Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1955-05-04

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DAILY RACING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS Figures in Consensus Show Comparative- Ratings, Allowing 5 points for 1st Todays Best 7 Points, 2 Points for 2d, 1 Point for 3d. Todays Best in Black Type, Trackman, J. J. Murphy SPORTSMANS PARK ; Selections Made for Fast Track. RACE TRACKMAN v HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS - FRANKS MAUDE Busy Gal Tattenham Karen Arthene FRANKS MAUDE Franks Maude 18 Busy Gal Calorimeter Franks Maude Franks Maude Busy Gal Busy Gal 10 Moon Love Far Boy Mambo Busy Gal Moon Love Karen Arthene 5 Free Lunch FREE LUNCH . Mint Branch Grand Spice Grand Spice Free Lunch * 15 2 Lochy Lochy Grand Spice Wiseview Wiseview Grand Spice 12 Appropriate Wiseview Free Lunch Free Lunch Free Lunch Wiseview 5 Dream Pattern Little Chatter Stratonaut Mrs. Sweenie Dream Pattern Dream Pattern 13 3 Mrs. Sweenie Mrs. Sweenie Dream Pattern Little Chatter Stratonaut Mrs. Sweenie 10 Stratonaut • Dream Pattern Passer Stratonaut Mrs. Sweenie Stratonaut 9 Fleet Dream Pussy Cat LIGHT LEWIS Hi Sky Hi Sky Hi Sky , 14 4 Smasher Smasher Hi Sky Smasher Light Lewis Light Lewis 9 Hi Sky Hi Sky Pussy Cat Pussy Cat . Fleet Dream Pussy Cat 7 Lady Elliott New Stream Last Word Printers Devil Printers Devil Printers Devil 10 5 Quick Imp Quick Imp New Stream Lady Elliott Last Word Lady Elliott 9 Last Word Is Yours Lady Elliott New Stream Lady Elliott New Stream 8 Chic Devil Folding Dough DUSTY BLUE Deodend Debdend 14 6Deodend Dusty Blue - Dusty Blue • Deodend Deodend YesR. Dusty Blue 12 Folding Dough Folding Dough Dusty Blue Chic Devil Dusty Blue Folding Dough 7 Mock Battle Mock Battle Armed Truce Mock Battle Close Out MOCK BATTLE 19 7 Close Out Bookworm Mock Battle Beylerbey Mock Battle Close Out 8 Beylerbey Armed Truce Close Out. Billtown Bookworm Armed Truce 6 Skipjack Alloyed Gallant D. Lady of Chance Lady of Chance Lady of Chance 14 8- Remorseful Lady of Chance Skipjack Resigned Gallant D. Gallant D. 9 Lady of Chance Gallant D. Lady of Chance Gallant D. Resigned Skipjack 7 Midas Touch Tommy Due Say-Belle Quick Mission Amulika Tommy Due 10 9 Tommy Due Charles • Quick Mission Tommy Due Quick Mission Quick Mission 9 Miss Joliet Gin Tonic Tommy Due Gin Tonic Valor Lass Midas Touch 5 Trackman, D. S. Fair CHURCHILL DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Winged Devil Play Top Play Top Play Top Play Top Play Top 20 1 Monsieur Tiger Tasa Tasa Tasa Monsieur Tiger Tasa 8 Tasa Royal Color Monsieur Tiger Winged Devil Tasa Winged Devil 6 Babble Brook Babble Brook Tobiki Lady Elect Aroma Babble Brook 12 2 Aroma Lady Elect So Quick Tobiki Babble Brook Lady Elect 7 Shes a Bird Charon Erupt Zinggy Miss Robbin Tobiki 7 Kid Menown PattycakeKid PattycakeKid Menown PattycakeKid 16 3Pattycake Menown Going Easy Mighty Wise Sun Lass " Laura Donna - Menown 13 Say Baby Mighty Wise Menown Say Baby Pattycake Kid Mighty Wise 3 Floridian Country Lane Floridian Floridian Floridian 22 4Floridian J.R.Jones Antebabe Floridian Country Lane Antebabe Country Lane 10 Country Lane Country Lane Antebabe J. R. Jones Country Lane Antebabe 5 R.B.Run Wag Jag Spiriam King Joe Wag Jag R.B.Run 11 5 Stout Spiriam R.B.Run R.B.Run R.B.Run Wag Jag 10 Miss Tidwell Eighth Venture Eighth Venture Gayle Marie Spiriam Spiriam 8 AGNES LYNN AGNES LYNN Agnes Lvnn Agnes Lynn Agnes Lynn 25 6Serra Deny Jen y DumDum DumDum Pert Chic Pert Chic Serra 6 Agnes Lynn Pert Chic Pert Chic . Serra Deny Jeny Pert Chic 6 LAP FULL Lap Full Lap Full LAP FULL BUBBLEY • LAP FULL 26 7 Blue Violin Bubbley Bubbley Bubbley Lap Full Bubblev 13 Jen jay _. Blue Violin Blue Violin Beanir Blue Violin Blue Violin 5 Windsor Knot Halarab Tiny Harp Tiny Harp Tiny Harp Tiny Harp 17 8 Halarab Tiny Harp Halarab Halarab Windsor Knot Halarab 11 Bahia Jo-Clare Daddys Dog Windsor Knot ~ Bahia Windsor Knot 8 Trackman, J. S. Grant BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS . SWEEP CONSENSUS Heed Me Heed Me . Heed Me Heed Me Heed Me Heed Me 25 1 Zahra Gay Scot Gay Scot Gay Scot Gay Scot Gay Scot 8 Putney Circus Gal Khan Teaneck Flash Putney Putney 2 Supenmper Superupper Superupper Ham Bone SuPerupper 17 2Canaris Vigorous Demi-Heure Ham Bone Canaris Superuoper Canaris 8 Gusto Canaris Vigorous Demi-Heure Demi-Heure Ham Bone J7 * Another Hyacinth Hyrcan Lough Ree Hvrcan Lough Ree 14 3LoughRee Hyrcan Lough Ree Another Hyacinth Prince Regent Prince Regent _ Hyrcan 12 Sun Ruler II. Prince Regent Lough Ree Marso Lough Ree Another Hyacinth 7 Migrator Eiffel Blue King Somali Migrator King Somali King Somali 14 4 King Somali ✓ Black Emperor Migrator King Somali Eiffel Blue Migrator 13 . Fisherfolk Migrator Greek Drama Fisherfolk Fisherfolk Eiffel Blue 7 BND Dixie Lad Cyclotron CYCLOTRON Cyclotron Cvclotron 21 5SCTSMANS Cyclotron Cyclotron Dixie Lad Dixie Lad Dixie Lad Dixie Lad 11 Anchor Man Scotsmans Bond War Piper Scotsmans Bond Scotsmans Bond Scotsmans Bond 10 Sorceress Sometime Thing Courtesy * Minnie Moodier High Voltage Minnie Moocher 9 6 Hen Party Minnie Moocher Minnie Moocher Sometime Thing In Reserve Sometime Thing 8 High Voltage - In Reserve In Reserve High Voltage v Sometime Thing High Voltage 7 Mr. AIL. MAHARAJAH Bishbash Maharajah . Maharajah Maharajah 18 7 Alibhai Lashes Hush Hall Mr. AIL. Mr. AIL. Mr. AIL. Mr. AIL. 11 Maharajah • Bishbash Alibhai Lashes Montagnais Bishbash Bishbash 7 Sweet Wendy G. Sweet Wendy G: SWEET WNDY G. Sweet Wendy G. SWEET WNDY G. SWT WNDY G. 29 8 Bone China Blue Eyes Stock Exchange Ruth Hanson Ruth Hanson Ruth Hanson 4 Stock Exchange Radiant Lady Bone China Stock Exchange Blue Eyes Stock Exchange 4 Trackman, E. P. Heagerty LAUREL RACE COURSE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS Little Greg Eland Spinakeal Little Greg . Little Greg Little Greg 15 1 Indian Guide Mouseway DillyWhilly Indian Guide Eland Eland 8 Kouli Khan Spinakeal Indian Guide Eland Indian Guide. Spinakeal 6 I Cancan Benton BigSwiv I Cancan I Cancan I Cancan 15 2 BigSwiv Tribune Tribune BigSwiv BigSwiv BigSwiv "12 Hauteur Big Swiv Benton Pampas Hauteur Benton 6 OLure Sun OLure Sun OLure Sun OLure Sun OLure SunOLure 25 3Sun Two David Two David Bogie Miss Two David Bogie Miss Two David 8 Bogie Miss Safe Deposit Two David Bogie Miss Two David Bogie Miss 6 Indictment Deep Skin Indictment Indictment Indictment Indictment 22 4 Deep Skin Indictment Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin Deep Skin 13 Pollyaire Baldys Mike Baldys Mike Briar Patch Baldys Mike BaldysMike 3 Sea Siren Sea Siren Mowleesha * Sea Siren Sea Siren " Sea Siren 22 5 Mill Tract Mowleesha Sea Siren Mowleesha Spot Resistant Mowleesha 10 Spot Resistant Mill Tract Mill Tract Mill Tract Mowleesha Mill Tract 5 DARK PATROL Dark Patrol Dark Patrol Beckys Shirt Dark Patrol Dark Patrol 24 6 Beckys Shirt Heroic Song Fighting Cock Dark Patrol Heroic Song Beckys Shirt 7 Heroic Song Sea Play Sea Play Fighting Cock Fighting Cock Heroic Song 5 Parlor Pink Gallant Junior PARLOR PINK PARLOR PINK Parlor Pink PARLOR PINK 25 Plenary Colonel Frau Side Saddle Side Saddle Side Saddle Side Saddle 6 Colonel Fru Parlor Pink Colonel Fru Plenary Gallant Junior Gallant Junior 6 Bone Dry DIXIE PRINCE Bone Dry Bone Dry DIXIE PRINCE Dixie Prince 20 8 Dixie Prince Turkish Gold Dixie Prince Dixie Prince Mr. G. Bone Dry 16 More Bounce Mr. G. More Bounce Turkish Gold Bone Dry Mr. G. 3 Trackman. W. C. Phillips GARDEN STATE PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST HERMIS SWEEP CONSENSUS _ * Pass . Your Health Your Health Your Health : Pass Your Health 19 1 Your Health Irish Folly . Giddy Grayce Pass Your Health Pass 13 Pancake Pass Ardansgal Titans Match Malzinia Giddy Grayce 2 Another Moon LadyRedbird Another Moon Lady Eleanor Lady Eleanor Lady Eleanor 10 2 SingingXance Warm Enough XadyRedbird Apophasis LadyRedbird Another Moon 10 Warm Enough Jetfast Blow Gabriel Isayolboy Apophasis Lady Redbird 9 Famous Gift Famous Gift Famous Gift Famous Gift Famous Gif j; FAMOUS GIFT 25 Better Maid Marian Belle Roman Princess Roman Princess Little Teacher Roman Princess 5 Roman Princess Wee Ginny Little Teacher Most Ardent * Easter Model Little Teacher 3 RoseyMiss . Prabeau Comesouteven Me Perfect Comesouteven 1and 4Comesouteven On My Own Rico Romance Me Perfect Lord Rusty Comesouteven Prabeau 8 Prabeau Prabeau Lord Rusty Rose Stocking Prabeau Me Perfect 7 Betty Ci Yon Clotted Cream Clotted Cream Clotted Cream Clotted Cream 17 5 Gala In Clotted Cream Revetment Noble Partner Revetment Yon 6 Noble Partner Noble Partner Yon Blue Lyric Noble Partner Betty C. 5 Yama YAMA Hypalong Fleet Argo Fleet Argo 15 6FleetArgo Striking Hour Fleet Argo Wise Doge Fleet Argo Wise Doge* Yama 12 Blue Rhymer Fast Cash Fleet Argo Wise Doge Fast Cash Hypalong 5 ROMAN FAIR Snugger Peter Lane Peter Lane Peter Lane 13 7ALGASIR Bronze Warrior Rippish Peter Lane Bronze Warrior Snugger Algasir 9 Snugger Peter Lane Algasir Algasir Bronze Warrior Snugger 8 Shining On Shamrock Hill Hootsie HOOTSIE HOOTSIE . Hootsie 19 8 Shamrock Hill Maryland Line Eastern Glow Happy Carrier . Shamrock Hill Shamrock Hill 11 Cover Off Heirloom Shamrock Hill Shamrock Hill Cover Off Shining On 5

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