 51 Punnet Puppet Rough Night Bubola Mowlee Puppet Puppet 5 1

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